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2021-22 VGK Opening Day Trivia: Who Am I?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

There’s nothing more exciting than Opening Night. It’s a new season with new players, new rivals, and new objectives. As we prepare for tonight’s matchup against the 32nd franchise let’s have a little fun.

2021-22 Golden Knights Opening Night Trivia: Who Am I?

Surprise, I have the most opening night points in franchise history with 4 (2 Goals, 2 Assists). Who am I?

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Mark Stone


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to suit up and join the boys tonight but I’ll be cheering loudly. Not sure if you remember, but last season I scored the franchise’s only opening night empty net goal. Who am I?

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Alex Tuch


I’ve had the privilege to participate in 13 season openers. My overall opening night record is 6-7 including a tough defeat to the Golden Knights. Who am I? 

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Pete DeBoer


When I made my opening night debut I was 19 years and 15 days old. Had I played that game for the Golden Knights, I would have been the youngest player in franchise history to play an opening night game. Who am I?

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Nolan Patrick


I played a total of 154 NHL games including the playoffs before I suited up for my first opening night game. Who am I?

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Shea Theodore


Brayden McNabb and I share the most opening night penalty minutes in team history. However, I proudly hold the only season opening unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Who am I?

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Max Pacioretty


In four season openers I’ve scored two goals for the Golden Knights including an opening night shorthanded goal. Who am I?

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Reilly Smith


In my first NHL opener I only took five shifts, I’m hoping for more action tonight. Who am I?

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Keegan Kolesar


We both had an assist in our first opening night as a Golden Knight. Oh, and our first names are similar. Who are we?

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Alec Martinez & Alex Pietrangelo


In my first NHL opener, Pete DeBoer’s Sharks beat my team 4-0. My current teammate and I skated for a combined 39 minutes of ice time. Who am I?

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Brayden McNabb


There might be more pressure to win than ever this season but tonight is all about the players and fans fully reuniting. We have plenty of time to praise and nitpick. Enjoy the season Golden Knights fans.


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  1. Richard Santomauro


  2. Richard Santomauro

    How do we participate in Goalie Interference on camera if we do not have a Twitter account?

  3. Tim

    My excitement is tempered this year I’m not expecting a whole lot. Good goalie equals trouble for the Knights. Surprised they haven’t released the game roster but as usual keeping everything close to the vest is there MO.

  4. Richard Santomauro

    This is what tonight’s lines are looking like, maybe jumble some between 3 and 4. The question is whether or not Carrier might play.

    F1 – Stone, Stephenson, Patches
    F2 – Smith, Karlsson, Marchy
    F3 – Dugan, Patrick, Dadanov
    F4 – Krebs, Kolesar, Dugan

    D1 – Martinez, Pietroangelo
    D2 – Theodore, McNabb
    D3 – Coghlan, Whitecloud

    G1 – Lehner
    G2 – Brossoit

    Scratch – Dorofeyev
    Injured – Carrier, Janmark

  5. Blitz

    Good trivia!! I only got 3 right. Maybe I should bitch less and pay more attention. LOL

    Super excited about tonight. War VGK!!!!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    BREAKING: The Las Vegas Raiders have FIRED Head Coach Jon Gruden over an email he sent a decade ago…

    The world is off its’ rocker… Good Lord…

    • Blitz

      I read alot of the things he said and I have to say I am NOT offended. Its dude talk and sure society has chosen to move away from some of that stuff in the last decade, but 10 years ago it was fine. To hammer someone 10 years later after moving the line of acceptance is insane.

      I guess “sticks and stones” is no longer true, because words apparently hurt now.

    • Pistol Pete

      Glad he’s gone. His career W/L is weak. Didn’t see how the LV Raiders could ever win under him. An over-rated one SB winner.

      • Daryl

        Wait, he’s won a SB and he’s overrated yet PDB hasn’t won anything yet everyone comes to his defense???

    • Richard Santomauro

      I no longer follow the woke NFL or NBA.

