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2021 VGK Free Agency Tracker

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*This article will be updated throughout the day as more information rolls in.*

  • Alec Martinez has re-signed with the Golden Knights for a three-year contract worth $5.25 million AAV. (Source: @ frank_seravalli)
  • Laurent Brossoit has signed with the Golden Knights on a two-year contract worth $2.325 million AAV. (Source: @DarrenDreger)
  • Nick Holden and a 3rd Round Pick have been traded to the Ottawa Senators for Evgenii Dadonov. (Source: + @KevinWeekes)
  • Mattias Janmark will stay with the Golden Knights. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • Vegas is reportedly interested in signing Montreal’s Phillip Danault (Source: @GeorgesLaraque)
    • Danault has signed with the Kings. Six years for $5.5 million AAV. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
  • VGK have signed Sven Baertschi to a one-year, two-way deal worth $750K (Source: @GoldenKnights)
  • Patrick Brown has re-signed in Vegas. (Source: @GoldenKnights)
  • Gage Quinney has re-signed with the Golden Knights on a one-year, two-way deal. (Source: @GoldenKnights)
  • The Golden Knights have extended qualifying offers to both of their RFAs, Dylan Coghlan and Nolan Patrick (Source: @DavidSchoenLVRJ)
  • Tomas Nosek has signed with the Boston Bruins for two-years at $1.75 million AAV. (Source: @DarrenDreger)
  • Jimmy Schuldt’s agent confirms he will not be re-signing with the Golden Knights. (Source: @VeritasHockey)
    • Schuldt signed with the Buffalo Sabres for one-year at $750K (Source: @SabresPR)
  • Erik Haula has signed with the Boston Bruins for two-years at $2.375 million AAV. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
  • Carl Dahlstrom signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. (Source: @MapleLeafs)
  • Ryan Murphy signed with the Detroit Red Wings. (Source: @DetroitRedWings)

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  1. Herby

    Martinez is extremly important especially in the post season, but 5.25 is about 0.5-1 mio. too much IMO.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    anyone know cap hit on Evgenii Dadonov? I heard it was about 4 to 6 million a year ?

    • Thg – why worry they are on their way to the shit house from the penthouse. Vegas knight add send us your old, injured decrepped etc, retirement income available. You can’t fix stupid.

  3. LVsc

    HORRIBLE…. Dadonov is an old, slow winger on the decline. making $5M this coming season and next. he was a total failure in Ott

    wtf is going on with GMKM??

  4. phantom major

    they traded Fleury to open cap room for this old pos Dadonov?? absolutely ludricous

    also, a new goalie
    Darren Dreger
    Vegas gets a goalie. Brossoit 2yrs. $2.325 mil per.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Golden Knights sign their backup goalie in Laurent Brossoit.

    He had a solid 2021 after a disappointing 2020 season. Only 27 and gives Vegas a reliable option behind Lehner.
    Quote Tweet
    Darren Dreger

    • THE hockey GOD

      Darren Dreger
      · 19m
      Vegas gets a goalie. Brossoit 2yrs. $2.325 mil per.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    so far fleury’s “trade” has garnished

    a russian forward looking for rebound
    and a back up goalie.
    Three players for one.

    Hopefully they can sign a center. But cap space is falling fast.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i guess it’s more like a back up goalie and martinez for fleury, since russian forward was a trade picking up cap space from OTT ?

    • Daryl

      They signed a Winger who is on the decline and had zero PP points last season. They signed a decent backup which basically says Thompson won’t be playing in VGK next season. They could have signed. Artinez without getting rid of MAF. Martinez us the only good signing this far

      • THE hockey GOD

        Boris Badonov, next we get nastasha, Rocky and Bullwinkle ?

  7. Justin

    Wtf just happened??? Either this is part of some other grand plan or worst love ever for VGK. And he has 2 years left at $5 mil per…

    Please let this be some cog in a genius move and not what it appears to be….

  8. Justin

    Worst move that is…

  9. trade

    they have no cap space. subtract Holden and they had about $8M……. BUT then spent $7.325 on Dadonov and Brossoit

    I guess Jack Eichel and Danault are going to play for the Vgk at 100k each// sarc

  10. Justin

    So VGK needs a center and help with power play, so they sign Dadonov who is a winger and had 0 power play points this year w Ottowa….

