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Recap: The Golden Knights tried to break their three-game losing streak by facing the Blue Jackets in Columbus. The home team took an early lead just two minutes into the opening period but Vegas would quickly respond. Jonathan Marchessault tied the game :61 seconds later scoring his 25th goal of the season. William Carrier broke the tie to give the Golden Knights a 2-1 advantage. The Blue Jackets weren’t finished and added two goals in :30 seconds to lead 3-2 after the opening 20 minutes.

Columbus didn’t slow down in the middle frame. They extended their lead to 5-2 getting a hat trick from Cole Sillinger. Vegas kept fighting and cut the deficit to two goals. Evgenii Dadonov tucked in his 12th of the season to make a 5-3 Columbus lead.

Quickly into the final period, Jack Eichel registered his fifth goal as a Golden Knight getting his team within one. Vegas fought all period but wouldn’t get the game-tying goal. The Blue Jackets added an empty netter to seal the victory.

The Golden Knights record drops to 32-25-4 falling 6-4 to the Blue Jackets. The Golden Knights drop their fourth straight and have one more road game before they return home. Puck drop against the Winnipeg Jets is scheduled for 5P PT on Tuesday. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The offense finally started to cash in, but it just so happened to come on the same night they couldn’t keep the puck out of their own net. VGK didn’t have enough urgency in the middle portion of the game and watched themselves slip into a hole they couldn’t get out of. One more chance on this road trip to keep from being skunked. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Columbus Blue Jackets at Nationwide Arena.

  • Eichel’s comments are still resonating in Buffalo. What does it mean for VGK?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jack Eichel
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Chandler Stephenson


Iole: Enough Bang For His Buck?


Golden Knights Understandably Losing Composure After Latest Setback


  1. JW

    Shea Theodore is trash. Yet another smiling reaction to his shit turn overs. OmG how shit is Hague. Lift the fucking puck. And lastly the PP. shoot the puck. Too much hesitation. If the high point is “but they scored 4 goals “ then we need therapy. You gave up 6 dumb asses. Three minus stars of the night. 1. Theodore is shit. He needs to nut up or get off this bus. Disgraceful is all I can say of his defensive skill set. Terrible. What D man doesn’t cover the trail on that goal. Nobody. Get a grip. You are not a forward. 2. White cloud. Yet another dumb ass. Listen to his post game. Pride? Act like it. They were not in good position. No muscle. 3. Logan Thompson. Bad angles and was beat from the barn door. Sad.
    Calling a time out after the opposite team got called on an icing? Really. Fuck PDB. Asinine.

    • DL

      No doubt Theodore has lost a step, or two, in addition to his poor decision making. The only player I have been impressed with through this slide, and all season, is the hustle and play from Carrier.

  2. I don’t know if any of you picked up on this, but to me , there is and has been, a LOCKER ROOM PROBLEM.
    Re-watch the the time-out. See the VGK, especially Jack, SOMEWHAT huddled around Spott for the 6 on 5 strategizing.
    Notice how Jack just looks OCCASIONALLY, and the rest of the on-ice players pay attention and they are SPREAD APART.

    Now keep watching when they show the CBJ doing the same thing. They are huddled and close together and INTERESTED to what the coach is spitting.

    Two different teams, two different styles of coachingand culture, but don’t tell me we have a disciplined, do anything for your teammates atmosphere or culture.

    Something is going on in that locker room, and Marchies’ comments in the period break about “work boots” speak volumes.

    There are 4 present and former NHL Captains on this team. One of them needs to close the door and make things right.

    • Pistol Pete

      I also noticed Eichel looking away as the conference was ending but after reviewing it determined that he had probably absorbed what he needed. They just had to go out and execute which did not happen. Not sure all the assistant coaching is up to snuff.

      • B

        Dude, look at the way they were “huddled together”. A whole lot of distance when you compare the CBJ’s huddle.

        This team isn’t playing for one another, like they used to be. Something has definitely changed, and I think Jack has something to do with it. He may not be the only thing, but to me there really seems to be something there in the locker room. Prove me wrong.

        • Always felt Jack was cancer in the locker room for Sabres and a big reason why they never improved during his captainship. Time will tell if Vegas was taken to the cleaners by the Sabres.

