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2020 VGK Free Agency Tracker

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  • Paul Stastny has been traded to the Winnipeg Jets for Carl Dahlstrom and a 4th round pick. (Source: @DarrenDreger)
  • Robin Lehner has signed a 5-year $25 million ($5 million AAV) to remain with the Golden Knights. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
    • Lehner’s contract includes a modified no-trade clause which allows him to submit an eight team list for year’s one through three and then a five-team list in the final two years. (Source: @PuckPedia)
  • Chandler Stephenson has agreed to a 4-year deal with $2.75 million AAV. (Source: @FridgeHNIC)
  • Tomas Nosek has re-signed with the Golden Knights on a one-year deal worth $1.25 million. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • Reid Duke and Jimmy Schuldt signed one-year contracts for the league minimum of $700,000. (Source: Vegas Golden Knights)
    • Both are two-way deals. (Source:
  • Gage Quinney agreed to a one-year two-way deal with an NHL value of $700,000. (Source: Vegas Golden Knights)
  • The Golden Knights have signed Tomas Jurko to a one-year one-way deal worth $700,000. (Source: @simiinko_97)
  • Danny O’Regan has signed a one-year deal with the Golden Knights at $700,000. (Source: Vegas Golden Knights)
  • Kelly McCrimmon confirmed the Golden Knights did NOT extend a qualifying offer to Nick Cousins. He becomes an unrestricted free agent. (Source:
    • Cousins signed with the Predators for two years at a $1.5 million AAV. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
  • Qualifying offers were extended to Jimmy Schuldt and Keegan Kolesar. (Source: Vegas Golden Knights)
  • The Golden Knights will make a significant pitch to Alex Pietrangelo. (Source:
    • Torey Krug is expected to sign with the Blues further paving the way for Pietrangelo to sign in Vegas. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
    • Pietrangelo is taking a private flight to Vegas to visit with the Golden Knights today. (Source: @gm_mark)
  • Keep an eye on Erik Haula, we’ve heard some rumbling that there could be a reunion coming. (Source:
  • Kelly McCrimmon confirmed he does not expect Deryk Engelland to return to the Golden Knights this season. (Source:
  • Jon Merrill has signed with the Detroit Red Wings. One year deal worth $925,000. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
  • Malcolm Subban has re-signed with the Chicago Blackhawks for $850,000 AAV for two-years. He is expected to be given a shot to win the starting job in camp. (@Tramyers_NHL)
  • Max Lagace has signed a one-year two-way deal with the Penguins. (Source: @Penguins)
  • Daniel Carr signed a one-year two-way contract with the Washington Capitals. (Source: @Capitals)

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  1. Kj howe

    Interesting dynamics at work in the VGK camp with the salary caps, two great goalies, free agency, and seeking two-way players who can meet Mr Foley’s Stanley Cup objectives. It’s hard to bet against his goals after the Knights have reached the rarified atmosphere of a perennial contender in such a short time.

  2. Cousins is out, a really fast skater, I liked him. Stephenson is staying, that’s great news, another blur on the ice, a perfect fit for us. Kolesar is ready for the big time, he’s really athletic, strong, intimidating. He’s the type of player we need to stay an elite team, young, hungry ready to make his mark. Question Ken ? We can’t keep MAF because of his Cap hit, could we renogotiate his contract? Is that something he would consider, he’s stated he wants to stay in Vegas. What scenarios need to happen to keep him?

    • joe4stage

      Contract renegotiation is not permitted

    • Daryl

      First can’t negotiate his contract. Secondly, I really like Kolesar, he’s a tough guy something that this team really needs. But I don’t see PDB giving him much of a chance.

    • fuzzerson

      I would try and trade him to a team trying to reach the floor for a pick to buy him out and then resign him. Two problems, one the market is not set for cost. Marleau cost Toronto a first last year. The only excess pick is the second next year and that probably wont get it done. Second, the issue this year is not cap it is real salary. Revenues loss from last year and potential revenue this year is a huge problem.

  3. Chris

    What are the thoughts on Englland, Merrill? I also heard Schmidt could be on the move.

    • Daryl

      I don’t see either sticking around…. if it were my decision and they were keeping one I most know who I would take. I don’t think Merrill is very good at all and isn’t worth anything more than base salary.

  4. VFK 2020

    told ya. I posted yesterday that Stastny was going back to Winnipeg. there is 6.5 more cap space. and Pietrangelo is on his way it looks like.

