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Recap: The Golden Knights began the 1st period right off where they left from Game one’s 4-1 victory. Paul Stastny scored the opening goal 10:44 into the contest, and Tomas Nosek followed up with a goal of his own. Starting goaltender Robin Lehner stopped all seven Blackhawks shots holding the 2-0 Golden Knights edge.

Chicago started to get going early in the 2nd period. The Blackhawks scored their first of the game 3:17 in to cut Vegas’ lead in half. Later in the period Chicago tied the game 2-2 with a power play goal. The Golden Knights leader Mark Stone broke the tie with his third goal of the postseason. However, the Blackhawks got a late period goal tying the game 3-3 after two periods of action.

The 3rd period leaned the Golden Knights direction but they couldn’t solve Chicago goaltender Corey Crawford. Vegas shot 16 times in the period but couldn’t get one through. The Blackhawks shot only six times going scoreless as well. After 60 minutes the game would need an extra period to decide a winner.

Not surprisingly, Reilly Smith ended the game in overtime off a beautiful pass from Paul Stastny. The Golden Knights win Game 2 4-3 and need two more victories to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Vegas and Chicago continue their best-of-seven game series on Saturday evening afternoon at 5P PT. Locally the game will air on NBC Sports Network.

(Recap by Jason)

Analysis:  It wasn’t a pretty 1st period for the Golden Knights but they did well to fight through it. A few excellent shifts by the 2nd line led to a few great chances and eventually a Stastny goal. Vegas’ 2nd period struggles continued as they couldn’t really every get going the entire period. They conceded three times, two of which were shots Fleury likely stops. Like every game in the bubble the Golden Knights were terrific in the 3rd. However, they couldn’t finish one. In OT, Vegas continued putting on the pressure and an incredible 3rd line shift led to a Stastny to Smith feed for the winner. Big time win when VGK didn’t have their best. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from Game 2 of the Vegas Golden Knights vs Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1 series of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place in the NHL Bubble.

  • How did we get to the point in which Marc-Andre Fleury is the clear #2?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Paul Stastny
* Reilly Smith


Playoff Alec Martinez As Advertised In Game 1


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  1. Julie

    Reilly is the hero; Stone caused a stupid power play, caused an off side timing his change wrong; Lehner once again got us into an overtime situation and let in 3 goals after leading 2-0; Statsny came through. Ready for Fleury. If what Lehner is doing is considered good, I don’t see how it’s better than the 4 goals Fleury allowed with St Louis, IMHO.

    • Doktor Hockey

      Julie, do you not think our defense had something to do with at least two of those goals?

  2. A VGK Fan

    Reilly is showing why he is going to be Captain. Prove me wrong. *sits back with coffee mug in hand*

    • Doktor Hockey

      Hey Fan … Keep pushing for #19 baby! But there’s only one guy that will prove you wrong. That’s the coach!

    • Daryl

      I agree he should be the Captain but I think that moron we have as a HC sees it differently

  3. Daryl

    I dint think we got to the point where MAF is the clear #2… Lehner didn’t look very good at at all. I thought MAF should have started this game and after watching this game there is no reason he didn’t start the next

    • Doktor Hockey

      Hey fake Daryl, why so damn critical and angry about the coach and everything else? MAF will play this weekend and if we advance will play more. You say Lehner didn’t look good? Did you actually watch the game? 2 of the goals were great passes to open guys at the net. (That’s ON the DEF, not panda). So come on and lose all the anger and be accurate in your comments, at least, thanks

      • Daryl

        Sorry fake Dok, but I completely disagree with you, 2 of the goals scored against should have been stopped, he just basically missed the puck. He also got lucky on the shot that hit Iron and bounced out. I think he is a very good goalie but I don’t think he looked good today. And if you read my other post, I put a lot of blame on the defense as they haven’t looked very good lately either

        And who said I was angry about everything else? No I don’t like PDB and no I dint think he is a very good coach. I have nothing against Lehner, I just don’t think he’s outplayed MAF. And it’s not blind loyalty to MAF either as Vegas would be smart to lock down the younger Lehner.

        Because you don’t agree with my comments doesn’t make them inaccurate!!!

      • DH – are you on Panda’s payroll as his PR man – between Stone and he they can do no Wrong in your eyes. Did Panda promise you a raise if he gets a contract with Vegas? To bad you are not as knowledgeable about the game as you think you are – Smith for the Big “C” – I have it on excellent authority – his if he wants the honor or aggravation depending on how he looks at it. Regarding the bulk of your BS you apparently have nothing better to do with your time. Put your glasses on as you obviously aren’t watching the same game as everyone else. Not good news on Patch.

        • Doktor Hockey

          So hd, if I have my opinions, then I’m on their payroll. But your opinions are all that matter? Tell ya what pal, you better change those you listen to, if your excellent authority tells you Smith will be captain. You just don’t understand it’s a done deal that Stone will be named captain. You can just keep on with your excellent BS, but that’s the reality. You bring a knife to a gun fight. You are just too easy to expose! bye bye

          • Daryl

            Coming from someone who constantly attacks others opinions…… you are really funny Dok. It seems as though the only point of view the rest of us are allowed to have is yours.

    • Julie

      Thank you. And yes, I am sure MAF will play, PDB says he will rotate based on what he seems as a good situation. Totally get that. But no way Lehner can be #1 based on what he’s doing. And PDB doesn’t see it either, Doc Hockey, sorry.

      • Doktor Hockey

        But yes Julie, DeCoach DOES see it. Why on earth would he start Lehner two games in a row if he doesn’t see it? I’m sorry but Lehner IS the #1 guy in coaches mind. But, if flower can play well sat, then he will still be in line for some starts, just not as many as THE Panda!