        • THE hockey GOD

          except Choke Eichel always does that, go back and look at it throughout his career. Nothing new here to see folks, just same behavior. Has nothing to do with “locker room stuff”.

        • I think the team has it’s eyes on the trade deadline next week as well as who is going to be axed when the salary cap has to be met.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Rolling four brand new lines without their two top wingers. 61 games in. Unbelievable. If this team misses the playoffs it will only be due to injuries. $40m in cap sitting out. Debating the injuries is an excuse is a waste of time.

    • Daryl

      You are correct, missing the playoffs is due to injury…. But without injuries, they just get embarrassed in the playoffs. This is just not a very good team in all aspects

      • sb

        It’s injuries. Ten starters out. If the team is healthy, all on board, this is a 1st place club in the Division. It’s injuries. Not the coach, GM’s or the owner. It’s injuries.

        • Daryl

          Yep, no team has injuries, we will just blame everything on injuries.

          I juries are the reason VGK may miss the playoffs, not the reason why VGK wouldn’t go far in the playoffs

  4. Pistol Pete

    At least they scored goals. Thompson was not as good this game as a team needs in a starter. Brossoit probably wins this one?

  5. Daryl

    Oh well…. Guess I was wrong

    • Daryl

      And this isn’t on Thompson, he’s only as good as the defense in front of him…. (if that statement works for one goalie, why doesn’t it work for the other?)

      • Frank

        If you watched the game, Thompson was quite frequently out of position/control. He vacated the crease area several times and seemed generally sloppy with his mechanics. And rebounds aplenty. That being said, defense was equally as bad tonight

        • By chance did you see the post a while back that Eichel created a toxic attitude in the locker room. Funny some one would bring that up. I am not commenting one way or the other about it but found it interesting some one mentioned it here. IMO the probability of this group of individuals makes the playoffs is slim at best much to my dismay.

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes I did see that post, and when put to the question the original poster (MAry) did not respond.

            It’s all bull shit, no references, no examples. Just shit stirring BS.

          • Daryl

            It may or may not have been BS…. Buffalo fans made similar comments long before he got injured.

  6. I have to agree with PP, for a change. Not completely, but having 9-10 starters in and out of the lineup is not a recipe for winning. And, they’re not.

    Beyond that obvious reason why they are losing (sucking), there are realities that need to be addressed that have been long term and systemic beyond just the injuries.

    1-I don’t care how you slice the statistics, the goaltending is definitely not very good even with a healthy Lehner.
    2-Defense has been an issue with the absence of McNabb and Martinez. This speaks to the lack of depth there. Theodore and Hague have been pretty awful.
    3-Lastly, and the most obvious problem is that the power play still SUCKS and Spott is still employed. There’s a message just begging to be sent by VGK FO, but for some reason they are just allowing that clown show to continue.

    As a side note, the roster lineup is further challenged by the CAP. Being in CAP hell is only going to be okay if the VGK can make it into the playoffs. It’s becoming obvious that is a hill to big to climb. Somehow, someway they need to get McNabb and Martinez back out there on the ice. That will help both the goaltending and the goals against.

    • DL

      I believe Spott is actually the PK specialist, and Ryan Craig is the PP specialist.

      • George L.

        That’s only the last three games. It was all Spott before.

        • DL

          I was looking at this from Behind the

          Assistant Ryan Craig 2017 – Present 1/6/1982 Forwards, Power Play 6/9/2017
          Assistant Ryan McGill 2017 – Present 2/28/1969 Defense, Penalty Kill 6/29/2017
          Assistant Steve Spott 2020 – Present 5/18/1968 Penalty Kill 1/28/2020

  7. George L.

    The problems with this club are deep.

    The kill shot was acquiring Eichel, from that moment forward, with that cap hit EVERYONE was on the chopping block.

    The chopping block is real and the players have seen it hit hard and seemingly random.

    Zero trust in the front office and zero trust in the coach.

    When nobody is safe, everyone looks over their shoulder. Not a great way to play.

    The closer the trade deadline the worse we look.

    It’s quite astonishing.

  8. Galdom

    Top three players most responsible for the loss.

