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2020 Golden Knights Playoffs “Photo” Gallery

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All photos by playoff “photographer”, @BadSportsArt.

Thank you so much to @BadSportsArt for providing us with these incredible images throughout the entire playoffs.




2019-20 Season “Locker Room Cleanout Day” Quotes


  1. Mike StG

    Absolutely stunning! 🙂

  2. DOC aPositiveFan

    SOG = Knights 166 – Dallas 118 ….. HITS = Knights 222 – Dallas 228 ….. GOALS = Knights 8 – Dallas 9 ….. Comments that we choked or out-played, just makes no sense. (We lost four ONE goal games).

    • Mike StG

      Doc, my sentiments exactly. Our D allowed exactly 2.0 GPG for the 17 playoff games in the 3 series. No need for a massive upgrade on defense. However, 1.6 GPG by Vegas in DAL series won’t cut it. I suggest they offer sheet Kubalik of Hawks at $4.3M (which they can’t match) and give up the 3rd (or 2nd, whichever it is for that $ amount). He’s a beast and a true goal scorer. Makes way more sense than blowing $9M for Petrangelo or Krug.

    • golden chokers

      “Comments that we choked” three years and running now, not good face for LV Golden Floppers, not good at all.

  3. DOC aPositiveFan

    PS – Great pictures

  4. Tim

    All those numbers are fine but here’s our problem and can we solve it? William Karlsson our #1 center and Paul Stansty our #2 center is our biggest problem. Karlsson should be our #3 center and Stansty should be traded. So what ever it takes to win a Stanley Cup we need a #1 and #2 center and if you don’t think so your in La La land. Can Cody Glass and Payton Krebs fill the holes who knows? Our forwards Patch and Stone on one line can’t get set up without a good passing center who can see the ice and puck handle.. Riley Smith and Marshy can’t get set up without a good passing center that can see the ice and puck handle. There lies our problem. The third line of Karlsson, Tuch and either Roy or Stephenson and a fourth line with Reeves, Carrier and either Roy or Stephenson gives us a solid offense. Defense Nate S. I don’t like McNabb he’s a loser, second line of Martinez and Theadore is solid and a third line of Whitecloud and whoever other then Holden
    So to summarize Stansty gone, replace Holden and McNabb on defense and replace two centers that’s when you’ll win a cup.

    • THE hockey GOD

      McNab is not a loser, he is a hitter and shot blocker. I would get rid of everyone and Build team around the Chief no. 2, no. 3, no .27, Roy, Stephenson, Nosek, Stone, Carrier, Smith, and Tuch. And Walrus in goal. Maybe keep 71 unless you can get someone of great value in return.

      Time to re-tool this team with new mentality.

      • Tim

        Sorry Hockey God McNabb is a penalty machine and couldn’t hit his ass with both hands.

  5. knights fan in minny

    sucks that the squad lost anxious to here what vegas fans think will happen in the off season love schmitty followed him for 4 years in minny but sometimes he and his d partner sure make some dumb blind passes in there own end lets here what you guys think love watching this team had a blast at the game against the sabers in feb at tge fortress talked some fans at the bar where the fans go right next to the rink vegas fans are very knowledgeable about the game ready for the new season to start

    • THE hockey GOD

      88 got face planted in front of his own goal in last game by Dallas forward when Stars capt. scored. That is not way to play D. He used to be a 5 on D, then he dropped to 4. We’ll see how they rate him this year. Time to move on.

  6. Don M

    aaaaHH To funny…you got jokes Kenny ,,, lol

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