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Translating NHL’s Rules And Regulations On Vegas Transactions

252 days ago the NHL announced Vegas as the league’s 31st franchise. Today, the NHL announced Vegas as officially the league’s 31st franchise. There’s a difference there, and it involved $500 million dollars of The Creator’s money, but we don’t have to worry about it anymore, thank goodness.

What we do have to worry about is what has changed between yesterday and 12:04 this afternoon when the Golden Knights sent out the press release confirming the final payment has cleared and have become a “fully operational member of the National Hockey League.”

With the announcement the league put out a list of rules and regulations about exactly what George McPhee and the Golden Knights are able to do now that they are fully operational. Unfortunately their rules are written in some sort of jibberish laywery talk which is nearly impossible for English speaking humans to understand. (Yes, I did just say lawyers aren’t humans.) Luckily, is here to translate. Here we go!

**There’s an acronym glossary at the bottom**

Bona Fide Transactions: Effective today, Vegas may now enter into Trades and Waiver Transactions or sign Players to NHL SPCs in accordance with CBA Section 50.8(d) or a Player Transfer Agreement (a “bona fide transaction”). Any bona fide transactions involving current Players must specify the identity of each and every such Player(s) at the time the transaction is entered into.

Translation – Vegas can make trades and sign players. They just can’t cheat the CBA and have to tell the league when they make trades or sign players.

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Creator Confirms Golden Knights Will Have Two Mascots

The name and logo are all good and well, but now it’s time for them to come to life in the form of a mascot, or as The Creator shared with, two mascots.

We’re going to have two mascots. One fan-friendly, kid-friendly mascot and there’s going to be one awesome, mean mother… the guy you don’t want to meet in the woods. -The Creator

First off, describing one mascot as a “mean mother…” might be the greatest thing that’s ever come out of The Creator’s mouth. It’s a shame he didn’t realize he was in the R-Rated space of talking to and finished off the thought with what he really wanted to say.

He went on to speak about his dream, which I heard for the first time in April of 2016 and have heard many times since, of the mascot skating in his full suit of armor and pulling Excalibur from the ice to kick off the season. Expect that mascot to be a true to form human knight plucked right out of the medieval days.

The other mascot is a bit more of a mystery. The only description we got was “kid-friendly” which leads me to believe he (or she) will be your classic fluffy oversized bobblehead looking mascot. Think this, or this, even something like this.

A female/male combo?

Nah, I think we’ll go… Well the male is going to be the Golden Knight, and I’ve got a lot of ideas for him, then we have another idea but I can’t tell you about it yet. -The Creator

My guess would be an apprentice-type, or even the son of the Golden Knight.

Hopefully holding a sword from the Sword Star logo, wearing an oversized VGK helmet that doesn’t yet fit, and acting like a child trying to be like his father, but doesn’t yet have the skills, but no one asked me, so who knows.

Either way, not one but two mascots will be roaming the rows of T-Mobile Arena come October when the team finally hits the ice for the first time. As for when we’ll get to meet the literal faces of the franchise? That’s still unknown. Could be any time between next week and east July.

Golden Knights Ring In Chinese New Year At Mandarin Oriental

In Vegas culture it’s the Year of the Golden Knight, in Chinese culture it’s the Year of the Rooster. In a ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental yesterday the two met, exchanged pleasantries, hockey sticks, and golden roosters in an attempt to create a symbiotic relationship that could truly turn the Vegas Golden Knights into the worldwide brand The Creator is hoping it becomes.

Now, obviously, the ceremonial exchange of a left handed hockey stick with the words Vegas Golden Knights on it for a golden rooster aptly named Stanley by the GM of Mandarin Oriental is hardly going to do anything to form a relationship with the Asian fan base the NHL has yet to capture. But the gesture is just the beginning.

The Vegas Golden Knights plan to attract fans from all over the world, including the world’s largest market, and the NHL’s smallest, China. It’s quite the tall task, but if even a small part of the eastern hemisphere adopts the Golden Knights as their own, look out.