    3) Shea Theodore – not his best game

    2) William Karlsson

    1) Robin Lehner

    I blame Robn Lehner the most for this loss.

    I wish Marc Andre Fleury was on the bench smiling and cheering Logan Thompson. They would’ve instantly brought up his spirits and made him think that he is not an AHL goalie.

    Robin Lehner is killing this team during its worst stretch of the year.

    • Daryl

      What is it with you and feeling the need to even mention RL or MAF??? For someone who actually has a lot of good posts you are starting to sound like a 2 year old

      • Galdom

        I’m just making fun of posts that mention Lehner. This is the worst stretch of the year and he has nothing to do with it yet some people keep mentioning him so I’m making fun of it.

        • Daryl

          I kind of get that, but I see more of mentioning goaltending in general and not just RL. As I’ve said before, I do think goaltending, including RL, is an issue but it’s not the biggest issue this team has.

          • sb

            It always comes back to MAF. Some men simply can’t live life without him.

          • Daryl

            SB…. I’m not the one who brought up MAF. I have no idea why he keeps getting brought up but it’s usually from RL supporters

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

      MORE COTTON !!
      PS did you note that most of the goals scored by other team when VGK was not in the 1 1 3 ??? HA HA HA HA HA

      if this wasn’t so sad, I would be laughing.

      • Daryl

        VGK is all over the place its too difficult to figure out what defense they are in

  9. DL

    Did anyone else catch this as the players were coming off the ice between periods? Coughlan looking beat, rolling his eyes, and mouthing the words “F*** ME”. To me that was very telling showing a complete lack of confidence and desire to be there. I get the same feeling and too often see this from other players in their effort level on the ice, or lack thereof.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @DL that is because 1) he got absolutely crushed into the boards 2) his game is not where it is supposed to be to get the job done. 3) he knows he has to do better.

  10. B

    One more thought, before I get off my soapbox…

    They have won a lot of games these past few years, and went to the SCF our first year. We have a better team on paper right now, even without those players not on the injured list.

    To me, once they established a Captain for the VGK, they relinquished the resolve they had for the team. They were unique and had a bond that demonstrated a “team first” identity. They’ve since lost that with naming Stone as the Captain, and going after Eichel.

    Next man up, right? How is that working for them right now? Seemed to be good for us the last few years. What has changed?

    I am just thinking the VGK is falling into the NHL shiny player available, free agent or trade mediocrity. See the Minnesota Wild (Parise/Suter) San Jose Sharks (Karlsson). You could argue Penner to EDM, but that is a stretch.

    The personnel in the locker room as far as regular roster players has changed, and so has the culture, it is undeniable to me, and that is proving to me that it is not a winning culture.

    • George L.

      I 100% agree about the Captain being awarded.

      They were better and more together without a Captain.

      DeBoer has ruined this team. Absolutely shit all over it.

      • B

        I’m not 100% it’s DeBoer. He’s been to the finals twice and probably wants it more than any current coach.

        I just think it’s the ownership and management going after the shiny players.

        – Suzuki for Patches.
        – Most would have argued keep Susuki, given his play since the trade .
        -Made him Captain but the Captaincy is up for debate if it has made us a better team.
        – Pietriangelo
        – His play has been nothing short of not only holding this team together, but how has his Captaincy with STL winning a Cup influenced the culture?
        – ? We gave up Tuch and KREBS and we are 4-9 since his return to the NHL?
        Someone needs to put their foot down, right this ship, get it back on track, (add any cliche you want) but no one is.

        Calgary has their collective shit together, so do the Penguins and the Avs.

        Time is running out. EGOs need to take a back seat and players need to come together.

        • sb

          Suzuki? He’s a career minus player. Pac is a career plus player. I’ll take a plus player over a minus player every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

          • B

            Its the team he’s on. Actually doing very well on a shitty team, hence the minus. Just imagine what he would be like if he stayed and developed here. We will never know.

          • Daryl

            I think the last 5 VGK pickups have career – numbers, including Eichel

  11. Blitz

    CBJ is 28th in cap size. Oliver Bjorkstrand (1G, 3A – 7 shots) was the best player on the ice today at 5.4 million. Or maybe you could pick Sillinger (3G – 6 shots) at <1 million.

