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Recap: The Golden Knights fell behind early, allowing three goals in the opening 13 minutes of the game. Calgary’s star forwards Johnny Gaudreau and Elias Lindholm netted the first and third for the Flames and Mikael Backlund added the middle one.

It didn’t get much better in the 2nd as Andrew Mangiapane scored his 21st goal of the season early in the period. He’d tack on another in the 3rd as well.

Vegas had multiple chances, mostly by Nolan Patrick, as the game wound down but couldn’t beat Jakob Markstrom. The Golden Knights were shutout for the third time this season.

The Golden Knights record falls to 28-17-3 after losing to the Flames 6-0. Vegas now has the next six nights off before they hit the ice again at T-Mobile Arena on Wednesday to take on the Colorado Avalanche. Puck drop is set for 7:00 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Once again, Vegas came out of the gates incredibly slow. They allowed a ton of dangerous chances, they were caught puck watching, and they just always seemed a step behind Calgary. Unlike last night, the Flames made them pay, and pay they did to the tune of a thorough fanny whacking. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome.

  • Part 2 of the breakdown video of VGK’s penalty kill (at some point during this week)
  • Goalie Interference w/ Mike McKenna
  • Why are Vegas fans still split on Robin Lehner?
  • Illustrating a neutral zone play that should be concerning for VGK’s 1-1-3 setup (possible)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Evgenii Dadonov
** Shea Theodore
* Nolan Patrick


Eichel Talks About Helping VGK Power Play And PP Overcoaching


Boehlke: My Thoughts On The Possible LTIR Situation And Why I Can’t Truly Pick A Side


  1. Team A stayed home – not sure who showed up – they appeared beat and tired, and the goalie performance returned to his low standard – he didn’t have much help – but don’t think that would have made much difference. They simply were out played, and the better team won. They have six days to get their shit together before Colorado- don’t know if that is a good thing or not – you know the saying if you don’t use it you lose it – well that very easily could apply in this case. Waiting to read how Eichel is going to fix all this and the need for him to be in line-up immediately. LOL

    • Pistol Pete

      We’ll see what happens. If it does, I’m eagerly looking forward to calling out the Eichel early impact doubters lol.

      • What exactly are you expecting PP? What is the impact going to be? Will VGK go on a 10 game win streak? Will the piss poor Power Play all of a sudden jump into the top 5 in the league? Will the average number of goals per game skyrocket? Will the top line all of a sudden become something like they have in Edmonton?

        Look, was NOT in favor of this trade. But it is done and as a fan I hope that Eichel will have a huge impact across the entire spectrum of stats including wins. I would have to say that at this point, if we aren’t the #1 seed in the 1st round we are likely going to be eliminated. I have already made my bet on the strip that the Kings will win the Pacific Division. But, I would gladly lose that bet if Eichel comes in an catapults the Knights to the top of the Pacific at the end of the year.

    • THE hockey GOD

      definitely goalie not an issue on first three goals, they let RL out to dry. Flames were faster team to puck. VGK only had four SOG in first period. Can’t do much winning with only four shots, and feeble ones for most part. Eichel is not the solution at this point in time for that scenario. Stars, moon, and sun all aligned for Flames waiting for team to come into town on a back to back, after a long lay offs.

    • Daryl

      Come on now, we all know RL want at fault for any of those goals. His defense team will be out in full force to tell you how it was all the fault of the defense

      • THE hockey GOD

        the fourth goal was suspect, I didn’t see the final two but by that time the game was well out of hand and didn’t matter.

        • Daryl

          Again, none of the goals that matters were on RL as usual

          • THE hockey GOD

            as usual another in long line of unsophisticated “fans” clueless posts.

            go stalk someone else, loser.

          • Daryl

            And back again with the name calling…. Yet in anther post you will say you don’t start the name calling. I guess when you don’t have a legit comment you can always resort to name calling

          • THE hockey GOD

            your typical bull shit spin “And back again with the name calling…. Yet in anther post you will say you don’t start the name calling. ”

            I said I don’t initiate but I will retaliate. TRy to get it right MORON.

            Your comments here REPEATED:U prove you are no more than a stalking, troll, loser. Those are the facts. Deal with it you stalking, harassing piece of shit , and typical “unsophisticated fan”.

            Go harass someone else, loser pOs.

