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Recap: For the first time in seven games the Golden Knights scored a 1st period goal. Chandler Stephenson gave his team the lead with a nifty move to the net. Robin Lehner stood strong stopping all nine of Dallas’ shots on net.

The middle frame was flooded with penalties. Altogether there were four power play opportunities for both teams and neither could produce a goal. Vegas was 0/3 on their chances taking four shots on Stars goalie Anton Khudobin. On the other side of the ice, Lehner was flawless through 40 minutes preserving a 1-0 Vegas lead.

Fifteen seconds into the final period Reilly Smith shot a wicked wrister passed Khudobin to extend Vegas’ lead 2-0. It was Smith’s first goal since August 23rd, breaking his ten-game scoring drought. Dallas would get on the board midway through the period making it a tight 2-1 game. The Stars forced overtime tying the game 2-2 on a later power play goal.

Unfortunately, Vegas took an early delay of game penalty and Dallas took advantage ending the series in overtime.

With their 3-2 OT loss, the Golden Knights were eliminated 4-1 in their best-of-seven series with the Stars. Vegas will pack up and head back home from the Edmonton bubble. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights relied on the same style of possession offense and once again it produced absolutely nothing for the eighth consecutive game. They scored twice on transition chances and that was all they had to show for the game. Then, when they got the lead, they collapsed in their own end throwing the style of game that kept Dallas’s offense at bay out the window. In OT, a tough penalty cost them the game and the series. Not a good look at all and now things have to change moving forward. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 5 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Final at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • Hopefully the delusion ends and they learn from the shortcoming

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Reilly Smith
** Chandler Stephenson
* Alex Tuch


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  1. Tim

    2 nothing lead in the third and instead of playing to win we played not to lose it’s that simple. I’m sure George and Kelly will make some changes. Giving up Nick S. for Patch was a big mistake. It will be an interesting draft, trade possibilities and free agents.

    • Tim – that’s there history for the most part playing not to loose and it backfires on them most of the time. I am not certain George and Kelly are the answer as they structure things and what you see is what you got. As far as Lehner is concerned if they are banking on him going forward they are even dumber than what they have demonstrated to date. Yes give credit where credit is do they assembled a bunch of rejects and almost totally succeed yr 1. The huge difference from there to know was a team that had to prove to themselves and everyone else they were much better than given credit for. Then this yr the feasco with Gallant and the Fluery situation and continuing to play a game that wasn’t working – they were lucky to beat Vancouver so being out shouldn’t be a surprise – disappointing but not a surprise. While most believed it would be Vegas vs Tampa for the cup they didn’t want to recognize and taken into consideration the intangible effects that went on. Look at the bright side they probably won’t have beat Tampa any way and it would be a repeat of the Washington series yr 1. The NEW team should look interesting as l would suspect changes are in store – l am not sure Foley shouldn’t start at the top.

      • Daryl

        HD…. I completely agree

      • Tim

        All interesting points. I agree Lehner is ok today but a 5 year contract with a guy who’s overweight and has some depression and drug issues. Flower who will be 36 next season so how much gas does he have left in the tank? Right now were in goaltender hell we may not have either. The team needs to be revamped not because we lost but because we need an infusion of youth. Glass and Krebs seem the most likely but I’m interested in seeing Jack Dugan who led the nation in scoring at Providence and Lucas Evelens who led our AHL in scoring. Hopefully Nick H. and Dylan C. can take the next step. I can think of some players we should trade and at the top of the list is Paul Stantsy 6.5 million he’s definitely not worth it. It’s a given Fleury is gone and as far as I’m concerned he can take his French Connection Marshy with him. Tell me why they signed Holden for two more years. Mcnabb is another dud he’s a penalty machine no offense and decent defense he needs a new home. It will be an interesting off season.
        To compare to baseball terminology in baseball a star is a 5 tool player the same should apply to hockey. Our problem is we have to many 1 tool players the reason we couldn’t get over the hump last year or this year.

        • Walt

          McNabb is the slowest, clumsiest skater in the league, and he repeatedly gets caught flatfooted trying to pinch at the offensive blue line, giving the opponent a 2-on-1 break.

          yes, he can be effective when he stays in his position and uses his size and reach, but that does not overcome his glaring flaws in skating and decision making.

