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The Sharks came out and jumped down the Golden Knights throats scoring first and taking a 13-0 shots on goal advantage. But Vegas wasn’t going to be held down for long as they scored the game-tying goal in the 1st and the go-ahead early in the 2nd. San Jose struck on the power play to tie the game at two heading to the final period. Vegas fell behind in the 3rd but a snipe by Brayden McNabb tied it and then James Neal gave the Golden Knights the go-ahead goal. That’s 13-1-1 in the Pacific Division and undefeated against everyone not named Edmonton.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights at San Jose Sharks at SAP Center.

  • That road trip was no joke, 6 games, 11 days, all playoff teams.

Three Stars
*** Brent Burns
** David Perron
* Marc-Andre Fleury


The Golden Knights once again jumped out to an early lead, 2-0 and then 4-1. For the second straight game, they chased the opposing goalie, this time just :10 into the 2nd period. But then the Sharks stormed back in to the game to tie it late in the 2nd. Subban replaced Lagace to start the 3rd. A huge overturned challenge saved the game for the Golden Knights through 3. Marchessault wins it in OT.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena.

Three Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Shea Theodore
* William Karlsson


Upcoming stories from the final preseason game. October 1st, San Jose Sharks vs.Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Is this team ready for October 6th after three lackluster home preseason games?
  • David Perron emerging as the forward responsible for the most scoring chances.
  • Final cuts are due Tuesday, Projected 23 man roster.

Sharks Players Give Expectations Of Golden Knights

The Golden Knights sent a bit of a mixed bag roster to San Jose including younger players such as Cody Glass, Tyler Wong, and Keegan Kolesar as well as a group of older defenseman like Clayton Stoner, Luca Sbisa, Nate Schmidt, and Brayden McNabb. Meanwhile, the Sharks rolled out something rather close to what they expect to see when they depart camp for the regular season.

To no one’s surprise, it took the Golden Knights a while to get going as they found themselves in a 4-0 hole before getting on the board for the first time in the third. After the game, a number of Sharks were asked by about the Golden Knights and their expectations for the inaugural season.

They’ve got NHL players on their team, I expect them to be competitive. For an expansion team, you hope they do well. It’s like any team, they’ve got young guys, they’ve got new guys to be competitive. You don’t take it easy on them, they’re an expansion team, you play to beat them. –Logan Couture

I expect them to be good, I expect them to be competitive and work hard. I think all teams, especially a new team like Vegas with 23 guys new to one franchise, I think they’re going to work hard for each other and they’re going to compete every night. –Joe Thornton

Right off the bat, it’s a bit of cliche-city using the words “compete” and “work,” but if you read between the lines a bit, both players essentially seem to be saying the same thing. “They are an expansion team. We should be better than them. We will need to beat them every single time.”

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Lessons To Be Learned From Nashville And San Jose

Two years in a row the Stanley Cup will be fought for by Pittsburgh and a “non-traditional market.” Like San Jose last season, Nashville won the West and made it to their first Cup final in franchise history. Analysts, like Pierre LeBrun believe the Golden Knights can learn from teams like the Predators and Sharks. If the empty seats in Ottawa didn’t blow up the whole anti-hockey in warm climate traditionalists, nothing will.  Let’s face it purist punks, you didn’t see any empty playoff seats in Nashville and San Jose.

This year’s San Jose is Nashville. Another non-traditional market that has been run the right way. Just like the Sharks, always have been. Always had a loyal following. Good ownership. And here they are… you have model organizations from non-traditional markets in San Jose and Nashville that get to the final. –Pierre LeBrun, on TSN Hamilton 1150

LeBrun believes Vegas can become a successful franchise by designing themselves after the Sharks and Predators organizations. Sure neither team has secured a Stanley Cup of their own but both franchises are well-run and consistently competitive. San Jose has qualified for the postseason 19 times in 25 seasons, and Nashville has qualified 10 in 19 seasons.

Not only does Nashville prove that, but we had it last year with San Jose reaching the Cup final. And what a wonderful story it was for the Sharks. Finally get over the hump and get to the final after years and years of being a contender. People took for granted that the Sharks sell out all the time. Oh yeah, San Jose. Shark Tank. What’s so different about a team in the middle of San Jose, California having success when teams in Arizona and Carolina haven’t hadn’t had as much success the last ten years? The difference is stability in management. -LeBrun

Consistency keeps fans interested and loyal. Once Vegas builds that strong, faithful fanbase, it’ll be easier during periodic lean years. Another factor LeBrun mentioned a few times. Nashville and San Jose have strong ownership and a dedication the fans to win. Who does that sound like? It’s really that way across all the professional leagues, it starts with a strong owner.

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Preseason Opponents And Schedule Pretty Much Set

UPDATE 2 (4:41 PM 1/24/17) : After further review, the team is now confirming the dates reported are indeed accurate. They reiterated there is chance the could change, but they are the correct working dates at this moment.

UPDATE (3:28 PM 1/24/17) : Eric Tosi, Golden Knights VP of communications and content, would only confirm the fact that the current plan is to play seven games, three of which at T-Mobile Arena. The dates and opponents mentioned in this article were described as “TBD” and “still a work in progress.”

We knew there would be seven preseason games for the Vegas Golden Knights in preparation of their inaugural season Three at home, three for sure on the road, and one either neutral or away. The picture is starting to clear up thanks to some top notch reporting by Steve Carp.

Depending on the game in China, the first Vegas Golden Knights hockey game will be on September 17th at T-Mobile Arena or the 19th in Colorado.

Either way, the first team to hit the ice against the Golden Knights in Vegas will be the Kings.

