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Recap: Vegas trailed in Calgary after giving up a power play goal midway through the 1st period. Minutes later Jonathan Marchessault set up Jack Eichel for the game-tying goal. The game was locked 1-1 after the opening twenty minutes.

The Golden Knights’ offense turned up in the middle frame. Vegas received goals from four different goal scorers to take a commanding 5-1 lead. Evgenii Dadonov, Michael Amadio, Jonathan Marchessault, and Nic Roy all cashed in.

William Karlsson added a sixth Golden Knights goal of the game. Logan Thompson was steady in net holding Calgary to only one goal.

The Golden Knights record improves to 41-29-5 defeating the Flames 6-1. Vegas picks up two enormous points and trail the LA Kings by one point. The Golden Knights finish their road trip in Edmonton on Saturday afternoon. Puck drop against the Oilers is set for 1 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In one of the trickiest spots of the season, the Golden Knights unleashed their best game of the year. Despite conceding first, they completely dominated the Flames from start to finish. Vegas was excellent in the defensive zone, stymied everything Calgary wanted to do in the neutral zone, and were as creative as they’ve been in a while in the offensive zone. Plus, the bold decision to start Logan Thompson paid off in spades as he was brilliant in net too. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome.

  • Perfect time for the perfect game, but it only matters if you keep doing it

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Jack Eichel
* Logan Thompson


Goalie Interference – Episode 25


Commanding Win In Calgary Only Matters If It Continues On In Edmonton


  1. Objective: 97 pts
    Previous goal remaining games: 6-2
    Current goal remaining games: 5-2

    The path just got shorter in a monster win. Depth scorin g and an awesome performance by Thompson who went 1 GA 35/36 = .972

    A completely different team but then we know that can be the Knights. Did they get behind Thompson? After that he should be the starter.

    • Only the Patch/Stephenson/Stone line did not score. All forwards tonight…no D scoring.

      • Oh, and within two of NSH and DAL (each have but one in hand now).

        • One back of LAK with one in hand. Kings have an easy schedule but no team can be taken lightly.

          3-0 DET over CAR @ CAR
          OTT 3-2 over BOS @ BOS
          ANA take TBL to OT @ TBL before losing

          No team can be taken lightly.

  2. George L.

    It’s Thompson’s net now, unless PDB has an unemployment wish.

  3. LVsc

    Big win by the real #1 goalie, LT. 5 straight wins by LT.

    that is one down, and 7 to go. they need to sweep all the games, because then it won’t matter what LA does.

    • “that is one down, and 7 to go. they need to sweep all the games, because then it won’t matter what LA does.”

      That is true. If both sweep it’s VGK 101 and LAK 100. Even though VGK has a tougher schedule I somewhat like our chances vs. LAK especially if we win Saturday.

  4. knights fan in minny

    solid win was this performance the wake up call wild bill had a nice game guess who was damm good LOGAN THOMPSON should be his crease

  5. I’ll say it before the a “realist ” does, probaby the only real negative tonight was the PP. This is on DeBoer. It basically has been all along but now it really is.

    • Daryl

      PP… No need to bring up the PP. At this point I don’t think anyone has faith in it so it is what it is

      • I’d have to say the PP can improve and will…my eternal optimism once again lol. Ken said the one they got tonight was of the spray variety. I thought it was interesting when Darren Elliott suggested postgame that Eichel and his unit are getting to know eachother. I listen to Elliott–he’s a brainy guy (went to Cornell) and knows the game way more than anyone here imo, Ken notwithstanding.

  6. This was a huge win. There’s no doubt in my mind, after watching Thompson The Wolverine in net that he is more agile laterally and faster in the crease. It’s quite possible that it will be Thompson who will lead this team into the playoffs. Lehner played a very decent game against Vancouver, he really did. He got left out to dry on his own by the defense. But, the same can be said for numerous high danger chances that Logan stuffed this evening.

    I will just reiterate that I gave up on Lehner way back in mid-January. My position hasn’t changed and it won’t change regardless of what happens going forward. Lehner is a good 1B goaltender who is better suited to be a great backup for about $3-3.5 million.

    I am really impressed with Logan Thompson.

  7. The Flames had quite a few high danger chances that Logan saved. Definitely the #1 star of this game.

    What I really liked about this game was the line matching. I think DeBoer finally got it right. Let’s hope he stops tweaking it now.

    Note: Stone, Stephenson and Patches still pretty quiet tonight. ZEROS ACROSS THE BOARD! If they start clicking the VGK is going to be kicking some major ass.

