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Recap: The Golden Knights faced a difficult back-to-back taking on the highly talented Carolina Hurricanes. The 1st period was uneventful with each team having chances but neither team converted any into goals. The game was scoreless after the opening 20 minutes.

The Hurricanes picked up the pace in the 2nd period scoring two goals in :57 seconds apart. The Golden Knights had several chances but couldn’t maintain any offensive pressure. Late in the middle frame Nolan Patrick finally gave Vegas life scoring his second of the season. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 2-1.

Vegas took several penalties in the final frame and Carolina took advantage. Midway through the period, the Canes regained their two goal lead. However, Vegas would respond minutes later. First Brett Howden scored VGK’s second goal with his 5th of the season and Nic Hague tied the game scoring his 4th on a wrist shot from the point. The game needed overtime to decide a winner. After an exciting back and forth opening minutes of OT the Hurricanes scored the game-winner.

The Golden Knights record drops to 25-15-3 falling 4-3 to the Hurricanes in overtime. Vegas will travel to the Sunshine State for two games against the Panthers and Lightning. Puck drop against the Panthers is set for 4:00 on Thursday night. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Playing against a dangerous opponent the Golden Knights continued their commitment to defending early in the game. As it wore on though, VGK’s play loosened up in the neutral zone and it fed the Hurricanes offense. Vegas hung in despite taking far too many penalties and found a way to push the game to OT. It’s another step in the right direction defensively though which is a great sign. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Carolina Hurricanes game at PNC Arena.

  • VGK keep finding a way to steal points

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brett Howden
** Nolan Patrick
* Shea Theodore


The Anatomy Of The First Shutout Of The Season


McPhee Stresses Defense With Former NHL Defenseman He Drafted


  1. You have to be happy with the outcome. Coming away with a point on a back-to-back with your back up goaltender is a huge Win. What’s more is that I said this week would be considered a victory if the VGK could get just 3 points in these 4 games. Well, job accomplished!

    On the other hand, you could tell the legs were weary as the CANES got to just about every puck first, created turnovers and had VGK chasing for the majority of this game. Credit Brossoit for a great game.

    There are two plays that jump out at me and both were in OT.

    The first was the pass that was made to the far wing instead of to Wild Bill who was cruising up the middle. Wild Bill had a much better shot.

    The other play, of course, was the PutridAngelo brain fart that ended up in one of the ugliest turnovers since Fleury’s fumble in the playoffs. After winning the FO, #7 takes the puck backward backward backward backward into his own zone and then lofts an easy pick turnover resulting in the Aho game winner. Petro is definitely an asset but there are times when I would like to put him on waivers myself.

    Also, is it just me or was Stone like on EMPTY in this game? He had no jump, no speed and looked terrible for most of the game.

    It is a bit of a change not having to bitch about the goaltending! Hope this is the way!

    Patrick finally comes through!

    • Alex

      Dumbest fan base in sports…

      Not even in high school hockey is a turnover like that made at such a critical juncture…very poorly coached team, and they kept the wrong goalie…one game where poor caps shooting ends up pelting bloated Lehner again and again…he made a handful of average saves, and most ended up just hitting him…

      • Justin

        Alex, I have to admit while most folks here aren’t a fan of your posts, they’re growing on me. Starting to get a chuckle out of them. And you do have some valid points, just wrapped with some rough edges…

      • THE Hockey God

        Solid well thought out analysis by Alex.

      • THE hockey GODv

        only turnover you know are jimmy’ D’s apple turnover

        get back to attic !! NOW !

      • Howard

        Was a matter of cap space over “The right goalie.” While Lehner is at best a glorified back up, VGK front office made several mistakes to put themselves in the current position. 1. They outbid themselves for MAF and ended up over paying him. 2. They gave term to a barely above average headcase goalie whereas no other team would

    • Galdom

      Seems to take Mark Stone a while to get going when he comes back from injury. The less than stellar version of Stone is still better than not having him in the lineup at all. Pacioretty seems to be the opposite when he comes back from injury. He shakes off the rust right away.

