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Recap: It was the second Western Conference final in three years for Vegas as they faced the Dallas Stars, a team who hadn’t been since 2008. In a surprising decision, coach Pete DeBoer gave Marc-Andre Fleury the start in Game 1.

Dallas came out hard, attacking Vegas’ zone right from the opening faceoff. The Stars quickly scored 2:36 into the series taking a 1-0 advantage into the first intermission.

The Golden Knights couldn’t generate much in the middle frame. Vegas took only four shots on net and was 0/2 on the power play in the 2nd period. Both goaltenders were strong stopping all shots faced.

Vegas failed to convert again on the power play going 0/4 on the game. The Golden Knights made a strong late push but the Stars were able to stave off and win the game 1-0.

With their 1-0 loss the Golden Knights trail the best-of-seven series 1-0 to the Stars. Vegas will hit the ice for Game 2 on Tuesday night. Game 2 will air on NBC Sports Network scheduled for 5:00 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights’ power outage continued into the Western Conference Final as they’ve now scored just two goals against a goalie in the past four games. Dallas brought the type of game the Golden Knights have not seen since the round-robin and it certainly appeared as though they were caught at least a bit off guard. As the game went on they settled in defensively but never could get anything sustainable going in the offensive zone. Back at it for Game 2 on Tuesday where all eyes will be focused directly on whether or not Vegas can score. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 1 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Final at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • Dallas’ forecheck early set the tone

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*** Alex Tuch
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* Nick Cousins


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  1. DOC aPositiveFan (usually)

    Our goalie played a very good game … The rest of the boys sleepwalked thru 3/4 of the game. HOW that can happen, in the playoffs, is a mystery to me. We got shoved, pushed around and smashed into the boards. I won’t harp on the value Reeves brings to the knights, but it was on display tonight. Tonight there was no 45 SOG. We’ve scored 2 goals in 4 games! Is that right? (empty’s don’t count). Look I like Whitecloud, but he looks used up. Needs a game away. Put #5 in there!! At least he’ll hit somebody. Along with Revo, maybe they drum some life back into these boys!!!!! It’s only one game, but that looked awful!!!!

    • Well DOC we certainly agree on the intensity they didn’t have or play with. They win when they play their game and Dallas shut them down. They need to address their one dementional approach when it doesn’t work which was the case last night. You know the definition of insanity doing the same thing when it doesn’t work and expecting different results. Unfortunately one goal was all that was needed to win and it belonged to Dallas. It looked like Vegas came out flatfooted from the start and didn’t improve much. I am all for putting in some heavy weights and make Dallas think a little. One thing that we don’t need however is stupid penalties which the heavy weight approach can easily turn into. When they go to the box they need to make it worth while and take the other guy with them one way or another. It’s only one game so l know l don’t have to tell YOU to keep the faith. Hope your feeling ok.

    • Daryl

      This is one of those team I think Engo could help with. They are big and strong and pushed our guys around. I would probably keep Whitecloud in and switch out Holden. Like you said, Engo will hit someone and play more physical. And with the penalties VGK will take, We could use Engo on the PK.

      Having Reaves back will help some, but he plays less than 10min so I don’t know how much of a difference he would make. Either way, VGK needs to be more physical.

  2. Tim

    2 goals in the last 4 games is not a fluke it’s a pattern. How a team can win the Stanley Cup with that kind of production is hard to phantom. As Doc said above to sleepwalk through a Western Conference championship game is hard to imagine. Like I said before watching these games is like watching grass grow.

  3. Pete Turner

    Obviously the team was gassed from a tough grueling back to back game 6 and 7. NHL should have pushed this game to Monday to be fair. But since they were gassed anyway, what better time to deploy the old VGK rope-a-dope while trying to stay healthy. Noticed our hits were fewer but they were a lot harder. Dallas will have hurt players come tuesday and be terrified to see Reavo on ice. You can say the last 4 games has been less than VGK-like but we’ve seen this in the regular season. Bad puck luck, fatigue, lack of motivation has afflicted this team. However, like the regular season, the team eventually gets its second wind after it hits rock bottom and bottoms up. Everyone needs to chill and get in sync with each other and bring back that magic that only VGK has on ice that’s both high scoring and strong on the puck possession that we are so used to. In other words, make us, your endearing fans, have reason to cheer once again on our ride to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

    Go Knights Go!