  5. VGK2020

    Stastny to Winnipeg official

  6. VGK2020

    Fleury’s contract is the stumbling block right now. Martinez and Marchessault could also now be in play if the sweeteners for Fleury are too high

  7. VGK2020

    too many goalies available today. Fleury, Crawford, Markstrom, Lundqvist, Khudobin, Holtby, Talbot, Smith, Schneider, Anderson, Greiss, etc etc

  8. VGK2020

    the VGK have traded Paul Statsny to Wpg for a 4th in 2022 and dman Carl Dahlstrom

    • Daryl

      For Carl Who???? Another Swede who will probably never see the ice in a VGK uniform

      • VGK2020

        It is a cap space deal. Dahlstrom will be a Silver Knight ahl player

        • Daryl

          Yeah I know… and I get it. Still don’t know if I like it. And rumors are VGK has a chance an Haula which means if that goes thru they just maxed out their Cap will several other moves that MUST be made

          • VGK2020

            when you are DUMPING SALARY, you have ZERO LEVERAGE. and that is where the VGK now stand.

            it is the opposite of their position in the expansion draft. at that time they had other GM’s over the barrel. now, the shoe is on the other foot.

        • Daryl

          LOL…. yes it is and we are definitely feeling its weight

  9. VGK2020

    Lundqvist going to Wash on a 1 year deal

  10. VGK2020

    Elliotte Friedman on NHL Network suggests the Golden Knights are trying to find a third team to facilitate a trade for Marc-Andre Fleury. Said he thinks “it will happen” but it’s been difficult to offload the goalie. Teams he said could be involved are MIN, PIT and NJ

    • Daryl

      I wouldn’t complain if that deal involves MAF coming back to Pitt as their backup to split time with Jarry. I don’t know if I like it if he went to either of the other two though lol

  11. A VGK Fan

    Not to toot my own horn, but for the last two weeks I have been saying we need to let go of Merrill, engo, cousins, and trade statsny to free do and we could keep fleury.

    And look what happened. Stastny got traded, cousins didn’t get a QO, engo not being resigned, and Merrill’s on the outs.

    I know they’re still trying to let go of MAF, but with the condensed schedule having two top tier goalies would be huge this year

    • Daryl

      Not to burst your bubble but most of us knew Engo and Merrill weren’t returning and we didn’t believe Cousins would get a QO. I liked your thought on Stastny the first time I heard it. Now, if they can just get rid of Holden, MAF, and possibly Schmidt (or McNabb).

  12. A VGK Fan

    Schmidt and Mcnabb are not going anywhere. If Holden goes, merril stays (just for depth and money purposes). Unless arbitration has cousins coming back for cheap (like less than 1.5m) he’s a goner. I still think we should keep MAF. We can always trade him during the season if necessary. But with this condensed season, one goalie injury could have huge consequences

  13. VGK2020

    IF they sign Pietrangelo, then Holden must go. you don’t carry a $2.2mill cap hit on a 7th dman on a cap strapped team

    the problem is that Holden seems to have some kind of spell on the VGK front office. they refused to dump him last summer as well in the Gusev situation.

  14. VGK2020

    Merrill to Det 1 yr 925k

  15. Tim

    Stantsy to Winnipeg was a given. They’ve talked about Winnipeg and Stantsy for a month in different articles so no surprise. Good face-off man and good around the net but 6.5 million we can do better. There’s so many goalies out there I have no clue how they can dump him. How much do we need to do to sweeten the deal or just keep him. I’m sure DeBoer wants him out of Dodge ASAP. The preverbal rock and a hard place for the Splash Brothers.

    • Maybe a better idea – keep MAF and replace PDB. Simple solution all the way around. He wasn’t the solution this yr as shown in playoff as he refused to change when things went south. That was worse than Gallent not using a time out against the sharks 7 game yr.2

  16. VGK2020

    Talbot to Minn, so Fleury is not going there

  17. A VGK Fan

    Regarding Haula, I hope he comes back. He looked a bit slow after his injury but maybe he will be better this year after having more time to get back to pace. He’s a an excellent team player and definitely knows how to make things move. I think Stephenson will be in between patch and stone leaving haula with Tuch and Roy, which is perfect. I’m glad I kept my haula Jersey!

  18. VGK2020

    Holtby to Vancouver.

    I think the VGK have a tentative deal in place, so that if they sign Pietrangelo, THEN a Fleury trade will quickly be finalized soon thereafter.

    • They are not in a position to put the cart before the horse – they did that with announcing Lehner deal before having a deal for Fluery in their pocket. Besides pietrangelo for 9 mill makes even less sense than Stone for 9. They can use the $$$$$ available if they have any and improve their ROI in other and cheaper ways.