          • Daryl

            So I’m a loser, POS, Moron!!!!!! I love it lol. thg gets called out on his BS so he has nothing else to do but call people names, the signs of a truly weak person!!! Keep em coming. Show everyone your true colors and hockey knowledge

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ daryl the stalker “So I’m a loser, POS, Moron!!!” yes pervert stalkers who have been repeated told to go back to their cave and troll someone else are exactly that. PEople who make things up , like you do, twist and turn things and then say they “call people out for BS” are losers.

            Once again FUCK OFF, loser. The labels fit. Go stalk someone else, pervert.

          • Daryl

            Watch out, the internet tough man is out in full force!!! So you want to continue with name calling….. Well I will stalk the living shit out of you. I will call you out on every BS post you make, which is basically every post.

            So come get some old man!!!!!

  2. Henderson One

    This team lived up to their reputation as a lazy, country club team that turns it on when it needs to. One of the reasons Gallant got fired. Goalie could not bail them out tonight.

    • Pistol Pete

      What a worthless BS post. Pardon me had to point it out.

    • Galdom

      If you’re an expansion team and have only been in the league for four years yet have played more playoff games than every single team in the NHL except Tampa then calling the VGK a lazy Country club team is the furthest thing from the truth. I would have to agree with Pistol Pete and say that is a bullshit post. You can’t have that amount of success and have a lazy country club attitude. I live 3200 miles from Vegas and can tell you that the opinions of that team and organization are all complementary and ful of envy.

      • Pistol Pete

        We’ll stated Galdom. Look, Henderson One is a basher. Engaging him/her is want they want. Better for us to steer clear which I did not. But thanks for summing it up.

  3. That was the worst game I have ever seen the VGK play. Absolutely horrible. If it wasn’t a back-to-back I would even be more disgusted, but this game is about as low as you can get.

    Blame? 100% on the Coach.

    I keep checking the record of the Rangers playing in the Eastern Conference and they are holding their own. On the other hand we’re playing in the west and we are expected to win.

    After the big shutout game last night, I was actually getting pretty positive on the team, the coaching, the front office and even Sponge Bob. Don’t get me wrong, this bomb wasn’t entirely his fault. The team owns last night – period.

    • Galdom

      Rangers also lost 6-0 to Calgary on November 6th. And Vegas gave the Rangers a nice beat down on January 6th. Every team including the really good teams get blown out. This was Vegas first blowout of the year. It sucks and it is not fun to watch but it’s nothing to get worried about.

      Florida lost 8-2 to Ottawa on December 14th, lost 7-2 to New Jersey on November 9th.

      Tampa lost 9-3 to Florida on December 30th,

      Colorado lost 8-3 to Toronto on December 1st.

      Carolina lost 6-0 to Columbus on January 13th.

      • Tim

        Galdom, Does that make you feel better showing other teams beatdowns. I’m concerned about one team and that’s the VGK and in there history I can’t think of a worse performance.

        • Galdom

          Hi Tim, how are you doing on this beautiful day.. I hope my happy face emoji shows up in the thread. The answer to your question is yes, it does make me feel better pointing out other teams beat downs. Thank you for asking and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Why are we split on Robin Lehner?

    Well, for me, it has ZERO to do with the trade and everything to do with consistency and Robin’s history. That history is well known. He’s never been able to stick with a team and his off ice issues are well known.

    To his credit, the off ice issues haven’t been an issue this season, but his game still has serious flaws despite several weeks of stellar performance above his average.

    I think Robin might have been able to stop 2 of those 6 goals. But, VGK scored none and the defense was absolutely awful. Coghlan maybe should have taken a night off, Petro as well. The Flames simply beat the living shit out of our VGK this evening. This was an extreme case of whoop ass. I will have to go back through the stats, but I don’t think the VGK has ever been beaten this badly in team history.

    Next up, Colorado who has been steam rolling through the schedule. With nearly a week off it is time for this team to reflect on the hot steamy mess they left on the ice today.

    • Vegas Baby

      Playoffs, last year, Game 1. 7-0 Colorado – Lehner. MAF bailed them out after that and then masterly handled Minnesota but it took a toll. Keeping my powder dry on Lehner this season until the team gets to the Cup. I mean if. The team needs to be consistent overall and solid of course not just one guy.