    That is your lesson for today.

  12. Foley Toffoli

    21 games left.

    They might need to go 15-6. or at worst 14-7 to get a decent playoff spot.

    is there anyone who believes that the team we watched on this winless road trip can go 15-6 or 14-7 the rest of the way?

    not a chance

    • Blitz

      Easy schedule after this stretch, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get some bodies back to get some help before then. Smith, Patches, McNabb at the very least, but even then I still say no. VGK is currently in the last wild card spot, but Dallas is 1 point behind with **4** games in hand. If Dallas can win even one of those games they are in that spot and increase distance with more than 1. I want Vegas to make it, but if I was a betting man (and I am) I would say Vegas is golfing early this year.

      • Daryl

        Let’s face it, with everyone healthy I still think it was a Longshot for VGK to win the Cup. But with so many injured, they absolutely do not stand a chance. This isn’t blaming anyone just stating what most actually think. And even if they get everyone back for the playoffs, that’s still a lot of time off and being out of practice and out of shape

        • Blitz

          Whoa! Slow it down hombre. You are talking cup? Man, I am saying they aren’t going to make the playoffs and are on the outside looking in with like 20 games left and a AHL roster. The cup isn’t even a remote possibility at this point. They say a chip and a chair is all you need, I get it, but right now we don’t have a chair. We need some vegas luck just to get in much less advance.

          • Daryl

            Maybe you misread my post… I said with all the injuries VGK will be lucky to even make the playoffs. The post about the Cup was due to all the hype before the season and I was simply saying that even with a full team they wouldn’t win the Cup

          • Blitz

            @Daryl I wrote that post at like 1am. PUI – Posting under the influence or probably more like RWI – Reading while intoxicated 🙂

    • THE hockey GOD

      To FOLEY , welcome to jungle

      look at the whole NHL schedule 1) teams have games in hand 2) are opponents’ schedule as easy ? The “easy” teams seem to be picking it up now.

    • Foley, we just played the easiest part of the schedule, Ottawa, Philly, Buffalo, CBJ and a Penguins team that had lost 7 of their last 9 home games.

  13. Vic

    I agree, Blitz. Things look very dismal. Without a #1 goalie, the chances of making the playoffs and then winning some playoff games are remote. When Lehner was healthy, he was only a bit better than average. We’ll know how serious the injuries to Lehner are if Foley and the FO do anything about it. If half of the walking wounded return, it will still take a miracle to do much this year. Better to fold the cards and prepare for the future by getting back some value for assets that will be moved. Buffalo and Montreal playing with hustle and grit and the VGK playing like ‘sh**’.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Vic but but but but but

      give LT a chance, he’s our miracle worker, rookie savior. Come on, give him a chance. But but but but but but.

  14. sb

    Last season and the beginning of this season, many on this site were making the case that Logan Thompson should be the back-up. I cannot understand where anyone would get the idea that an AHL’er with 1 period of hockey would AUTOMATICALLY be on the team. Why so high on this guy Thompson? He never really played an NHL game, but so many commentors here were so sure this guy was the real deal. Well, .865 S% tonight. Thompson is not an NHL level goaltender at this point.

    • Blitz

      He just played his 3rd NHL game and the other two games were pretty solid. Pretty sure we can give him at least another game before putting a bullet in his head and leaving him in the desert. Would you feel better if LB or RL got their ass handed to them instead? Vgk have a meager 2 shut outs in 61 games for a reason.

    • For me that Thompson was the answer was always wishful thinking and in the back of my mind I knew if DeBoer did not call him up sooner it can only mean he’s not good enough (yet?). I should have known.

      • THE hockey GOD

        PP did you see his games against Ontario Reign ? Obviously not good enough, not playing well at all.

    • Daryl

      Didn’t our backup have a bad game not to long ago? Didn’t our great starter have a bad game his last time out? Yes Ltooked bad, it happens. He also had a very goo game earlier on

      • Let’s focus on the problem. Defense sucks and goaltending has been almost just as bad with Lehner & Brossoit. The only chance they have to make the playoffs is to get McNabb and Martinez back on the ice. Petro can’t carry the D by himself. Whitecloud has been okay, but Hague and Smiling Fumbledore are almost never in position and make poor decisions. Coghlan actually has been playing better than these two the past several weeks.