Think of this as a the ribbon cutting ceremony, the only difference is this relationship is going to be much slower growing and much more difficult to see than what’s going on at the site of the last VGK ribbon cutting.

They’ve proven their commitment to the military. Now shown the beginning of an engagement with the Asian market. Next up, diving into the lifeblood of the organization, Las Vegas locals. Though I can’t get into much of what’s scheduled (was asked politely to wait until the press releases come out), there’s a lot on the plate in the coming months, and likely weeks.

Ok, enough about that, let’s see some Rooster pictures!

FRONT ROW: Peter Sadowski, Kerry Bubolz, Nehme Abouzeid BACK ROW: Donald Bowman (Mandarin Oriental GM), The Creator, Steve Sisolak (Clark County Commission Chairman)

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AHL Has No Expansion Applications; Vegas To Share With St. Louis?

Since the moment the Vegas Golden Knights became a reality there has really only been one name truly linked to them in regards to the AHL. That’s the Chicago Wolves, the current affiliate with the St. Louis Blues.

Why it made so much sense was because there appear to be plans in the works for the Blues to pick up and move their AHL affiliation to Kansas City. We discussed that in depth here. But here’s the problem, the AHL’s President and CEO David Andrews says they have yet to receive an application for expansion.

I don’t think we can go much beyond the middle of March without having a commitment with respect to where each of these NHL clubs are going to [have their affiliate] play and whether we are ready to expand. -David Andrews

Stephen Gross, a reporter from The Morning Call (it’s a newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania, I had to look it up so I figured I’d save you the time. Don’t worry, they’ve never heard of either, so the confusion is mutual) said Andrews put the odds at 50-50 that the league will indeed expand in time for next season.

So where does that leave Vegas in all of this?

It means there’s a 50-50 shot the Golden Knights and Blues will share an affiliate in the Chicago Wolves. GM George McPhee says Vegas will only have “six or eight guys” in the AHL, but the situation in Chicago gets tricky with the Blues still in the picture.

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Trump Executive Order Jokes – Golden Knights Style

These are just too funny not to share on the site itself.

For those who don’t know the origin of the joke, here it is.

And here are the VGK ones…

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Vegas Golden Knights Make Appearance In Super Bowl 51 Props

When the NHL decided it was time to take the proverbial leap and become the first team to put a major professional sports franchise in Las Vegas they knew it would bring more exposure to the league. Look, even that goblin of a commissioner said it.

I actually believe Las Vegas is going to raise the visibility of hockey. -Gary Bettman, to NHL Network’s On The Fly

I think he was talking about TV numbers, international appeal, and just the simple flare the word Vegas (or Las Vegas if you prefer) brings to anything it’s associated with.

Well here’s another thing bringing the NHL to Vegas does for the league. It puts them front and center in one of the most influential places in the entire world of sports, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, sportsbooks.

Every year the Westgate, formerly LVH, formerly the Hilton, formerly the International, SuperBook, (easily the best sportsbook in the world… until another one pays me to say otherwise) puts out a book of Super Bowl props 40+ pages long.

You can bet everything from the coin toss, to the weight of the player who scores the first TD, to the exact number of points each team will score and there are payouts on both sides of every bet. The day the prop book comes out is essentially a city-wide holiday in Las Vegas. This year, the NHL found its way into the “cross-sport bets” section with two props on the Golden Knights.

**(Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 NHL Regular Season)
Must play 82 Regular Season Games for action

**(Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 First NHL Regular Season Game)
**In case of shootout only 1 goal is added to winners score

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Home Field Will Be Much Tougher To Maintain Than Home Ice In Vegas

Way before the NHL announced a new franchise, critics wouldn’t stop bringing up home-ice advantage in Las Vegas… or a supposed lack there of. We’re not dumb, we know there will be other fans at the T-Mobile arena. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the impact, but I personally think it’s overblown, especially if the team is good. The NHL doesn’t seem all that concerned either. Forty-one home games will be hard for visiting fans to consistently take over. Eight games seems far more feasible. And you know what league plays eight home games?

