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Recap: The Golden Knights gave up the first goal of the game in Chicago late in the opening period. Michael Amadio responded immediately and evened the score 1-1. With :03 seconds remaining in the period Chicago added another to carry a 2-1 lead into the first intermission. 

Quickly into the middle frame, Alec Martinez tied the score 2-2 with his 3rd goal of the season. A little more than a minute later the Blackhawks regained the lead but Max Pacioretty would respond before the period expired. 

The two teams had several chances in the final period but neither could take the lead. Vegas was forced to play another overtime period and eventually a shootout. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 42-31-8 falling to the Blackhawks 4-3 in shootouts. Vegas’ season is officially over with one game left on the schedule. The Golden Knights travel to St. Louis for their last game of the season. Puck drop against the Blackhawks is set for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a game that was weird from the absolute start. Knowing they needed a result from Arizona in Dallas, there was a massive lack of urgency which led to Chicago taking three different leads. Credit to Vegas for coming back but they had to know it wasn’t likely to matter. Oddly enough, Arizona scored three times in the 3rd to make things interesting and the Golden Knights STILL couldn’t find a way. Eight games down the stretch, two wins. Unacceptable. And now the season is over. (Recap by Ken)

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*** Alec Martinez
** Logan Thompson
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. Galdom

    Previous objective: to continue losing to bottom feeding teams
Current objective: to continue losing to bottom feeding teams

    Previous games remaining target: Missing playoffs
Current games remaining target: missing playoffs

    Final team task: Team dinner. Have final laughs and enjoy great memories like management trying to trade a player who had a no trade clause, all of the lies about players injury status.

    Final fans task: Stop shitting on Robin Lehner like this year is his fault. Doesn’t matter who is in net if they can’t score. 0-17 in the shoot out in the last three games.

    Been saying all year that the biggest colossal failure was timely goalscoring and anaemic power-play

    I can’t believe that the healthy version of this team that we saw for the past couple of weeks is this bad.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what healthy version are you talking about ? Howden out, both starting goalies out, kolesar out, smith out, Stone and Patches obviously playing hurt. No. 23 not up to full speed !! Stop drinking the kool aid. This was not a ‘healthy version’ of team by a long shot. Even the announcers were saying Stone was not 100%, more like 50%. Maybe healthy players would have made a difference if these injured players were not playing in first place ???

      Was that RL in nets ? Boy if it was, we would never hear the end of time. BTW LT poor play considering all his games cost the team about 6 points overall in the standings, and that is due to injuries to starting goalies.

      • Daryl

        Blah blah blah…. All I hear re excuses. RL did just as good if not better than your beloved RL and without a doubt better than that other goalie you speak of. Kolesar being out doesn’t hurt and neither does Howden. I agree on Smith. As for Patches, Stone and #23, you have no proof how much their “injuries” affected their play. 50%? Yeah OK. As PDB said, no team is 100% healthy at this point in the season.

        Keep those excuses coming!!!

        • THE hockey GOD

          to moron stalker, from North Carolina, who isn’t really a fan, but more like this forum’s troll .

          no proof ? Look at their stats, proof enough, moron.

          MArk Stone, games since returning : 8 games , goals ZERO, assists 1.
          Patches : since FEB 25 games 14 goals 3 assists 5. Compare it to his stats before ALL STAR game, if you can even understand the word “compare”.

          MArtinez even worst

          THERE IS THE PROOF MORON. Even the announcers said they were playing hurt.

          EVERY TIME THIS STALKER IDIOT POSTS he REVEALS the same level on intelligence as the village idiot.

          Stop harassing me, every time you do you make yourself look like an IDIOT.

          • Daryl

            I understand now…. They reason this team hasn’t been able to score in the playoffs last couple of years is because they are all injured during the playoffs!!! It makes sense now…. clown


    • VGK Fan


      Thanks, I really enjoyed the opening of your post I saw what you did there not sure Pistol Pete will like it.

      I found everything you stated spot on and at least I was able to laugh instead of being upset. Only thing I would question is I’m not sure #61 is anywhere near healthy but if he is we are in a lot of trouble going forward.

  2. Herby

    It is more and more obvious:
    The Eichel trade was a terrible mistake. VGK is below .500 with Eichel!

    His defensive awareness is not good enough for a so called elite player.

    And most importantly, he can not perform when it matters. He never could in the NHL, and most probably never will.

    There are reasons why he never made the Playoffs in his NHL career.

    • Galdom

      I agree. The Eichel trade was a mistake, not so much for the actual player but for the resulting additional roster moves that had to be made. I expected more out of Jack but let’s be a little more fair and give him a proper training camp and full season with the team before we really judge him.

      • Really Galdom – you’re beginning to sound like the front office or who ever is the PR guy. Eichel was and is a 10 million $$$$$$$ waste – besides the money, they will regret giving up what they did to make the deal. Talk about a poor ROI investment. You have to be kidding lets be a little more fair – he had an opportunity to shine and the light went out. This FO spends money like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave only you need to add a few ZEROS to the number. It is inconceivable to think that Foley won’t be printing some pink slips now this is over – actually surprised he has waited this long.

        • Galdom

          hdbiker7851, telling me that I sound like the front office is the biggest insult I ever got in my life. I hate the front office more than anything. LOL. I would’ve been less insulted if I were called a pedophile, murderer, racist, etc…. Anything but being compared to the front office. Those lying pieces of shit that make up the front office are parasites and wastes of oxygen

          • Haula finding out that he was traded on the day of his wedding was he worst. I think he was the one whose key card was deactivated by the front office before he was even told about the trade and had to have someone else let him into the building and tell him about the trade.

            That pretty much sealed the deal for me in terms of how an organization is supposed to treat their people (employees, players, etc).

