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2017 Draft Class On Full Display In 2024 Western Conference Finals

Photo from ESPN broadcast of 2017 NHL Draft

The Golden Knights have been awarded pretty much every trophy the NHL has to offer, including, of course, the Stanley Cup. It’s historically the best seven season start to any NHL franchise in modern history. This its why it continues to be bittersweet watching the Western Conference play out, especially if you believe the Golden Knights are as good as the two teams remaining in the West. Besides the desire for back-to-back Stanley Cup championships, VGK has had quite the storied history through 632 NHL games.

Most Postseason Wins Since 2018

  1. Tampa Bay – 62
  2. Vegas – 57
  3. Colorado – 49
  4. Dallas – 45
  5. Boston – 43

The organization has accomplished so much in such a short time that its small list of failures has become magnified. For instance, the franchise’s first NHL draft in 2017. It’s a draft that has shaped the league and the Golden Knights left with their hands mostly empty. As the conference finals play out, it’s hard not to imagine how much deeper Vegas would have been this season if more than just Nic Hague remained with the organization. Keep in mind, the Golden Knights front office had 12 selections in seven rounds.

Right now, several 2017 draft picks are leading their respective teams to a deep postseason run. Dallas’ star defenseman Miro Heiskanen was selected 3rd overall but has performed like a top pick through 425 NHL games. Heiskanen was never going to be available at number six but he’s one of many headliners to come out of 2017’s amateur draft.

Dallas Stars

Miro Heiskanen: 1st Round (3rd Overall)

Heiskanen has become one of the league’s most reliable defensemen and he’s only 24-years-old. The Stars top blueliner leads all players in ice time (477:46), average time on ice (28:06), shifts (578), and shifts per game (34). Not only is he shutting down superstars in the defensive zone but he’s also leading his team lead in points. Only three other d-men in NHL history have more points than Heiskanen before the age of 25. Those players are Paul Coffey, Bobby Orr, and Cale Makar. It’s fair to say the Stars got their money’s worth drafting Heiskanen third overall in 2017.

Jake Oettinger: 1st Round (26th Overall)

The Stars’ current goaltender has been a mainstay in the net for 2022. He’s now 6 wins away from hoisting a Stanley Cup. Since the 2022 NHL playoffs, Oettinger is top three in wins (23) and fifth in save percentage (.917). He’s now led his team to back-to-back Western Conference finals, and possibly further.

Jason Robertson: 2nd Round (39th Overall)

Dallas’ brilliant scouting continued into the second round when they stole forward Jason Robertson at #39. The 24-year-old has combined for 314 points in 292 career NHL games. In 2023, Robertson received the fourth most Hart trophy votes after recording (46 Goals, 63 Assists) 109 Points. His All-Star production has continued into the postseason, totaling 38 points in 43 career playoff games. He casually completed a hat trick in Game 3 of the WCF. While the Golden Knights had no shot at drafting Heiskanen, they missed the boat on Oettinger and Robertson. Instead, Vegas drafted Cody Glass (NSH), Nick Suzuki (MTL), Erik Brannstrom (OTT) and Nic Hague (VGK).

Edmonton Oilers

Stuart Skinner: 3rd Round (78th Overall)

Sure, Skinner and the Oilers are two wins away from the Stanley Cup finals, but it hasn’t been without some shoddy play in net. Edmonton coach Kris Knoblauch boldly chose to bench Skinner in the opening round against the Vancouver Canucks. Eventually, the bench boss brought back Skinner and the Oilers advanced. It’s impressive the Oilers have gotten so much out of a mediocre, third round player. However, most teams including the Golden Knights would rather have their netminders over Skinner

It’s not just in the West. Other 2017 draft picks are currently playing in the Eastern Conference finals. The Rangers used their 2017 1st round pick on center Filip Chytil. Since his return from an injury plagued season, the Czech has seven shots in five games. Florida also has a 2017 draftee in their postseason lineup. With their second-round pick in 2017, the Panthers selected center Eetu Luostarinen. While he has only recorded four points in a depth role, he’s been in the lineup every game this postseason.

Clearly, the 2017 NHL draft did no go well for the Golden Knights. Sure, they used draft picks and prospects to build a championship lineup, but a touch of highly drafted youth could of helped them get passed the Stars in Game 7. Vegas’s veteran lineup cruised to the organization’s first Stanley Cup trophy last year, but this year came up short due to a lack of chemistry and injuries to their upperclassmen. An injection of players in their early twenties may have helped the team go further.

Lastly, it’s May 30th and opening day is 127 days away… what else could we playfully complain about?

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  5. Emmanuel

    Mr. Pothier & Mr. Boehlke can you write an article listing the Top 9 VGK draftees who are still with the franchise?

  6. ThG

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    the vegas now site ran a piece on prospects a few weeks back, I posted it here. Go to archive and type in prospects. There were some surprising up coming movements, and down grades. Patera was one of the down grades, if you still want to call him a prospect.

  7. ThG

    finally a piece about other teams in NHL

    the site is too focused on VGK at times !

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  9. Rashaad

    I know you didn’t ask me, but I decided to take a deep dive anyways. I was wondering if your question was sarcastic, suggesting that they didn’t have anybody coming up in the pipeline. To my surprise, they’ve actually drafted far better than I thought.

    These are the guys still with the organization.

