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2021 Trade Deadline Roundup

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The NHL Trade Deadline is at Noon Pacific time today. The Golden Knights have indicated they are not expecting to make many moves, but it’s not really in the DNA of the guys in charge to do nothing.

This article will be dedicated to all pertinent news surrounding the Golden Knights and this year’s deadline. It will be updated throughout the day.

  • Mattias Janmark appears to be headed to Vegas. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
    • The Golden Knights have acquired Janmark and a 5th for a 2nd and a 3rd. (@DarrenDreger)
    • It appears that 5th round pick VGK got is actually heading to San Jose as a salary broker for a minor league. (@PierreVLeBrun)
  • The Golden Knights were reportedly “lurking” on both Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno. (Source: @emilymkaplan)
    • “I believe the Vegas Golden Knights had strong interest in Taylor Hall, but by the time Vegas got to a point where Adams (Buffalo GM) was willing to take that to Taylor Hall, he felt fairly strongly that he wanted to do to Boston.” -Darren Dreger on TSN TradeCentre
  • Nolan Patrick is potentially a target for Vegas. (Source: @AntSanPhilly 1 /@AntSanPhilly 2 / @AntSanPhilly 3)
  • “We’re in this position by choice. It’s what we wanted to do with our roster. We like our roster, and I believe our approach will be quite different based on that.” -Kelly McCrimmon on March 19th (Source: LVRJ)
  • Patrick Brown has been placed on LTIR. (Source:
  • GM Kelly McCrimmon will hold a press conference at 3:00 PM today whether the Golden Knights make a move or not. (Source: Golden Knights)


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  1. Mikegron32

    I’m honestly ok if they don’t make any moves. I don’t think anyone they could add at this point is going to make a difference in winning the Cup or not. I would just as soon hold on to the picks/prospects, let some money come off the books at the end of the year, and then you have significantly more options.

  2. goalie trade

    Getzlaf drawing interest, Vegas lurking in the weeds, accdg to Sportsnet

    Knights looking to add a forward, so they placed Brown on LTIR to free up room

  3. goalie trade

    looks like Getzlaf is possibly coming to the Knights. He told Anaheim that he would ok a trade to VGK cuz it is close to home. he has a NMC. and since there are no other teams he wants to go to, the Knights can bargain from a position of strength, like Boston did with Hall, who only wanted to go there.

  4. goalie trade

    Janmark to Vegas. Vegas 2nd to Chicago. Flip VGK 3rd for Hawks 5th next year.

  5. goalie trade

    Janmark played well in the early season for the Hawks, but he has not played well lately. He played well against the Knights in the bubble playoffs for dallas.

    • Mikegron32

      This is exactly what I was worried about. Nobody looks at Janmark and says well now Vegas is over the hump. It won’t change the odds at WH at all. A 2nd and 3rd is a steep price to pay for a nice piece that doesn’t really move the needle at all. Don’t like it

      • Daryl

        Agreed… Don’t like this trade at all. I don’t see the point of it

        • THE hockey GOD

          338 56 72 128 -27

          minus 27 says it all, for all you stat freaks out there

  6. Tim

    Mattias Janmark unrestricted free agent after this year and we gave a second and third round draft choice that’s pretty steep for a rental. Chicago must be picking up his salary. I’d rather do that then give up prospects you have to trust Kelly on this move would a new team and his fellow Swedes inspire him hopefully. There’s more to come hang on to your seats.

  7. Mike S and Tim – did you guys see my post yesterday about staying pat – notice there are many jumping on the band wagon. It’s actually the only logical move but one thing for certain vgk mgt isn’t necessarily logical. Any move could be determential both short and long run as it won’t make a significant difference at this point. They keep trying and prove this every time.

    • Mike StG

      Hd – I read it. They had to do something to upgrade the middle 6 and they did it. I love how everyone is pointing to his +/- immediately panning the trade. Yeah, the Hawks not known for their defense these days. Guess that’s all his fault.

      What about the fact he was on pace for a 20G & 40 point season (based on a full 82g)? Not bad for a 3rd line player. Great skater – not a bad match with Tuch on the other wing! What did they give up? Basically their own 2nd round pick (somewhere between 54-62), not the NJD pick they’re holding (which currently would be 37th overall). And they gave up a late 3rd pick for an early-to-mid 5th. Totally worth it.

      • Daryl

        Sorry but I disagree… I don’t understand this trade at all. Maybe if he played Venter more but adding a Wing to a position that really isn’t needed is a waste. It’s not a horrible deal but I don’t see it as a good one wither… And I don’t see it helping VGK winning the Cup

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, I’m not surprised that’s your view. Bottom line is they needed an upgrade in the middle 6 to help scoring . They had little cap space and a weird TD market. I guess they could’ve done nothing. But this does improve their team in the middle 6. If you want to make holes in the roster by filling other needs they weren’t willing to do that. Anyone who expected major moves was bound to be disappointed. They did look at Getzlaf but just didn’t think ANA’s price was worth it. Guess you can watch the next month or two expecting an early Vegas exit in the playoffs. Sounds like fun.

          • Daryl

            I hope they prove me wrong but yes I see and early exit. And I don’t see much improvement in the middle 6 with this move… You concentrate on his scoring numbers bet dismiss his defensive numbers. I’m not surprised by this look

  8. goalie trade

    Avs add Soderberg from Chicago to counter the Janmark move.

  9. Vic

    Janmark has horrible minus numbers, and his face off wins are in the high 30s. Not sure what this does other than giving up picks. Would prefer Haula or a Henderson Silver Knight center, but we’ll see. Maybe Janmark will come to life here. Life in the cap limit world.

    • Mike StG

      Vic – he will play wing, not center. Most likely 3LW opposite Tuch. But he can play up and down the lineup, plus PK.

      Nashville wasn’t selling. They’re currently in a playoff spot.

      They have Nosek, Roy and Glass who can play 3C and 4C.

  10. goalie trade

    Vgk 3rd line now= Janmark-Nosek-Tuch

    10-7-13 = 30 goals from 3rd line

    • goalie trade

      misfit line= 11-10-9 goals

      =30 goals from misfit line as well

      39 goals from Stone line

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Nick DeSimone D man, 26 yo, minor league depth. Appears to be terminal AHLer. Was put on waivers, no one picked up.

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