            A very trash organization in terms of people awareness. Piss fucking poor and I hope Foley shows them all the door in the same way that Haula found out. Lock their key cards out and send them a fucking text that they’ve been all fired.

          • Galdom – We agree on what the front office is for sure. I was referring to you giving Eichel a break – he in no way is worth what it cost and a trade they will live to regret like many other dumb moves they have made. They prove once again the Cup can’t be purchased. Good thing Foley has a lot of money it is going to cost him big time one way or another to get out of this mess.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i agree Galdom, I expect no.9 to get some consistent forwards to play with him. His line mates were a revolving door. IT takes time to develop chemistry in today’s league. The first year was an outlier.

        Remember it took hague and no.67 a full year to be assimilated into the borg.

        • Daryl

          It’s all a process, right? We’ve been hearing that since PDB arrived. As for Hague, he was a rookie, huge difference between him and Eichel. I thought Eichel was going to be the sniper VGK needed… Using a different line combo is just doing what you do best, making excuses

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ daryl
            go stalk someone else, every time you post it proves you are a clueless idiot that knows nothing about team chemistry, how to build it, or anything else about hockey. All you do is troll.

            Take your sorry butt somewhere else, it grows old pretty quick. Gomer from Carolina who doesn’t live in vegas, is rally MAF’s lover, and a PENS fan.

          • Daryl

            You still live in VGK? This team has no chemistry because your beloved FO has ruined it

          • If you disagree with this guy, he thinks you’re stalking him!! There IS a difference, but he hasn’t figured it out yet. It’s called DISCUSSION. Thg has stalked 90% of this site’s posters, all because they DARED disagree with him. IT’s perfectly acceptable when HE insults and offends the rest of us!! What kind of dumb fan base is HE from ?

          • THE hockey GOD

            @TS “If you disagree with this guy, he thinks you’re stalking him!!”

            it is much more than that TS, he is always stalking me, nearly every post. I do not do that to same person over and over and over and over and over again.

            He’s sick, perverted, a mental case.

    • VGK Fan


      While everything you stated is factual Eichel has only played 33 games with VGK. I’m not a fan of management I find they have no class when dealing with players. I will give this trade a chance Eichel was on pace to score 30 goals this year if he played an 82 game season. But Eichel will need to improve his defensive play or this trade will be a bust.

  3. Galdom

    Logan Thompson did a nice job but the team still was just 9-8 with him in net.

    Team was 23-19 with Robin Lehner in net.

    I’ve preached over and over but kind of gave up doing that about a month ago that the biggest problem on this team is that they can’t score and that the power play is horrible not Lehner.

    The lack of timely scoring and terrible power-play which knocked them out of the playoffs for the past couple of years actually got worse this year.

    • Daryl

      Only a select few on here out and out blamed RL. Some, like myself, have stated that he is just part of the problem… and I still stand by that

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Logan Thompson did a nice job but the team still was just 9-8 with him in net.” those 8 losses were 16 points Galdom, maybe you are on to something. great minds think alike.

      • Daryl

        RL was 23-19…. That’s 38pts right there. I think you are into something

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ Daryl when RL was healthy , before the all star break the VGK were in FIRST PLACE. When it counted in these last few weeks TL did not get the job done..

          Take your idiot trolling and cherry picking elsewhere. Everyone here knows you are not a true Vegas fan, you don’t live here, you are a PENS fans.

          Get lost, stalker pervert.

          • Daryl

            It makes sense now… When RL was playing well, those are the only stats that matter. As soon as he starts to play bad, those stats don’t count…. and it wasn’t RL fault. Thanks for the clarification lol

          • THE hockey GOD

            gomer pyle aka carolina

            take your bullshit troll spin
            elsewhere and don’t put words in my posts that are not there

            what part of you are an idiot is not clear to you? Pervert stalker ? Get therapy, you need it.

          • Daryl

            Where do you live again??

  4. Contact Tracer

    Marc Andre Fleury denies the VGK of 4 crucial points wearing 2 different sweaters in 2021-22.

    Shall we talk karma, curses, poetic justice, etc..?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ CT MAF didn’t even play the VGK.

      Take your VGK hate elsewhere, it won’t fly here.

      How about we talk about stupid posts, like yours , instead ??


      dun dun

      dun dun dun


      • Daryl

        On Jan 8, MAF led the Hawks to a 2-1 win over the RL led VGK.

        So your claim that MAF didn’t even play against VGK is not true


        dun dun

        dun dun dun


        • THE hockey GOD

          that is not four points like he posted, idiot stalker

          do not put words in my post that are not there

          pervert stalker.

          • Daryl

            You said MAF isn’t beat vhk… Which I just proved you were wrong. I never said he beat VGK twice so don’t out words in my mouth lol

          • THE hockey GOD

            stalker , my comment was about the OP original comment

            Try to keep up , I know it’s hard for you hillbilly stalker folks to keep up
            with the thread.

            And stop stalking me, pervert. GET THERAPY LOTS of it, you need it.

          • Daryl

            And in your origal post you said MAF did not play against VGK… So I proved to you that you were wrong…

            Try to keep up. I know it’s hard when you are old and your mind is going…

          • THE hockey GOD

            “And in your origal post you said MAF did not play against VGK… So I proved to you that you were wrong…

            Try to keep up. I know it’s hard when you are old and your mind is going…”

            my post wasn’t to you, but to OP who said MAF cost them four points. Try to keep up, I know it’s hard when you don’t know what is going on and you butt into other people’s threads and stalk people because you need mental help

          • Daryl

            Your reading comprehension skills aren’t very good…. Yes the PP said 4 points for which you replied MAF didn’t play against VGK. You were WRONG!!! While he may not have played them twice like the PP said, he did play against them once which you claimed he did not!!!

