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Recap: The Vancouver Canucks needed a quick start to Game 2 and they got it. Vancouver took their first lead of the series scoring on starter Robin Lehner 1:29 into the game. Vancouver doubled their lead ten minutes later to take a 2-0 lead into the first intermission. 

Alex Tuch scored his sixth postseason goal in the 2nd period to get Vegas within one. Vancouver would respond going up 3-1 with 1:25 left in the middle frame. Vancouver goaltender Jacob Markstrom was strong in net stopping 21 of 22 second period shots by the Golden Knights. 

Vancouver stretched their lead to 4-1 on the first shift of the 3rd period. It took the Canucks :18 seconds to set up their fourth goal of the game. Vegas added a second goal late on a 6-in-5 situation to make it 4-2 Vancouver. However, the Canucks would get it back on a last-minute empty-net goal. Markstrom continued his outstanding performance stifling the Golden Knights potent offense and securing a 5-2 Canucks victory.

Vegas is now tied 1-1 in their best-of-seven game series with Vancouver. The second round matchup continues on Thursday night. Game 3 will air on NBC Sports Network scheduled for 6:45 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got out-desperationed (that’s a term, trust me) from the time the puck was dropped. They allowed Vancouver to get into the style of game they wanted to and the Golden Knights could not turn it around. Vegas stepped it up in the 2nd period, but couldn’t find the finishing touch enough and the frame was capped off by a breakdown off a draw. Overall, just not good enough, but Vegas knows if they play their style, the Canucks can’t stay with them. It’s a five-game series now. Vegas remains a massive favorite.  (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 2 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Vancouver Canucks in Round 2 series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • A look at how Vancouver did it and how VGK can easily stop it as the series progresses

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Roy
** Nick Cousins
* Alex Tuch


Game 1 Allowed DeBoer To Balance Time On Ice, Setting VGK Up For The Future


Golden Knights And Canucks Have Both Beaten Themselves So Far, Not The Other Way Around


  1. Vancouver came to play and Vegas went on vacation it is just that simple. Stupid penalties didn’t help and they did not play the game they are capable of. Lehner certainly didn’t help them either. The ga.e Thursday will determine just how far they go.

  2. Carl

    Cripes, the 3rd line are the 3 stars! Are you hearing the message, top 6???

  3. It’s. .
    Turn or we know its personal not business

  4. Herby Widmer

    Our D was the problem tonight….interesting to see if Flower gets a Chance now.

  5. Pete Turner

    Ken you are right that the Team lost the game, not the goalie. However, why they lost the game is not as simple as “they were not very good” or “they didn’t show up”. How I felt they played was that they were expecting VAN to hit back hard after Gm1. So what happens is in their head space, their mindset in the first period was akin to that of a boxer grimacing for that first punch to hit their face. Their sticks were gripped too tightly and they were playing nervous and cautious defensive hockey which isn’t their style. In short they were playing to “not lose” which usually ends up the opposite. So during the first break they get yelled at to wake up and play their usual attack first style of hockey which they did in the 2nd period. However in doing so, the defense played to high up leading to that “defensive breakdown” which allowed to VAN forwards behind the blue liners. Sure you can fault Schmiddy and McNabb for that but they were doing what the coaches told them to do during the break which was to play attack hockey and let the goalie take care of the net. That’s what I meant by my earlier posting about having a good goalie means that players, and I mean all the players can focus on scoring and not worry about being scored on.
    Anyway, it’s only game 2. If this was any other year, this loss would matter as VGK would lose home ice advantage. But since “home ice” doesn’t really exist, it still matters but not as much as it would otherwise. I don’t get the whole odd number even number thingy you said but if it makes you feel better about it, good for you.
    What it reminds though, is that hockey is not just about who is more physical or who is more skilled. It’s about 2 other important factors. Mental strength and Puck luck. Not just the goalie but every player needs to be mentally strong and shut out the outside noise and whatever the press/media/bookies are saying or predicting and just focus on nothing else but scoring. Sure defense is important, but this isn’t the NFL, Defense may win you the super bowl but it won’t win you the Stanley Cup.. As for puck luck, it is what it is. Just know it exists and don’t feel bad if you miss the net by 0.00025 of an inch. Just be better the next time. Go knights go.

    p.s. As for goalie starters for Gm3. If we believed earlier that it’s Panda’s net until he loses it then I guess it’s MAF’s turn. Only competition will make the goalie position stronger. If Panda believes nothing will let his lose his starting position, that’s not much of a motivating factor to play his best. I know ..i know..Panda did play well tonight despite the score…but Markstrom was better and that’s where it counts.