      • Galdom

        Vegas Baby, i’ve got another example for you in last year‘s playoffs.

        Playoffs Game 3 against Montreal. Marc Andre Fluery makes pivotal mistake that changed the entire momentum of the series in the last minute of the game when he gave away the puck to Montreal which tied the game and then won in overtime. Instead of Vegas being up two games to one Montreal was up two games to one. Then Robin Lehner bailed out the team in game four where he was spectacular stopping 27 out of 28 shots in a 2-1 OT win that brought back the series at 2-2.

        So I agree with you Vegas Baby that it’s not just one guy and that they will have to win or lose as a team.

        • Galdom

          I wonder if Vegas would have been better off playing Lehner in game five and six against Montreal after he played so well in game 4. Fleury really got shook and may have lost confidence after game three. He only stopped 51 of 58 shots in Game 5 and Game 6 for an .879 save percentage. We will never know. But I can’t fault DeBoer for going back to Fluery in game five and six. He was having a great year and I think he earned that right despite that horrible mistake in game three.

          And as Vegas Baby knows, we will win or lose as a team.

        • Vegas Baby

          Yeah, except MAF didn’t lose the game. I also didn’t say Lehner lost the game. I see the posts on Lehner vs Fleury, I am not getting sucked into that crap. I merely pointed out the colossal kick-ass Vegas endured with Colorado last season in response to RR with Lehner at the helm. They kept MAF in all the way through that series and then he kept in the zone with Minnesota. Didn’t see a stretch like that with Lehner then or this season, but hopeful. So if you wanna go tit for that on who the better goalie is, find someone else. Give MAF credit for what he did like some of us give Lehner credit for what he does. Peace.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ vegas baby, you left out that the team left RL out to dry in that game after a tough play off series while the other team was waiting for them. Just like the Calgary game last night. NExt time TELL THE WHOLE STORY and stop bull shit cherry picking leaving out key details.

            The team even admitted as much in the Colorado blow out. Learn to watch the games, most unsophisticated fans in the league showing up again and again and again. CLUELESS.

          • Galdom

            I did give MAF credit many times. I said after that brutal game 3 mistake he deserved the chance to redeem himself in games 5 and 6 against Montreal. Fluery was very competent in his 2020-21 playoff run.

            In 16 games he was 9 wins, 7 losses, 2.04 goals against average and .918 save percentage.

            Lehner was also very competent in his 2019-20 playoff run with eerily similar numbers to Fleury. Lehner was 9 wins, 7 losses, 1.99 goals against average and .917 save percentage.

            I wasn’t trying to suck you in a debate. The facts clearly show that both goalies were capable of providing competent playoff goaltending in recent history. I’m not using 2005 stats. So not trying to suck you in as there really is nothing to debate. Their shouldn’t b.

          • To Vegas Baby, many people on this site for some reason can’t give MAF credit without insulting him first.

        • Daryl

          I will disagree that one play changed the momentum of that series. The fact that VGK won the next games shows that the argument doesn’t hold water.

          Everything else I agree

          • Galdom

            Well who the hell knows. We can all try to guess what would’ve happened. There is a ridiculous stat out there that the team that wins game three of a series when it is tied 1-1 wins the series about 80% of the time.

            But whatever, I apologize for bringing up the goalie thing again but it’s really hard for me to keep quiet when someone says that in his words, “ i’ve never seen Lehner have a run like that then or now”

            First of all he couldn’t have a run like that last year because fleury was in net. There is an actual NHL rule that you can’t put two goalies on the ice at the same time. And the playoffs haven’t started yet this year. unless the guy is a toddler and only three years old he should known that in the 2019-20 playoffs Lennar provided the exact same thing that Fleury did in last year‘s playoffs. It’s one thing to have an opinion and say that you don’t believe Lehner will play well in this year‘s playoffs but but to say that he has never had a lengthy playoff run is just wrong and not factual.

          • Daryl

            I want decaying anything about that or either goalie. I just believe that this one mistake cost VGK the series or had an overall impact on the series. I pointed out before how Petra had a TO which directly led to the go ahead goal c housing VGK the game. I could easily turn around and say this one mistake cost VGK the Cup. I just don’t buy those things.

            Again, I didn’t have an issue worth anything else you said

          • Totally agree! I’m not sure many of the fans on this site realize MAF was tied for the team lead in Power Play goals that series.
            I’ll never understand the incredible hatred towards MAF on this site.