          • Daryl

            THE hockey GOD
            “@ CT MAF didn’t even play the VGK.”

            Your words thg not mine. Your words indicate MAF did not play VGK…. And THAT is wrong

  5. DL

    2 wins in the last 8 games
    0 for 16 in shootouts last 3 games
    Time for golf!

    Time for changes!!!
    Coach, GM, system, goalie, trades, etc.
    And no more Nevada Energy Power Play and Naqvi Law.
    Get some new soon to be annoying overplayed sponsors.

  6. Galdom

    Everyone is free to their own thoughts and opinions in this public forum but I’m hoping that most of you don’t shit on Jack Eichel too much. I expected more from him but we are still talking about a guy that had a very long layoff and no training camp. He at least deserves a full season next year to be properly judged.

    I would hope that the focus of the fans anger would be squarely on the team management, coaching and I suppose certain players that did underachieve this season. Marchessault had a good season but his fellow misfits declined. Even when healthy Riley Smith like most of the players went through extremely long stretches of providing nothing offensively. Karlsson sucked. Lehner did not have a good year.

    • Daryl

      I wish Eichel played decent on defense bt I guess all the stars can’t always do everything. Eichel will eventually turn out to be good, but I don’t think he will be greatike some think. Only time will tell if he ends up being worth what they have up.

      • Galdom

        2019-20 Jack Eichel

        68 GP 36 G 42 A 78 PTS

        He played with nobody that year and generated all of his own offence.

        Prorated over an 82 game season his pace was 94 points. I don’t know how that’s going to translate in Sin City.

        Will they bring in players that complement him and help him thrive offensively?

    • Marchy had a terrific year, he’s an inspiration. Karlsson ? Disappointed in him. Smith, I do want him back. It’s really a mystery. The 2 Mac’s have alot to think about.

      • Inspirational? Shit, fucking trade him.

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR I Agree, get something of value for these two before it’s too late.
          no. 81 is a hot head, with girly boy long hair now, he needs to go. He hasn’t learned over the years to control his temper. He along cost the team at least six points in standings this year with his foolish penalties. Kolesar cost them two points also. But he seemed to learn, I hope.

          • Daryl

            But wait, Kolesar? Didn’t you just say he was injured and part of the reason why VGK lost? And now you are saying he cost the team points? Which is it?

          • THE hockey GOD

            both, your reading comprehension if pretty low hillbilly

            go stalk someone else.

            Earlier in season kolesar made bone headed penalties, when he was playing.

            boy are you dumb or just plain stupid ?

            seek therapy, pervert, you need it, troll.

          • Daryl

            So, when Kolesar makes a mistake he costs the team points but when he doesn’t he is a major asset??? Good to know

          • THE hockey GOD

            “So, when Kolesar makes a mistake he costs the team points but when he doesn’t he is a major asset??? Good to know”

            did i say that ?? Nope, another in long line of examples of putting words in people’s posts that are not there.

            BTW didn’t you know “it takes power forwards longer to develop “?

          • Daryl

            Of course it does… It takes time to build muscles which only makes sense when saying it takes longer for power Forwards to develop… lol

    • Frank

      Galdom, I agree but the sample size here is not very good. I (and a lot of other fans) expected a bit more. Hope that he comes out next year fired up and ready to go. Kid has all the skill in the world. Something was missing (especially during the last stretch where we needed points from him the most).

      • Daryl

        I agree, I expected more from Eichel down the stretch. We’ll see how things progress from here

  7. mcart

    17 shots, ZERO goals, 3 losses

    that says it all about this bunch of inept, overrated, overpaid prima donnas
    and a boring clod behind the bench who inspires no one. they played like they could care less, including their captain.

  8. Galdom

    Meart, what you said is about the biggest insult they can ever be said about professional athletes? Sadly, it could be true. They often looked passionless and like they didn’t care.

  9. Well, ARI did their part but not in regulation. So, the outcome in Chicago mattered not anyway.

    The only takeaway from this game is that the VGK is 0-17 in shootout attempts over the past 3 games.


    Time now to take a deep breath and begin focusing on the golf and the offseason.

    What is Foley thinking? That’s the most important question on the table right now.

    What is Foley thinking?


  10. We are so spoiled. Injuries devestated this team from day one, just hammered us. It hurt everyone the changes we made. I understood the Fleury move, I get it. $7,000,000 reasons. Suzuki for Patches, I like it. Schmidt ? Stastny ? Reaves ? Ok, maybe, maybe not ? But when you dump Tuch, a complete beast and Krebs, whose ceiling isn’t close to being seen to clear Cap space for Eichel, who underwent neck surgery, I started thinking this could be The Titanic. Nobody plays like Tuch, in the open ice, he’s mind boggling. I’m not giving up on Eichel, he’s not a quitter, but this move could sink our future. I want this team back. Resign Smith, make that happen. Guys we can’t do without 1) Marchy 2) Stone3) Smith4) Patches5) Carrier6) Karlsson7) Petro 8) Whitecloud 9) Kolesar( toughness) 10) Thompson 11) Hague12) Roy 13) Martinez. I’m still convinced we have the core. We got some younger guys that deserve a shot, they kept us afloat during our injuries, it was never their fault. We are at a crossroads. I have a hard time thinking we will end up like the Sharks or New Jersey, you know, 20 games under .500. I guess it is eventually going to happen, but I will point to Tuch and Krebs move that led us into darkness, those guys you just don’t replace.

