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Recap: The Golden Knights came out hot on the road against the Bruins. Vegas gained momentum when Shea Theodore’s shot through traffic hit the back of Boston’s net. Max Pacioretty continued his goal streak scoring later to double Vegas’ lead. With under a second remaining in the opening period Jonathan Marchessault surprisingly extended the Golden Knights lead to 3-0. 

Pacioretty added his 12th of the season five minutes into the middle frame giving Vegas a commanding 4-0 advantage in Boston.

The Bruins scored quickly in the final period to get within three but the Golden Knights never allowed the game to get any closer. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 17-11-0 after defeating the Bruins 4-1. Vegas’ road trip continues on Thursday in New Jersey. Puck drop against the Devils is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights completed dominated the game and in doing so were rewarded with some goofy goals. They really didn’t need them though as they played so well in the neutral and defensive zones that the Bruins never had much of a chance to score. The couple of bounces off Boston players that went in turned the game into a laugher pretty quickly. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Boston Bruins game at TD Garden.

  • Arrive early, stay late

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Mark Stone
** Chandler Stephenson
* Max Pacioretty


Pacioretty’s Commitment To Improving Himself Paying Off Early This Season


Early And Late Period Goals Sign Of A Championship Drive


  1. knights fan in minny

    another fine game by chandler puts his head down and goes to work needs to rep vegas in the all star game

  2. Richie-Rich

    Is that 7 points in 2 games for Chandler?

    I think it is.

  3. John W

    Great effort in almost every aspect, good effort rewarded by good breaks.

    Another strong night for line 1. They keep doing it all. Stephenson is saying “Jack Who?” over the last group of games. Post game show tonight christened them the “Money Line”, which isn’t bad.

    3rd line really showed they missed Nick Roy. Kind of an invisible night for that group.

    Kolesar keeps playing his way out of the line up, his shortcomings amplified by strong efforts by the rest of his line. Good to see Howden back.

    I have to give credit to 27 – defense was excellent, good goal from the blue line, and had a solid screen on Patch’s 2nd goal…..nice job.

    Walrus was in “Bubble” form……need more of that.

    Moving up the standings…..keep it up guys!

  4. Tim

    Great start to the road trip New Jersey got waxed tonight let’s don’t ease up like we did the Philly game and give away an easy win.

  5. THg – l noticed your buddy the power forward for the rangers – X- golden knight got his ass kicked tonight by a Colorado player – what was his name again ????

    Nice win by the knights i understand their power forward as you stated taking time to develop was just in the way as usual.just taking up space on the bench.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @HD I have no “buddies” on rangers, never was RR fan. Hated his TV ads, which some stations still run today. Did not see the fight. By comments below from others it seems there is an issue with your take on the fight. Let me call Howard Cosell and see if he can provide some “expert commentary” , opps, he gone.

      Meanwhile 9 of 23 roster Flames got covid, and they all had the arm jab too. That is 39% , either the testing is off or the arm jabs ‘ain’t’ working. Hard to call something at those rates a “vaccine” by standard, traditional norms. Can anyone say ‘herd immunity’. Dr Facist, where are you now ?

  6. Galdom

    Ryan Reaves did not get his ass kicked against a Colorado player. I found that hard to believe and wanted to confirm it myself. And it turned out to be complete bullshit. If anybody wants to see the Ryan Reaves fight against Kurtis MacDermid of the Colorado Avalanche it is available on YouTube. The way hdbiker7851 described it I thought I was going to see a bloodied Ryan Reaves get out punched and rag dolled.

    Fantastic performance by the VGK yesterday. Ecstatic!

  7. Galdom

    I watched the fight about five times. Just to see if I missed something. Still don’t understand how someone can watch that and think Ryan Reaves got his ass kicked. Again, available on YouTube. Reaves has been the clear-cut best fighter in the league for several years. Obviously that’s not gonna last forever and he’s getting older. After watching that fight there is nothing from that that shows Reaves is any less intimidating than he was before that fight.