    I’m gonna need a really tall drink if this stands…

  11. trade

    TSN saying right now that Smith and Marchy are possibly on the move because of Dadonov…

    they are speculating Eichel or Strome

  12. trade

    up to date cap space for VGK=
    CURRENT CAP SPACE $212,561

  13. trade

    Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights2m
    Another signing for ya ✍️ We’ve signed forward Sven Baertschi to a one-year, two-way contract worth $750k


    well I guess ol’ Sven is gonna play like Jack

    • trade

      VGK current cap space=

      MINUS 500k

      GMKM is now in the red to the tune of about half a million

      • trade

        Ottawa is retaining NO salary on Dadonov. he will cost the Vgk the full $10 M over 2 yrs

  14. Tim

    Everyone bitching about Dadonov it could be worse it could be Eichel and we lose 4 prospect so if we price ourselves out of Eichel I’m happy. A third round and Holden opens space for our younger players. When Reeves gets traded it opens another spot so not a bad deal.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i thought you were done?

      I guess you aren’t done- done ?

    • LVsc

      It is not about Eichel. it is about spending a huge cap hit on a declining 32 year old slow winger with zero PP pts.

      if they had added a speedy, productive young player at the same cap hit there would be no problem for me.

  15. Justin

    Another interesting way to look at this is compare dadenov to Janmark who VGK will likely let walk to pay for this.

    Janmark had 7 pp points compared to 0 for dadenov, is 4 years younger, and is half the price…. genius if this is really the Mcmanagers big move…

  16. trade

    Dan Rosen @drosennhl2m
    Also, what about Marc-Andre Fleury? Could the Blackhawks maybe trade him to the Avalanche if Fleury doesn’t want to report to Chicago? So interesting.

    that would be the last straw for McCrimPhee

    • trade

      Seattle gets Grubauer. How did Colorado not get this done?
      Elliotte Friedman
      Grubauer to SEA 6x$5.9M

    • trade – let’s pray it happens – it would be worth the price of admission when they kick Vegas’s ass.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Avs send Keumper to Chicago and Chicago sends Fleury to Colorado but eats several million? That could happen and we might see MAF in net for Colorado!

  17. THE hockey GOD

    LA Kings
    Welcome to Los Angeles, Phillip Danault!

    The LA Kings have signed the forward to a six-year contract.

    kings just got 10 times better….

    • trade

      I guess George Laracque just got punched in his credibility

      • THE hockey GOD

        LA Kings made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

        LA or Vegas?
        LA or Vegas?
        La or Vegas ? hmmm

    • Richard Santomauro

      LAK, SJS and ARZ all improved their clubs so far. VGK took several steps backwards AND THEY REMAIN IN CAP HELL.

    • Canadaeh

      This one makes no sense for Kings or Danault. Kopitar, Byfield and Gilardi who came on string down the stretch are playing C in that order. Danault at 4th line C is a waste.
      Kings are also 5 yrs away from contending.
      Danault blew an opportunity to win a cup again. Savard is a solid replacement for injured Weber, Hoffman brings timely scoring, and Price / Allen brings solid goaltending. Phil blew this one.

      • Richard Santomauro

        LA was coming on hard the last half of the season. They’ve brought up some good talent and have significantly improved their roster compared to VGK.

      • Mike StG

        Danault will be 2C. If Byfield starts the szn with Kings he’ll likely be 3C. Vilardi likely to move to wing. Check Dennis Bernstein and John Hoven on Twitter. They’re dialed in on Kings.

  18. trade

    Wennberg to seattle 3 yrs 4.5 aav

  19. trade

    Nosek to Boston 2 yrs, 1.75

    Haula to Boston 2 yrs 2.375

  20. Tim

    Jack Eichel traded to the LA Kings for three prospects including Byfield and a 2023 first rounder. And why are folks asking me why I’m not gone, I Never Left.

    • THE hockey GOD


      what is your source ?? If not listed, I label this post as COSMIC DEBRIS !!

      and you were the one who said you were done in your moment of Fleury fury . Unless I am mistaken,

  21. THE hockey GOD

    so far no SPLASH


    Jury is out on these moves. Not too exciting. Just roster fills it seems. And they probably could have gotten Coleman or another center at price they paid for Boris Badonov.

