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Recap: It was a battle for the #1 seed in the West between the Golden Knights and Avalanche. Both goaltenders kept the game scoreless in the 1st period, but the scoring would come in the second.

Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas the early 2nd period lead with his first goal of the postseason. The Golden Knights took advantage of the power play and nabbed the 1-0 lead. Colorado tied the game five minutes later on a power play score of their own. Later in the period, Vegas’ fourth line crashed the net and put their team ahead with a dirty postseason type goal. Nic Roy was awarded with his first career playoff goal to make it a 2-1 VGK lead. The lead wouldn’t last for long as the Avalanche tied the game again at 2-2.

Marchessault added another in a 3rd period penalty shot regaining the lead 3-2.  The Golden Knights did a great job of neutralizing the Avalanche’s high-powered offense for most of the period. However, Colorado pulled their goalie and tied the game with a minute remaining. The 3-3 tie would need an extra five minutes to decide.

In the winding minutes of a five minute overtime, Alex Tuch aimed a pinpoint shot to win the game 4-3 for Vegas. With their win the Golden Knights lock up the #1 seed in the West going undefeated in Round Robin play. Next up for Vegas will be a matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The 1st period was a defensive battle in which both team struggled to generate much offense. Things came unhinged a bit in the 2nd as a number of penalties led to the game opening up. Vegas controlled a good portion of the 3rd but a scramble goal forced it into OT. That’s where Tuch took over. What a freaking shot. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Robin Lehner
** Jonathan Marchessault
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  1. Herby Widmer

    Stupid. Would have much prefered to play against Arizona. We will see, but I do not have a good feeling about the outcome against Robins former team.

    • Calm down VGK in 6
      We still need Max P
      Pay the ransom can only be answer

    • Doktor Hockey

      So we should have purposely lost that game …. is that what you’re saying here?

    • They are not there to loose if it can be avoided. Your logic is weak – they have no intention of backing into anything nor should they. Stupid would be showing g up and not play to their potential.

    • Daryl

      The only way I could have seen this of happening is if PDB decided to play some of the backups to give them game experience. I would have been ok with this since they’re really isn’t a difference between #1 and #2. It silly wouldn’t have been a bad idea. As it stands now, an injury would put someone in a game who hasn’t played in over 4 months

  2. Doktor Hockey

    We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I think we have played better against the Hawks, than the Yotes. Doesn’t matter, we would beat either. Panda against the team that let him go. Can’t wait!!!!!!! (Great game, both teams played hard)!

  3. Calm down VGK in 6
    We still need Max P
    Pay the ransom can only be answer

  4. Julie

    Very glad Vegas as a team looks solid in these games. Still not seeing how Lehner is better than MAF. He had a great save in the beginning, but he let 3 goals in and they all looked like he was out of place. That last one created an overtime situation. Thank goodness for Tuch! Lehner fans will no doubt be glad if PDB starts him against Chicago, but PDB would be foolish not to continue to rotate with MAF. The argument should not be who is better as it’s an apples to oranges comparison.

    • Doktor Hockey

      Julie, it’s not about being a flower fan or a panda fan ….. we are KNIGHTS fans. I love flower of course. It’s just opinions will be out there. I believe panda should start first game, especially against Hawks, the team that “gave him away”. That’s all. If we go far, both will play. It’s all good 🙂

  5. Let’s give props to this team!
    And to Tuch as he played like the beast he is!!
    What a sick no-look late OT #1 seed game winner!!!
    Go Knights Go, whoever they play, the 12th seed and beyond!!!!

  6. Tim

    We won and thats great but taken 6 penalties is usually death. I’m sure Pete will get that cleaned up. Colorado is a good team fact is with a minute eleven left in the game they score which was lucky and with 16 seconds before the shootout we score which was also lucky. Moral of the story is you not only have to have a good team but once in a while lady luck shines down on you. In my opinion The Blackhawks are a much easier opponent then The Coyotes in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona won that series against Colorado. Whoever gets the Canucks will have a much easier time then whoever catches the Flames. Well it all starts Tuesday it’s going to be one hell of a playoff. Go Knights.

    • Doktor Hockey

      Tim, agree with all you said! Old minds (great minds) think alike! ha ha

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