Thankfully, Mark Davis and his terrible haircut are still a few years away. However, he’s the one who should really prepare himself for a weak home-field advantage. Even the ghost of Al Davis can look up the reaction around the country. NFL fans are anxious for the Raiders relocation. Good for the NFL, bad for the team. Right? Ha, that’s what critics said about Vegas hockey. However, the Golden Knights play 33 more home games than the Raiders. It’s a formula that could spell trouble for the relocated franchise.

Las Vegas native and Pro Bowl linebacker Brandon Marshall is all about relocation. Marshall plays for the Broncos, so a quick trip home is a bonus. That also means Denver fans are a quick trip away as well. Marshall tweeted out his Bronco pride and confidence his fans will travel to Las Vegas.

Immediately, Marshall got hundreds of Twitter responses from Denver and other NFL fans. Not many are against the Oakland to Las Vegas swap.

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Unused Logo Considerations Shown In Behind The Vegas Ice

It took five months from the moment Vegas was awarded a team to the day they became the Golden Knights. During that time we would get periodical updates from The Creator on what he, Adidas, and the league were woking on.

Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2 (watch the episode here) gave us a look at exactly what he was talking about with a quick shot of a wall of options that were considered.

Still image from Behind The Vegas Ice, Episode 2. Aired by Cox Communications, Produced by Levy Productions. In conjunction with Vegas Golden Knights.

There was also another shot of a wall of photos just like this with the Vegas Sign highlighted and a sticky note with the word “local elements” on it.

We have no idea how far along in the process this was, but I have to say, the logo they eventually went with blows everything on that board out of the water.

If you look on the far right hand side of the image you see an early version of the Sword Star logo I personally believe turned out to be one of the best in all of professional sports. The final logo changed a bit, but that one really perked my ears up because it looked like something I thought I had seen before. Check this out…

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Don’t Expect To See A Third Jersey… During The Game

Adidas is taking over as the official supplier of the NHL in 2017-18, Vegas’ first season. Most NHL teams currently have three jerseys, a home jersey which is usually the primary color of the team, an away jersey which is always white, and an alternate. However, with Reebok out and Adidas in, that may change, at least for now.

Multiple sources tell the Star Tribune that all NHL teams will be permitted to have only home and road jerseys next season as Adidas takes over for Reebok as the official outfitter of NHL uniforms. –Michael Russo, Star Tribune

As we await the reveal of the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys, we’ve posted our own mock ups, we’ve seen some cool ones on other sites, and we’ve gotten a few little hints from The Creator himself. Today, we received this note via email.

Just plan on the two primary jerseys with some pre game special jerseys that can be used as charity tie in’s during the year. -The Creator

So, no third jerseys and no more logos in addition to the V-Helmet, the Sword Star, and the Vegas Golden Knights word mark for now.

The expectation is still for Vegas to unveil their first sweaters in late-June, but rumors have surfaced that it could be pushed up as soon as March. June 21st makes the most sense as that’s the date the team announces the results of the Expansion Draft, but June 23rd could work as well, especially if the Golden Knights win the lottery and select first at the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

Either way, just two, not three jerseys in 2017-18. Saved ya 180 bucks.

Vegas Golden Knights Mock License Plates

Decals are cool, stickers are nice, magnets are solid, but real fans take the extra step and have a personalized team specific novelty license plate. We’re not talking about a license plate holder, those are sweet too, but we are talking a legit license plate.

Ever since the team became a reality I’ve been dreaming of changing out my boring three number, three letter Nevada plate into something amazing. So, I got on the horn and told our resident graphic designer, Isaac Palestino, to come up with some concepts. Basically, do NDOT’s job so we can speed the process along.

There are currently 30 styles of plates available in Nevada. The only sports related ones are UNR and UNLV. UNR’s sucks, UNLV’s is a little better.

The Vegas Centennial plate (which tons of people have) is God awful. Reno’s Parks and Rec one isn’t bad.

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