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Recap: It was another possible clinching game for the Golden Knights who looked to eliminate the Chicago Blackhawks in five games. With their backs against the wall the Blackhawks took the 1-0 lead midway through the first. Chicago extended their lead late but Max Pacioretty got Vegas within one :31 seconds before the period expired. After the opening twenty minutes the Golden Knights trailed 2-1.

Mark Stone tied the game 2-2 in the first minute of the 2nd period. Chicago regained the lead 3-2 with an even-strength goal a few minutes later. The Golden Knights defenseman Alec Martinez tied the game 3-3 with a 2nd period power play goal.

Alex Tuch didn’t hesitate to give Vegas their first lead of the game scoring 1:34 into the final period. He thought he had another but was waived off by the officials. Starting goaltender Robin Lehner stopped 23 of 26 Chicago shots to secure the Golden Knights 4-3 victory.

Vegas becomes the first team to clinch their series by eliminating Chicago in five games. The Golden Knights will get some rest as they wait for their next opponent. Dates for the second round are to be determined. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights offense was there from the start creating plenty of chances but a number of turnovers in the defensive end allowed the Hawks to take an early lead. Vegas kept grinding away creating a bevy of dangerous chances on Crawford and eventually they started going in. Then, when they got the lead in the 3rd, they went into lock down mode and snuffed out Chicago. Plenty of time until the next series as the Golden Knights appear to be pretty healthy and getting healthier. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 5 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1 series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • When the Golden Knights wanted to, they were able to flip a switch and shut down a powerful offense.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alec Martinez
** Chandler Stephenson
* Alex Tuch


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  1. Julie

    To me, this was a nail-biting game. I was glad to see Pacioretty score after being down 2 so quickly, and coming back to tie it up. I think I understand why they took the goal back, but it was disappointing.

    They showed the goalie stats during the game and had Crawford and Lehner at .905/4. Maybe it’s being in the playoffs for the first time, or playing Chicago, or something, but Lehner made me nervous the whole time. I am sure it’s a lot of pressure, but after that botched save from the rebound (I think it was Toews who made the goal), and then the jazz hands goal, it was tough. At the end, Chicago was pushing hard by Lehner and had the clock not run out, it felt like another Chicago goal was coming. All that said, we won, and I am sure Lehner learned a lot. It was a rollercoaster of a game.

    • Julie

      I went from Patch to the the rest of the team scoring, not that Patch did all of that. Just to clarify…

  2. Doktor Hockey

    Our boys needed to close it out last knight, and they did! Congrats ! It only gets tougher from here. GO KNIGHTS GO!

  3. simon

    Their defensive miscues are gonna cost them vs teams like Colorado. What’s going on back there?

    • Doktor Hockey

      No physical play at all around the net. Get #5 in there for a game to ratchet up play around the net.

  4. Tim

    Doc #5 days have come and gone. Like all athletes their comes a time to hang it up. The playoffs is no time to get sentimental.

    • Doktor Hockey

      Not sentimental here. I have realized for some time #5s time was about over. But, I’m talking what he does do good is clean up in front of net. We didn’t have much of that at all in this series.

    • I mostly agree with you that Engo’s days are done…. but he’s still good enough to play a game or two. Our defense as looked HORRIBLE. They are getting knocked off the puck along the boards, not getting in shooting lanes, getting out-physicalled (its now a word)…. They would have been just fine putting him in that game or any game for that matter. Something has to happen with this defense or we are going to get embarrassed. Maybe he can be that spark the team needs. And he can’t play any worse than what the defense has been playing lately

  5. Daryl

    To go along with my reply to Tim and Dok…. something has to change with our defense if we are to stand a chance at winning this thing. I don’t know what it is but a shuffle of the line-ups just might work. I’d keep Theo and Martinez together but maybe switch up the 1st and 3rd pairing for a game. Or better yet, put Engo in their with Whitecloud (or with Holden). I know that won’t fix the 1st pairings issues, but maybe he can add a little more fire to this unit. Like I said, something has to change

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