    • WmFCoyote

      It seems that the VGK is striving hard to obtain mediocracy. They have done nothing to address the short comings of the power play and are still hard up against the cap. Another year of disappointment.

      • THE hockey GOD

        they signed power play specialist Boris Bad a nov

        wait for it

  22. Disgruntled Fan

    What a way to spend precious cap space by backstabbing your venzina winning goalie.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the only back stabbing done was by his cartoon drawing secret agent man- walsh

  23. THE hockey GOD

    ok they got their center man

    Vegas Golden Knights
    Patrick Brown has signed a two-year contract with the Golden Knights!!!!


  24. THE hockey GOD

    Veritas Hockey
    Jul 27
    Remember Jimmy Schuldt as a Hobey Hat Trick Finalist coming out of St. Cloud? Well, he will not be re-signing with the Golden Knights, and so will hit the market again tomorrow as an unrestricted free agent.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Bad bad bad. Schuldt is ready. Another lost opportunity by McIdiot.

      • THE hockey GOD

        didn’t do enough at the dollar loan center, and if the best his agent could do is sign him to Buffalo, that isn’t saying much.

        jury still out, but doesn’t look good for him.

  25. vgk21

    trade Dadonov and Reaves to anybody for a bag of pucks , and then sign Brandon Saad.

    Saad is a proven playoff performer with the Blackhawks, he is a proven scorer and a very solid defensive player as well.

    and, he can play center, he originally moved to the wing to play with Jonathan Toews at center.

    career playoffs = 25 goals, 25 assts, and a +16

    he scored 7 goals in 10 playoff games with Col this year

  26. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Mattias Janmark’s contract with Vegas is 1 year for $2 Million.

  27. phantom major

    re-signing Janmark, sounds to me like Krebs is on the way to Buffalo, along with maybe Smith and a #1 draft pick

    Suzuki, part 2

  28. Howard

    Make playoffs as a #4 seed while pulling the ole Tampa Bay Cap dance.. Oy… U get my drift. Not sure anyone is going to like what’s coming up here.

  29. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    The Sea-monsters will cause some problems with GRU in net!

    • Contact Tracer

      Ha Ha … Damn right they will Doc ….. opening night Gru gets a shutout while Kneeler gets peppered with 6 going by his ear. If Kneeler isn’t chugging down Tums and puffin’ on the cancer sticks, he will be this year …. maybe he’ll take off hitchhiking again after DeClown throw’s him under the bus … Ha Ha.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Lehner will be out of the starting job by January. Not mobile, too slow, no agility and has no hockey IQ outside of the paint. You simply have a massive human being taking up space in the net. Not much more than that.

        I am hoping that Chicago and Colorado come to some sort of deal that lands Fleury in Colorado. I would have liked to have seen Fleury in Seattle though.

        We got a bunch of no names for the $7million. The only true positive out of this was retaining Janmark for a year rental. I am not sure a 3 year deal was in the best interests of this team for Martinez. Two years, yes, not 3.

        And Jimmy Schuldt? Are you kidding me.


  30. Tim

    I really hate what the Knights are doing so far, and on top of that our prospect pool has been depleted. We are no longer a Stanley Cup contender. This sucks.

  31. phantom major

    So far I love what we have done so far, got rid of an aging MA Fleury, added a better center, resigned Alex (the beaner) Martinez, what are so many of you complaining about.

    • Daryl

      Exactly who is this “better” Center you speak of? The ONLY thing this FO did was sign Martinez. The rest of the moves are a joke!!!

      • Richard Santomauro

        Exactly, the Ottawa guy is a 3rd or 4th line center at best (if that).

        • Mike StG


          Dadonov is a winger and top 6. With exception of last year the 3 previous he averaged .81 pts/g, or 66 pts in an 82g season. From 2017-2020 he had as many PP goals as McDavid. He’s fast, durable and goes to the net.

          The improvement at C is Patrick over Glass. Also I’d put Howden above Nosek.