    A young 27 year old 6’ 5” 236lb savage in Kurtis MacDermid against a 35 year old 6’ 2” 225lbs king in Ryan Reaves. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any of these two ever lose a fight so it was a great battle. As usual Reaves got the first two overhead rights in, MacDermid countered. Both guys had each other in a spin cycle. I counted about 11 punches for each guy until MacDermid got the final two in.

    At the end, I’d say the fight was fairly even but if you have to pick a winner the tilt goes to MacDermid outpunching Reaves 13-11 and finishing on top. The home team enjoyed it because there guy held his own against the king in Ryan Reaves. NOBODY GOT THEIR ASS KICKED IN THIS FIGHT. Sorry hdbiker7851, I gotta call bullshit on something if I see it.

    • THE hockey GOD


      opps, wrong bat channel, wrong bat time.
      my bad

    • Blitz

      Apparently someone hit your sensitive spot. 🙂 RL could let in 11 soft goals in one game and you wouldn’t be as fired up.

      90% hockey fights are draws and most fights are judged whether a guy landed a punch or not or maybe he just controlled the fight. How often do guys get KTFO in hockey. Once a season, maybe? Once every couple of seasons? A good tilt is usually a guys gets control and a couple of shots in. Man, Chara smoked that guy the other night.

      As for the Reaves fight, I give the win to MacDermid. Reaves was in a bad spot just as soon as MacDermid grabbed him square with those long arms. Reaves recovered and threw some punches, but he turned at the end so he wouldn’t get hit in the face and lost any sense of body control, is why I am giving it to MacDermid. Did Reaves get smoked, cry afterwards, want to retire, lose his toughness cred, or his ol lady is now calling me cause she wants a real man. No not at all.

      It is pretty rare that Reaves loses a fight. If they fought again and MacDermid doesn’t get that initial grab, or it setups differently, its a diff ball game, but the dude was a willing customer. Good heavy fight.

  8. Pistol Pete

    23/24—more like the Lehner we need to see.

    • Galdom

      Yep. Solid work by Lehner and the defence in front of him.

      • Pistol Pete

        I’m pretty sure even Vasileskiy needs solid defensive work? Maybe not quite to the degree of most including Lehner?

  9. Pistol Pete

    My goodness if Stephenson keeps driving this line like this maybe DeBoer WILL experiment with Eichel.

    • Galdom

      Stephenson has been a beast. There’s no way you could take him off the top line if this is the way he’s playing when Eichel is ready. All the respect in the world for Eichel who is a legit superstar but you could still play him on another line and on the first power-play and he will still get his 18 minutes in.

      • Pistol Pete

        Need to see who gets traded but it is entirely feasible to experiment between Eichel and Stephenson. Gets more complicated if Karlsson is still around. If Karlsson makes it past the trades I find it hard to see him as 3C.

  10. Pistol Pete

    EDM continues their shit run and thank you Kraken for taking care of the Sharks. VGK in third just 3 pts out.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Looks to be Brossoit Thursday.

  12. phantom major

    So, after weeks of comments about playing a positionally sound defensive system and junking the PDB pond hockey, they finally did so for one night, and of course it was very successful.

    It was the embarrassment from all the goals given up in the homestand that finally clicked in the minds of PDB and the players. The goalies were saying tighten up, and the coach was saying we gotta tighten up, and so for one night at least some defensive discipline reigned supreme. Will it last? or will pond hockey rear its ugly head again?

    Sure, it is a somewhat boring style of hockey, but winning is never boring.

    of course, the situation was also helped by the fact that Marchand was out, and the Bruins were not at their peak offensive game either.

    • I’m 100% with you. Now let’s see if they can do it with any level of consistency.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “So, after weeks of comments ” you realize that most of the key players have been out injured for weeks, and just came back. You just don’t get your timing over night. Team play is not a light switch that you can turn on and off just like that.

      Hockey is a lot like baseball, in that both involve timing and team play. More team play in hockey than baseball. But hitting a ball with a bat is much like smacking a puck with a hockey stick.

  13. phantom major

    Thank you Ken. I think they can do it consistently IF the influencers (i.e. the goalies, the coaches, and the team leaders) keep preaching it, and if the execution of it keeps producing wins and success.

