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Recap: For the first time in seven games the Golden Knights would not allow a first period goal. Marc-Andre Fleury stopped all 13 of Buffalo’s shots on net. It was a scoreless tie after the opening 20 minutes.

Tomas Nosek would break open the scoring with his 6th of the season. Chandler Stephenson drove to the net and Nosek picked up the early goal 1:55 into the 2nd period. Two costly penalties would spoil Vegas’ lead. Max Pacioretty was called for what looked to be a clean check, and then the Golden Knights would take a too many men bench minor. Both would result in power play goals for Buffalo. The visiting team trailed 2-1 after two periods.

Vegas tied the game 1:43 into the 3rd period on a power play goal by Reilly Smith. However, the Sabres would regain the lead on a nifty goal by Buffalo captain Jack Eichel. Gerard Gallant pulled Fleury with 2 minutes remaining but the Sabres would backhand a long distance empty net goal and won the game 4-2.

Vegas’ record drops to 24-19-6, losing their 4th in a row. The team travels to Ottawa to face the Senators on Thursday night. Game time is scheduled for 430PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Coming later tonight. (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Podcast from Moneyline Sports Bar at Park MGM

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Alex Tuch
* Reilly Smith


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  1. a knight to forget

    From the penthouse to the outhouse.

    they have gone from 1st place in the division to well on their way to being out of a playoff spot by the time this 8 game road trip ends.

    they can’t score into open nets, can’t kill penalties, the goaltending and coaching are weak sauce, and the once dependable players like Karlsson and Schmidt are now just mediocre faces in the crowd.

    plus their prospect pool is crappy….
    and McCrimmon just watches it all fade away and does nothing to shake things up.

    Gallant had better get his cab fare ready cuz his pablum bs and refusal to fire up his team before a game is wearing real thin.

    • a knight to forget

      update Wed morning !!!!!!!!!!

      HAH, what did I tell you, they just fired Gallant’s sorry ass.

      This team is underperforming in every way possible, and you can’t have a coach who refuses to motivate, and says it’s “not his job”.

      Plus, there is no internal job competition on the team, since all the depth is gone and there is no youth ready to take a bigger role. Thus you get big fat COMPLACENCY among all the players.

      the season 1 misfits with a chip on their shoulder have become the lazy floaters with big fat contracts, just phoning it in each game. Karlsson and Schmidt, for example, are just a shell of their former season 1 selves.

      you can’t fire all the players, so the coach is always the first to go. Some trades will likely follow this move.

      • a knight to forget

        once again, the fans have it right while the media continue to represent the Knights PR Dept

        It is no surprise that dropping out of a playoff position and at the same time announcing a 13% ticket price increase would mean some decisive and bold moves would be immediately necessary before the season is lost completely.

        • Burt

          Exactly right. Good posts.

          The players have to look in the mirror, and decide if they really want to stay in Vegas, because the status quo is completely unacceptable, and any floaters who won’t change their attitude and compete level and battle level and hustle and desire level immediately can just pack up and leave town now.

  2. Vgk4life

    Shea Theodore looking like a cone out there waving his stick as he allows people to go right through him time and time again.

  3. shame on the goalies

    The Golden Knights have the highest rate of xGF and second highest xGF% (5v5)

    They’re brought down by ranking 7th worst in sv% and sh% at 5v5, resulting in the 4th worst PDO (sv% + sh%) in the league

    I mean, Gallant is basically getting fired because the netminders have been very poor

    Alan H. Doc’s Sports
    I’m shocked at the number of people that are shocked at the Gallant firing. It’s hockey, when the players stop listening to the coach and aren’t motivated, the coach goes. If you’ve watched this losing streak, you can just see it.

  4. Send in the clowns

    Remember when Gallant called DeBoer a “clown” in the playoffs last April??

    well, Ringling Bros has arrived at T-Mobile

    how many players will get into the car?

  5. Tim

    I’ve been telling you all for a week the team has tuned out Gallant and all his after game excuses. Well it happened he’s been fired no shock there but hiring our sworn enemy to coach the team is more then just a shocker.

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