          • Daryl

            Who is Dadonov replacing on the top 2 lines? We don’t have a Ce ter like he had in FLA to get him the puck. I don’t think he will be as bad as last season but he won’t be as good as he was in FLA either

          • Richard Santomauro

            Patrick definitely is younger and has more potential than what Glass has shown. I am not sure about Howden, but then again Nosek was a 4th line wing and not a huge threat offensively anyway. Nosek was a solid 4th line 2 way player. It will be nice if Howden can at least match that performance. From an offseason standpoint there isn’t an obvious team upgrade with Howden (at least not yet). The same thing can be said for Patrick who was a bigger disappointment than even Glass on his former team. So, again – no obvious improvement with this move.

            Dadanov certainly has the potential to be better than Roy and Carrier and is likely going to be an upgrade to the 3rd line, but I wouldn’t necessarily put him on the 1st or 2nd lines. Those are set. Maybe you play Dadanov on the 3rd line and 2nd PP unit?

            What’s the latest status on Peyton Krebs? I see Schuldt was allowed to leave.

  32. Howard

    What do you call a midget psychic that just escaped from prison??
    ‘No”, Not Tim’s boyfriend, A Small Medium at Large. Now pull my co, er finger.
    Also, I really do have brothers named Moe, Larry and Shemp.

    • Contact Tracer

      Let’s see …. a midget escaping from prison? If he is climbing down the wall to escape I would say that’s ” A Little Con Descending”

  33. LVsc

    Ryan The Hockey Guy @RyanHockeyGuy2h
    Kelly McCrimmon says that he doesn’t expect to be involved in any other discussions this offseason. #VegasBorn

    David Schoen @DavidSchoenLVRJ2h
    GM Kelly McCrimmon: “We’re not likely to be involved in any other discussions.” #VegasBorn


    so, he effed up the cap again to inexplicably acquire an old slow geezer in serious decline. Who’s your Dadonov?

    and since they are over the cap right now by $1.8 M it is another season of short rosters, cap squeeze, cap tweaking, cap finagling, and cap hell
    oh, and a PP that will once again be a momentum killer

  34. Richard Santomauro

    So far VGK did not improve. They traded the wrong goalie and got a winger from …. Ottawa. No splash, barely a ripple.

    On a positive note they were able to deal 34 yr old Holden and Nosek.

    Twist? Grubauer to Seattle, Keumper to COL, but what are the chances MAF will end up as the Avs netminder? If some sort of deal can be worked out, I am sure that Chicago and Colorado are chatting.

    Arizona, LA, and San Jose all significantly upgraded their teams. Oh, Kraken too.

    The division just got a whole lot tougher.

    McIdiot Off-Season Grade? F for FAILURE

  35. Richard Santomauro

    I am not sure where Colorado is on cap space, but it will be nearly impossible to add Fleury at $7million. This is what Grubauer wanted and Landeskog’s deal was the deciding factor on him signing with the Kraken.

    Rumor has it that Colorado was willing to pay Grubauer $5million. That means they need to free up $2million in cap. It could very well be that Keumper will end up in Chicago with another piece?

    Marc Andre Fleury in Colorado is definitely a possibility.

    • Daryl

      Chicago can always retain a portion of MAF salary in some sort of deal…. personally I hope they trade him back to the Pens

    • Mike StG

      Not any more. Kuemper traded to Avs. Grubauer signed in Seattle. Fleury either retires or plays in CHI (or outside possibility in PIT if they can move enough cap in a trade).

      I wouldn’t judge Dadonov on last season, where he was separated from his family and stuck all season in Canada away from his 2 boys and pregnant wife living in the US. The 3 years prior he averaged .81 PPG, which is 66 pts in an 82 games season. He’s durable and missed only 9 or 10 games in the last 4 seasons. He goes to front of the net, like Janmark. The season before last he scored 11 PP goals, second most on FLA.

      There are some unknowns at F, especially whether Patrick can get back in the saddle and play to his potential. But, given his history w/McC if there’s any place he get get his game back it’s probably here, and he has huge upside potential. But he needs to be on a line with offensively skilled players. I honestly think if he plays between Patch & Stone he’ll be a 60 pt player.

      Recap on Vegas forward situation: Basically they lost Glass and Nosek at F, and gained Dadonov and Patrick and Howden, and kept Janmark. They ARE better up front than last year. How much better we will find out.