  19. VGK2020

    St Louis, Colorado, Toronto, and Florida are all battling VGK to sign Pietrangelo today

  20. VGK2020

    Khudobin stays in Dallas, and Markstrom goes to Calgary

    the goalie musical chairs are starting to fill up, and McCrimmon is starting to sweat right about now.

  21. VGK2020

    My guess now is Fleury to Pitt, with NJ picking up half his cap hit for bigtime sweeteners from vgk

    • Mike StG

      Vgk2020, agree on PiT as a likely landing place for MAF now that MIN moved on. They could be left holding the bag when the musical goalie chair music stops. But trading Stastny gets them under the cap and reduces leverage other teams had.

      • Daryl

        If they sign Haula…. there are back to right at the cap and don’t have much room to wiggle

    • Daryl

      I won’t complain…. bring him home. I think Jarry could learn a lot from him

  22. Tim

    The dominos keep falling. Fleury is getting tougher to move as the day goes by. If it’s true 4 teams are bidding on Piertangelo then it may be time to go a different direction. 30 years old and a 7 year contract at maybe 8.5 million at least in a bidding war I’d pass.

  23. VGK2020

    yes, but the Knights are built to win NOW. The window for the core of the team is not to wait for youngsters to develop. Getting Pietrangelo is a move to win NOW

    the problem is the cap. in order to add good players, you have to get rid of good players for strictly financial reasons. tough dilemma, but Foley won’t wait.

    • Mike StG

      Vgk2020, I’m wondering if they don’t pull a rabbit out of their hat and sign Taylor Hall instead of a Dman. D was solid, and Hall would make them a deadly offensive team – win now. I don’t suggest it or think it’s likely, but they’ve surprised us more than once.

      • Tim

        Ya no Mike I was thinking the same thing maybe we take a left turn and sign Hall to a short term contract and get more bang for our buck. With the flat cap would he take a short term contract since he’s already 30 probably not then in 2 years at 32 he’s not nearly as valuable on the open market. Thinking about it I think I’d pass. Lets put the chips in and trade for Seth Jones from Columbus now there’s a young player I like forget Pietrangelo this kids a stud. Of coarse Columbus would be crazy to trade him but I can dream.

        • Mike StG

          Tim, CBJ will NEVER trade Seth Jones. But now that Patch is on the trading block (LW) and it looks like they’ll have to keep Fleury, maybe they do go for Hall (also LW) instead of Piet. Not easy to replace a 32 goal scorer

    • Vgk2020 – in all do respect they aren’t build to win NOW otherwise there wouldn’t be all this BS back and forth. There best chance was yr 1 when no one except the players had that in mind. They were on s mission to prove something which they did. All the tweking since hasn’t developed the team winning attitude which is essential to raising the Cup. It just shows teams win not individual players. Pietrangelo at 8.5 to 9 for x years is just another nail in the coffin. His years are in the rear view mirror he has his name on the hardest trophy in sports to win. Look for guys who aspire to get theirs there.

      • Ulf

        Very good points. If AP is somehow convinced to join Vegas, he’ll be signed to an astronomical deal which will be as bad in time as the Pacioretty deal and what was the Stastny deal. Not a lot of faith in GM.

  24. VGK2020

    Players on a projected (by TSN) Team Canada Olympic team for 2022= Mark Stone, Shea Theodore, and Alex Pietrangelo

  25. VGK2020

    Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger 2minutes ago

    The Toronto Maple Leafs and Vegas Golden Knights have spoken to Pietrangelo. Interesting to see who else steps forward.

  26. Tim

    Toronto being Pietrangelo’s hometown and I’m sure he was a Maple Leaf fan growing up he may take a hometown discount which wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I’m not a big Torey Krug fan either Boston offered him 7.5 million so we’d have to be over 8 million doesn’t work for me. With either of these defensemen at 29 and 30 your starting the downhill slide and by the time the contract is up they’ll be on social security not my idea of good deals. Personally I’d zero in on guys 23 to 27 who will be peaking and if we trade Fleury, and Marshie we’d have some cap space to go shopping for a deal. Teams like us are strapped so as they say cash is king and we should take advantage instead of this bidding war carousal.

  27. VGK2020

    there is a big difference. Pietrangelo is a #1 dman on any team. offensively AND defensively, on the PP and the Pk, in any game situation.

    Krug is not. Krug is a 2nd pair type guy defensively, but good with the puck and on the PP

    the Knights are built to win NOW, and their core players are not going to get any younger either.