    • I see no reason at all why that line can’t start kicking butt unless Patch and Stone are too not 100% health wise. I’m fairly sure each is borderline and were only put in in a last ditch attempt to save the season.

    • R-R, really agree on the line matching. Janmark and Marchy were really good with Eichel. Dadonov, Karlsson and Amadio was excellent. Amadii waht a great value for his salary. Roy back where he belongs at C.

      • Marchy is one crafty player. Quick. Persistent. Eichel is the same kind of player..they clicked well. I liked Stephenson’s speed to match Eichel’s, but if it’s working this way, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT, PDB!!

  8. Daryl

    Great game by LT

    • Pistol Pete

      and by pretty much the entire team.

      Btw, Amadio is on of those guys making it feasible to have the top four salaries eating cap. VGK is not the only one.

  9. Frank

    What a difference a confident goaltender that can actually move makes…. Much better all around. Offense, defense and goaltending. When VGK plays like that they’re awful tough to beat.

  10. A very exciting win – they simply outplayed Calgary – start to finish – a truly 60 minute effort that paid off big time. LT makes all the difference at this moment and hopefully will continue to be the net minder until he fails. If this hurts RL feeling tuff shit – Vegas needs a hot hand in the net that avoids flopping around like a fish out of water. I am not talking about the man I am referring his lack of consistent performance so no one needs to get excited. Saturday afternoon will definitely be interesting lets all hope the success continues. The biggest contributing factor to the win tonight was obviously the 60 minute performance by pretty much all and great goal tending.

    • Thank you hdbiker7851. I know you are a true fan just a highly realistic one. I’m still tempted to needle you lol if they make it in. Remember with around 16 games remaining you said they had a ZERO chance. Not 15%, not 10%, not 5% but ZERO!!! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that was a calculated overstatement!

      • PP – needle all you want – if they make it in l will be first to state l was wrong. A win like tonight is an indication what this team is capable of when they make up their mind to play 60 mi minutes of hockey. As l said l only hope it continues as their record in that category is far from outstanding. Consistency hasn’t been their strong suit in that regard – unless of course you want to include poor performance of RL. BIG WIN AGAIN SATURDAY – HAPPY EASTER.

  11. Pistol Pete

    A truly elite goal by Eichel. Not just the shot but the setup by Marchy.

    12 G/9 A/+6—21 pts in 27 games

    An 82 game pace of 36 goals

  12. Galdom

    The VGK is a very arrogant organization. They have always thought that they are much better than they are. It’s been an outstanding five years for this franchise and the way they handle the salary cap they have gotten away with all of their crazy shenanigans like playing several games with shorter rosters because they didn’t have the cap space to dress a full lineup. In their most important regular season game last year against Colorado they played with 10 forwards and 5 defence. At the end of the day they keep getting away with it as they knocked out in Colorado in the playoffs anyways. I guess that’s why they were arrogant enough this year to think they can just easily make the playoffs with all of their injuries. They might just pull that off again and get the second wildcard spot and knock off Colorado in the first round.

    Let me get straight to the point. If it’s game seven of the playoffs and you’re in a must win game you’re going to dress your hottest goalie. That’s why St. Louis went with Jordan Binnington during their playoff run a couple years ago when he was basically an unknown. Ever since that terrible 0-5 road trip, I believe the team got themselves in huge trouble. I mean isn’t it obvious I think we all believe that. Logan Thompson stabilized the goaltending when Robin Lehner got hurt. I think we were and still are in a situation of extreme importance to win games and cannot understand why they didn’t keep rolling with him other than perhaps management not thinking that the team was in trouble and being arrogant yet again. I think they wanted Lehner to regain his confidence and game for the playoffs again being arrogant enough to think that they weren’t in trouble and could afford to give up points in the standings . Even I as a Lehner supporter could not understand why the net wasn’t given to Logan Thompson until he proved he couldn’t handle it.

    Call me crazy but I would not be shocked if they went with Lehner against the Edmonton Oilers next game. It would be completely illogical to not start the hotter goalie in these must win games but they seem to do whatever the hell they want and still come out of it okay every time.

    • Galdom, I’m fairly sure Lehner is not 100% healthwise which made the decsion easier for DeBoer, however imo Thompson should have played the Lehner games based on the strength of his performances.

      • Galdom, we have Foley, Murray Craven and McPhee to thank for the successful launch of this team. The aggressive approach really paid off. It’s not at all certain this town would have put up with the traditional SEA style expansion team launch. And trading for veteran talent was and still is the best approach. This is where the criticism of the FO is so off base.