        • Daryl

          I don’t think PDB sees it at all. Lehner’s stats for regular season where better than MAF but he hasn’t outplayed him in the playoffs. If PDB was going off what he sees on the ice, then MAF should have started this game. I do think we will see MAF this weekend but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t

        • Julie

          Ok, so you say in one post it’s about the team winning but you also push Lehner is better. So let’s pick a position because it doesn’t work out to argue both.

          I guess you forgot that MAF – bad year and all- still got the team to the playoffs, without any help from Subban, and worked like a race horse. Even by your logic, MAF is at least equal to Lehner because he didn’t lose either if his games since we resumed and he’s better because he didn’t let in 6 like Lehner. Nor did he get us into overtime situations. Not to mention Lehner isn’t taking on nearly as many shots as MAF has on avg, not as many shutouts as MAF.

          I know you love Lehner, and you want to win. It’s cool. But if PDB is half the coach he should be, he sees that Panda needs a little more bamboo. He has put the team in some awkward positions in these recent games. PDB is aware, I am sure.

      • Mike StG

        Julie, I think PDB sees an advantage using Lehner given his familiarity with the Hawks’ skaters. Can’t see them benching Fleury for the entire playoffs and then expecting him to carry the #1 goalie load for the next 2 years during the season.

        • Julie

          I got you, thanks for the reminder. Yes, I see the benefit of having Lehner play considering it’s Chicago. I think both goalies are great for different reasons, so picking one over the other just seems off to me. I was sorry to see Pacioretty out this game.

          • Doktor Hockey

            You can’t start them both Julie …. so isn’t it necessary to pick one over the other? Some fans pick Lehner, some pick Flurey. The coach picks who he wants. just deal with it! I assume you ARE a woman, so I try to be easy on you, but this constant whining about goalies and captains is childish. sorry

  4. Doktor Hockey

    Hey Ken, kudos for asking DeCoach about the goalie situation after the game. But, you really didn’t think he was going to admit that Lehner is #1 did ya! 🙂
    And Julie and some of you just relax about the goalies, or if the best player on the team makes a mistake. This is playoff hockey. It can be intense and it’s hard. Flower is going to get his chance this weekend, I guarantee it 1000%, so take it easy. We as fans need to quit picking at certain players or give all the credit to certain players. Back the TEAM! All the boys. They have a real chance to win THE Stanley Cup!

  5. Smith for the big “C” if he wants the honor. Probably the hardest worker and great attitude on the team. They were lucky to win as this was sure not one of their better performances. Passes were rough and at times they skated like the had lead feet or slow motion your take. Certainly not the speed game they are capable of. Win 2 l guess that’s all that matter regardless how they got there.

  6. Doktor Hockey

    Listen, I like #19 a LOT! He is playing fantastic right now. We need that. But he will not be named the captain. I guess I’ll just wait for all your comments after Stoney is named. Then, I’ll probablt get to say: SEE I told you so!!!!! 😉

    • Daryl

      Most of us think Stone will be named Captain but that doesn’t mean we agree with it. Smith is the hardest worker on the team and has the right mindset to be Captain…. Stone is too emotional IMO

  7. Tim

    First off Chicago has a pretty good team and they play fast. Were in a position with 4 good lines we can overcome mistakes but being a little lucky tonight didn’t hurt. I think Lehner will go Saturday although today wasn’t his best game he’s still 7-0 with the Knights. I’m sure Flower will go Sunday. I hope Nosek is alright he does a lot of little things Patch is MIA so I’m not counting on him at all. Let’s win Saturday and keep the pressure on.

    • Doktor Hockey

      I have it flip flopped Tim … I see flower SAT, panda SUN. Either way flower gets a start

  8. Mike StG

    Line 3 looked terrific, as they did in the Round Robin games. Hope they keep them together. Roy makes Tuch go and Cousins has good puck handling skills. Great combo. Have a bad feeling Max has a core injury, like Sid, and good chance we may see him in limited play or not at all the rest of playoffs. Hope I’m wrong!

  9. Donal

    Lehner gives up to many second chance …He hust does not swallow up the the puck like Fluerry..We will be fine against Chicago …But other teams as we advance..It won’t do….

  10. Tim

    Did anyone else catch Stantsy’s post game interview how he flat out said under DeBoer we move the puck out of the defensive zone much quicker then under Gallant. Theirs know denying until DeBoer came we were underachieving so forget about any stats before January 16 they don’t mean anything. What a crazy franchise our Jack Adams winner gets fired and we hire our mortal enemy to lead us to the Stanley Cup. You could write a book about our 3 year history and appearance in the Stanley Cup to getting cheated in year 2 by one of the worse calls in NHL history to where we are today August 14th 2020. You couldn’t make this stuff up.Another thing I’ve noticed is there have been a few times in the playoffs that a 5 minute penalty was warranted but after our fiasco last year no ref is going to call a 5 minute. The chance of being wrong and suspended as the crew was last year after our fiasco the safe bet for the Ref is to call a 2 minute to protect your ass.

    • Doktor Hockey

      Again, I agree with this comment Tim

    • Daryl

      Officials shouldn’t have an issue calling 5min majors…. rule changes now allow them to video review the call and make sure they get it right. If anything, they should be more strict when it comes to head hits and the likes since they know if they are wrong, they can easily change their call

  11. Julie

    Well, Dok, I almost felt bad how we ended it today, but then I saw this ridiculous comment from you to me in my inbox. Allow me to “take it easy on you” and not take the bait of your sexist comment. However, you should take responsibility for starting the goalie and captain pot-stirring because we’ve all seen your posts and your lack of civil discourse – that’s all you. Make sure you keep your word and “ignore” this post.

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