        Maybe a big blockbuster trade for Grubauer would help. Lehner is likely LTIR at least until the playoffs.

        • Daryl

          I wouldn’t say Petra has been carrying anyone… He’s had several key turnovers in the defensive end and has made some horrible pass chooses which don’t count as turnjvers but should. He’s so jumped up in the offe size zone at bad times which have led to multiple odd man rushes.

          I habemt been happy with any of the blueliners play as of late

          • Okay, “carry” was too strong a word, but he’s been getting the most TOI of all of the defensemen. The D3 line isn’t getting much and they are stinking up the ice.

          • Daryl


    • Galdom

      Very logical sb

  15. Tyler Durden

    Can someone figure why VGK lost tonight and why LA won?
    LA spent less against the cap than VGK.
    LA has less superstars than VGK.
    LA and VGK have about the same amount of regulars injured at the same time.
    The difference is LA has more character players than VGK has in the system.
    LA won tonight with a many AHL players against on of the best teams in the league.
    Vegas can’t win against a team in the bottom half of the standings.
    The reason is VGK can’t get find the character guys in the draft.
    That falls squarely on McCrimmon.
    Quit blaming the players when the GM is drafting and trading for players that can’t perform to the level that is needed to fulfill Foley’s promise of Cup in five.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tyler

      simple: LA DINGS HAVE Rob Blake and Luke Robataille , philip anxhutlz** / ed roski jr (proven SC winners) vs.

      while Regina Golden aginas have frick and frack (one BILLION dollars – dr evil laugh) and FO with no proven SC winners and ten injured players on IR.

    • In the Pacific, LA made the best improvements to their team. I had predicted that they would win the division with Vegas coming in 2nd or 3rd. I didn’t count on Calgary being so good, but then again bringing in Toffoli has obviously given them a boost. Don’t look now but Edmonton, Anaheim, and possibly even Vancouver could finish ahead of the VGK in the standings if something doesn’t change and soon.

  16. Sam B

    If there’s any city in the world that should understand the consequences of gambling it’s Vegas; they gambled on PBD over Turk, and it’s now totally clear that gamble was a fail. They gambled on Panda over Flower rather than keeping them together, and with injuries this year, that gamble failed.

    Now it’s time for consequences- the gambles have failed and the House needs to be paid – PBD needs to go, athletic training staff need to go. 10 starters injured isn’t bad luck is a bad system (endorsed or imposed by PBD – see our now lightweight scoring history in the 3rd compared to when we used to run the table in that period – and carried out badly by trainers).

    Turk was fired when we were 1st in the division at an earlier point in the season with more time to turn it around and a better record. Injuries or no, with this squad there’s no excuse for losing 9 of 13, especially when you look at who we’ve played in that period.

    Front office heads need to roll too, and they need to refocus on building a culture in the dressing room that will play for the new coach, and for each other. The last few years have shown perfectly the difference between lower skill individuals but playing as a team and then trading those character guys away for high individual skill but destroying the team ethos.

    Time to rebuild.

    P.s. the only pass PBD would get from me is if he wins the cup this year – anything else should result in him out of a job.

    • Turk was fired after losing four in a row including three at home to go 24-19-6 (one game under .500 counting OTL’s as losses). To the best of my recollection the team was in first first place leading into the four consecutive losses and relinquinshed during or at the end of the losing streak. Imo it’s a pipe dream to think Gallant was going to lead the team back up to the success of the first season. His motto the first season was to let the players “work for eachother”. That simplistic approach, while maybe viable as a component in a more complex strategy, worked for the first season and then fizzled out. The team needed a fresh start. They may need another one now depending on how these injuries play out. I’m expecting some moves at the TD. It can’t come soon enough as it can be a drag on the roster not knowing how it will play out.

      • So, I am not quite ready to give up on Season V, but it is looking pretty dire right now. With 21 games remaining they are going to have to win around 15-17 of them to make the playoffs. That means the turnaround needs to start very soon.

