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Golden Knights Select Forward Trevor Connelly With 19th Pick In 1st Round

Photo from Kartane in SinBin Discord

With the 19th overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, the Golden Knights have selected Trevor Connelly from the Tri-City Storm of the USHL. Connelly is committed to play hockey this fall at Providence College.

Here are what scouts have written about the 2024 #19 overall pick. Connelly is a burner. Give him the puck in space, and he makes things happen. Some of that is skill, a lot that effectiveness rests in the details – it all depends on what’s in front of him. When confronted by a defender playing a tight gap, Connelly dictates their momentum, changing lanes and cutting across his opponents as they react; if the defence sags, he cuts inside

The Hockey Writers: The 18 year old is seen as a sure top-six talent according to league scouts.

Dobber Hockey: Dynamic, skillful winger with great playmaking and puck-carrying abilities. Plays a very unrefined game, but has sky-high upside.

Daily Faceoff: From an on-ice perspective, Connelly has so much going for him. He’s been lighting up the USHL all season long … Off the ice, though, is what teams are concerned about. It just depends on which teams you talk to.

The Hockey News: About two years ago, Connelly posted an image on the social media platform Snapchat, in which the photo depicted a friend posing in front of building blocks that was formed in the shape of a swastika. Connelly was also accused of making a racial slur in a game in 2021, but after an investigation was unable to verify the incident, it resulted in the initial suspension for the violation to be lifted.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    his “problems” seem like positive qualities to me…

  2. DeezNutz

    Cancel culture woketards unite!

  3. Chris

    Wow. Nazis all posting on the site again. How fun. You ruin this site like you’re ruining the country.

    • knights fan in minny

      you mean mush head jo is ruining the country

    • ThG

      no one could do a worse job of ruining this nation than creepy joe
      and the dems ( we clearly have a mush head in charge that doesn’t know what is going on) , and their neoNAZI tactics. Which BTW the Supreme Court
      shot down yesterday in devastating blow to Biden’s DOJ.

      there I clarified your post

  4. Richie-Rich

    I am assuming there’s no issue with the off-ice issues that have been documented…..

    I am seeing rumors for Stamkos and Kane, and a deal to keep Marchy?

  5. DL

    The Golden Knights selected Tri-City left wing Trevor Connelly with the 19th overall pick in the first round of the NHL Draft at Sphere on Friday.

    Connelly, a strong winger with playmaking ability, had 78 points in 52 games with the Storm last season.

    “You draft in the first round you really want to walk away with some talent,” general manager Kelly McCrimmon said during an interview on ESPN. “I really feel that Trevor is a great skater, a great playmaker, really high skill level. That was the motivation for us.”

    Connelly does come with questions off the ice. He posted a picture to Snapchat in 2022 of a teammate sitting in a children’s area of a library with building blocks assembled in the shape of a swastika.

    In 2021, Connelly was accused of directing a racial slur toward an opponent. Discipline was not upheld by the California Amateur Hockey Association because the allegation could not be corroborated.

    “We certainly did our due diligence,” McCrimmon said. “We interviewed Trevor on two different occasions as recently as a couple of days ago and feel that he’s going to represent our organization the way that we would expect.”

  6. Emmanuel

    Shocking how low Cole Eiserman fell! After Celebrini he was the best pure scorer.

    Now whatsnthe dish on the VGK guys “off ice issues”?

  7. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Kid has some potential, needs some bulk. Big thing is he is a kid and boys do stupid shit; the swastika thing was stupid, but him pissing on a bully’s uniform is hilarious. I watched a few of his scouting reports and he has some sick moves, good puck control, great speed, and a sweet sniping wristshot. However, he can be knocked off the puck and isn’t too physical. A few years of development and some weight training could help. Let’s see how he does in Providence next year.

    • Emmanuel

      Oh boy…..yeah, if I had a buck for every stupid thing ive done…….
      Wonder what the reaction woulda been if he took a picture with a hammer n sickle………

      These are kids, we forget about that and people just want to feel morally superior, social media has just made it worse.

  8. Emmanuel

    Anyone actually go to the Sphere? Was it worth it?