    • Rob S.

      And why did Pietrangelo take the puck “backward backward backward backward (sic) into his own zone and then loft(s) an easy pick turnover resulting in the Aho game winner?” Because our brilliant coach made a late change in front of him while in 3-on-3 and put Roy and freaking Carrier out there together with him! Exactly NOT the kind of fleet-skating end-to-end players you need in that situation. (And, no, I don’t care how tired the other forwards were–any of them except Kolesar would have been an improvement.)

      Nice to steal a point when we had no business doing so, but you can’t really think the end was all on Pietrangelo.

      • THE hockey GODv

        players make the OT changes due to fact that they are on ice too long or have wrong match up

        try to understand time and match up management in OT.

        (that weak pass is on the d man, not the coach)

  2. Julie

    It was great how Vegas came back to tie it. It was stupid how Pietrangelo turned over the puck and lost the game. They got a point. Better than nothing.

    • Not a bad start to the road trip 3 out of 4 points, back to back and travel besides. Not sure where many of the regulars are hiding but its working out. If they can duplicate similar performance in Florida that would be encouraging. Maybe they should play all their games on the road,

      • Daryl

        As bad as the Caps have been playing since Jan 1, I really thought RL would have started this game instead of the Caps game. It seemed in the 1st period, VGK was playing defense first like they did in the Caps game but then in the 2nd and 3rd,tgey came out full on offense and stopped playing defense. The blueliners started rushing more, which lead to the 2ne goal when Hawas caught too far up ice on the TO. Petra had another glbad game…. Can’t remember his last good game

        • Julie

          I thought so too, Daryl, that Lehner should have played the Carolina game. I recall that Fleury played until he got tired last year. This year, it’s not the same approach. Lehner needs his beauty sleep I guess. 🙂

      • Julie

        Hey, HD! Hope all is well with you these days. I am looking forward to Vegas in Florida, but a bit nervous. They seem pretty good all around. But, considering Chicago beat Vegas, anything is possible. Lehner should be playing that game I would think. Let’s see if he has the chops.

  3. Galdom

    I’m happy with the game tonight. Brossoit played well considering it was his first game in three weeks. When it was 2-0 Carolina I feared that the floodgates would open as Vegas would have to open up and gamble and take some chances. That didn’t happen. When discussing line combinations Ken has often mentioned successful pairs and then adding A third guy to argument that line. Pacioretty- Stone and Karlsson-Smith seem to be a fixture. Kolesar-Carrier to me is looking like a nice pairing.

    We have really tightened things up defensively but have sacrificed some offence in the process. Ultimately this is probably the way to succeed in the post season.

    On to Miami……

  4. LVsc

    Well, they got a point (thanks to Hague) in a game in which they passed the puck very poorly almost all night, including on the giveaway in OT.

    Very poor game by Petro tonight.

    The PP looked disorganized and confused…. and the faceoffs were a big problem, with Karlsson and Stephenson and Roy all losing many key draws. The 3rd Canes goal on the PP was mainly on Karlsson who lost the faceoff, then lost his man Aho

    oh well, 3 pts so far on a tough trip is a net positive…on to Florida

  5. Frank

    Good effort by VGK to get point. Way too many penalties and sloppy turnovers. That being said three points on a back to back vs very good teams in their barns … I’ll take it!

  6. THE Hockey God

    Alex is right!

  7. knights fan in minny

    ugly second period suprised it went to ot another big one with the panthers

  8. Justin

    Most nights Brossoit looks like the better goaltender on VGK. He’s not great, but he’s solid, and really hardly every gives up a softie. All four tonight were totally earned and not many goalies would have stopped them. RL gives up way more soft ones that shouldn’t go in. LB saves the ones he should and sometimes some pretty tough ones. Way quicker and way better glove and blocker.

    We have 2 solid backup goalies, although one is a bit better backup than the other.