    • Amen Pete some one else who realizes how important attitude is (mental strength as you referr to it). It makes up for a lot of issues the Knights struggled with last night. They play their game start to finish and they win. When they start to match witts with competition they normally loose. Great comparison to landing first pun h. Problem last night it was a minute us in first round. Thursday should be their game if they expect to go on. Go knights go!!@!!@

  6. Daryl

    I’ve said this after almost every game now… If we can’t play better defense we are going to lose. This is more than letting players get behind you which happened several times between the McNabb/Schmidt and Holden/Whitecloud pairings. I’m talking about getting in the shooting lanes where McNabb had 1 block, Schmidt had 1, Holden 0 and Whitecloud 3 (2 of which came on PK). In total we had 15 blocked shots to their 40. Also both Holden and Schmidt had 2 TO each. And it’s just not the TO but the bad passes, not clearing the zone, not getting rid of puck so we get tied up along the boards and with us getting knocked off the puck along the boards. Our defense is more concerned about playing offense than defense.

    I’ll say this again even though I know it’s not going to happen in these playoffs (and as long as PDB is our coach) but put Engelland in the game. He can’t really play any worse and maybe he can give them a spark…. and he will block shots.

    As for the goalie situation, I’m not outing much of the blame on Lehner although I don’t think he looked very good. He still has an issue with rebound control and probably could have done better. BUT after that game I think MAF deserves a chance to play

  7. DOC aPositiveFan

    ** Horrible D unit Play ** (Main reason for loss)
    ** Give MAF start gm 3 **
    ** Give #5 a start in gm 3 **
    ** Just as gm 1 win … this IS just 1 game **

  8. Tim

    Ken as I told you the other day they should have started Fleury for the following reasons. ( 1 ) we kicked there butt in game one, ( 2 ) Fleury is chopping at the bit to get in a game,(3 ) I believe Flower being Flower the team would have went balls to the wall for him not that they wouldn’t for Lehner but in that situation DeBoer made a mistake. You have to have a feel for the game in any sport there’s time you have to go with your gut. I played and coached baseball which was my game from 8 years old until I was 60 so I lived through many of these situations. An example we could play a team that is sitting on a fastballs well in that case I’d pitch a junk ball pitcher to keep them off stride. This pitcher may have been my third best pitcher but in this case he was my best option and it usually worked out. Hockey is no different it’s a chess game. Now let me make this clear I relate the Fleury situation with baseball I’ve got who I think is my best shortstop but parents come up to me and say there Johnny is better and should be playing does this sound familiar. In Fleury’s case Walsh was his daddy telling the coach my little Marc is better and should be playing. Whats the difference there both babies and it’s the coaches decision. To say I’ve lost respect for Fleury would be an understatement. I think this whole thing with the sword has gotten personal and I don’t blame DeBoer I’d sit his ass too.

    • Daryl

      These are professional athletes and PDB is a professional coach…. His job is to win and play the best players he feels that he has. If you lost respect for MAF then if you think PDB is making this personal then you should lose all respect for him as well

  9. It didn’t have to come to this situation — they have two good goalies so just rotate keeping both on their toes. If one stumbles pull him and continue to play their game. They win when they set the pace. Situations of this nature do nothing but harm not motivate. Do you actually believe that picture was MAF doing? I seriously doubt it. Maybe he should consider a new agent.

    • Julie

      HD, I bet he’s working on it now, getting a new agent. Walsh has tweeted his dislike before with Halak/Price. So, it’s credible MAF didn’t have anything to do with it. Plus Lehner already said that he didn’t and you know the management asked.

      I have a question for you though. When a bad game happens, the players get to play next game and have a chance to make things right, so to speak. Does it make sense at all to let Lehner play next game to mentally overcome the bad game they just had and then have MAF play the 4th and 5th? I think PDB should have been rotating them much more than he has, btw. Just wondering.

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