        It isn’t going to happen without getting McNabb and Martinez back. If Lehner is in bad shape then you have to go out and look for a goaltender (Grubauer is my 1st choice). To get a decent starter say goodbye to 1 or 2 key offensive pieces and at least 1 prospect. I am pretty sure McCrimmon has already given away too many picks already.

        – Bring back McNabb & Martinez
        – Make moves for a goaltender (Grubauer)
        – Hope that Lehner can come back for the playoffs and be a second goalie option with hopefully someone like Grubauer
        – Brossoit will have to go if they bring in another goalie. You don’t trade Thompson at this point. He gets more time to compete next season.

        Get to the playoffs and get everyone healthy and off LTIR and anything can still happen. Okay, that was a bit too positive……but……it is what it is……

    • DC

      Sam, “The last few years have shown perfectly the difference between lower skill individuals but playing as a team and then trading those character guys away for high individual skill but destroying the team ethos.” – Exactly.

      • Sam B

        Thanks DC – and if the front office don’t figure that out fast, and start rebuilding the culture from top to bottom to build this we’ll be in the wilderness for years.

  17. have another donut

    also, that win % bullshit is phony. why? because you are counting OT and shootout wins as wins, but you are NOT counting OT and shootout losses as losses

    Thus, it is as phony as DeBoer is.

    • have another donut

      If a team has a 5-5-5 record that does NOT mean that they are a .500 win% team

      it means that they have 5 wins and 10 losses, and the coach has a .333 win %

  18. THE hockey GOD

    from rotoworld

    Logan Thompson G, Vegas Golden Knights
    Logan Thompson surrendered 5 goals on 37 shots in Sunday’s 6-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    In a game where both creases were perilous territory for the two respective netminders, it was Thompson who bottomed out slightly lower than Elvis Merzlikins. Vegas held an early 2-1 lead after a William Carrier goal in the first period, but Thompson surrendered the next four goals into the second period, with three of those goals scored by a red-hot Cole Sillinger. That flurry of goals put the Golden Knights down by a 5-2 score in just over 27 minutes of ice time. This was just Thompson’s third appearance in the NHL this season. He has no upside for fantasy play. A Tuesday matchup with the Winnipeg Jets shows next on the Golden Knights’ schedule.

    repeat No Upside for fantasy play.

    VGk need to bring No. 1 goalie back up, Fergie. He has done well in NHL.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    John Tortorella
    Give Tortorella credit – over the years, he’s realized his tough-guy routine did not sit well with the modern-day NHLer, and he’s changed his approach to be more sensitive to his players. However, in his most recent stop in Columbus, he didn’t have the right mix of youngsters and leaders, and he couldn’t prevent the Blue Jackets from finishing dead-last in the Central Division last year. For now, he’ll be working as a media member – a job that was an outright disaster for him the last time he served as a network analyst – but there remains a fire in him that only can be addressed by taking on another head coaching gig as soon as a solid fit comes up. Tortorella is a coaching lifer, and the only question now is which NHL GM will see him as a solution to his franchise’s faulty performance.

    • Daryl

      His tough guy routine doesn’t work because the players have gotten too soft. They can’t handle getting yelled at or called out. I’m not a fan of Torts at all, but I did like his attitude and his get in your face style of coaching. Players now need a powder puff room to get themselves ready for a game

  20. THE hockey GOD

    let me summarize:
    fans whining
    ahl call ups
    no VGK organizational depth
    AHL call up
    back up goalie
    more crybaby fan whinings
    calling starting goalie names
    10 million dollar man enters lineup
    players told “let’s not blame this funk on injuries or covid and enjoy
    the Batman movie”

    in no particular order

  21. Tim

    So many things have happened this year to put us in this position. There’s no getting away from it we’ve had more then our share of injuries and you can say next man up but try saying next 9 men up. I personally think Jack Eichel is a player and to compare him to our other centers it’s embarrassing how much better he is. If you look at each player that’s out it gets a little scary. Will Mark Stone ever come back healed? Patch is to injury prone a weight on our cap this year and next. Lehner ditto Patch injury prone under contract for three more years. Alex Martinez has been M.I.A all year will he be back? Those four constitute 26 million in cap now that’s hard to swallow.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i blame the batman movie

      top gun
      and empire strikes back would have been my choices

  22. THE hockey GOD

    remaining schedule
    JETS, Florida, LA KINGS, Wild, jets, smashville, black hwaks, kraken, kraken, van, van, flames, oilers, devils, caps, sharks, dallas, bhawks, blues. That is 19 games, possible 38 points. IF we 6 or 7 of our NHL regulars back and don’t have more players injured, it’s doable.