          • Walt

            81 and 67 were beyond disappointing. They were AWFUL, in capital letters.

            2 supposed snipers, who instead just coasted around the perimeter and shot soft floaters right into the belly pads of Khudobin

        • I would take Flower any day of the week even at 36 over the Walrus who will be lucky, health wise to survive. No one wants to answer or admit if Lehner was the be all that ends all why the other clubs he was associated with let him walk or they walked away from him – in either case there is something radically wrong. It is difficult for me to believe they were wrong and George and Kelly are right – I don’t think so. Stars won because they had the greater desire plain and simple. I don’t believe they were the better team but what they lacked for they compensated for with attitude. Not sure what Vegas expected, they didn’t clean up their act after almost being gone Vancouver series. I know you know what insanity is so what took place was no surprise, Sad yes as they had more potential than was demonstrated unfortunately. If Foley has engaged the services of a HEAD HUNTER it would not be a surprise.

      • Julie

        HD, you are right.

  2. Walt

    CHOKERS !!

    There is no other way to say it, or sugarcoat it.

    That is 2 years in a row, with different coaches, and different goalies, that they have basically choked. At least they got to the 3rd round this year, but they just folded like a cheap suit after going up 2-0 in the third period.

    the so-called leadership on this team disappeared in the Dallas series, after almost blowing the Vancouver series as well.

    Dallas battled all over the crease in the third, while the VGK dmen just got outmuscled in front of their own net.

    2 chokes in a row, let’s not shoot for a hat trick next year.

  3. Disagree about Patches, he’s a top player, a awesome sniper slap shot. Not sure what happened, we made both goalies look like hall of famers. We don’t need to panic, it was a different year, the Virus ruined a great season. Remember, we are a great team, with loyal amazing fans, let’s not lose that. Hopefully, Mr. Democrat, our big shutdown Governor opens things up and the NHL does the same thing, otherwise we can lose our edge. No big changes, be prudent, we have a great core. It hurts though, we shredded everyone in the early stages of the playoffs, but somehow, we just seemed off a little, it’s frustrating as hell. No panic please, I’m not giving up on our guys, we were 1 of 4 left, we will be back !!

    • Tim

      Mark I have to disagree with you on Patch yes he’s a sniper but get him off his spot and he’s useless as was shown during the last two series. In other words he’s a one trick pony.

  4. Jason

    Keep the politics out of a hockey forum. One of the reasons I come here to avoid that toxic crap.

    • It affects everything and everybody, never tell me what to say, understand ?

    • Bettman sucks

      as soon as 75 and Lehner keep it out of hockey, THEN we will keep it out of the forum. Got it??

      remember, games were postponed, and the knights had to play 2 back to backs in one series because of the politics infesting the nhl.

      • Mark

        Well said, great point. I was disappointed in Reaves, I used to drink his beer, but no more. I’m very upset at Reaves, he should be kissing the ground he walks on, wise up !!

  5. YouGaveMeHope

    Goodbye Knights
    You brought me joy


  6. Daryl

    I wish I was surprised by the outcome, but I’m not. I’ve said from day 1 I did not like PDB. There is a reason he hasn’t had sustained success anywhere. This team had talent to win it all but they weren’t utilized properly IMO. We have a few gritty guys, like Stone and even Reavo, who should have been parked in front of the net. We will take 50 shots from the blue line, while not screening the goalie, and expect to score a goal. I can’t remember the last time we scored that wasn’t during transition.

    As for leadership, we had two experienced leaders on this team. One was used sparingly and the other wasn’t used at all. I’m not putting the blame on Lehner but MAF should have been used more often. As for the other leader, that is Engelland. He’s been said to be a leader of this team every year. NOW, I’m not saying he needs to necessarily be out there on the ice, but yeah, we could have used his grit and toughness at least once during the Dallas series. Who knows, he was such an important figure for this team maybe he could have given them a boost. But more importantly, unless I was incorrectly informed, he never even practiced with the starters. He was always with the other guys who more than likely wouldn’t play at all. We needed leadership and we had none.