    • For me, the rawness and disappointment of the past several seasons is too fresh to contemplate rationally. Instead, I will keep it simple. The VGK FO destroyed the chemistry of this team, knee jerked, and arrogantly thought they could buy a Stanley Cup. I believe the roster turnover to be in the range of at least 70% from year 1, an absolute mistake in terms of player chemistry and consistency. Making matters worse is that they dumped the players that made the game fun for the fans and themselves. The fun is gone and it seems to be all about the business and money/salaries/contracts. And it fucking sucks.

      If I can see it, then Foley can see it too. One can only hope.

      Let the offseason begin. The St. Louis game is 100% completely meaningless. Don’t risk any major injuries to stars. Play the 4th line like the 1st line and scratch Eichel, Marchy, and others for this final game. Bring up Isaah Saville for the final game or play Jiri.

    • Theodore too, sorry !

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tuch is too inconsistent and oft injured, he can’t lift the puck. He cost the VGK a serious momentum shift in the FINALS against the CAPS. A JIM PAPPIN moment. He had the goalie out of net, and instead of lifting the puck he slide it along the ice. The Cap goalie made THE SAVE of series. He repeatedly in subsequent years failed to master this. HE gone.

      • Would you rather have Tuch-Krebs with a Cap hit of 5 to 6 million or Eichel and his 10 million Cap hit ? I still like Eichel though, but I will take Tuch-Krebs.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I wouldn’t have made the trade, I wouldn’t have traded them for someone else. But who ?

    • ulf

      I love Tuch as a glue guy in the room but he’s a weird player. An alleged power forward who doesn’t hit all that much and is a 40-50 point winger. Jury still out on Krebs and we’ll see about the 1st, it’s a deep draft so likely the Sabres will get someone decent.
      As much as I’m not a fan of Eichel (attitude more than anything) it was a good trade in terms of skill upgrade. As many have said it’s also a change in philosophy to go from a balanced team to a top-heavy team.
      The bigger issues are the heavy contracts they gave to older guys – particularly Patches’ 4 year extension and Martinez’s deal. Patches has RARELY been a playoff performer (only 2 good postseasons in his entire career, otherwise he’s a 0.5 point per game player who’s getting more injured by the year), and Martinez is solid but getting much older quickly. Add that to Stone’s gigantic contract and there’s almost half your team (or so it feels!).
      So many more issues, but those are a couple anyway…

      • Daryl

        Don’t forget Petro who will be old and still getting paid out more than most on the team

        • ulf

          Yeah the contract won’t age well dollar-wise, but I have more faith in Petro evolving into a shutdown guy at the expense of his 45-50 point supplemental scorer history.
          Was still too much to pay him and too much term, but I’d take an old Petro over an old Patches, Martinez, Stone, Karlsson etc.

          • Daryl

            I think it’s more of what you want from that player specific wise. If Martinez can learn that he is getting old and concern himself with defense more and offense less I think he will be fine. He still understands the defensive game, the positions he needs to be in to be effective. I think it’s easier for a defensive Dman as he gets older than an offensive dmen. An offensive Dman needs his speed more than a defensive Dman IMO… If that defensive Dman understand his restrictions. He better suited to make the necessary adjustments over that offensive Dman

        • ulf

          BTW I agree on adjusting as you get older – Martinez will be fine but it’s a little too long when the money could be spent elsewhere.
          And Petro gets labelled as an offensive D when that hasn’t been his main position over his career – on Team Canada he was more of a shutdown guy, and in St. Louis he was often passed over for PP1 duties so he could play more prominently on the PK.
          He has always been a very good outlet passer, which is why he gets points.
          I like both Petro and Martinez especially as they were 5 years ago, but sadly we’re not there 🙁

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ ulf we are in agreement, same with no. 7 but they are stuck with him. But he does have some value. I would trade the players with value. Like 81 and 71. Some people here still live in misfit era. That is nostalgic , wishful thinking. In order to move forward you must throw off the loser past.

        MOVE AHEAD

        Crack that whip
        Give the past a slip

        Step on a crack
        Break your mama’s back

        When a problem comes along
        You must whip it
        Before the cream sits out too long
        You must whip it

        When something’s going wrong
        You must whip it
        Now whip it
        Into shape
        Shape it up
        Get straight

        Go forward
        Move ahead

        Try to detect it
        It’s not too late
        To whip it
        Whip it good

  11. DL

    This season, perhaps even longer leading up to it, and with the result confirmed tonight, has been a big CLUSTERFUCK!

    Definitions from Oxford Languages
    a disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ DL
      wrong , the HABS were the ones. The VGK remaining in playoff hunt 81 games into 82 game season is tribute to this organization, FO, coaching staff, and players. Considering the large amount of serious injuries and covid.

      GET A CLUE , dumbest fan base in NHL.

      • I tend to think you closer to reality that the blowviating seen on other posts.

        • THE hockey GOD

          ! MARK !
          I am closer to reality than almost 99% of hyperventilating posters on this forum ! 🙂

          • knights fan in minny

            how many times a day do you pat yourself on the back thg

          • THE hockey GOD

            “how many times a day do you pat yourself on the back thg”

            as many times as my many beloved followers on this site want me too Minny.


      • VGK Fan


        You are correct! This fan base must be dumb if they can’t appreciate the job the organization, FO, coaching staff, and players leading this team to 3 wins in there final 10 games!

        Well said THG this fan base is just to demanding.

        • THE hockey GOD

          vgk fan, demanding is definitely NOT the word I would use.

          I would say 90% of the posters here on this forum are in same mindset of vast majority of fans.

          Most of the posters here are unsophisticated, hyperventilating, wagon jumping, spinsters. And in your statement you said 3 wins ? You left out all the over time points that they got in the last few games? Why is that? Typical loser mentally and cherry picking. The team came very close to limping into the playoffs with major unprecedented injuries and covid throughout the whole season. They could have gone the Montreal route but they did not. That is to say they tried hard and just missed. Anyone with a brain can appreciate that. You and your ilk obviously have issues with trying and not giving up despite all the adversity. That is badge of honor to be proud of, any one who can not appreciate that surely has marbles for brains and can go F themselves royally.