  36. Tim

    Looks like no Jack Eichel thats good news. Dadonov we needed a Russian so we got one. Seattle doing a good job will be a tough out with Grubauer we all know how we play against good goalies with all our so called firepower. The Splash Brothers after the Fleury debacle had a quite day. I was so praying Fleury was going to Colorado that would have been poetic justice.

    • Pistol Pete

      I would trade Smith and Tuch for Eichel, long term prognosis on the neck notwitstanding. Dadanov replaces Smith on the Misfits and the 3rd does without Tuch who can just never seem to consistently produce other than an impressive streak here and there. Love his size, speed and personality but something is missing in goal scoring.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Smith and Tuch for a gamble on Eichel’s neck injury? NOPE, that’s DOPE.

        Smith & Reaves – yes. But – that’s not enough cap room.

    • Pistol Pete

      Love MAF but not sobbing for anyone who rakes in $7m. Know the work it took to get there, but still. Still no news on Eichel.

  37. Pistol Pete

    Whoever it was that posted Dadanov is slow is full of it. More bad biased info. He out points Smith for one.

    • Pistol Pete

      He has more career pts/game than anyone on the Misfits except Marchy.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Not dealing Smith now is another mistake. Last year of his contract and is gone next year. VGK will get nothing in return.

      • Mike StG

        Don’t understand your problem with Reilly. He’s averaged 60 pts in an 82g season in his first 3 yrs in Vegas. Last year was on a 40 pt pace, so down. But he’s one of the smartest players on the ice and is terrific on PK. If you watch him with Karlsson their chemistry is rare, and they always seem to know where the other is or will be. He has expressed a desire to continue playing for Vegas beyond his current contract. And he’s 30 y/o, not 32.

        I love how players age up or down based on the person’s feeling about the player. In the PC from last night Ken called Holden youthful (while lauding his play in this postseason) but in reality he is 34, older than Marty by 2 months. And he was going on about how Alec will decline at his ripe old age of 34. Lol.

        • Richard Santomauro

          If (Big IF) there’s enough cap space after next season then yeah, I am all for keeping Smith in Vegas. But let’s be honest, if he plays lights out this year and has a 60 to 80+ point season, that contract is going to be in the 6, 7 or even 8 year range at about $7-9million.

          I don’t McIdiot knows what the hell he is doing. VGK is right back in CAP hell again. To keep Smith next year they will have to move some big pieces off the table. They should already have that planned out. If not, move Smith now and get a nice return for him.

          • Mike StG


            I don’t see Reilly having an 80 pt season. If he has a ‘normal’ year around 60 pts he probably would get around 5.5-6M. That’s 500k -1M more than now. The cap will go up by that much next year – 1M. The only other UFAs next year are Janmark and McNabb. Easily manageable.

            The following year Patch & Dadonov are UFA – that’s 12M. Plus another 1M cap increase.

    • Daryl

      Nice to see your analysis of him is different than almost every other expert. He is 32 and on a decline. He had I believe zero PP points last season. He isn’t the fasted one out there on the ice. He was a waste of money!!!

  38. Contact Tracer

    Poetic justice would be MAF reporting to the Colorado Avalanche and winning a Stanley Cup and a Vezina AGAIN.

    Stick it right up the VGK FO with a red hot poker. Oh would that be glorious!

  39. Back to one good goalie and backup averages what 11 games. Hope everybody enjoyed the winning. Haven’t picked up solid backstop in Laurent Brossoit to take over Lehner’s place when he is out for any length of time.

  40. CAP-tain McCrimmon

    where is he going to play? he certainly is NOT going to replace the wingers on the first 2 lines, so he is going to play 3rd line, which means that he is not going to score much in 15 mins a game with a center not named Barkov. plus, his plodding, methodical style does not fit with a speedy, untamed, one man show like Tuch.

    also, it means that Krebs is not going to get a chance. the Vgk are becoming the franchise where first round picks go to die. or get traded.

    also, they got him for a 7th dman and a third round pick. iow, his value is shit right now, and Ott performed a cap dump on McCrimmon. THEY, Ottawa, gained $3.3 mill in cap space , per season, for 2 years, in the deal. so, if cap space is so valuable, as everyone says it is, (after all, that is why they traded Fleury), then McC just got fleeced.

    • Richard Santomauro

      McIdiot has to go.

      This has to be the worst off season of any team in NHL history.