    As I’ve stated before, this was karma for out this organization treated its players and their fans. Not sure what I will watch now… might watch some CFB but the NFL won’t grace my TV for a very long time

    • Tim

      Daryl I know your always beating the drum for Engelland but let me pose this question to you. If we needed to change one guy your all in for Engelland would he have helped more to spark the team of giving Payton Krebs a shot. I think offense was our main problem and yes we had some defensive gaffs that cost us a few games The big ones were Nate.S losing the puck for a score cost us a game. McNabb penalty cost us a game, and Whiteclouds penalty cost us another game. Add to that what were we on the power play like 2 for 20. There’s a lot of blame to go around.

      • Daryl

        If I had to change one guy it definately would not be Engelland. Now yes I would have put him in and took either McNabb or Holden out. And no I’m not putting him on the top line, I would just adjust the other guys. But I do agree with you, if I only had the choice of adding one player it would have been an offensive player, possibly Brown. I would have been on with Krebs he just didn’t have the experience.

    • Julie

      Daryl, I miss Engelland, too. He had a lot of heart and strength and I couldn’t understand why he was scratched, was that a PDB move? I know you don’t blame Lehner, I don’t really either. But I think he’s a mid-tier goalie, a good backup, not a starting goalie. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t have longevity anywhere. I hope Foley steps in, like he did with the protesting, and sets things straight. If he keeps McPhee and lets McCrimmon go or visa versa, that is fine, let it be a lesson to them. PDB needs to go. He brought nothing but chaos. And if they had any sense, they would be begging Fleury for forgiveness and to stay. Goalies are in short supply. Would it not be great to keep a future Hall of Famer with your team? Even if he is done in the next few years, have there not been goalies who played into their 40’s? I know you know, I’m just kind of venting now, sorry. It’s all disappointing. I still don’t get Stone’s value, but now I’m thinking it’s PDB. PDB seems to have jacked up everything and everyone. I will be very interested to see how this all falls out.

      • Julie – good morning – my thoughts on Lehner. are not placing blame , that said it’s a good thing the other teams didn’t shoot at him as Vegas shot at opponents. That said many of Vegas shots were less than threatening. They lost much to my disappointment despite seeing the writing on the wall the winners while not as good as Vegas had a much greater desire (attitude) to win. They came to carry on Vegas came along for the ride with limited spirit. PDB fault probably not – no l am not defending his other acts, but attitude comes from within not from the coach it’s a personal thing. Can he inspire maybe but instill no way. At this point unfortunately they are gone because of what they didn’t do not because they couldn’t have carried on. They all need to step back take a good look in the mirror collectively and make up their minds as to the future. I see some on this site who think mgt will have another contender next year – questionable but who knows. In the meantime enjoyed your outlook and humor here’s to a brighter hockey future for Vegas to make DOC happy.

        • Julie

          Hey, HD – I agree with you on every point. I have come to really dislike PDB, but it’s true the attitude comes from the players. However, I reserve a bit of disappointment there for PDB because he cast a cloud, for sure management did, on the team. Hard to fight the man, even in the NHL. I am hard on Lehner because I am disappointed that he was propped up as the second coming from the Goalie Gods, and he didn’t deliver. And that’s not just me saying that. If he is going to replace a future HOFer, it should be clear he is better than Fleury on his best day and mostly consistent. Not only do we get a rollercoaster ride with Lehner, we don’t know what will trigger his health issues. He has been sober 2 yrs, in a high-stress job with no long term money signed. Even if he signs, it’s not like management can stop worrying about that. These are life-long struggles. So he should be freaking good, like Demko or Krudobin to go through that trouble. I still wish him the best. PDB didn’t put him in a good situation either.

          Aside from all of that, this has been great – reading your posts (& Daryl, Mike Stg, Jason, etc.) and even those that disagree, because I learned a lot from everyone here. I wish Doc the best. It’s been a sad turn of events here, but my thoughts are with anyone struggling right now, so much is happening all at once. I will still keep checking SinBin, HD, hope you do too!