      • PP – RL hasn’t been a 100% healthy since he got here – he came as damaged goods, one way or another, and nothing has changed. He is a player that other clubs he was with had no interest in keeping him apparently otherwise he would never have landed here in Vegas and got his retirement package. He’s the smart one, Vegas FO got taken to the cleaners and are just too stubborn to admit they screwed up. He is not a bad goalie, is far from elite and just isn’t worth 5 mill a year for 5 years performance wise. He is not the only one when it comes to ROI. Sorry, that’s the realist coming out.

  13. Galdom

    Just wanted to add to that that the team played like garbage against Vancouver and did not do Lehner any favours. Lehner was probably on the bench thinking why they couldn’t play against Vancouver the way they played tonight against Calgary. They were much better tonight. However, The bottom line is that at the moment they should be dressing the best lineup they can and to me that means starting Logan Thompson over Robin Lehner,

    Things can change quickly. They could make the playoffs and be down 2-0 in the first round to Edmonton in games that Thompson starts and go back to Lehner in game three and he might be great and then go on a run like he did a couple years ago but there is nobody in this world that could convince me that at this time the net should not belong to Logan Thompson.

    • I agree Galdom, Thompson is the man. Can you imagine if they make it into the playoffs on the shoulders of Thompson and they win a couple rounds we could see the $5m Lehner backing up the $788K Thompson to start next season. Wouldn’t that be something?

  14. Galdom

    Ken, you tweeted this. Are you suggesting that it was a peculiar decision to start Logan Thompson?

  15. If they win Saturday I will be upping the objective from 97 to 99 points requiring a 5- 1 finish. Hope I am not getting ahead of ourselves lol. I am but I’m highly optimistic again!

    Looking forward to Eichel vs. McDavid…same draft #2 vs. #1. I realize the game will probably be about way more than any one-to-one player matchup, just saying it could be interesting!

    • I know I’ve said it before and it does not matter in the context of how they perform in the NHL but Eichel absolutely smoked McDavid in the Combine.

      • FANTASTIC EFFORT! after the 1st, I thought: low scoring game, but did they EVER turn it on in the 2nd!! Great to see so many different scorers, esp since patches/ stone are still a little rusty out there. We can be pretty formidable when scoring comes from so many guys.
        As for LT: WHAT an awesome performance!! Mgmt made the RIGHT decision to start him in his home town– the team seemed to rally around him, not only defensively but they hammered Calgary offensively. I have been very positive on LT, and thought he EARNED the right to start games. The guys have confidence in him. And so do I. With Lehner, I always worry he’ll allow too many goals, being stuck on his back, not able to get up. LT is the contrast– stays on his skates, moves well, very quick reflexes. And a great, humble attitude. I like him from his first start. The goalie question may have been answered last night. I say start LT as much as possible, give Lehner time to get to 100% so he can be a force to reckon with again, NOT A question mark.

  16. Logan Thompson:

    Now with wins against two top teams (FLA and CGY) with a GAA of 2. Also a 1 GA win over NSH.

    Does anyone think it’s possible, as I am beginning to, that somehow the team plays better in front of him than Lehner? Ken just mentioned in the periscope that he is not inclined to make that correlation. It could be they are trying to keep the run going for their rookie goalie or just battling harder in concert with his effort. Lehner has had a tendency to play great and then let in a softie at a bad time. As I recall that happened in the second or third period of game 6 vs. DAL and that is all she wrote. That can be very demorializing for a team, especially not knowing when it is going to happen next.

    • VGK Fan


      I don’t think they play any harder for one goalie over the other. Not sure you watched the game against CBJ they looked terrible with LT in the net. Just my opinion LT has played better than RL, there is nothing wrong about giving credit where credit is do.

      • Daryl

        IF…. It is true, hen that says a lot about the locker room and who the players want more

  17. The way Dadonov has been playing down the stretch one is almost hesitant to trade him, but there’s pretty much a consensus him and Smith are the ones to go to get under the cap. Beyond that, if Pacioretty can’t get back in gear, it’s really like they’ll need to switch him out with an elite goal scoring LW which could be you know. It’s too early to be talking about it (again–sorry) however the discussion begins with cap compliance which is a fact of life. Fact is, to make everything work in the event of acquiring a new 1LW and to create addional space for re-signings and/or modest acquistions, requires moving one other big piece that won’t be Theodore. He should never ever be traded unless it comes to the point where there is not enough space to re-sign him. That leaves Karlsson I’m afraid. Again, a bit early to say all around. Just nice to have an early blueprint (for me anyways lol).