    • Alex

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      • knights fan in minny

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  9. THE Hockey God

    Alex is very mean but he is also very smart .

  10. The hockey GOD

    Carolina announcers are big time homers!! Most partial so far
    Hardly ever said a thing about VGK. Then they were stunned when vgk tied it up!

    • The Hockey GOD

      And goddammit they never once mentioned Clark Gilles taking a dirt nap

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  11. The hockey GOD

    It really hurts that bad ice made Petro turn that puck over!

  12. Youins mad at #7 ? Back in the hills, that boy would be told to sleep in the outhouse, our clan would deny that car salesman grits, gravy and biscuits. His bibs would be set on fire here in the mountains. As much as that Canadian upsets my cousins, he’s one of the reasons we are in 1st place, he can sit on my porch anytime, hell, he can drink my moonshine. Those Golden Knights have scrapped all year, my Uncle Elwood loves the team too. It seems to us mountain people that when this skating team gets 100% happy and healthy, the skaters got a shot. This Carrier fella and Kolesar guy, are fast and tough. They don’t put that black thing in the fishing net much, but the other Canadian fellas are always looking over their shoulders. I’m happy I studied this game and now I’m an expert. I’m a member of the smartest sport fans in history, my mother Blanche would be proud of me.

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    • Alex

      We can discuss “disrespectful” posts about Clark Gillies. We can also discuss your “disrespectful” posts about Peyton Krebs. First of all, I never wished anything bad to happen to Clark Gillies. The man is a legend and extraordinarily good looking. He has had a wonderful life but the unfortunate reality is that we are all going to perish one day. As for Peyton Krebs, he is basically just a kid at 20 years old, almost a teenager. You won’t even allow this 20 year-old to barely began his career and you have declared him a failure dozens of times. Shame on you you hypocrite. I would imagine that Peyton Krebs family is not impressed with you.


      • Maddison Krebs

        Thank you Alex! Peyton is my older brother and he is living his ultimate dream playing in the NHL.

        • Dead Clark Gilles

          I am disheartened by all the nonsense on here…can’t we all just throw down the stick and gloves and work this all out, old time hockey style?

      • Alex

        Gay Japanese Alex is the funniest poster ever! Well done! Way to shake up and expose the dumbest fan base in sports!

        VGK analysis is so simple- PDB is a disaster…amd they kept the wrong goalie…

    • THE hockey GOD

      Hey, ease back a little…we wouldn’t have Clark County if it wasn’t for Clark Gilles

  14. Tim

    All I can tell you is Carolina swarms the puck there D is fearsome. PP standing for Power Play is a good thing PP standing for Penalties and Passing are a bad thing and we do to much of the latter. A strange game we work our ass off to score and they get 2 goals in 57 seconds and to add injury to insult they score on a power play in 5 seconds. There a good team and say what you want Patch, Alex Martinez, Jack Eichel are 3 of our best 5 players add Reilly Smith and we’d see how they’d play with there top players out. I’m not making excuses the team with the hand they had played well. Last year to this year Whitecloud made a big jump in getting it this year I see Hague starting to get it and next year like Whitecloud this year will become a valuable piece of our defense. Coghlan has also made strides to become a good D Man so our D looks good for the foreseeable future.

  15. Alex

    I’m not just saying this because I am Japanese but this all started going bad when Nick Suzuki was traded. Laurent Brossoit is the future and I’m not just saying it because of his gorgeous boyish looks but his character is beautiful both in the inside and outside.

  16. Daryl

    There are 34 comments, 25 of which are by the same person using different name

  17. Powerful snipe by Hague–together with his defense and improved skating, really impressed with what he’s become. Canes are beatable by VGK in a series imo but it will require the sniping of Eichel and Pacioretty.

  18. Alex

    The wrong “match up” caused the pee wee style turnover?

    Holy S , these are the dumbest fans in sports history…maybe some bad ice was involved too, you jack ass

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