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NHL Fan Reaction To Team Name And TM Denial

On Wednesday night the San Jose Sharks welcomed into their home to watch some puck. The first class organization took care of me so I could talk to some local hockey fans. My view of the game was terrible, but that’s for another day. I talked to about a dozen fans at the SAP Center while the Sharks welcomed the Senators. My criteria was simple, if they asked about or were wearing a cool jersey I asked them about the Vegas Golden Knights. Jerseys worn had to be a current player or a legend. Other than Daniel Alfredsson there’s not many so I played it loose. I chatted with a guy wearing an Antii Niemi sweater but his comments didn’t make the cut. The dude in a Mike Ricci jersey easily passed my test.

Grew up playing in Southern California, so I’m excited for another Pacific team. I’m a West Coast hockey guy. Vegas fans will have to get used to half the arena with Hawks or Rangers fans. I’m all for the name. About the logo, I’m not a fan. It looks like I could’ve created it in 90s video game. I like it as just Vegas. It’s a business. -Casey, Ducks fan

Didn’t grow up playing hockey so I wasn’t connected to the sport. I was super excited when the Sharks first started but I tailed off four to five years later. Around my late 20’s I came back and go to about 3 games a year now. I didn’t even know Las Vegas announced their name. I like the name. The logo is really cool, but I don’t like the secondary logo at all. I’ll go and watch a game in Vegas. -Jay, Sharks fan

I actually love the name and logo. Although I have to admit I’m an Army guy. I can’t understand why Las Vegas is upset. It’s completely original and nothing in pro sports looks like that Knight. Also, it’s the owners money so it’s his decision. Overall, I’m excited for the team to startup. I know I’ll be heading down for a Sharks game next season. Flights are cheap so there’s really no complaint from me. I go to Vegas once a year anyway so I’ll just plan my trip around a Sharks game. Good job Bettman. -Jim, Sharks fan wearing Joe Thornton jersey

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Style Must Match Owner, But Also Have Eyes On Pacific Division

We’re only a week and half away from the big announcement. I won’t get into to potential names, but the GM should fit the owner, the coach should fit the owner, and the team should fit the owner. The Creator would be best to hire a coach and GM with the style of hockey he likes best. I’m not saying Foley will be Jerry Jones, but he’ll certainly have an influence on the franchise’s firsts.

The GM will try and match the style of hockey The Creator wants, but also compete in the Western Conference. Specifically, the Pacific Division. It’ll be a tough balance. According to Francois Gagnon, the Knights (or whatever they call em) will be playing in the Pacific division. The LA Kings have led the charge in the Pacific for the past five years. Looking ahead, it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Sure the Sharks are in the Finals, and the Ducks seem to win the division every year but LA still rules West Coast. Jonathan Quick is locked up until 2023, Drew Doughty through 2019, Anze Kopitar just signed an eight year deal, and Jeff Carter‘s contract is up in 2022. LA’s core is intact. (Shoutout to Mass’s Cathedral High School alum Dean Lombardi for crafting a Cup winning team) The Kings groomed a Norris trophy defenseman, a Conn Smyth wining goalie, and a Selke finalist. They may be a little deflated after this year’s postseason but LA won’t be down for long.

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Stanley Cup Finals Preview: Which Players Might End Up In Vegas?

It’s been a postseason of goaltending changes, early exits, and power play efficiency. We saw LA and Chicago get knocked out early, Ovi get bounced again, Tampa lose half their team, and the Ducks migrate back to the golf course. So this Cup Finals matchup isn’t what people expected. Which is a good thing. Fans don’t like watching the same teams every year, making this series a breath of fresh air. Of course, Sid and the Pens won the cup but it was in 2009. This is new territory for the Sharks, so it should set up to be a very dramatic series.

I’m really excited to watch each teams Power Play units, because both have been so lethal. The only question is who will kill better. Defenseman Trevor Daley‘s injury will certainly hurt Pittsburgh but Kris Letang, Olli Maatta, and Ben Lovejoy have had a brilliant postseason. Same with Sharks defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Brent Burns, and Paul Martin. Goaltending has been a storyline for the Penguins, but not for San Jose. Martin Jones has been fantastic, and Matt Murray has been steady as well. You get it, I’m amped for the Finals.

So in honor of expansion, let’s play fantasy GM and look at both Stanley Cup rosters and examine players that could be future Las Vegas Knights.

San Jose Sharks

Joel Ward – Forward: The bruising power forward has had a fabulous postseason, and was a fine summer pickup for San Jose. Ward was a big part of the Sharks advancing, scoring twice in game five and six against St Louis. Ward is making $3.5 million, and is under contract until 2018. The Sharks will have a hard time protecting Ward due to his age, and the surge of youngster Joonas Donskoi. Ward would fit perfectly in Las Vegas, with his size, strength, and net presence. Ward’s one of the best at causing congestion in front of opposing goalies. We could call him “Spaghetti Bowl” Joel. Vegas, you know what I’m talking about.

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The Sharks Took 25 Years To Get This Close, Example Of How Difficult It Could Be For Vegas

Just think, we’re weeks from learning our fate on the ice. As we expect, Lord Bettman should make his announcement very soon. While we wait, the Cup Playoffs have been the perfect distraction. Especially watching the Sharks take charge of their series against the Blues. San Jose hasn’t won anything yet, but they’ve set themselves up nicely to clinch the series at home. It’s a great story as the Sharks are celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary and now their one win away from their first Cup finals in franchise history.

So in honor of the Sharks celebrating their 25th season, and being one win away from the finals lets relive the franchise’s number one moment.

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