    • THE hockey GOD

      don’t know what game you were watching, but on first four goals he only let in one bad one, and he was screened by his d man (no 77). Turned it off , didn’t see the last two goals.

      They deposited the goals in the corners and no 7 and no 52 didn’t play very well in front of goalie. You know it’s d man’s fault when they look up to the rafters after missing their assignment. And no 7 was looking up a lot in that first period.

      AS usual the RL haters are out in full force, don’t know what they are watching and completely clueless.

      VGK not prepared for back to back game, Coaches fault ? Maybe . Hard to play back to backs on the road.

      • Daryl

        And as usual RL defense team is out in full force

      • I don’t hate Lehner. He is who he is. He has a career .909 gaa, or about that. He’s a decent goalie, but not one that can be counted on for a Cup run (my opinion). I am not blaming him whatsoever for the loss last night.

        But, let’s not defend ANYONE on this team for last night. I mean, at the end of the day 6 pucks got past him. Let’s just move on. Hate is too strong a word to be using in this forum.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Not sure why that was so bad but it just awful, arguably the worst VGK game of all time.

  6. Galdom

    Just throw this one in the garbage. This is the first game that Vegas got blown out and it took until the 48th game. Happens to all of the good teams in the regular season and finally happened to us.

    Florida lost 8-2 to Ottawa on December 14th, lost 7-2 to New Jersey on November 9th.

    Tampa lost 9-3 to Florida on December 30th,

    Colorado lost 8-3 to Toronto on December 1st.

    Carolina lost 6-0 to Columbus on January 13th.

    • TheChosenOne

      Amazing post Galdom! That’s how it is! Somtimes even the best teams get their butt kicked!

      I just hope that Stone is healthy again soon and that his back problems are not chronic… we need a healthy captain!!!

      Our top line needs to start producing agai.

    • I know you’re right Galdom. The best teams get blown out once in a while, in fact I’m pretty sure that 0-6 beatdown of CAR by CBJ was at Carolina! Yup…it was.

    • THE hockey GOD

      voice of reason and sophistication, puts the clueless , classless RL haters to bed.

    • Galdom – not sure where 3200 miles puts you from Vegas but it must be winter as you apparently have nothing better to do with your time. All these history lessons (stats) really mean little to nothing. Hockey like any business doesn’t function on yesterday it’s all about what you do for today and forward. Just saying.

      • Galdom

        3200 miles away is Toronto. I respect your opinion even though I don’t share it. Past performance can be an indicator of what a player might do. Information can be helpful. Insurance companies use information whether to determine a driver is a risk, banks use credit information to determine what interest rates you get and yes It can also be helpful in sports determining future performance. As you know I have used it to determine what I think certain players futures performance can be. Another poster here Darryl has used past performance to determine his questions and concerns regarding jack Eichel. If you don’t find it helpful then that’s okay, to each their own.

        • Thanks for the response and Condolences – living in Toronto, which I am familiar with, you understand what money and hockey is all about and the cup can’t be bought. And yes you know about winter. The only thing with all your stats is for many Vegas fans it set unrealistic expectations and they assume (shame on them) whoever you post about will live up to those standards and expectations. Their problem not yours I understand that. Maybe because of my business head I look at things entirely differently as you have probably noticed, and deal in today not yesterday. I don’t recall your position concerning performance on the elite goalie situation that Vegas got involved with a couple of years ago I just found it interesting no other team he had played with wanted to keep him. You mentioned stats to determine risk these posters are not making any decisions concerning who does what so not sure how helpful it is in their case. I guess if you’re just doing your part in educating them so be it – whatever floats your boat. Like I said Hockey like any business doesn’t function on what you did for me yesterday, it’s all about what can you do for today and going forward. I am certain in a number of cases, while Vegas Mgt would never admit it, they didn’t get what stats suggested they were getting.

  7. Galdom

    Thanks TheChosenOne. Again, this one wasn’t fun to watch but I think they will just throw that one away and move on. If they were weak minded and would panic after this one then they wouldn’t be the organization that has played 66 playoff games, second only to Tampa since 2017-18.