      The approach the NHL has taken to all of this is a bit more focused and not over the top. Protesting the flag or our anthem is misplaced ire. These things actually are the symbols of the progress our nation has made toward equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination. Too many veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice or have been maimed for life defending this country and the progress that it has made.

      This cancel culture is a cancer on our society. To cancel someone over things said or written places us all in jeopardy. Let those who are totally innocent throw the first stone. I don’t see anyone bending to pick up a rock. Point made.

    • knights fan in minny

      how sad you have players who abuse there wives or girlfriends they still play godell caved and went woke

    • Daryl

      Our society is so sensitive…. We should be handing out maxi pads!!!

  7. Blitz357

    Not gonna lie, not a big fan of the “Coghlan as a forward” move they did last year and maybe even tonight (hinted at by sinbin twitter). It seems sooo bush league. You bypass all the guys that play forward, that your franchise has nurtured for that role, and go with a guy that never plays forward and isn’t even a starting d-man. That’s local rec league stuff right there.

  8. Vic

    Let’s go Brandon

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Vic, I had to look that one up, getting slo on social media

      Let’s Go Brandon refers to a viral video of NASCAR racer Brandon Brown speaking to NBC about winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series while the crowd chants “f Joe Biden,”>>>>>
      which the newscaster claims is a chant of “let’s go Brandon” instead, seemingly as a form of damage control.>>>>>>oh my !!

      The video went viral in October 2021 following numerous reports of people chanting “f Joe Biden” at sports events began surfacing around September in protest of President Biden and often to show support for Trump. In early October people started using the phrase in place of “f Joe Biden” to criticize and joke about the President.

      I would like to hear that chant at VGK games, the best originality they come up with so far is SHAME SHAME SHAME, for opposing players in penalty box. Everything else is controlled by the VGK censors.

  9. Vic

    Nick Suzuki signs for 8 years at $63 million. Ouch again.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that canadian monopoly money, so in US that is worth what ? One million ? After canadian taxes are taken out ?

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    My projection for Vegas’ lineup tonight against Seattle:




    wow total re vamp of last year’s line three and four, not good, They are going to get pwn’d tonight, wait for it. Oh wait, so are seattle’s line three and four. Should be interesting game and season. Half the forward group is not going to be in synch at all.


  11. Vic

    Game one and already coach is referring to the lineup issues and salary cap. Great way to start off.

    • THE hockey GOD

      injuries and cap , theme of season, and crutch to lean on when things go south

  12. knights fan in minny

    drop the puck the greatest sport in the world opening night nothing better

  13. LVsc

    Carrier, Roy, Howden, Janmark, and Tuch all out injured

    also, Granger said that Dorofeyev is in because his contract gives the Vgk the most cap advantage in getting the max cap benefit out of putting Tuch on LTIR

  14. LVsc

    the Vgk 4th line is a mess tonight, and will hopefully only get very limited, sheltered ice time, if PDB has any clue at all

  15. Mike StG

    For crying out loud people, there are FIVE bottom 6 forwards out with injury! NO TEAM has that many extra forwards on their NHL roster, as they don’t have cap room for it. Any team would have to use AHLers to fill out the roster.

    Maybe let them at least PLAY the game first before glooming and dooming. Maybe also consider that this is a good thing, since it allows some young players to get NHL action and perhaps show that they’re ready or on the cusp. This is exactly what Ken was talking about – using the regular season to experiment and see what good might develop. In this case that’s what is happening, although it was forced on the FO by injuries.

    • Blitz

      I’m not sure any one is freaking out. I don’t remember though, there is a lot of posts above, so maybe you are right. My ONLY beef with the line up is Cogs in for a forward. It’s so beer league. Where are the call up guys for this spot. I would have no problem w/ Kolesar and 2 HSK guys in this situation, but instead they use a 7th dman to fill the forward spot. He will probably get like 2 min on L4 and a few shift on the D. They will rotate L1-3 guys to make a 4th line, I am guessing. I am 100% sure it is a cap/call up formality, I just hate it. I actually really like seeing young guys crack the line up thru the season, just not this busch league dman as a forward thing.

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