    • Oh, and Brossoit goes, freeing more space. Now some of these move-outs will have a cost to them which I have not quantified.

      • TheChosenOne

        The cost to move some people like Karlsson or Brossoit will boil down to one thing – Draft picks…

    • PP – l love your optimism regarding winning it you are as bad as the splash twins always wanting to acquire another new shiny toy. That mine set has gotten them into cap hell. I believe you need to rethink getting rid of Smith he brings more to this team than just ice performance mho. Let’s get to the playoffs and hang in there long enough to win. Shiny new toys can come later after they get their house in order regarding the cap.

  18. Galdom

    I played around with some filters and numbers on the website to come up with these goaltending stats. Since March 9th (Lehner got hurt on March 8th), 48 goaltenders have played 6 or more games. Among those 48 goalies Logan Thompson ranks as follows…….

    Logan Thompson .923 save percentage (6th)
    Logan Thompson 2.49 goals against average (10th)

    Goaltending is the most important position down the stretch and most influential in regards to gaining points in the standings. Lets take a look at the remaining schedule and potential opposing goaltending road blocks. All of these stats are from March 9th to today.

    April 16 – EDMONTON

    Mikko Koskinen in 10 games has an .895 save percentage and ranks 37th out of 48 goalies. Mike Smth in 8 games has a .932 save percentage and ranks 5th in save percentage just ahead of Thompson. Edmonton has been rotating their goalies not wanting to overwork the 40 year old Mike Smith. Smith has been amazing and a potential road block for us. He played yesterday and shut out Nashville. If I were Edmonton I would start Smith and try to put Vegas out. Lets hope we get Mikko Koskinen tomorrow.

    April 18 – NEW JERSEY

    Nico Daws in 14 games has an .885 save percentage and ranks 43rd out of 48 goalies. The Devils are out of it and clearly letting Daws play in nearly every game. Jon Gillies and Andrew Hammond have only started a combined 4 games since March 9th and have provided a combined .872 save percentage. There is absolutely no reason to start Lehner at this point but if you give him a game this is the one.

    April 20 – WASHINGTON

    Vitek Vanecek has played 10 games and has an .886 save percentage and ranks 41st out of 48. Ilya Samsonov has not played the required 6 games to qualify among the 48 goalies but in 5 games he has a horrible .878 save percentage. Washington goaltending has been porous!

    April 24 – SAN JOSE

    There goalies have been merely average to slightly below average since March 9th.

    James Reimer in 9 starts has a .908 save percentage and ranks 26th.
    Kaapo Kahkonen in 7 starts has a .906 save percentage and ranks 29th.

    April 26 – DALLAS

    Jake Oettinger in 13 games has an .897 save percentage and ranks 36th out of 48 goalies. Scott Wedgewood has started 8 games and has been on a bit of a heater lately. He has a .919 save percentage and ranks 10th.

    April 27 – CHICAGO

    Kevin Lankinen has started 10 games and has an .889 save percentage and ranks 39th. Every time I have watched him he has been complete trash. Collin Delia barely plays. Since March 9th he has only played 3 games and has a .911 save percentage.

    April 29 – ST. LOUIS

    Ville Husso has been amazing all season and since March 9th has started 14 games and has a .917 save percentage and ranks 13th out of 48 goalies. Jordan Binnington has only started 5 games since March 9th and has a .896 save percentage. In the last game of the season which will likely be meaningless for the Blues I can see St. Louis resting Husso and starting Binnington.

    I feel very good about the goaltending match ups as long as Thompson keeps rolling. Tomorrow could be very tough if Mike Smith starts.

    Unfortunately the Kings schedule is even easier and they are not running into any goalies that have been hot.

    • Pistol Pete

      Galdom, thanks for the tremendous DD. You had to pool all the games each goalie played and calculate the stats? What an effort and very meaningful.

      • Galdom

        Much easier than it seems. It’s just plugging in filters on the site.

  19. LVsc

    And now it is time to knock Bettman and his loser points.
    what do I mean?
    The fact that in the NHL each game does not have the same value. a game that ends after 60 mins is a 2 pt game. But a game that ends in OT or SO is a 3 pt game. 2 for winner, and 1 for loser…..iow, losing is rewarded.
    what am I yapping about?

    simple, the LA Kings have lost 10 times beyond regulation, and have garnered 5 extra loser pts more than Vegas…..and THAT is the difference between a playoff spot or not for the VGK.