    Lots of points left. PEOPLE

    do not GIVE UP HOLE. HOPE that is.

    • Blitz

      Injuries are definitely the key here, but there is a very real possibility we lose the next 6 games, especially without getting bodies back. I think optimistically we go 2-4 over the next 6 games.

      After that it opens up and with health we can go on a good run. 8-5 if we beat the bad teams and lose to the better teams.

      So 9-10 or maybe 10-9 would probably be realistic. Anything more would be a good finish in my eyes, given the injuries. I won’t mention worse case.

      Once again it pisses me off that VGK is so lame with injuries news. The NFL is so much better with this stuff. What’s up with Smith? Now Patches again? McNabb? Do we have any hope all or any will be back?

      • THE hockey GOD

        smith banged up his knee- this was reported
        mcnabb= lower body injury, he was crunched by two players in boston game behind his own night
        patches= pulled a muscle after being slashed earlier in the game, in which he retaliated and tried to fight.

        all of the above is known, and was reported

        • Blitz

          Oh sorry I missed how long each is projected to be out. A game? A couple of games? A month? A season? Mcnabb has a “lower body injury”? You mean the whole thing? Are they going to amputate something? Smith banged up a knee? I banged up my knee on a chair at bowling last week and didn’t miss a frame. This info means nothing to me. Disclose the injury like they do in the NFL and stop the blatant lying to fans. Patches was a game time decision for over a month last season. Lies. What the hell is Martinez? Day to day still?

          • THE hockey GOD

            no lies, that is how they roll in NHL

            Reilly Smith RW, Vegas Golden Knights
            Reilly Smith (undisclosed) has been placed on injured reserve.

            Smith has missed the past three games with what is believed to be a knee injury. Vegas hasn’t provided a timetable for his return nor have they specified the nature of his ailment.
            Source: Danny Webster on Twitter
            Mar 14, 2022, 4:50 PM ET
            Robin Lehner G, Vegas Golden Knights
            Robin Lehner (lower body) has been placed on injured reserve.

            Lehner hasn’t played since Mar. 8 due to a lower-body injury. He has sat out the past three games. It is unclear at this time when he will be available to return. Reilly Smith has also been moved to injured reserve.

            McNab has an upper and lower body injury, depending upon who you ask.

            You bowl ? So do I . What’s your average ?
            Have you ever bowled a 300 ? Vegas is bowling capital of world now. Used to be midwest.

          • Blitz

            @THG, I do bowl. My current average is 215, but probably should be higher. I am 46 years old, but have been a 200+ average bowling since I was 15 or 16 and bowling since ~5th grade. Yes I have had half dozen 300s though it has been probably 5 years or so since my last one. I had 18 in a row two weeks ago, but it started in the 2nd frame of game 2 and ended in the 8th frame of game 3. I have had no 800’s series though. To me that is the one I would like to get. Been in the high 700’s a ton, just can’t get there.

            LV is a great bowling mecca now for sure. I still am a big fan of Reno and the National Bowling Stadium, but man I never bowl good there. It’s hard to bowl after playing blackjack drinking all night.

          • I carried a 212 average for a long time. Won a State Doubles Championship in Augusta GA in 1998 where I bowled a 299, left a solid #10 pin ringer on the last ball.

            I haven’t bowled since 2017. I had my left knee (slide leg) partially replaced in 2020 and I am having a partial replacement done on the right knee two weeks from now.

            I have been playing doubles pickleball in the area since 2017 and can’t play again until after therapy, probably around early to mid-June.

          • Blitz

            @Rich – my feeling is that a 210+ average back in the late 90’s is way more skilled than it is today. The bowling ball and lane science now makes it so much easier to score high. In 1998 I had a 215 average then too and was the 3rd high average in my bowling alley and it was close. Top guy was around 220. Now is 2022 our top guy averages 245-250 with a list behind him around 240. It is ridiculous. Very similar to golf in how it changed the game and made everyone better, more powerful, etc etc.