          • Daryl

            Don’t you all know that only VGK had to deal with major injuries and covid

          • That’s it. ThG is The Clown!

          • THE hockey GOD

            “That’s it. ThG is The Clown!”

            i thought your buddy Peter was the clown ?

            Can’t you get it right for once ? There can only be ONE CLOWN, which is it ?

            AND DOn;T START WITH ME RR. have a nice rest during the off season. See you next year

            same bat
            same bat channel

  12. Vic

    Mercifully the season is toast. Many here were correct that the chemistry was broken, and injuries and cap issues were fatal. I vote for many changes asap. Standing pat is not an option.

    Watching the latest shootouts led me to think about lifetime scoring shot percentage of various people….under normal game situation….in other words….not a freaking shootout alone with the goalie.

    Guy Lafleur 16.0
    Ovi 13.0
    Matthews 16.4
    Mike Bossy 21.2 (not a typo)
    Reaves 10.5 (not a typo)
    VGK in shootouts (alone with goalie) the past few games 0.0
    Geez….Even Vinny Boombotz could have scored once or twice

    Let the fun begin.

    • THE hockey GOD

      OT shoot outs are a crap shoot, the odds were in favor of them taking a dump
      after earlier season success.

      • Daryl

        Taking a dump is one thing… Going 0-17 is something completely different.

        • JoeInHendo

          Yeah, going 0-17 in 3 straight crucial game shootouts is almost as bad as a Pete “I don’t know” DeBoer-coached power play. Good thing we didn’t have to suffer through both….oh wait, hell….never mind. But at least we have a $10,000,000.00 Jack “didn’t do shit” Eichel to snipe in a couple shootout victories for us….oh wait, damn….never mind.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ hey moron stalker , going 0 for 17 , is taking a dump

          BTW they did win OT against CAPS. So stop your silly cherry picking.

          Every time you post you make yourself look like the idiot that you are.

          Go back to your hovel in the hills of carolina, loser pervert stalker.

          • Daryl

            Yet they didn’t do it when it mattered most…

          • THE hockey GOD

            yet they didn’t…when it mattered most”

            yep you are right, too much of a hill to climb

            too long of a road to travel

            too deep of a valley to cross. At least the didn’t give up like the HABS.

            But they SHOULD have, they would have retained their no.1 pick and have a shot of some primo draft picks this year.

          • VGK Fan


            Good point include Washington 1-20 on the shot out much better!
            I see now why you always call them the dumbest fan base.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “VGK Fan


            Good point include Washington 1-20 on the shot out much better!
            I see now why you always call them the dumbest fan base.”

            i never said that, did I ? Besides that was an OT win, not SO situation.

            The point is if you 1) assume that OT/ SO is a crap shoot
            2) with basically a 50 50 chance for either side; considering that VGK was well ahead in these situations for the season and 3) considering the opposition was in opposite direction in these situations well behind the 8 ball; it was only a matter of time for
            the OT/SO balance to be restored. Strictly on a statistical basis not withstanding the actual talent on the ice or fact that goalie plays a very much higher statistical team advantage . Sort of along the lines of a starting pitcher in baseball game odds.

            enuf said

  13. Vegas Baby

    The bad news: Vegas is out of the season, losing to Chicago, dependent on the Stars to lose who did but in OT gaining 1 point that killed them.

    The good news:. The team can rebuild hopefully with a new head coach and FO at a minimum; Thompson had a great appearance and hopefully gets a deal with a good team; Fleury came out the big winner overall getting out of there and into the playoffs – again; and last but not least, the excessive bloviating and pontificating from Galdum, Hockey Goddess, and Pipsqueak Pete are headed for a respite. God bless America. Amen.

    • Galdom

      Vegas Baby, my excessive bloviating and pontificating is not going to be headed for a respite. Hell no! I’m actually happy that you read what I write and take the time to comment on it. Thank you for that. I liked it when you called me disgusting and said I promoted violence. As long as you keep reading what I post and commenting on it I will be happy to continue. Thank you for not ignoring me.

      • Vegas Baby

        Thanks for proving my point. Your post above is exactly why you have no credibility and can’t be taken seriously. You’re more worried about how you look rather than get to any point. No one can read all of what you write, it’s impossible. If you make any substantial hockey points they are lost in the weeds. I had to resort to wading through your posts, now I just mostly scroll past them. If that’s the attention you need to feel validated, that’s on you. No can ignore you, don’t worry. You’re like a case of chicken pox that way.

        • Galdom

          Again, Vegas Baby I thank you and appreciate you. Whether you choose to read through my posts which you must be since you keep replying or simply scroll past them in the future it is totally up to you. You seem to be one of my bigger fans. You seem to gravitate towards my posts. Not only do I feel validated but I am honoured. I hope that you continue to post and be part of this passionate fan base.

    • THE hockey GOD

      how will new FO and new coach change things ? There is no way that anyone can fix SAL CAP hell .

      Healthy players next year, dumping a few old veterans like boris, janmark, and one more veteran- be it Amadio, Roy, Kolesar. Bring up about four kids from AHL and if Smith’s injury is not too bad bring him back.

      That is only way to go. I don’t see them signing another free agent or making another big trade unless they can unload no. 7, no 61, or no. 67. All of which I would be very happy with them doing because all three of them are damaged goods or not that good. So no. 7 or no. 23 have to go.

      We shall see, GMGM has been scouring the northern realm for more under the radar prospects like LT, Whitecloud, Hague, or ??

