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0 Shots, 5 Minutes

Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

The clock at American Airlines Center said 5:00 left in the 3rd period. Already down in the series the home team found themselves down a goal in Game 2 as well. They had to score and quickly.

The Golden Knights had other ideas.

Despite holding controlling the puck for a majority of the last five minutes and pulling their goalie for the extra attacker, the Stars did not manage to get a single shot on net the rest of the game.

We’re trusting each other. That’s huge. You have to trust the four other guys on the ice with you to do their job and I think we’ve been doing that really well. -Noah Hanifin

The goaltender, who was crucial in keeping the game tied in the 2nd period, used the same word, trust.

I’m used to it by now. I completely trust my forward group and D group in front of me. You know the team is clicking when they are getting in front of every puck. We battle for each other. -Logan Thompson

Every Golden Knight defenseman played in the final five minutes and all but Nic Roy (who was nursing an injury) and Keegan Kolesar played as well. The shift lengths stayed shot, they blocked three shots and deflected a boatload of passes, and forced a giveaway late that led to Eichel’s empty-net clincher.

We used everybody. There’s an understand what it takes to win in this league. We’ve been through it. You can’t get loose, you can’t relax, you have to stay on your toes, and try to attack. -Bruce Cassidy

Unlike the earlier portion of the period in which the play was much more structured, the desperation in Dallas’ game led to some frantic plays. Vegas’ composure and experience allowed them to handle every situation with poise. Here’s a great example that ends with a screenshot which is a microcosm of the series so far.


The play started with a dump-in because of a great gap from Hanifin. Somehow, the 5’8″ Logan Stankoven won a forechecking battle against both Pietrangelo and Hanifin. But, when the puck got sent back out to the point, Marchessault is there instantly to force a quick harmless shot towards the net. Even after a Dallas tip on the shot, Pietrangelo got his stick on it to send the puck to the corner. Pietrangelo then won a stick battle and got the puck to Barbasehv who lifted it out of the zone. Dallas wasn’t done though, they quickly re-entered the zone with an excellent little combination between Robertson and Stankoven. Stankoven beat Eichel at the point and was able to feed a puck to the center of the ice. VGK are in danger here. A great stick check by Hanifin and then a lunging pass breakup by Pietrangelo break up the initial play, then all five Golden Knights converge on the loose puck near the front of the goal to put out the fire.

Look at this still frame from the end of the play.

Five Golden Knights within 10 feet of the goal creating a forcefield around Thompson in net. There’s not a green jersey anywhere near the front of the goal because Vegas has ushered them away by defending in layers from Pietrangelo and Hanifin to Eichel to Barabashev and Stone.

This is the series in a nutshell, and it’s exactly why the Golden Knights have taken both games on the road and have the Dallas Stars searching for answers they probably won’t find.




@SinBinVegas Twitter Q&A – Post Game 2 VGKvsDAL, April 25th, 2024


  1. Howard

    Amazing arrogance/homer-ville tripe by Ken here. Dallas D is just as good as Vegas, and this series could easily be 2-0 the other way. Dallas could absolutely win 4 in a row like we did against Avs 3 seasons ago. Vegas D has absolutely been great, so has The Dallas D. Low scoring basically 1 goal games is not dominance of one team over another Ken – do better.

    • knights fan in minny

      suter sucks he gets exposed

    • John W

      But Dallas hasn’t. Going back to the beginning of the 2022-2023 season, VGK is 9-5 against Dallas, and is on a 9-2 run in the last 11 games. That is dominance, Howard.

      Dallas’s play in the last two games brings back memories of the DeBoer coached VGK struggling to score against Vancouver and Dallas in the Bubble, and the disaster of a series against Montreal.

      Pretty sure Pete’s history of not being able to make changes mid series will continue.

      • Pistol Pete

        John W, maybe Howard is on to something. The Stars are as good as the VGK and will sweep the rest of the series. They came within two games of doing it the last one.

    • Erick

      I would call it arrogance if it was a single Game, off the last 8 playoff games Vegas has taken 6, that’s no coincidence

    • Seth

      What game did you watch? VGK was dominant in Game 2. Game 1 you could Dallas was a maybe bit better but no way last night after the first 5-7 minutes.