  14. Tim

    I read that Jack Eichel is still in Charlotte rehabbing which is fine my question is after 3 weeks he was suppose to come to Vegas I just wonder what changed? I can see if his doctor is there but it looks like Vegas has good doctors and trainers and you would think he’s like to skate here get to know the guys and the city. Not a big deal just curious.
    Where will Jack Eichel slot in when he finally plays that’s the 10 million dollar question.To move Karlsson away from Reilly Smith and Marchy makes no sense and to take Stephenson away from Patch and Stone makes no sense. Both those lines are playing at a high level and if that continues until the Olympic how do you break up that chemistry?
    As I see it they underestimated the maturity of Stephenson and how that has affected Patch and Stone having the years there having.
    Another underestimating was done during our rash of injuries. When they brought Jake L., Jonas R. Paul C. up they had no idea they would perform like they did and were part of our 5 out of 6 win streak. You can add Mirmanov to that list didn’t play as much but looked good. Pavel D. is having a great year with the Silver Knights how long can they keep him done on the farm.
    So here we have Amadio, Hutton, Howden, Kolesar playing and I won’t get into Nolan Patrick who never plays holding spots that the younger kids could have and have proven in a short opportunity to be better then these rejects. They scored more in that short period then these guys have.
    Now again management underestimated the kids pickup the rejects and lets face it you see some value in some of them I get it but when you’ve been with 3 or 4 teams lets live in the real world.
    The other issue with the kids there good and the Silver Knights need to sell tickets. Believe me watching the Silver Knights is entertaining and the only reason there in third place is we pulled the kids up to play with the Golden Knights. The other issue is starting there clock they don’t want to lose that year of control.

  15. Tim

    To continue from my rant above sorry I’m usually not that windy.
    To show you the disrespect the league sports writers talk show hosts Etc.
    The Golden Knights are rated the 15th best team in the league you’d have to be a mental midget to rate us 15th and that was near unanimous.
    Lets talk prospects again were rated the 19th farm system again the hockey world has no clue.
    Granted the dogs hit teams the last few years have picked up good players because they’ve been so awful but lets look at the bigger picture.
    We have Brendan Brisson leading Michigan in goals ( 11 ) and also has ( 10 ) assists so he’s right up then with the #1 pick of Buffalo who has 3 goals and 13 assists. The #2 pick was the Krakens and he is about equal with Brisson in goals and assists so in reality our Golden Knight is equal or better then the top two picks in the draft this year. Now we have Ivan Morozov who at a young age has played in the KHL which is unusual for a young kid so I assume he can play. Sprinkle in the 5 guys from my above post plus other young kids with potential and all those Vegas haters are going to get it shoved up there ass for years to come.

    • THE hockey GOD

      every away team broadcast that I have watched, including NESN last night , the away

      “experts” one of the “Best teams in the league”. That was before the game, adding “legitimate SC finalist contender”. So you know what you can do with these other putz’s “ratings” .

      • Tim

        Do you really think I made up the ratings? Trust me they have us rated 15th and our farm system 19th. Now are they assuming were a better team I would hope so but what they print we know is bullshit but it shows the small minded hockey journalist.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ tim, I suggest you dump whatever “experts” you get your “facts” from because they are doing nothing but raising your blood pressure.

  16. Based on all the responses to the RR fight it’s interesting all ignored the second part which was really the point – Kolesar belongs some where else. It was an exaggeration rea ves got his assed kicked but it sure got your attention – he did loose the battle and would have been worse off at the end before refs stopped in.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @hd, I don’t think RR has won a fight in ovewr two years. His mindset when he gets on the ice is “one- two , clyde” , followed by “one -two , clyde”. When he is on the bench all he does is jibber jabber with jive talk to opposing bench. Real hockey fans have no use for this washed up , has been ? How about ‘never was’?

      And his TV ads on water are terrible. No 5’s toyota TV ads are 100000x better. I like the one where his car lights up with his son being No. 1. That is funny. I wonder if RR has a TV gig in NYC. I doubt it. Probably one for popeye chicken, do they even have popeye in NYC ? I doubt it.

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