    • Pistol Pete

      I definitely did overreact to this loss. I am capable of Galdom’s view just let my emotions get the best of me. Really wanted the B2B win on the road and after the EDM win my expectations were up there. Move onto to COL—going to be tough but it’s doable and may feature the Eichel
      debut which may or may not have an impact. I do think this has potential long term:


      Not sure about Howden on RW.

      This assumes Stone and Martinez are out freeing the cap for Eichel. Still not sure if they both can qualify for the necessary injury status.

      • Pistol Pete

        Howden and Janmark both shoot left as does Stephenson. Roy is right so one solution would be to put him on RW on the third with Janmark and Stephenson leaving the current 4th of Carrier/Howden/Kolesar. Roy though is sometimes said to be most effective on center.

      • Galdom

        I like it

  8. Galdom

    It seems like Stone has never been 100% for one single game this season and that’s a big concern. I still wouldn’t be shocked if he were to be put on LTIR for a month before the playoffs. A little cap circumvention

    • If Stone goes on LTIR now that clears cap for Eichel, right? I’m not quite clear on Martinez. Was on LTIR and still is even though he parctices and travels? A player has to be LTIR to deduct their cap? Can never quite get a handle on the cap stuff lol.

      • Pistol Pete

        So I see on that Stone needs to miss 10 games and 24 days to go on LTIR. Think I already knew that lol. Therefore looks like only cap relief in time for Eichel’s entrance on 1/16 is Martinez. I have not reviewed the LTIR rules but I’m assuming he’s still on it even though he practices and travels. To get Eichel in by 2/16 they are going to have to move someone big or a lot of small ones.

    • THE hockey GOD

      damaged goods, always was, and always will be; just like the ten million dollar man.

      franchises start going down hill when their veteran players start missing games on regular basis.

      no. . 67 is also not himself either.

    • DMR

      I agree…frustrating that he has not been healthy this year.

  9. Tim

    Well folks now you know how Custer felt at The Little Bighorn.

  10. Pistol Pete

    We’ll surprise the doubters vs. Avs (second most pts in the league) next week. And yes, hoping for it to be Eichel’s debut and to score at least one PP goal. Albeit wishful thinking but we’ll see!

  11. Galdom

    Vegas Baby, i’ve got another example for you in last year‘s playoffs.

    Playoffs Game 3 against Montreal. Marc Andre Fluery makes pivotal mistake that changed the entire momentum of the series in the last minute of the game when he gave away the puck to Montreal which tied the game and then won in overtime. Instead of Vegas being up two games to one Montreal was up two games to one. Then Robin Lehner bailed out the team in game four where he was spectacular stopping 27 out of 28 shots in a 2-1 OT win that brought back the series at 2-2.

    So I agree with you Vegas Baby that it’s not just one guy and that they will have to win or lose as a team.

  12. knights fan in minny

    wow that was ugly

  13. Arnold Rothstein

    well Team ARnold picks up another win on VGK back to back loss;
    so far our only loss on year was the Saber win.

    Waiting on some more statistical outliers.

    Up over 20 units on limited plays, and only 2 unit loss on one game, no draw downs in negative territory so far this season.


  14. Arnold Rothstein

    Calgary is five points behind VGK with Five games in hand. That is ten possible points for you new fans.

    They also have a tough schedule coming up having to make up a lot of games they misses, and according to the TV announcers last night a vast majority of them (They said 40, or was it 20 ?) are at home.

    The Flames are odds on favorite now to win the Pacific Division.

    Also, VGK have not done well historically playing away at Flames home rink.

    the Brain, souring the statistics for you so you don’t have to do the dirty work.

    You are welcome, believe me now, thank my later.

    • knights fan in minny

      wow nice ego

      • Arnold Rothstein

        @knight minny

        don’t mention it


        PS if coach started howden at center instead of 41, and howden got those three chances instead of 41, the game likely would have been tied. But so much for if’s, maybe’s, and woulda coulda shoulda’s.

        They don’t call me Arnold the Brain for nuttin’ 🙂

        • knights fan in minny

          the only thing your right about is howden

        • knights fan in minny

          who calls you that your mommy

          • Arnold Rothstein

            Arnold Rothstein (January 17, 1882 – November 6, 1928),[1] nicknamed “The Brain”, was an American racketeer, crime boss, businessman, and gambler who became a kingpin of the Jewish mob in New York City. Rothstein was widely reputed to have organized corruption in professional athletics, including conspiring to fix the 1919 World Series. He was also a mentor of future crime bosses Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, and numerous others including Al Capone.