  9. Emmanuel

    Anyone actually go to the Sphere? Was it worth it?

    • Earl the Replanted Transplant

      I am considering going tomorrow worked preve ted going today, tickets on Gametime starting at $28. I figure it be cool to go to the last “in-person” draft.

  10. jake

    Katie Strang of “The Athletic” offered the “definitive” research/article on him and quoted many anonymous sources.

    Has he been immature? Has he sad a few things that in this day and age are worthy of the death sentence.? Probably.

    The article also points out that much of what he did or said was the face of hordes of jealous parents and players who hazed him when he was a young and extremely talented players.

    If he was black he would be lauded as one who emerged from systemic racism, unfair treatment, and hatred to be – an amazing player!

    BTW the author of the article specializes in gender/race/victims for The Athletic.

    The Athletic, now owned by The New York Times, the most Woke, white hating, successful white hating, hetersexual male hating, beef eating, Christian hating, gun owner hating, Roundup hating, traditional motherhood hating publications in the country or world.

    I will share with you the now sainted Don Imus’ review of The New York Times.

    “The NY Times SUCKS! SUCKS!”

    We welcome another Woke Misfit to the ranks of our team!

    I am excited to have some forward talent who has been screwed over several times in life by the Woke Tribunal.

    Plus…given his, at times, immaturity, which he has admitted, what better team of leaders is there in the NHL than Vegas to mold him into a future Stanley Cup Winner?

    We need him next year.

    I wonder if the author has researched (with anonymous sources) how many times Oatmeal Joe, Barack, and Michelle have used racial slurs against whites? Or blacks?

    I suggest the author do some cutting, anonymous research on Michelle’s senior paper at Harvard where she lambasted everything white. Funny how that paper has never been “leaked?”

    • Stephanie

      Don Imus is still alive?!?!?

    • ThG

      NY slimes

      VGK need to keep left wing nut job, woke broke dumb shits away from this kid

      and that is what all these draft picks are. Youngsters, and kids.

    • knights fan in minny

      screw the nyt trash rag

  11. Stephanie

    Ok what does that last line mean?!?!?

  12. Chris

    Ahhh Jake. Nazis like you gonna nazi.

  13. Vic

    Ugh!!! Another 150 pound weakling with offensive talent and no defensive skills. Probably won’t see him for years assuming he’s not traded.

  14. Vic – potentially one of the more positive posts and probably closer to reality than you realize.

  15. He looks like he has excellent offensive potential. He skates well and has excellent puck handling and a good shot ,also has good passing ability . However, for him to have an impact at the NHL level he needs to get bigger and stronger. Plus be able to adapt to the physical NHL game.

  16. ThG

    the hockey news should stick to hockey news, and so should this site; which raises question yet again if they are truly a fan site for VGK or just a shit stirring site. There was no reason whatsoever to post the rumor filled hockey news quote. Or as some of the low IQ posters here would whine”What does that have to do with hockey”.?

    Note how the woke broke ESPN was completely shut off in attempt to interview the VGK pick. coGM KM KM was quick into the coach , they didn’t give the kid to the wolve , pervert, cougar Leah Hextall to interview. Knowing fully well she would get her far left wing agenda “knives” out. But she did try to dig into it and KM KM politely told her it was none of her fucking business. This is why KMKM is one of best GM GMs in the league. Good for him. Now this site needs to do better in reflecting their content in positive light for VGK. Their articles seem to lack focus on entire NHL.

    did anyone else notice the teams snubbing the Florida panthers? I dont’ think one franchise mentioned the SC winner.

    On a continuing note, Jill Biden should be prosecuted for elderly abuse. Pushing her husband into situation that is clearly over his head. After the devastating debate where he had a “cold”, she flew him to North Caroline at 2 am . We know this is well past his bed time. Where he went to ice cream shop (must have been 24 hour one) where she proclaimed in front of about four people “four more years”. If this isn’t elderly abuse I don’t know what is. Now there is a prosecutor in Atlanta who wants to go after Trump for murdering an elderly man on stage.