      Send this idiot back to the Junior League. He’s not fit for the NHL business.

  41. Mike StG


    If your comments are about Smith:

    Reilly had one down year – that’s not a trend. The previous 3 seasons he averaged 60 pts in an 82g season.

    He’s also not 32, he is 30 y/o.

    He also did not have zero PP points. He had 4 PPG and total 5 PP points. And that’s playing on PP2, not PP1. He also had 2 shorties on the PK. And that is in 53 games he played in the shortened season.

    If you’re talking about Dadonov, I cite his numbers over the past 4 years elsewhere in posts. He’s a very good top 6 forward – don’t know how you could call a winger who averaged 66 pts a season anything less than that. He had 1 bad season, but again that is not a trend. And with Covid, quarantining and other factors this season a lot of players had down years. Plus being on a team that sucked for the majority of the shortened season didn’t help. I think on Vegas you’ll see him return to his 60+ pt production.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Dadanov’s best years were 2016-2018. He’s tailed off since then, but he is now 32 after all. He’s definitely not a 1st liner and there’s likely no way they are breaking up line 2 or 3. Maybe, if Dadanov can center he can play on line 3, but the most likely spot for him is 4th ling wing. Can he get back to 60pts? We shall see.

    • Daryl

      I was talking about Dadonov…. I don’t think he will be as bad as last season but I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near his level from FLA. I also don’t see who he would replace on the top 2 lines. He won’t get as much playing time as he had in FLA either which will also hurt his numbers

      As for Smith, I like him. I like his work ethic. I just wish he had a Ce ter who could help him

      • Mike StG


        I agree Dadonov’s best days are probably behind him, but I like where he scores from. Usually about 10 ft away and directly in front of the net. That’s what they’ve needed on PP and 5v5. I see him on L3 with Tuch and either Patrick or Stevie centering.

        Janmark on LW4. If any wingers on L1 or L2 are injured Dadonov can move up and Janmark move to LW3 in his place. Janmark is versatile but I don’t think he’s enough of a scoring threat in the Top 6 as a fill in.

        I like the depth at F this year. If Patrick struggles you have Roy, Janmark, Howden, Kolesar and Krebs who are all centers and they can play in the bottom 6 in whatever combination is best. Also, it doesn’t put pressure on Krebs to have to make the VGK lineup. Last year it appeared that Vegas was counting on Glass breaking through, and when he didn’t they struggled down the middle.

        Also, it looks like at least 1 more player is moving out. My thought is Carrier at 1.4M. They still need to sign Patrick and they’re about $40k over the cap right now. I could see them doing a 2-yr deal around 1.1M/yr. This year he made 875K as a RFA. That would take them to 2022-23 season when Patch & Dadonov become UFAs. If Patrick finds his game they’ll have to pay him.

        • Pistol Pete

          Agree about Carrier. Patch/Eichel/Stone. What a line that would be! I like the forwards depth too, but I think Eichel is worth bringing in even if they have to move a couple big pieces to get it done.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I agree about Carrier, but not Eichel. Too much of a medical risk. IF there was no serious upper spine disc issues (which of course is a major problem) then moving out Smith & Carrier might make sense if Eichel can return to prior form. Additionally, Eichel is opting for a more risky procedure which likely takes him off ice for the year anyway.

  42. Pistol Pete

    I am aware there is a medical condition. Any trade decision needs to be based on a careful evaluation.

    • Mike StG


      I think Vegas is out, given the potential for more than one surgery and extended rehab. From the excellent article you referenced (thanks for that!) it could potentially be 12 months or more if evaluations determine a need. Vegas wants to win now, and it sounds like they could lose his services for at least this entire season & playoffs. I don’t think they’d be willing to throw in the towel for this year based on that uncertainty.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Again, it’s a shame that this young talented player has suffered this injury. He’s obviously feeling the effects of the injury and feels that the replacement is the best course of action and chance to recover full range of motion.

      Peyton Manning had the surgery late in his career, but he’s no hockey player and the NFL protects its QBs. Hockey is a completely different story. Just one crushing hit into the boards and Eichel could be paralyzed for the life with that type of injury regardless of what decision is made.

      In fact, if I was his parent I would tell him to take the money and live a great life outside of hockey.

      So, I am still a no on any sort of trade for him.

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