  15. I think something has to be said about the lineup and the coach’s responsibility for putting it on the ice. I cannot remember the last time I saw the Misfit line broken up on lines 1,2, and 3. Maybe it happened, but I just cannot recall. Stephenson on line 2 with Smith and Marchy on line 3. Karlsson on line 1. This was a failed experiment. Throw this line up in the fireplace and never put it on the ice again.

    Did anyone notice how much space was being given to the Flames? Petro kept skating back back back back and allowed a shot from the top of the circles in the slot. No challenge, just backward skating. Not the way to play defense.

    After being off for the all star game you would think that a back2back wouldn’t be that hard on them. But, I guess it was.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah no.7 didn’t have best of games, plus VGK lines were screwed up a lot due to PKs. The PK was not that good. Flames were skating circles around them. With game out of control , coach was throwing people out there.

      I think coach’s biggest mistake was moving Howden to forward and putting 41 (Patrick) into center. Hands like 55, he is too big and too slow to the net with his shot. Easy to monday nite QB this move after seeing the non results. But I have no doubt that Howden would have buried at least two of those three chances were he in the same position.

      Losing no. 2 on D didn’t help either, 17 and 52 could not fill the skates.

      • Richie-Rich

        It’s time to give Hayes, Pachal, Ahac and Korczak some D time! I’d also be giving Thompson more ice time as well.

        I don’t think VGK is going to win the Pacific Division. They also will likely not get to the Conference championship.

        The team has nothing to lose by testing these guys out. They are going to make the playoffs. Why not give some of the guys who are getting injured some time off so that they will be ready and 100% for round 1?

        Make sense? Almost every VGK player over 30 has had long stints on IR due to upper or lower body injury. For what purpose?

        I hate to see this team getting beat up on the ice when they can let some of their upcoming stars get tested and allow the regulars to get healthy for the playoffs.

  16. knights fan in minny

    should have stayed with the hot hand lb

    • THE hockey GOD

      cool hand luke ?( I did see back up warming up on bench, but coach did not want to embarrass his goalie by taking him out and making it look like it was his fault, when it clearly were the players in front of net missing assignments left and right)

      would not have matter, no goalie had a chance with those first three goals, they were all corner bank shots

  17. Walt

    Fleury’s gone, move on. The Flames played like hungry wild dogs and the VGK looked like raw top sirloin. It was obvious from puck drop, that the boys didn’t want to be there. Forfeit should have been an option. It was like a 60 minute power play for the Flames. The lack of energy, fight, competitive spirit and willingness to grind was painful to witness. The fact is Calgary is a better team than the VGK (along with 6-7 other teams). No injury or back to back excuses permitted. The game was a horror, and shows how horrible the Oilers really are as well. A few things…..Max and Stone are both having serious issues and I’m not sure if these two will return to 100% this season or ever. Defense is mostly offensively tilted and this is not good. Hague has regressed, and needs to use his large frame more to bounce people around to win battles. Will the VGK be able to excel with #9 and then people returning from injuries? It’s going to take many puzzle pieces to fall into place for the VGK to make a long playoff run. Sorry, but right now the hunger is not there. Luckily there is still time.

    • People on this thread are not looking at the 2021 league competition and the performance of teams. It is clear that the highest you could rank the VGK is 8th or 9th in the league in terms of being in line for the Cup.

      That’s a huge drop off from the past when VGK was solidly in the top 3 or 4. Pundits rank the VGK at about 12 or 13th in the league and for very good reasons.

      Watch out for the Kings. I had predicted they would win the Pacific Division in preseason. I still think that they will. Eichel not withstanding.

    • Galdom

      I’m ready to move on and haven’t mentioned him for a while until somebody else did. All I can promise is I won’t bring it up. But if someone else does……..