  14. LeDeu

    Speaks volumes how moronic posters here are when they beat the pylon krebs drum

    Of the 240 or so rookies this season he finished almost at the very bottom with the worst plus minus.

    And that’s who you think will save this mess mccriminal created and who is now sitting in winnipeg with his head up his fat ass???

    • Daryl

      I’m not criticizing or promoting Krebs, but does his +/- really matter that early stage of his career?

    • THE hockey GOD

      to lepew

      I liked krebs when he was in Dobie Gillis program, before he landed the role as gilligan.

      GMGM has / had covid, Canada travel restrictions are rough. Plus Winnipeg is his old stomping grounds where he harvests the many under the radar prospects that the VGK have prospered with.

  15. ulf

    all I can say is great work all season Ken – love your work. Look forward to seeing what’s to come.

    • Maria

      Agree ulf,! Ken’s site is needed, I like the different opinions. Big Thank You to SinBin. This site is #1 place for VGK fans to discuss and review the team’s performance without the heavy hand of the VGK PR machine.

      Also, I really enjoyed listening to Brian Blessing’s show on the radio, RIP Brian, wish he was around to provide additional insight!

  16. Galdom – We agree on what the front office is for sure. I was referring to you giving Eichel a break – he in no way is worth what it cost and a trade they will live to regret like many other dumb moves they have made. They prove once again the Cup can’t be purchased. Good thing Foley has a lot of money it is going to cost him big time one way or another to get out of this mess.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Good thing Foley has a lot of money it is going to cost him big time one way or another to get out of this mess.”

      the grape stomper created this is first place, the FO and coaches only give him options. He is hands on owner that makes the final decisions. IF he shit cans everyone that will say that he is no more than a sore headed, clueless, George Steinbrenner type of owner. At least GS knew what it takes to win. So far only thing Foley knows how to do is stomp grapes, and that doesn’t take much know how.

      • knights fan in minny

        maybe you should buy the team thg and run it you think you have all the answers for this teams problems

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ minny you want to front me a loan,
          or should I go down to Dollar Loan Center in Henderson ? Which will it be ?

  17. VGK Fan

    On a positive note congratulations to MAF for making it to his 16 consecutive postseason and Gerard Gallant and his quest for his second Jack Adams award in the last five years.

    I think it important to show some class and honor those individuals who brought so much to our organization.

    • Contact Tracer

      Yup, very possible to see MAF raising the cup in 2022.

      Haula and Nosek advancing…..Perron, Bellamre ….. Reaves, Gallant ………. Carpenter ….

  18. Ministry

    Does Whitecloud have downs?

  19. My thoughts, after digesting this season: I’ ve lived in the desert wasteland of PRO sports here in Vegas for decades. The closest Vegas got to PRO Sports was Boxing, MMA, and Nascar( a BLAST to be there, BTW!). College Sports were mediocre, except for a few select years. I, for one, am, as I was the first 4 years, STILL pumped up about Vegas’ first LEGITIMATE, home- grown PRO team, the VGK. We all agree mistakes, really game- changing, often controversial mistakes, have been made with the team. Many factors here. But, 4 PLAYOFFS IN THE FIRST 4 YEARS! We have been witness to a truly great beginning to a PRETTY DAMN GOOD HOCKEY TEAM!! Feel disappointed, angry, frustrated, I feel that too. But at the end of the day(season), also feel fortunate, grateful for the successful years, realistic that EVERY team experiences up/ down years, and HOPEFUL for NEXT season. THANKS, KNIGHTS, for giving Vegas a team to CHEER FOR!

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice post TS, stay positive.

      • Thg, I do believe you JUST complimented my post!! Holy cow, HOPE IS STILL ALIVE! I think there is a decent guy in you, you just take a lot of discussion as a personal attack. Don’t take opposing viewpoints so personally–then people will be much more respectful to YOU!! Okey- dokey?? Thank you for not calling me a stalker– been there, had one if my own stalkers for months!( and he was a very creepy guy..)

        • THE hockey GOD

          i only treat one person that way, the stalker pervert. And I don’t typically attack people who don’t attack me first. There is just one person on this site who continually trolls me. Gomer from North Carolina. Everyone knows who this person is.

  20. Jack Asses Last 5 Games

    0/3 in the shootout

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR you mean three games, not five,

      the just beat CAps in OT last week

  21. Contact Tracer

    Message for the hater ……. The Hockey Turd.

    Listen up shit for brains.

    The whole team beats the other team. This includes coaches, management, staff, etc..

    Just like the Stanley Cup where a team is allowed up to 52 names of the organization to be put on to the cup.

    MAF did indeed BEAT the VGK TWICE with TWO different TEAMS this season and denied the VGK of 4 precious points.

    I know your low caliber brain cell can process much, but your reality doesn’t compute with reality and undeniable TRUTH.

    Watch out for those RUSIANS, doc, Billy Buc, and bad ice …. and MAF!

    • THE hockey GOD

      contact moron

      MAF only played VGK once on JAN 8th

      get a clue before you endure the never ending WRATH of the HOCKEY GOD !
      take your hate elsewhere, you are one spewing hate, not me. I deal in facts, you deal in lies and bulls hit it appears.

      BTW Vegas ice was tied for fourth best in league , didn’t you see the article ? Boy are you cursed or just plain clueless ?

      have a nice off season

      • knights fan in minny

        were you dropped on your head as a kid thg just asking

        • THE hockey GOD

          @minny were you dropped on your head when you were a kid, let’s compare notes ? My head is kind of lopsided, is yours? OR do you have a Charlie Brown round head ?

          CT got mixed up, he thought MAF started in game last time VGK played them, when VGK lost three to zero, but he did not play in that game. Then he attacks me and calls me a turd. And I am the bad guy ? AM I THE BAD GUY ????