    Vgk have won 41 games in 75, while LA has only won 39 times in 76. THERE is your real win %.

    VGK have a win % of .546, while LA has a win % of .513

    Now, tell us how the LA kings deserve the playoff spot with a far worse win %, simply they lost more in OT. in Bettman’s nhl, losing is rewarded more than winning.
    if the VGK lose a playoff spot to LA because LA lost more often in OT, then it is Bettman’s bullshit that is the main reason.

    • Spot on. Why is any team rewarded for losing a game … ever? Simply do away with the OTL point altogether. You lose – you lose – period.

      • vgk21

        exactly right. 2 pts for a win and zero pts for a loss, no matter how it occurs.

        every game should be worth 2 pts. period.

        • Daryl

          I also like how when looking at goalie record, since want to discount OT losses compared to regular losses

      • Galdom

        I agree. Or atleast have every game worth the same amount of points. Either the way Richie Rich says it or……

        Regulation win – 3 points
        OT win – 2 points
        OT loss – 1 point
        Regulation loss – 0 point

  20. When I stated that I gave up on Panda in mid-January I was scoffed at and then ridiculed when I said I would trust Logan Thompson in net.

    I’ve been around hockey for 50 years. I’ve seen my share of goaltenders during that time. No, I am not a pro, not a scout, but I what I saw of Logan Thompson was impressing me last year and this year. Sure, that scope of work was in the AHL. I get it. My opinions of Thompson were based on what I was seeing and my gut. I also stated all of the reasons why I thought Lehner was a bad choice in the preseason.

    Sure, you can compare Lehner’s stats to anyone. He’s a decent goaltender, but not a 1A. I still think he is better suited to be a good $3million dollar backup. I like to slam McIdiot a lot, but he sure did well by bringing in Eichel and promoting Thompson from the ECHL Stingrays.

    Lehner made a lot of high danger saves against the Canucks in a losing effort. He also gave up some high danger chances that were mostly not his fault. But, the same can be said of Thompson vs the Flames, except that Thompson was a brick wall pretty much all night long on just as many high danger chances except for that first goal.

    So, when I continue to say that I don’t like Lehner as “my team’s” (as a fan) goalie, it does NOT mean I hate the guy. It’s just an opinion, period. It’s my opinion based on my own fan based knowledge and experience. So, if you have a problem with that then tough. I respect the opposing views on this goaltending issue even though I have consistently disagreed. A bunch of hate filled vitriol spewing replies isn’t changing my mind. If it makes you feel better as a fan or more important, or feeds your narcissistic ego then so be it. Flail away.

    I am going to go out on a limb here to say that I believe we are seeing the start of a great career for Logan Thompson. He’s signed for the next 2 years. It’s going to be hard for Lehner to retain his job as a starter if Logan continues to play like his.

    • Agreed, RR! LT reminds me of MAF. yup, I said it…and I’ve missed MAF. Makes that trade less disappointing, for me, anyway. Btw: your opinions are welcome anytime– you offer knowledgeable, smart thoughts. Keep it coming!

  21. vgk21

    current up to the moment playoff odds from MONEYPUCK—–

    DAL 85.9%
    Nashville Predators 85.6%
    Los Angeles Kings 71%
    Vegas Golden KnightsVGK 53.8%

  22. Eat the contract and waive him someone will pick him up or not. Total misguided head case.

  23. Tim

    Logan Thompson another great job but keep in mind he is a rookie and if we make the playoffs with he withstand the pressure? I just want to play Colorado win or lose will make my season. To hear there arrogant announcers bitch the blues if we beat them would be priceless. Sports are a strange animal when you think you have it figured out you don’t. I’ll bet not one poster or fan shed a tear when Dadonov was traded to Anaheim and now he may end up being the hero of the team go figure.

  24. Tim, this poster liked Dadanov, and was disappointed @ the trade, then was glad it fell through. He has been a fireball ever since, and I, for one, would like to keep him, CAP talk aside….

  25. Vic

    RIP Mike Bossy

  26. B-Rad-Lee

    LT was picked to start against Calgary because that’s where he’s from. No other reason.

    While I hope that LT holds the pipes for the rest of the season, PDB will be using RL as much as possible.

    • Daryl

      I also hope LT will be in net more, but that is not at all why PDB picked him for that game

  27. knights fan in minny

    i dont say much about coaches but if the walrus starts against the oilers coach should get a brain scan

    • THE hockey GOD

      RL is back in Vegas, cut trip short due to family emergency.

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