  7. Tim

    Julie A few facts one Engelland is done hopefully he becomes an assistant with the Silver Knights, Do not forget before DeBoer got here we were underachieving since then we’ve had a stellar record. Kelly and George fired Gallant not DeBoer he just slid into a good situation. Do I like DeBoer not really but you can’t argue with his success. Today Lehner is more then a backup goalie in two years you may be right. Stone plays great defense over passes in my opinion but still has a lot of talent. Now here’s the bad news the way the team is constructed this was our last chance for the Stanley Cup in the foreseeable future. Next year we won’t compete with Colorado, Vancouver, Dallas, or St. Louis in the West. We have good players but not star players so sit back enjoy the team but facts are facts.

    • Julie

      Tim – yes, I looked at some facts as well. Regarding Lehner – 8 goals allowed in 93 shots over 4 games in this series. He didn’t have to do much on those shutouts either (I know they count). He doesn’t move too much. He will, it happens, just not too much. I just disagree he is better than a backup. PDB’s “success” is getting 2 teams in his first year with them to the Stanley Cup and then losing. So, I think I can argue that isn’t too successful. Add to that his shady way of coaching and managing his team. Did the team step it up under PDB? Sure, because they had to – after seeing what happend with Gallant, then Prior, then Fleury. With Gallant, we didn’t suck. We topped the division a few times competing with Edmonton and even Arizona, but we were pretty high when he was fired. I certainly get things change in hockey and can’t always stay the same. But this thing has been a bit of a cluster since January.

    • Daryl

      I do think Engelland is done. I do think he could play another season especially since he barely played this year but he doesn’t want to leave Vegas. At base salary he could still help a couple other teams, maybe not every game but if you use him like a backup goalie or even more, I think he would be good. Sometimes playing smarter is more important than skills, just look at McNabb.

      I agree Lehner is a starting goalie, but not sure on a Cup challenging team. He is slow, his lateral movement is very questionable, and he has issues with rebound control.

      Now for the Knights this year. We had some big issues that seemed to take place at the same time MAF’s father died. But just before Gallant was fired, this team started playing really well. I believe we were even on a win streak when Gallant got the axe. I think if they just gave him a couple more weeks we would have seen things completely turned around. Of course there’s always the chance that doesn’t happen

      I do agree it’s going to be awhile before VGK makes another strong Cup push

    • Come on Tim Lehner is a huge liability – if that wasn’t the case he would not be with Vegss in the first place. Simple question – why was he available period. Answer that then maybe just maybe your position is defendable.

      • Tim

        Well we gave a second round draft choice to get him. I think most teams wouldn’t do that. He definitely has a weight problem you look at him and then the physic of Fleury and it’s laughable but they both win in their own way.

        • Tim – I don’t believe that answered that simple question – just because Vegas gave a second round to get him that doesn’t suggest much other than maybe a very stupid move on the part of management somewhat similar to other activities they have perpetuated. Like you said other teams wouldn’t – I would think that is quite significant as to value. If he is or was such a jewel why was he available it is just that simple a question??? He obviously isn’t otherwise he wouldn’t be in Vegas. Give me Fluery at 36 at least he is in shape and can move around. Given his history if Lehner is the best Vegas can do they are in more trouble than even you are suggesting.

  8. DOC aPositiveFan

    You people are amazing? But the good news is that the Knights management won’t be listening to any of you. They will do what is needed, as they have, and continue to put a cup contending team on the ice. as they have EACH YEAR of our existence!!!!

    • Tim

      Yes Doc we will stay competitive and George and Kelly have done a nice job but have made some bonehead moves. Tatar probably the worse move gave up 3 draft picks brutal. Not resigning David Perron another brutal mistake. Nick S. for Patch giving up a 21 old center for a 31 year old one trick pony not very smart. Signing Stansty for 6.500 million was he worth it NO. Resigning Holden what were they thinking. On the plus side picking up Roy and Stephenson good moves. Signing Tuch and Theadore long term good move. Stone can play but I wish he’d shoot more. I didn’t include any of the original misfits. Should be an interesting draft and trading time.

      • A Fan

        I feel they should have traded Glass instead of Suzuki in the Patches trade. I just have a feeling Glass will not meet up to all the expectations made on him. Nick would have.