  18. Daryl

    That was an ugly showing from the coaches down to the goalie and everyone in between

  19. knights fan in minny

    how about a no puck practice today

  20. knights fan in minny

    oilers fire coach tippet

  21. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotte Friedman
    Jay Woodcroft is the new head coach in EDM

  22. Tim

    You can bet all the other teams will look at the film on last nights game and find our weak spots. Mark Stone injured again at 9 million is a concern a tricky back could end his career. The way he’s been playing no big loss let him try to get healthy for the playoffs. With him out long term it doesn’t disrupt the team chemistry and Eichel slides in without losing a player. They can say were playing the Tampa game but who cares all the injuries and Covid issues we’ve had we deserve a break. I watched the first period and that was enough for me it was an unsought Flames had the puck 90% of the time. Lehner was bombarded with pucks and no goalie was going to do much better. He may of given up a couple of softies but he had no chance most of the night.
    Now here we go again our home record sucks so if we lose to Colorado or LA or both the excuse will be we had to much time off. God I hate excuses.

    • THE hockey GOD

      :Lehner was bombarded with pucks and no goalie was going to do much better” someone who knows what is going on when they watch the game.

      Crashing the net has been a problem with VGK D, with likes of no. 2 and no 23 out of line up I don’t see much changing soon. Forwards need to come back. And they are already playing a 1 1 3 defense. Maybe they should change to a 0 1 1 4 defense. Or better yet BRING UP THE FIFTH LINE not !

      • Daryl

        There are a lot of other goalies who would have done a lot better…. But your love affair with RL does not allow you to see it

        • THE hockey GOD

          says the moron who forgot that I coined him the “walrus” as well as “wiggy biscuit”

          take your stalking , harassing bull shit down the road LOSER. You will repeatedly be called out for your bull shit every time you post.

          • Daryl

            All hail the might thg…. Since you can’t see me, I’m bowing down to you

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim, Stone is not LTIR yet, has to miss 20 games and 24 days, so he won’t be cap relief for Eichel next week. Scuttlebutt seems to put Smith as the trade and as I point out below if Martinez is still on LTIR, Smith will be enough. If Martinez is not still on LTIR or when he’s ready to be activated he would almost have to be the other trade unless they want to do Dadonov. I would not trade him as he’s really needed to replace Smith.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete, I realize the LTIR situation and how long before Stone has to wait to be on it. I think maybe management have known for a while on Stone’s condition and he’ll be our sacrifice so we don’t lose anyone. I’d still like them to sign Reilly Smith to a two year extension and put him in a good place.

        • Pistol Pete

          But Tim for Eichel to play next week the cap needs to be reduced $5m or a bit more, right? Unfortunately Stone’s cap still counts. Martinez puts the cap about $10m over but I’m pretty sure he’s still on LTIR even though he practices and travels.

  23. Pistol Pete

    General consensus is Smith is the trade. Assuming Martinez is still on LTIR, that should cover Eichel. Assumes Stone returns for 2/16.


    If Eichel to play on the 16th we’ll be hearing on the trade soon.

    Stone out longer term is problematic. I would put Dadonov on the 1st, Janmark on the 2nd, Carrier on the 3rd and Rondbjerg on the 4th. Not using Patrick.

    • THE hockey GOD

      General consensus based upon what ???????????????????????????????? or who ? the “unsophisticated fan base”?

      IF Echel were to play , I agree, trade rumors would be going on . But there are none.

      So management should stick with business plan.

      • Pistol Pete

        You’re right buddy. I almost put a postscript on that such as “scuttlebutt”. He’s the name we have heard mentioned the most I would say. Has a lot to do with his term running out plus that he’s replaceable with Dadonov for example.

  24. THE hockey GOD

    Cap Friendly: The Vegas Golden Knights will need to clear some salary to activate forward Jack Eichel and his $10 million off the LTIR. They are currently at $5,738,333 in available LTI Salary. Ways to do that are:

    “1- Trade away +/- $4.3M in cap hit
    2- Place another +/- $4.3M in cap hit on LTIR
    3- Terminate +/- $4.3M in cap hit (unlikely)”

    • Pistol Pete

      Maybe they can scrounge together enough without trading Smith. Martinez though, they’ll have to trade him or move more when he comes off LTIR.

  25. Tim

    We all keep beating a dead horse what will tell where the Knights are will be our next two games. Do we recover from last nights embarrassment or do we find a way to lose two home games. These two games will be a good measuring stick for Lehner, our D, and our forwards which I think we can all agree had a terrible night.

    • THE hockey GOD

      getting a split on the road is really not that bad, most teams hope to get a split on the road.

      the only problem now is that the FLAMES have a lot of games in hand.