    Go figure, the left is completely whacked out, and ruining this once great nation. Biden went down, just like Frazier

  17. Jake

    Jill was Oatmeal Brain Joe’s “Nanny” while his wife was dying.

    She is a fraud, earning her “Doctor of Nothing” so she could see her name with a “Doctor” on the mail.

    She is a power hungry enabler, a public school teacher, at the skirmish line, leading the Neo “Hitler Youth Corps” which infects our public school system from top to bottom.

    The motto used to be, “Teaching a New Generation” now it is “Resistance is Futile.”

    Obviously, with many exceptions among the teachers who, rightly so, are frightened for speaking “the truth.”

    Connelly is 6-1 with speed and skill. It is just what “The Doctor” ordered for the aging and sluggish Golden Knights.

    He is on the hit list of The Woke Tribe. God be with him!

    The Vegas organization is smooth with good leadership, along with the team. It is the best team for him to excel, grow, and be protected from the mobs.

    Now, get Marner.

    • ThG

      New York Times editorial board calls for Biden to drop out: His candidacy is a ‘reckless gamble’
      Calls continue to grow for Biden to withdraw his re-election bid following his ‘disaster’ debate performance

    • knights fan in minny

      jilly pooh is a elder abuser scumbag

  18. ThG

    now from a real scout, and not writers

    “He’s an explosive player that seems to impact every game he plays,” Central Scouting’s Pat Cullen said. “… I’ve not walked away from any games with Trevor in the past two years where I was disappointed. He’s a guy that when you go to the rink, it’s fun to watch him play because he can score, he can skate, he’s unselfish. He just has a lot of qualities that make him a really attractive forward for NHL clubs to be looking at.”The past is the past. We don’t get involved in that. He’s just a really, really good, complete player and he’s done it at every level the last couple years.”

    Connelly’s skill set is unquestioned, with explosive skating and a dynamic offensive presence. But there have been questions about his maturity on and off the ice, including an illegal check to the head playing for the United States against Canada in the third period of the gold-medal game at the 2024 IIHF World Under-18 Championship that allowed Canada to score three power-play goals and turn a 3-2 deficit into a 5-3 lead en route to a 6-4 victory. Connelly will head to Providence College in the fall, and if he can grow physically as well as emotionally, he could be a steal at this point in the draft.

  19. Jake

    From “The Athletic” which hacked at him but also spoke of his talent.

    Feb 2024

    In late July, NHL scouts traveled to Central Europe for the Hlinka Gretzky Cup, an under-18 international tournament, to watch some of the best young players eligible for the 2024 NHL Draft.

    Over six days, scouts bounced between the FOSFA Arena in Břeclav, Czech Republic, and the Pavol Demitra Ice Hockey Stadium in Trenčín, Slovakia, as they watched likely first-round picks Berkly Catton and Sam Dickinson from Team Canada and highly rated Czechia defenseman Adam Jiricek. But few prospects caught their attention as much as Trevor Connelly, a 17-year-old forward from Tustin, Calif.

    Over five games, he scored five goals and had five assists and led Team USA to its first medal at the event since 2016. He displayed dynamic skating, puck skills and offensive creativity. In the bronze medal game, Connelly went end-to-end and chipped a shot over the shoulder of Finland’s goalie. One scout said of Connelly: “He looked like the best player here.”

  20. Tim

    Does it matter who we draft there only here until our next trade. We have little use for prospects and sooner then later he’s be with another organization. Keeping Glass over Suzuki was our first trade blunder and not our last. Do you remember Payton Krebs a steal at 17 only because he was hurt well he shuffled of to Buffalo so much for star power. Our management team is good at shocking the hockey world with the star power we acquire that no one see’s coming. Latest example is Thomas Hertl when that trade was made every sportscasters jaw dropped with a stunned look you don’t see very often. That’s my favorite thing with the Knights you never know what’s next and that’s exciting. So for us to develop an in house superstar the chances are slim and none and slim’s left town.

    • Jake

      I think Connelly might be the exception.

      He is better than even rated since most “experts” would not dare to rate him too high given he is on the Woke Hit List.

      Height, speed, skill A Keeper High ceiling with some emotional/maturity growth/discipline needed, like everyone else.

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