      • DOC aPositiveFan

        Yea Tim ….. I imagine most teams make moves they would like to have back. From my prospective, the Knights have improved their team each of the past 2 years. All moves don’t work out, but I think most have.

    • DOC – l admire your optimism that said maybe they should be reading some of the stuff. If it’s that obvious to the naked eye of less than experts as mgt propose to be maybe they just can’t see the trees from the forest. They created a nightmare this yr that wasn’t necessary and proved very disruptive. I khow your a Panda fan which is fine but he and a number of other are disposal assets in other words liabilities. They all should be ashamed of themselves as they had the potential to win but for what ever reason lacked the desire. Keep on fighting l think of you often and hope your doing ok yes under the circumstances

  9. Brian

    Ken, interesting Periscope to conclude the season. Being back here in the DC area, I don’t get to see many regular season games. But when I do, the difference between the freewheeling style of the team from the first season and today’s squad is noticeable. You mentioned that Pacioretty, Stastny, and Stone (all acquired before or during year two) don’t really mesh with the playing style that we saw in the first season. Do you think getting those players was a reaction to what happened against the Caps, where VGK got dominated in games 3 and 4 here in DC (at least from my perspective)? Also, did the switch to a more possession (versus transition) style of hockey start with Gallant, and has it been more accentuated with DeBoer? Appreciate your perspectives!

    • It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why they decided to make that change. And honestly it’s even tougher to pinpoint if that decision was the right way to go or not. However, it was definitely a conscious decision as it appears all moves since have been related to it.

  10. Walt

    Coach Peter DeBoer said Monday that the Stars dominated in the dirty areas of the ice, scoring the greasy goals from close in front of the net. Vegas doesn’t have many players in their top-nine forward group who fit that billing, and acquiring one could be in the cards.

    “They won the net-fronts in both ends,” DeBoer said. “They were better around their own net against our forwards and they were better at our net making it tough on our defensemen. We’ve got to learn some things from this, about what works in the playoffs and how you score in the playoffs.”


    gee, ya think?

    That is exactly what we have been posting for the past week. But, of course, the VGK coaches never demanded that their forwards get in the goalie’s face. No, instead they said that they were going to change NOTHING in those last 3 games. “Trust the system” was the phony mantra from every player they talked to.

    Now, after the fact, DeBore (yes, it should be spelled that way for his coaching style) says that he agrees that they need to get in the goalie’s face. Good luck getting players like Gallagher, Hornqvist, Lee, etc who actually know how to do it.

    • DOC aPositiveFan

      So Walt …. As we know, what’s said in public at pressers, etc… May not be what is actually going on within the team. What is your proof that the coach and team did not talk about or try to implement a couple of changes, even if they didn’t work? How do you have the slightest idea WHAT was discussed by coaches and the players? Just curious, interested on your inside info! Thanks

      • Daryl Taaffe

        Doc… I get what you are saying but the proof is in how they played. Nothing changed in any of the games they played in. In the defensive zone our guys were pushed around in front of the net (which is why I said to let Engo play) and on the offensive side, we didn’t screen the goalie at all, we didn’t have players standing in front of the net. They may have talked about it and may even have wanted to implement it, but when the games were being played they didn’t do it.

      • Walt

        It is simple Doc… the players actions on the ice did not change one bit from game to game in the last 3 games. They continued to float around the perimeter, and there was no crease chaos around the Dallas net. Even a guy like Carrier was not doing it either.

        the eye test is all the proof needed.

        Notice though that Perry and Pavelski, 2 longtime VGK hated rivals, who are slow and over the hill, yet they were still very effective in that series against VGK because of one thing and one thing only…..they WENT TO THE NET, THEY GOT in the FACE OF Lehner and the vgk Dmen. and Benn and Radulov were very aggressive on the Knight Dmen as well.

        • DOC aPositiveFan

          Walt … All I’m saying is we can’t know if changes were discussed or even tried. Dallas did a great job in front of the net, we didn’t, but doesn’t mean we didn’t want to. Also, it must be extremely hard to successfully change a way of playing in the middle of the playoffs. (and one that has been so successful).

    • Daryl

      Can’t disagree with any of that

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