          • the hockey God

            @blitz RR, I used to be somebody on bowling lanes, now I am nobody. i never had a 300 but I had a “300′” in between games rolling . what is it, 22 strikes in a row. I started with split, then rolled 11 strikes in a row. Scored 260 or something like that . Then continued striking all the way through the next game, until the very last frame. I cranked it with extra juice on that ball. It rolled at more of angle, than I am used to. Cut right into the pocket and left a solid 8 pin. Did not even move. That was 279 or something around there. I blame the lane conditions for that last roll on bad ice. The whole bowling alley stopped to watch my last ball. They were all going crazy, cheering and yelling. It was great. Then AHHHH !

            bad ice

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Bltiz
        so Lawless says VGK needs to get to 96 points to win a playoff a spot.


        (he also stated every player was playing above their “station” except no. 7 and no. 9 in their line up position)

        He also states everyone hates VGK and they want to kick them good when they are down.

        Ok back to 90 points. They have 68 points, 96 minus 68 = 28 points. 19 games , 38 points left. So they have to win So they have to win 11 to 14 of remaining games to make the playoffs. All games are to be like playoff games !!

        can someone say
        CRUNCH TIME.

  23. Blitz

    I watched the Kings last night, in fact I took them at +200 at home to beat Florida. In hindsight it was a stupid bet cause I didn’t pay attention to LA’s health, but in the end LA won regardless of health and I put some change in my pocket. Before last night the Kings lost 5 players in 5 games. So it isn’t just us. I mean maybe length of how long we have been playing hurt might be more the issue.

    I would like to see someone step up and earn a better spot. This should be a dream for Leschyshyn or Røndbjerg. A chance to earn a spot. Or maybe Amadio to earn a higher spot etc. Just not seeing any of that. Stephenson and Roy, who thrived early season during injury have not done the same as of late. The AHL guys showed a little stuff back in October, not at all as of late. As a fan I need something to hang my hat on that shows I have a future team besides Eichel and Marchy. Even if we aren’t winning show me the Cole Sillinger or Zegras type rookies or the Kempe or Terry type players that are doubling their production and are earning major roles. Let me find entertainment even if the previous expectations (aka winning) doesn’t get met.

    • THE hockey GOD

      did LA have their AHL in as starting goalie ?
      at least both their goalies are healthy and all their top line players (kempe, kolesar , moore — that is big plus ) are healthy. Was Kolesar out ?
      Half their starters were not out, and they have not lost man games in same order of magnitude of VGK

      • THE hockey GOD

        kopitar that is

      • THE hockey GOD

        OT wins are a crap shoot, it’s rolling the dice

      • Blitz

        What did I say about goalies that made you talk about goalies? I don’t even care a little bit about LT playing poorly behind an awful decimated defense. What does it matter? I said it earlier, would you rather it be RL or LB that lost the game? RL is hurt and LB got the night off against the worst team in the current stretch, no surprise. How did I compare VGK to LA other than to say we aren’t the only ones that are dealing with injury. Yep Kolesar aka Kopitar was playing and they beat the best team in the league minus 5 players (not named kopitar, kempe, or moore). And yes OT is a total crap shoot, but LA earned the chance, especially after the last second slap shot that got them there. Florida lost the game, but wow are they a legit team. So good, so dangerous! They are going to be a hard team to beat in a series for any one.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Florida is like the VGK of east. They come up with a good team every few years, and then somehow they fall apart in playoffs. Probably has something to do with bad ice during playoff time. Humidity is through the roof in South Florida during playoff season.

          Just pointing out some difference between LA KINGS and VGK injuries. Kings have a few top level players out, but not as many as VGK , and still have good goalies in net.

          I l;ike LA KINGS. they have great ownership. The net worth of owners is 10 billion, to Foley’s about 1 billion. They are involved in other sports franchises including the Lakers. They have won NBA and NHL championships. Rob Blake and Luke Robataille (sp.) are not slouches.

          Meanwhile the best VGK ownership can do is put sour, fermented, grape juice in cork bottles. I doubt that has won many prizes, ribbons, trophies or whatever they call it in the whine business.

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