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Recap: The 1st period was completely lopsided to the visiting team as they lit up the scoreboard. The Kings scored four times in the opening 20 minutes. Malcolm Subban had trouble stopping the flurry of LA shots. Vegas trailed 4-0 after one period.

The Golden Knights outshot the Kings 24-4 in the 2nd period and would get two past LA goaltender Jack Campbell. After 40 minutes Vegas trailed 4-2.

Vegas was awarded the first power play of the game 13 minutes left in the 3rd period. They couldn’t convert on the man advantage and would fall eventually fall 5-2.

Vegas’ record drops to 24-17-6 and remain tied with Arizona for first place in the Pacific Division. The Golden Knights will host the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night. Game time is scheduled for 7PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: An absolutely atrocious 1st period, again. The 3rd straight game the Golden Knights were a complete trainwreck in the 1st and it cost them their second straight game. Sure, the 2nd and the 3rd Vegas destroyed the Kings, but it’s too little too late. There’s one more game in the homestand, they better not give up a 1st period goal. (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Probably something about all the 1st period goals, but we’ll see.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Too Little
** Too
* Late
(There were some good players, but if you fall behind by four, it doesn’t really matter.)


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  1. Paul

    Subban stinks. A demoralizing horrible performance by him. The Kings got real goaltending at one end, and the Knights had a sieve at the other.

    the Gm should be on the phone right now trading for Robin Lehner. otherwise they are not serious about winning.

    • Joe

      1) They wouldn’t be able to get Lehner under the cap unless they move more pieces.
      2) I guess you missed the two previous games. Subban has better numbers this year than Fleury. One has played too much and the other not enough. It’s SHOCKING that they are both inconsistent.

      • Paul

        Eakin should be gone yesterday. He is pure loafing garbage this season. That is $3.85 mill right there and Subban is another 850k. Voila.

      • Paul

        better numbers? what are you smoking?

        Fleury 18-9-3 2.84 .908

        Subban 6-7-3 3.04 .894

        try again

        • Joe

          My mistake, forgot to say since December 1st.
          And, uh, those are both really bad.

  2. Frank

    Golden Knights need goaltending.

    You can talk about defense all you want – the kings weren’t particularly good on D last night either. There were some really soft goals let up in the first period, and the last one with a few seconds left was inexcusable. Talk about a goaltender not having his head in the game. We should win when we out shoot the other team by 20 shots.

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