    However, my concern right now is if Pietrangelo can’t make up his mind, if he is still longing to stay in St Louis, if he is not 1000% committed to Vegas by now, after all the wooing, then everything is up in the air right now.

    • Mike StG

      Vgk20, well now apparently Patch is on the trading block – our leading scorer with 32 goals last year. And Foley is talking about keeping Fleury (which is what I’ve been saying, due to next season’s compressed schedule). But his comments are likely only because they can’t move him. So, if they keep MAF, trade Max and acquire Piet, what is their plan? To win every game 1-0??

  28. John H.

    @DavidSchoen LVRJ 16m
    Golden Knights owner Bill Foley: “I’ve been a proponent in the background because it’s really George and Kelly’s decision. … but my input was, ‘Boy, if we can afford it, why don’t we keep two G1 goalies and give ourselves some real protection?’ ”


    apparently Foley does not understand that using $12m of your cap hit in goal will mean that he will have low paid scrubs and Silver Knights playing in front of them

    • Tim

      I’m with Foley most important position Goalie. The scrubs your talking about Theadore, Martinez, McNabb, and Schmidt not great but by no means cubs unless you just want to be a negative poster.
      Toronto just signed T.J. Brodie so it looks like there out of the hunt for Pietrangelo so unfortunately we may be the front runners.

    • John H – simple question how does your net worth compares to Foley. Your comment about scrubs etc indicates your limited knowledge of the game. Foley didn’t accumulate.his wealth making foolish decisions. Maybe much smarter about hockey than others believe. Seems he is a more involved owner. Perhaps he was just pointing out to his employees the Splash Brothers to rethink their direction.

  29. ulf

    Can’t believe the Knights got the Jets to pay Stastny’s full salary…but they did have the space and it’s for one year. Sure won’t be the same as when he was there the first time.
    Not sure where this leaves the Knights though, and doesn’t look good on them trading a player they went hard for.

  30. VGK2020

    Toronto signed dman TJ Brodie, $20m over 4yrs

    so they are now out of the Pietrangelo running.

    Only 2 teams talked to him today, Toronto and Vegas.

    So, it likely comes down to either he stays in St Louis, or he comes to VGK

    • Mike StG

      So if Piet signs with Vegas, they keep Fleury (and move Patch, as it has been reported he’s on the trading block) I guess they’ll be the WC version of the Blue Jackets. Lotta 2-1 and 1-0 games. Fans will love that! Not…

  31. VGK2020

    Nosek re-signed with VGK for one more year.

    AND breaking, Krug headed to St Louis

    so, it looks like Alex Pietrangelo is headed to VGK !!

    McCrimmon also confirmed that Engelland is not being re-signed by Knights.

    • Mike StG

      Friedman thinks BOS is up to something. Never contacted Krug today. They could be in the mix for Piet, or Hall. Steve Carp mentioned Philly as another possibility for Piet.

  32. Tim

    Well I’m stoked they resigned Tomas Nosek. I’ve always said he’s a 110% player glad he’s back.

  33. VGK2020

    my guess is that Nate Schmidt ends up in Boston

  34. A VGK Fan

    If Pietrangelo comes, I have a weird feeling Martinez will be out. It’s pretty clear to me VGK Davies youth and cheaper cap hits v. Vets and expensive AAV. There’s just no room for all the blue liners. It’s either Martinez or Holden our, and I’m leaving to Marty cause he’s more expensive and older. Also by doing that they will be able to keep MAF

  35. Some charlatan

    Calling it now

    MAF, McNabb, 2nd to buffalo for basically nothing (9.5 in cap space…), vgk signs petro and works on a deal to bring haula back.

    Glass become 2c, haula becomes 3w, and Vegas makes out like God damn bandits.

    Am I being optimistic/unrealistic? Maybe. But makes sense all around. Even if buffalo decides to trade MAF for an additional pick with 50% retained, they pay 3.5 aav for 2 years and get McNabb and 2 second round picks, at least.

  36. VGK2020

    now the latest info is that Schmidt is going to Winnipeg for young center Jack Roslovic

    and Petro will be signed and announced likely tonight

  37. VGK2020

    now Nate Schmidt headed to the FLA Panthers.

    the Roslovic trade fell thru apparently for the time being.

    hearing Petro at $8.25 aav

  38. VGK2020

    Schmidt definitely on the shopping block. First WPG, now FLA backing out. I said yesterday that I thought he would end up in Boston.

    It apparently comes down to how much Cap hit the other teams will take on.

  39. VGK2020

    Taylor Hall to Buffalo…. 1 year, $8 mill

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