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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a bad start to Game 6 allowing the Canucks to score 2:50 into the 1st period. Vegas fired nine shots on Vancouver goaltender Thatcher Demko but couldn’t convert. After the opening 20 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 1-0.

Both goaltenders were strong in the 2nd period shutting both teams offenses. Robin Lehner allowed only one goal through two periods but Canucks led 1-0 heading into the second intermission. 

Vancouver doubled their lead 1:03 into the 3rd period. The Canucks took a 3-0 lead later in the period putting the Golden Knights in desperation mode. Vegas coach Pete DeBoer pulled Lehner with under six minutes to go but Vancouver took advantage and scored on the empty net. Demko was flawless in net and shutout Vegas 4-0.

With their 4-0 win the Canucks tied up the series and force a Game 7. Vegas will have a other chance at clinching the second round matchup with the Canucks tomorrow. Game 7 will air on NBC Sports Network scheduled for 6PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Once again, the Golden Knights simply could not solve the Thatcher Demko riddle. They were dominant, just like Game 5, but they simply couldn’t find a way to generate enough truly dangerous shots to beat a young hot goalie. They were consistently unable to get onto second chances in front of the goal and watched the game slip away as the opportunistic Canucks kept finding a way to score. On to Game 7, VGK better figure this out or they’re going to become a playoff laughingstock. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 6 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Vancouver Canucks in Round 2 series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • How will VGK react to a scary familiar situation?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars (I had to try very hard to come up with these)
*** Nick Cousins
** Nic Roy
* Nick Holden


Vegas Holds The Edge No Matter Who Vancouver Starts In Net


It Can’t Happen Again, Can It?


  1. Turn off the lights they are history again. I
    hope I am wrong but the hand writing on the wall certainly is not positive. Attitude trumps size,skill and talent again. One thing positive . It will end the goalie drama which should have and could have been avoided. Tomorrow MAF should start and if he falters replace him immediately. They have proven once again this evening the number of shots doesn’t guarantee a win.

  2. WmFCoyote

    Maybe Deboer should not remain as coach. He has failed to manage this team and by replacing MAF as a starter has lost the confidence of his players. I would rather have Galant with his flaws than someone who has proven he can not win and has only undermined his team. Best of luck next season.

  3. Daryl

    I keep bringing up defense and there is a reason for it…. When I watch Vegas play, it appears to me that everyone concentrates on the offensive side of the ice. And while I mostly am talking about the blueliners, defense applies to the entire team. Vegas had more giveaways and fewer takeaways than Van. VGK defenseman had more GA than VAN defenseman. Then you look at blocked shots. VAN dominated VGK overall and with just their defenseman on blocked shots. Yes I know VGK had more shots, but how many more dangerous shots did VGK get over VAN. VGK took a lot of outside shots without getting helpful screens in front of the goalie, something VAN did very well with. Also, look at how many times our defenseman got burned and allowed players to get behind them… this has probably been one of the worst series McNabb played. But it wasn’t just him, Theo relies on his speed and while he doesn’t let players behind him often, when he’s racing side by side with someone, he isn’t able to set up and take away passes or getting in shooting lanes. Every defensive pair, on multiple occasional, allowed VAN to get behind them leaving both our goalies out to dry.

    I know hockey is changing… and moving towards a more offensive state of mind, but don’t bitch when you lose defense because everyone is concentrating on offense. Just think about every comment made about Theo or Letang and others, it’s always what they do offensively and never what they do defensively, even though they are defenseman

  4. B-Rad-Lee

    Give it to Nick!!!

  5. Pete Turner

    Relax guys. This is clearly a puck luck situation or what the players call bad or lucky bounces. The fact that they used EXACTLY the same lineup as Game 5, gave you more or less the same results in Game 6. Here’s the problem. Vancouver has figured out the style of play that the VGK deploys and have countered them with the defensemen who will throw their bodies in front of pucks and a goalie that has the luck of the irish. The other thing about puck luck is that some of the high scoring chances had the pucks bounced and landed on the sticks of 2 VGK defensemen, McNabb and Holden. Both of whom are snake bit and could not hit the broad side of a barn if they tried. We saw it in Game 5 and rinse and repeat in Game 6. I would try replacing Holden with Hague and McNabb with Merill. As for starting goalie, it’s a back to back, so MAF is the right choice and like it or not Doc, the team will play harder for him because they too were there for Game 7 last year.

    • Daryl

      I don’t see it has bad or good luck with the puck… VAN is getting players in front of the net and their forwards are able to deflect the puck into the net. VGK doesn’t have a defenseman who can or is willing to move those bodies. VGK on the other hand can’t get players in front of the VAN goalie to cause screens. VAN players are getting in the shooting lanes and are willing to block shots where as the VGK players are not. VGK is willing to take any shot they can which is why they are out shooting VAN by a lot, but they are not getting many more dangerous scoring changes.

      While replacing Holden with Hague could possibly help out on the offensive side, it would hurt us defensively. Hague is worse than Holden at defending the net. If anything I would put Engelland in place of Holden (waiting for the haters). Yeah we lose a little on offense but it’s not like Holden is doing all that great at it right now anyway, but it gives us someone who is willing to block shots and can actually put a body on someone in front of the net. McNabb is so much better than Merrill but he has looked horrible this series. I’m not a fan of Merrill but it couldn’t hurt to let him play for McNabb.

      As for goalie, I agree MAF should be in net. What should of happened was MAF played last night then there wouldn’t be any debate, or very little, as to who should start tonight.

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