    2017 – Nic Hague
    2017 – Jonas Rondbjerg
    2017 – Jiri Patera
    2017 – Ben Jones
    2018 – Paul Cotter
    2018 – Ivan Morozov
    2019 – Kaeden Korczak
    2019 – Pavel Dorofeyev
    2019 – Isaiah Saville
    2019 – Mason Primeau
    2020 – Brendan Brisson
    2020 – Lukas Cormier
    2020 – Jesper Vikman
    2021 – Daniil Chayka
    2021 – Jakub Brubanek
    2021 – Jakub Demek
    2021 – Carl Lindbolm
    2022 – Matyas Sapovaliv
    2022 – Patrick Guay
    2022 – Ben Hemmerling
    2022 – Abram Wiebe
    2023 – Matheiu Cataford
    2023 – Arttu Karki
    2023 – Tuomas Uronen

    Nic Hague, Paul Cotter, Pavel Dorofeyev and Kaeden Korczak are legit NHL contributors.

    Jonas Rondbjerg is probably playing in the NHL more often if he was on a different franchise that wasn’t so awesome. He could become a full-time NHLer this year on a shutdown third line with Karlsson.

    Too early to tell on the 2020 guys. Brisson and Cormier seem to have NHL futures.

    Anything after that is way too early to tell but Mathieu Cataford and Carl Lindbolm are intriguing.

    It seems as though the scouts know what they are doing. They drafted Nick Suzuki, Erik Brannstrom, Payton Krebs, David Edstrom and Zach Dean and traded them to help acquire Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty, Tomas Hertl and Ivan Barbashev.

    I feel if they decided to pivot and become more of a draft and develop type of organization they would likely do well. It’s not a stretch to say that since they have brilliant minds in the front office.

    In my opinion, I am happy that they have done everything the way that they because I like deep playoff runs and a Stanley Cup Championship.

  10. Rashaad

    My response was to Emmanuel. Before I posted a couple of non hockey stuff was posted.

    • ThG

      so you are saying the franchise has passed it’s apex, spending most of fuel in tank, and going into a consolidation period after
      being in deep runs in the SC playoffs the first few years of franchises?

      BTW PDB completely out coached BC in DAL series, not even close.

      • JB

        Dallas is a very good team. So were the Knights in their playoff roster. Had we won that series I think we might very Wei have went on to win the cup again. That aside, I sure hope not to see an oilers vs panthers for the cup. But, I think Florida is probably going to beat NY and the winner of tonight’s Dallas vs Edmonton game will probably win that series.

        • ThG

          and VGK was very good team also, PDB plain outcoached BC; it was pretty obvious he knew which match ups worked, and weaknesses of VGK.

        • TS

          Jb, The CATS are in! I predicted Cats vs Stars in the final, when playoffs began..i’m.halfway there, waiting for Stars…

      • Rashaad

        ThG, some regression but not an embarrassing San Jose Sharks ripping up the roster regression. Eichel and Hannifin are elite and young. Hague, Whitecloud, Korczak, Dorofeyev, nice supporting cast of young players. They will still be competitive. I think.

        • ThG

          i hope you are right, but this bunch, sans Hannifin, didn’t tear up the league after falling fast from first place in second half of the season.

          they limped into playoffs

          I give BC one more season, then he gone, if the team doesn’t get past first round next year

  11. Vic

    Safe to say Dallas did pretty well in the 2017 draft. The three elite pieces added makes them very strong in 2024. Let’s hope they can put the Oilers back to sleep. Florida looking very tough, and I also would hate to see FL vs EDM (the path FL is hoping for). The VGK went in a different draft/trade direction, and one cup and other nice seasons made for a dream ride. Who knows how it all plays out.

  12. Rashaad

    The guy from The Fourth Period is in the above clip sounding like it’s a foregone conclusion that Jonathan Marchessault will sign an extension with the Vegas golden Knights.

    I think he is a terrible insider that gets it wrong a lot but people seem to disagree with me.

  13. Tim

    Unfortunately we ended up with the 6th pick in what was considered a weak draft. Cody Glass just didn’t have it and Suzuki traded to Montreal turned out the best of our 4 early picks. The Knights want NHL ready players not to concerned about draft picks. The formula has worked looking at our success through our first 7 years. Who’s going to get the Marie Antoinette treatment this year. For you not familiar with Marie she ended up on the chopping block.

    • ThG

      i thought it was the name of your toy dog Timmah.

      or is that chopped liver/??

      Need a score card to keep up with your life trivia.

      It appears: Amadio, Carrier, and Mantha are likely gone , and have received notice that they can seek offers, will not receive offer. Patera is likely gone too.

      Marty has not made a decision, VGK FO is waiting on MARTY. Same as Marchy. FO said they would begin negotiations, but that has not happened.

      I see a top heavy salary laden team centered on a number of aging veterans : Marchy, Stone, Petro. With a supporting cast that will need to do more heavy lifting than last year with unproven rookies likely given a shot. KK is only one likely ready, the half dozen others not so much (Demsenko, Brisson, Cormier, Rondberg (likely gone))

  14. THg – what makes you think or think you know that Amadio, Carrier, and Mantha are likely gone and have received notice that they can seek offers. This is not questioning whether they should or should not be gone but rather is just false info unless you reference a reliable source willing to identify who that individual is.

    • Rashaad

      Hdbiker, I’ve seen that written somewhere and I will try to find the link for you.

    • ThG

      HD BIKER
      I am not 100% sure, I was reading where some poser, I mean media poster is speculating that VGK did give them notice. Even though there is no official word from the organization. IT could be just bull shit. I wish it weren’t the case though. Losing a couple of these decent players at expense of signing one aging veteran, putting a big hole in roster, seems like suicide on franchise level.

  15. Rashaad

    Here is the link. It looks like it is David Pagnotta of the FourthPeriod. Again, I don’t really respect this guy or his track record of being right. But most people do and have shit on me for even suggesting that he is not a reliable source.

    • ThG

      “.blah blah blah have shit on me” I think the site name, prohockeyrumors is why they are doing so !

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