          • knights fan in minny

            your never wrong are you i bet your shit doesnt stink either

          • Daryl

            KFM…. How dare you question thg

        • Contact Tracer

          just asking for a friend? LOL

  22. Tim

    Lets start with January of year 3 Gallant gets fired because from what they told us he’s taken the team as far as he can. This came after a 4 game losing streak now this is fact not fake news which you see a lot of on this site. Did he get fired because being an independent thinker they were going to make moves he didn’t agree with? We don’t know but my monies on that’s probably what happened.
    Fact at the time San Jose was our biggest rival and can I say our most hated rival. Year 2 what happened in the playoffs was heartbreaking. Year 3 rolls around and in there and low and behold they hire our hated rival Pete DeBoer which never set well with me and sent shock waves through the city.
    Fact I believe the way Fleury gave up games in year 2 playoffs against San Jose DeBoer had no confidence in Fleury hence the trade for Lehner. Now part of the fan base is pissed off because of the Gallant firing and after the Fleury debacle they pissed off more of the fan base.
    Now sprinkle in ruthless moves like Huala told he’s traded before his wedding, Fleury finding out about his trade on twitter and denying it is cause to be fired right there.
    Now our famous trades #1 Mark Stone for Branstrum and a second round pick great trade and if Stones done because of back issues it was still a good trade.
    #2 Patch I always considered this a bad trade because we gave Montreal Suzuki, a #2 pick, and Tatar who we acquired from Detroit for get this a #1 , #2, and #3 draft pick. We all know Patch is a sniper only and how many games has he missed? Any the same time we didn’t have to sign Patch and resign David Perron to a 4 year contact at 4 million versus Patches at 7 million and the real kick in the ass is Perron has been durable and has as many points as Patch. Are you starting to get the idea that the train is off the tracks.
    Petro 31 at 7 years and 9 million or Martines at 33 with a 3 year extension at 5 million. So many of our other trades involved giving away second round draft choices like candy which has hurt our farm system.
    The Jack Eichel trade love it or hate it but it’s still a work in progress. Personally I wasn’t worried about Tuch who gets hurt to much and Krebs who’s a good passer but not a great scorer so besides the 10 million which is steep I think he’ll work out.
    So in closing Ex – Knights in this years playoffs include Perron, Nosak, Haula, Reeves, Gallant, and some others who’s names at the moment escape me good luck in the tournament as were pulling our pork at home.

  23. Tim

    To elaborate on my above comments how do you fix this broken thing? Obviously if you stay the coarse you’ll get the same results so change has to come. As they say it’s easier to fire the coach versus 23 players so Bye Bye Pete. Next who made these outlandish trades to put us in this position so Bye Bye Kelly. Who is really the one pulling the strings we know it’s you George so Bye Bye and thanks for the memories.
    On the rebuild note I’m still stumping for Joel Quenneville as coach he’s the closet thing to perfect that I can see out there. 3 Stanley Cups would have to impress the team that he knows what he’s doing. I’ll go out on a limb maybe we could actually have a PP.

  24. vgk21

    good article from NBC Sports

    Golden Knights have nobody to blame but themselves
    By Adam Gretz
    Apr 28, 2022, 12:24 PM EDT
    Golden Knights

    If you wanted to be generous you could point to a handful of reasons as to why the 2021-22 Vegas Golden Knights ended up being a colossal disappointment and spectacular failure on the ice.

    The biggest reason, of course, might be injuries.

    Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty, Alec Martinez, Reilly Smith, William Karlsson, and Robin Lehner all missed time this season (some of them significant time), while Jack Eichel did not make his season debut until January after being acquired in a blockbuster trade with the Buffalo Sabres.

    With some better health luck their season almost certainly would have been different. Maybe this preseason Stanley Cup contender wouldn’t have fallen flat on its face and missed the playoffs entirely for the first time in its five-year existence.

    But pointing to that — and only that — would be giving them an excuse. It would be giving them an easy way out. And quite frankly, they do not deserve an easy way out or your generosity because a lot of their problems this season were their own creation, while they failed to take care of their own business down the stretch when the schedule (and their health) should have been in their favor.

    Let’s start with the injuries
    The most significant of those belonged to Stone, Pacioretty, and Martinez. And that definitely took a toll, especially as it related to Pacioretty and Stone who both missed half of the season.

    But the Golden Knights are not the only preseason playoff contender that lost key players for significant chunks of the season.

    For example:

    Washington played half of the season without Nicklas Backstrom, T.J. Oshie, and Anthony Mantha, which accounts for literally half of their top-six forwards, while also never having a consistent starting goalie.
    Pittsburgh played half of the season without Evgeni Malkin (who was only a fraction of his normal self when he did play) and had various injuries to Sidney Crosby, Bryan Rust, Jason Zucker and Teddy Blueger for significant parts of the season.
    Colorado had injuries to Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, Sam Girard, Bowen Byram, Devon Toews, Valeri Nichushkin, and Nazem Kadri at different times.
    All three of those teams comfortably qualified for the playoffs in significantly tougher divisions than the one Vegas played in. Beyond that, once Vegas did get healthier down the stretch with the returns of Stone, Pacioretty, and Martinez, not to mention a healthy Jack Eichel, they only went 3-3-4 in their past 10 games with losses to Vancouver (twice!), San Jose, New Jersey, and Chicago, not to mention a crucial head-to-head to loss to Dallas. The New Jersey loss is especially unforgivable given that it came at home, against a Devils team that entered the night having lost 13 of 16, has not won a game since, and was playing without its best player (Jack Hughes) and starting a third-string goalie (Andrew Hammond). How do you drop that game with your season on the line?
    Even worse, the key players that they were missing for most of the season were mostly invisible during these key games.