    • Jason

      Vegas is 8-2 against Dallas in their last 10 and have a +16 goal differential. That is dominance.

    • Jonathan

      Hahaha who’s the homer you clown! Dallas D isn’t even close to as good as Vegas. Sorry but you don’t have Hanifin and Pietrangelo, let alone 8 Dmen who can all start. It couldn’t be 2-0 Dallas, no, what games were you watching?! Vegas trailed for 82 seconds dude. It was complete domination both games. There was absolutely zero reason to press Game 1 once we had a 2 goal lead, which happened multiple times. Then we just defended and let your morons tire themselves out. Keep dreaming about your comeback; the Stars already have tee times for next week.

    • Jeff

      Zero shots in the last five minutes. You know, when they needed them the most? ZERO.

      Personally, I think you should reconsider who in this situation needs to do better. lol

    • Vegascommish

      This is a Vegas-centric site, Howard. If not for a gift 3rd goal in Game 1, it’s a 4-2 win for VGK. The Stars have lost both at home and had a lead for all of 1 minute and 22 seconds out of a possible 120 minutes of hockey. That is not enough to justify that this series could even be close to 2-0 Dallas. Ken’s analysis was bang on regarding the final 5 minutes of Game 2. The Golden Knights put the game and now the series on lockdown. This does not mean the Stars cannot win in Vegas or still win this series, but for now, the Knights being up 2-0 is justified and is very impressive.

  2. ThG

    nothing like giving the opposition some key points that they likely could n t figure out.

    hope they aren t reading this site.

    it s like sloppy seconds joe giving our enemies the talibann are best weapons in botched afghanny withdrawal

    has crooked joe, 10% for big guy, done a good thing for every day middle class american? except raise our taxes and take our hard earned money with his clean energy anti american domestic energy sick n twisted agenda?

  3. stats

    Jack Eichel has scored 30 points in 24 playoff games, the fastest American born player to that mark in NHL history.

    Brian Leetch, Adam Fox, Patrick Kane, Jake Guentzel all trail Jack Eichel

    • Pistol Pete

      Jack Eichel is one hell of a hockey player. Not the most prolific scorer but such a good skater and stick handler. Funnest player to watch in the league in my book. Trading for him makes McCrimmon a high IQ guy for obvious reasons.

  4. stats

    No update on Marchment and Faksa, who left in the third.

    Looks like 2 of their more physical players are out.

  5. Toe Drag

    I enjoyed the post but for some reason I don’t see the video. Is it just me?

    • NAM

      Yeah there definitely something missing. I assume a video or gif or something.

    • ThG

      welcome to the jungle TD

      I just got back from out of town, I see a bunch of regulars missed practice today according to X’s by Ken (X is former site known as twitter, which always was a gay name, no wonder, it was started by a couple in Bay area). X is much better, but still lacking. I would change it to SOCIAL MEDIA CHATTER. Which is better than DJT Truth social site.

      BTW a poll just came out and 94% of those polled said Biden is worse than Jimmy Carter ever was. And Carter (along with Obama) were the worst pResident in last 50 years. I was alive when Carter was president and he was a decent person. Not evil like Biden is (he supported segregation back in the day, btw). Here is link that goes into detail, and note X is not a conservative site by any extent of imagination. Some of the comments are pretty damning.

    • TS

      Toe, no video here, either…

  6. JB

    I said we are in Dallas’ heads and was proved on the way the played in the first period. During the season Dallas was only the 19th place team in hits per game. Not knowing what to do they came out throwing their bodies around in an attempt to intimidate the Knights. (Which it didn’t ). Once that didn’t work they were totally lost the last two periods. I am convinced we have the deepest and most talented team in the playoffs. And, the boys are so damn confident. Nothing bothers them. They just keep on playing their game.

    • Pistol Pete

      JB the VGK is a very well-coached group of veterans who know how to win in the postseason. Cassidy is fortunate to have them and they him. Let’s just hope they stay healthy. Even with good health this is never easy.

  7. TS

    Love the tough, physical play at net! One of the past concerns with the team has been their unwillingness to work the net aggressively on both ends. They’re in their Playoff form now, and it sure shows!

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