    • Pete gassed if l recall it took Dallas OT to beat Colorado just before the Vancouver Vegas game so I guess your comment implies Dallas is in better shape. Personally l don’t believe that is the case they only scored one goal and unfortunately that was all they needed. Vegas was not in the game mentally with turnovers bad passes etc. Opposition knows vegas style and shut the door. Vegas wins when they play their style but when it’s not allowed to do so they MUST change the approach. When they did have the puck last night they tipsy around vs shooting, you create puck luck it isn’t something given you. Enjoy your comments always 2 goals in four games won’t win the cup. They need to step up not just show up it doesn’t work that way.

    • Daryl

      DAL also played a lot better team in COL than VGK did against VAN. It’s not the first time VGK has looked slow either so I don’t think it was so much them being tired as it was other factors. I don’t think having Revo back will make a difference. He’ll give VGK more hits but he has limited ice time.

  4. Julie

    What was that last article about VGK always showing up? Not laying any eggs, or something? Maybe a little premature given what has happened in the last 4 games. That was a tough game to watch. Someone asked a question in another thread if there was anything happening in the locker room or impacting the team. Maybe. Whatever it is, the team needs to decide what they want and get their mojo back quickly.

    • Peter Turner

      No doubt there was some locker room disturbance but I doubt it had anything to do with BLM or Reavo’s hit as this team has been through worse things before namely a Stanley Cup loss 2 years ago. Yes I recognize how Dallas played the Knights. They obviously watched the Capitals game and took it apart and figured out our weakness. The similarities of that final series in our first year Stanley Cup finals and this Game 1 stand out. They’ve intercepted our stretch passes, scored a quick early goal and played the neutral zone trap rest of the game, ran circles around our offense and stifled any scoring chances. Yes, they were on full throttle and we were not. We won Game 1 two years ago and still lost to the Cup to the Capitals. Hopefully, Dallas is now exhausted and we have a better strengthening coach than them so we can take the rest of the series.

      • Julie

        Pete, I agree with you. The only thing I don’t understand is why PDB didn’t really change anything. I know you have to give things some time, but it seems that has to be balanced with the time in the game..Is that what you saw?

  5. Peter Turner

    On a more practical point of observation, less stretch passes please. Dallas has seen enough video to know when it happens and intercept it. Short passes or carry the puck over the blue line, then do a dump and chase and you will have less turnovers. More play recognition up front and go back to the old ways of throw the pucks at the net and see what happens. Dobby is not as fast as Demko. More scrambling in front of their goalie and sooner or later one will go in. It’s a dirty goal but still a goal. Mix it up with a few long range bombs from far and whack a rebound in. At this point, it’s about watching the video and coaching the right strategy to win the game. The only thing going for us now is that we have a viable goalie backup and they don’t. When they get a chance, they should embarrass the hell out of Dobby and then Dallas is screwed because they don’t trust Ben Bishop.
    Play smart, play hard and get into the rhythm guys. Physically and mentally.


  6. Peter Turner

    When you win a decisive shutout in a Game 7, why would you change the line up? Naturally players were exhausted but if you asked anyone of them, they’ll all say that they’re ready 100%. It’s the WCF! At least PDB switched the goalie and even then it was hardly MAF’s fault. That first goal was due to our forwards not coming back in time to help with the defense who were outnumbered. Still MAF managed to block the first shot but as puck luck would have it, it went to Klingberg’s stick and Whitecloud was out of position to block or make a play on that. In the mean time, you can’t help but notice the forwards leisurely skating back to help with the defense but it was too late. It was a 5 on 3 play, with Carrier they only forward helping Theo and Whitey. MAF didn’t stand a chance. It was the 4th line and they should have been the energy line that PDB always starts. But without Reavo, the energy was sub-par and Dallas capitalized on that. Starting the 4th line only works when you have Reavo on that line. He sets the tone. Without him, starting the 4th line against the 1st line is tantamount to a suicide run.

  7. Peter great points but you forgot or just didn’t mention the obvious – they proved the prior games just shooting the puck doesn’t produce goals – it only works when goalie is screened which for one reason or another Vegas has forgotten to a large extent. I am certain they know how but perhaps they are gun shy and don’t want to get hit. For the most part they have so forgotten about block shots at their end. Your comment about leisurely skating back was kind on the first goal they skated that way a lot during the game- as someone said like watching grass grow. Loosing with 100% effort is one thing but loosing be cause of showing up is shameful. We will see tomorrow night if last night taught them anything. Hopefully it did. Attitude superceeds skill and talent in the long run.

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