    • Eichel had five points over the past 10 games and was largely invisible in most games.

    • Stone had zero goals and one assist.

    • Pacioretty had three goals.

    • Jonathan Marchessault had one goal.

    Their top offensive players during the stretch run were Chandler Stephenson and Evgenii Dadonov, a player that would not have even been on the roster had his no-trade clause been messed up at the NHL trade deadline. And that does not even get into the fact that in their three consecutive shootout losses their skaters went a shocking and historically bad 0-for-17, wasting a valiant effort from goalie Logan Thompson who did everything he could to save their season.

    Before that 10-game stretch began Vegas looked like a team that was starting to put it all together and could potentially be a nightmare matchup if it got in, and there was very good reason to believe in them once they got those players back. And then they got them back in the lineup and the bottom totally fell out.

    Problems beyond injuries
    Injuries are a fact of life in the NHL and every team has to deal with them and there is not much you can do to control them. Some teams are able to overcome it. Vegas did not. But Vegas also did itself no favors with the things it could control, including roster construction and its entire organizational philosophy.

    From the very beginning of its existence Vegas has operated like a pre-salary cap spender where every big name player that becomes available is a realistic target for them, no matter the cost and no matter what they have to do to get it. They act like the salary cap does not exist and are always in the running for every star that becomes available, with Eichel being the most recent.

    Individually, there is nothing wrong with any of the signings or trades they made. Stone and Pacioretty have been great. Alex Pietranagelo is a top-pairing defender. Eichel should (emphasis on should) be a cornerstone player going forward. But it has all helped cause havoc on their salary cap situation, especially when combined with other moves on the fringes, and cut into their depth, both in terms of what they have given up in trades and limiting what they can do with the rest of their roster.

    For example: Taking on Dadonov’s contract from Ottawa, only to trade for Eichel a couple of months later, knowing full well the salary cap gymnastics it would require.

    Or signing Robin Lehner to a long-term deal with a $5 million cap hit when they already had Marc-Andre Fleury, eventually creating a situation where they were going to have to essentially give one of them away due to cap constraints. They of course sent away Fleury just a couple of months after he won the 2020-21 Vezina Trophy. In hindsight, it was a catastrophic decision.

    It was another example of just how cutthroat and ruthless this organization has been in its quest to add the next superstar and chase after the Cup.

    Vegas fired Gerard Gallant early in year three (with a winning record!) after being behind the bench for consecutive playoff appearances and a Cup Final appearance in year one. They replaced him with Peter DeBoer, who has now created drama with two different goalies in the past three years (Fleury, for benching him in the playoffs for Lehner; and then Lehner for his handling of his injury situation and seemingly calling him out for not being available down the stretch this year).

    All of it together almost makes it seem like there is no plan beyond “see big name player; acquire big name player; worry about the rest later.”

    It ultimately looks like a directionless organization that succeeds by accident rather than some smart grand plan. It all finally caught up to them this season and it cost them what should have been a guaranteed trip to the playoffs.

    Now we get to see what happens this offseason as they try to clean up the gigantic mess they made for themselves.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “The biggest reason, of course, might be injuries.
      nice article, but man games lost seems to be concept that the author is not completely familiar with. Pittsburg Colorado and all the other teams he mentioned were in bottom third of man games lost. VGK and HABS were one and two on the list. His reasoning is flawed.

      Furthermore PDB didn’t cause goalie drama for two goalies, that is another lie. Fuel for the idiot fan base to hyperventilate about.

      I call bull shit on this article.

      • Daryl

        Doesn’t the writer understand he is not allowed to write an article the thg does not agree with???? He should have known to send thg a copy first before publishing an article with so much untruth within

        • THE hockey GOD

          haters and morons like you would agree with this BS

          • THE hockey GOD

            which part do you agree with ?

            this statement or the contradictions that the author can’t even get his facts straight ?

            “The biggest reason, of course, might be injuries.”

            So you agree with this statement then ???

            The writer is talking out of both sides of his mouth, typical mob media BS trying to stir the pot. He says one thing, then he says something completely different. Not back up the latter part with any facts.

          • Daryl

            Do you live in Cali? You sound like you live in Cali

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Do you live in Cali? You sound like you live in Cali”

            And I don’t live in middle of hillbilly mountains.

            Now I get cornfused, do they call you red necks out there, or hill billies ?
            Which is it? I watched OZARK and the lady in it took exception to being called a redneck, but hillbilly seemed fine with her /!?

          • Daryl

            That shows you how dumb you really are… all of NC is not mountain, I live on the coast near the beach. Try again

          • Contact Tracer

            You must agree with the bullshit then because you are the very definition of a hater and a moron

    • Daryl

      I completely agree with everything stated in this article

    • Blitz

      Yep article is spot on!

      • THE hockey GOD

        which part ? Blitz.

        this part “The biggest reason, of course, might be injuries.”

        or the other part ??

    • Original 6

      @VGK21. holy shit you need a editor

  25. JJ

    I had a check in my hand that was written out for $10,000,000.

    I took it and ripped it into little pieces.

    I put the pieces on a plate and I started those pieces on fire on and as they burnt I dropped them in the toilet and flushed it.

    Strangely the pieces of burnt paper going around the bowl in the swirling water seemed to make the number nine.

    • Contact Tracer

      Clever …..

      Like the google chrome icon …. is that 6 6 6 or 9 9 9 ya see swirlin’ around?

  26. Touché

    Blaming LT when the team went 0-17 in shoot outs!?!?


    almost as stupid as hockey dog’s comments

  27. Touché

    …and YES it was deboring who pounded his fists on the table to sign Lehner and skid MAF ….in complete agreement with mccriminal

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