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Recap: It was a tough start for the Golden Knights in Winnipeg. The Jets scored two early goals and one late in the first period to take a commanding 3-0 1st period lead.

Vegas battled for most of the 2nd period but couldn’t get anything going offensively. Winnipeg extended their lead 4-0 with a late power play goal. The Golden Knights rifled 11 shots on net but Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck continued to shutdown Vegas.

Neither team had much going for them offensively and the game stood 4-0. Hellebyuck was strong for a third straight period stopping all 30 of Vegas’ shots to preserve a shutout for Winnipeg.

Vegas’ record drops to 37-24-8 but the Golden Knights remain in 1st place in the Pacific Division with 82 points. The five-game road trip continues for the Golden Knights as they head to Calgary for a matchup with the Flames. The game is scheduled for 4PM on Sunday night. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Yet again the Golden Knights found themselves in a hole because of the mismatch DeBoer creates by starting his 4th line. The game spiraled out of control a bit on the Golden Knights as they allowed three in the 1st and just couldn’t get one by Hellebuyck.  (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Winnipeg Jets at Bell MTS Place

  • Goalie duos in the playoffs; how have the teams done it the last 10 years?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alec Martinez
** Nic Roy
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. Well Ken pretty sad plain and simple. The only person hitting anyone was Roy the rest of them may as well been carrying ladies purses-real whimpie. Fluery terrible. I saw you couldn’t resist stirring the pot with the Gallant comment it will be interesting to see who takes the bait.

  2. game summary

    Fleury is just too small and frantic moving from post to post. Hellebuyck just takes one step and he covers both sides, same for Lehner.

    I agree with Gary Lawless tonight. Play the better goalie, and if that means Fleury sits and watches in the playoffs just like in 2016 and 2017 in Pitt, then so be it.

    Meanwhile the PK continues to be terrible.

    and Holden has been on the ice for 7 of the 8 goals scored on Fleury in the last 2 losses. He also needs to be scratched.

    and yes, the 4th line should not start if they play like they did tonight. Their first 2 shifts were worse than awful.

    and Vgk hit more pipes tonight than the arena organist.

  3. Tim

    You wait a couple of days between games and then they lay an egg. It’s only one game but you can see how much we miss Stone he’s a disruptive force that were now missing. Fleury didn’t look good I thought with competition he’s rise to the occasion but I was wrong. It’s only one game no need to panic but the next 4 games are big.

  4. Grant Manzanita

    Bad game no doubt…why keep harping back to Gallant? He was/is loved by VGK fans for what he did. Move on my man. DeBoer has been great. He’s mixed it up and made a better looking team then I think we’ve ever seen. We can all speculate and imagine what ever we want. But the way you seem to have a preference to Gallant comes across petty. By all accounts he was a player coach and a media friendly coach. And by the same accounts DeBoer is kinda the opposite. Tougher job for you no doubt…but if your not gonna be straight about information because your “scorned” you should rename this thing….#gallantbin#ilikeditthewayitwas#takemebackgallant#reporttheknights#noonecaresifyoutinkgallantisbetter#moveon#thepeopledeservegoodcoverage.

    • Where are you getting this?

      We absolutely do not believe the decision was correct to switch coaches. However, we have no issue with DeBoer at all.

      Gallant isn’t even mentioned in the recap to the game and I just did a 30 minute Periscope where we didn’t talk about him either.

      Nothing has changed in our coverage and nothing will. I don’t get this complaint at all.

      • Ken have they played better since the Gallant decision that per your response was wrong? This has nothing to do with not thinking he did a great job but for what ever reason they had become complacent and something had to be done-even the players acknowledged that. Continuing to reference Gallant in one way or another may make you feel good (this isn’t about you) but does nothing but p— people off accomplishing nothing as far is the team is concerned. They played lousy last night, Fluery didn’t help, and they let Winnipeg run all over them. They had many opportunity to hail a guy coming down the boards and just let him go buy. They will not survive or go further continuing to play in that way. Up to last night line 4 starting off paid off, Holden replacement Yes definitely not the icing here Engelland. Roy is not Stone bur doing g one hell of a great job out there. Thoughts

  5. Norm

    Y’all really think there were 3 stars? Thanks to crappy play, Fleury was hung out to dry. Making the playoffs is a one and out the way they played last night.

  6. Tim

    Lets put it to rest Gallant was a big part of where we are today. DeBoer was offered the job he didn’t pursue it end of story. We all agree it was strange they would hire our total enemy from the Sharks but they did and george and kelly know more then us. DeBoer has tightened up the defense and that’s a plus. He didn’t bring Lehner in management did and when they play Lehner over Fleury in the playoffs it was in the plan because the fact is they didn’t believe Fleury could win us the cup. Our camaraderie is taking a hit first with firing Galland and next when they don’t play Fleury. This is business and all the players have to put on there big boy pants do there job and leave management to do what they thinks right. Last but not least we all love Fleury and always will but the fact is he’s had to many games he’s given up 4 and 5 goals and that’s not going to get it done.

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