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Recap: The Golden Knights skated into Game 5 looking to clinch their second-round round series against the Vancouver Canucks. Neither team could generate offense in the first period and both goaltenders were flawless. Game 5 was scoreless after the opening 20 minutes.

Both teams got on the board in the 2nd period. The Golden Knights came out firing on Vancouver goalie Thatcher Demko. Vegas took 18 second period shots on net and at the 15:12 mark Shea Theodore gave Vegas the 1-0 lead. Vancouver would respond quickly tying the game :24 seconds later. The game was tied 1-1 after the second period.

The Canucks took their first lead of the game early in the 3rd period. Vancouver held their tight 2-1 lead the entire game fighting off Vegas’ late-game charge.

With their 2-1 loss the Golden Knights now lead 3-2 in their best-of-seven game series. Vegas will have a other chance at clinching the second-round matchup with the Canucks on Thursday night. Game 6 will air on NBC Sports Network at 6:45 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Well, the Golden Knights ran into a goaltender making his NHL playoff debut and he did just about everything he could to keep his team alive in the series. That being said, the Golden Knights absolutely could have created much more in that game as the Canucks generated nearly nothing the first 30 minutes of the game. Vegas needed to find a way to create chances no goalie can stop, and they didn’t do it. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 5 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Vancouver Canucks in Round 2 series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alec Martinez
** Nate Schmidt
* Shea Theodore


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  1. Well jason l am not sure Lehner was any prize tonight .The game proved once again it’s not the number of shots that determine who wins. Vancouver first goal was the result of vegas celebrating Sheas goal and not taking care of business. Hopefully they realize now Vancouver is not going away easily. They need to end this series Thursday night or l am not sure they would win game 7. Just asking do you think you will see MAF thursday ????

    • HD: My guess is that we will see Lehner again on Thursday. Certainly not his fault they lost this game.

      • Ken why does this picture look somewhat familiar with yr 2 ahead in series 3 to 1 now 3 to 2 if they don’t win thursday history could very well repeat itself. Vancouver is an interesting team and could pull it off. They eliminated the champs from last yr so who knows. That is certainly not my wish but if Vegas should miss out l personally would root for Vancouver the rest of the way and keep the Cup back to Canada as it hasn’t been there in some time. Vegas by some means or another must win Thursday and l am not sure MAF isn’t a better choice.

  2. Herby Widmer

    Peferct example how important fresh goaltender can be. Interesting who will be in net for game 6. Fleury is still unbeaten in the POs.

  3. Vancouvers best player this series has been #3 Braydon McNabb. I think he has been on the ice for almost every goal they’ve scored. #Blowncoveragemuch

  4. DOC aPositiveFan

    Total domination but not enough traffic in front of net to screen Demko or deflect shots. Lehner had no chance on the two deflected goals. Obviously very similar to game 4 vs Hawks. We’ll come back strong in game 6. Don’t care who’s in goal for us. Either guy can beat the Nucks! GO KNIGHTS GO !!!

  5. Pete Turner

    McNabb is a good defenseman but he doesn’t block pucks and he flinches when the puck comes at him. In short, he’s a normal human being. You have to be crazy to not instinctively get out of the way or unlucky like Whitey to keep getting hit by the puck.

    Let’s be honest, the real reason we lost the game last night was because the VGK guys did not want this series to end. They did everything to pretend like they wanted to end it last night but I’ve watched enough WWF wrestling growing up to recognize a fix if I ever saw one.

    Whether this is strategic so they don’t have enough rest days before the next series or this is them paying back VAN for helping Reavo with his Black Lives Matter thing or they just didn’t want to end their run too early because we all know how harsh and unforgiving these Canuck fans are. (Trust me, even today, they’re still TP-ing Milan Lucic’s house every chance they get and since riots in the city are in vogue these days..). I get it. VGK guys are truly players with heart. They didn’t want to go for the kill. They took their foot off the gas pedal. Despite 43 shots at Demko, they didn’t manage to break him. Kudos to the goalie and now we have ample video for a scouting report on that goalie should he start again.

    I’m not worried. A win in 6 games is still a win. Let’s get at it boys. Go Knights Go.

  6. Tim

    Lehner played fine we pushed the puck all night but a goalie on his game can steal a win. In reality with all the firepower we have and you just score one goal you better do some soul searching. Win Thursday or you’ll be leaving the bubble earlier then expected. I think this is Groundhog Day just like last year 3-1 lead and couldn’t close it out. It’s just a game win or lose life will go on I don’t get to excited anymore about sports.

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