  26. Galdom

    Yep Tim, I could still smell the stank from yesterday. Let’s hope they make good in the next two home games.

  27. Don’t all you guys get tired of posting who’s in, who’s out and the word assume is thrown around when none of you I repeat none of you have a clue what’s going to take place. It is almost as bad if not worse than gossip – you are posting about players life and really don’t know who will be traded or won’t be. Stick to what you see going on, on the ice. Believe me I hope Eichel is all the fans believe he is – that’s a tall order in anyone’s book. No one cares about the past and all the stats that go with it – business, hockey business is what can you do for me today and going forward. The bunch last night, all of them should be embarrassed at their performance. Loosing is one thing, loosing without the effort is an entirely different matter – that falls on the coaching staff.

  28. THE hockey GOD

    Lots of speculation breaking the social media wire

    As I speculated last night, this makes sense for VGK.

    It’s blatant cap circumvention, but the league allowed it last year so, away we go.
    Quote Tweet
    Frank Seravalli
    · 1h
    Ice Breakers Ice cubeIce hockey stick and puck Reilly Smith? Evgeni Dadonov? Jonathan Marchessault? Who goes for #VGK to make room for Jack Eichel?

    Maybe no one. League sources speculate captain Mark Stone could be placed on LTIR for balance of the regular season with a back injury.

    Note: LTIR would require Stone to be out for 10 games. Could just be buying time to make the move(s) before the deadline.

    But, if we make it to March 21, that would be it for Stone until he magically gets healthy for Game 1 of the playoffs.

    Blame the NHL for this, not VGK.

    Or… Stone is seriously hurt and VGK are in big trouble.

    Replying to
    Likely a little of both. It’s probably serious enough that he could/should be out until close to start of playoffs. At that point, it makes sense. Seems like we did the same with Reaves last year. Went on LTIR with vague injury, then he came back seemingly fine for Game 1.

    Replying to

    I can’t believe your first inclination is that VGK is blatantly abusing cap rules. You saw Stone get hurt, you know all the games he missed, how he came back for a few, then sat out some more. It’s blatantly obvious to me he has a serious injury they hoped he could manage. 1/2


    It’s obvious he’s hurt, but if they are going this route, it’s clearly taking advantage of the rules.
    Show replies


  29. Justin

    I gotta admit some of these posts are getting entertaining.

    Lehner could let in 8 goals against a middle school Girl Scout troop and some on here would absolutely jump on it saying it was the defense’s fault, anyone who doesn’t see this is an idiot, doesn’t know hockey, is a twit or stupid. And then they’d have to add that the Girl Scouts were just hungrier and that others had lost to the Girl Scouts too, and as evidenced that it’s ok to give up 8 to the girls scouts you are reminded about one mistake made by a HOF goalie that caused a game to be tied, which makes it ok for Lehner to be playing poorly. Others pile on very insightful comments like even the Canadian announcers agreed that the Girl Scout troop just looked unstoppable.

    My attitude has changed from being frustrated by the head-scratching comments to being quite entertained lol.

    And you don’t have to flame me in follow up comments we all know what they’ll be – I’m stupid, a twit, a moron, I don’t know hockey or sports, I get it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      MAF made more than “one mistake to tie the game”

      Let’s not forget him letting in all those goals against the sHARKs in game 7 ?

      And the fact that he’s not a team player, complaining about not playing when RL was getting the time in net, letting his agent put out a back stabbing cartoon.

      You can’t have it both ways, TELL THE WHOLE STORY. And Stop cherry picking.

      We went around and around with this before. EVery time you post garbage here, you will be called out for it.

    • Ruth

      Justin, don’t bother about hockey god posts. Give it two more articles and the only thing he can call out out is an Ozark recap which he considers his true contribution to hockey.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ^^^ is that you Alex , mimicking the great Ruth from Ozark series ???^^^^ good post you made me laugh. ha ha.

        now move on

  30. Rashaad

    Rashad say Justin is stupid, a twit, a moron and he does not know anything about hockey or any other sports.

    Rashad also say he likes knights fan in minny.

    • Justin

      LOL see I like that kind of post. Appreciated Rashaad, you made me laugh.

    • knights fan in minny

      dont try to be my friend rashy alex you imposter piece of shit i hate your guts you malt liquor drinking ass clown

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