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Playoff Format Change Could Benefit Golden Knights

Rumors are the playoffs format could change in the near future. TSN/ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun mentioned this week the idea was floated about during the GM meetings earlier this month.

During the GMs’ smaller group sessions on the opening day of meetings, one of the assemblages did in fact discuss the playoff format during its open brainstorming session. The feeling in that smaller GM group, according to a source, was that it might be time for change. – Pierre LeBrun,

The current playoff format system will end after the 2018-2019 season and the league will need to make a decision. The suggested format would mimic the nasty 1980’s true divisional playoffs. So the question is, which playoff system would be best for Vegas to qualify for the postseason?

The “old school” format LeBrun and the GMs he spoke with are proposing is a 16 team, divisional playoff. Their argument is for either a divisional or conference system, not both the way it currently stands. The divisional postseason proposal would look like this: #1 Pacific seed vs. #4 Pacific seed, #2 Pacific seed vs. #3 Pacific. After that bloody round, the winners would play each other. Four teams would qualify from each division. No wild cards.

If the Golden Knights only had to worry about 8 teams it brings up an interesting argument. Divisional games are supposed to mean more now but the twin wild cards water it down. The proposed divisional regular season becomes incredibly important which means fans will see entertaining hockey. When teams are familiar with each other it can benefit the underdog which Vegas will be on most nights.

If the league went back to a traditional conference playoff, Vegas would have a tough fight reaching the top eight. Lebrun noted the league isn’t in favor of a conference playoff. The travel always concerns league officials and NHLPA. Which brings us back to the current format. Not only are teams battling with divisional rivals but fighting out the entire conference for two wild cards. It will be tough for Vegas to sneak in over the next two seasons before the present postseason expires. If they’re just fighting against the Pacific, I think the Golden Knights have an outside shot.

If the league decides to go back to a true divisional postseason we could only hope they bring back the old classic names. Instead of Patrick, Smyth, Norris and Adams we could modernize the four divisions. Maybe Orr, Messier, Lemieux and Gretzky. Or Melrose, McGwire, McPhee and McKrimmon.

No One But McPhee May Be Able To See Protection Lists, Even Other GMs

This strange saga keeps getting stranger. We’ve long expected the NHL Expansion Draft protections lists to be made public the day the Golden Knights 72 hour draft period begins allowing speculation to dominate the world of sports talk. Then recently we found out the NHL may keep the lists private from the media and the pubic in what would be a giant mistake.

Now, it looks like they may even take it one step further. It’s possible no one but the Golden Knights will get to see the full lists.

The managers have expressed a preference for maintaining the confidentiality of that information. We will make a final decision in due time. There is no rush here. -Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner

The issue here, I think, is that some GMs are hesitant to let everyone else in the league see how they are ranking or otherwise valuing their own players. I would argue that they already do show their cards when they reveal how they compensate the players in terms of salary. But I suppose that, if lower-paid players end up getting protected over higher-paid players in some cases, teams might not want that kind of naked truth being blatantly blasted out there for posterity. –Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

Before you go nuts about how ridiculous this is, let me take a moment to explain why this is the only way as a Golden Knights fan you should be okay with them not making the lists available to the public.

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Recap Of Expansion Talks At GM Meetings

As the general manager meetings set to wrap up, stories a plenty are pouring out about what was discussed and what changes may be coming soon. Obviously, here at we have our eyes and ears pinned on one specific topic, that of course being expansion.

As we’ve discussed many times before, any expansion news that does not flat out close the process is great news for Las Vegas. So, rather than break down all the news and tell you why it’s all good, I’ll just hit you with a bunch of tweets, quotes, and even a video to get you up to date.

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Current GM’s Want Expansion Rules, NHL Tasks Former GM With The Job

We first brought this idea to you about three weeks ago when Brian Blessing suggested it on the podcast, but now, national hockey media has caught up.

The argument for general managers is quite simple. If we are to make the best decisions for our franchise moving forward, we need to know the rules of a potential expansion draft so we can prepare. We used common sense to come up with this, but it appears hockey reporters are now are hearing it directly from the source.

We’re excited to find out the rules if there is expansion. It’s certainly nice to get those rules so you can make your business decisions short- and long-term based on making players available — if there is expansion. – Doug Armstrong, St. Louis Blues GM 

There have also been multiple reports from guys like Pierre LeBrun, USA Today’s Kevin Allen, and plenty of local reporters regurgitating the info as well.

This isn’t the important news for Las Vegas though. Obviously general managers want the information for preparation purposes, but these guys prepare for everything, so there’s no reason to really read into their requests as confirmation expansion is happening.

However, this little nugget may just be something to get excited about.

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Proposed Rules For An Expansion Draft Have Been Discussed By Owners

Superstar hockey reporter and our all time favorite person named Pierre, Pierre LeBrun has uncovered some incredibly interesting nuggets about what’s actually being discussed in the Board of Governors meetings about expansion.

One GM said to me he saw the proposed rules and he goes, ‘You could lose one of your best young players under what’s being proposed right now.’ -Pierre LeBrun

“Under the proposed rules.” Which means, there are proposed rules. They are indeed discussing topics well beyond “do we actually want to expand.”

What the executive committee has been shown as the original ideas from the league for an expansion draft has them being exposed and losing some pretty good players.

We speculated this might be the case based on the ridiculous $500 million cost of the franchise. The assumption was if the league was going to charge so much, they would have to give the new team(s) a real chance. This quote further confirms the league is indeed proposing rules which would leave some excellent players unprotected.

The unnamed GM did go on to say however the decision on whether or not to expand has not been set in stone yet.

So that’s part of the debate as well, is the yin and yang of, ‘Do we want new teams,’ and ‘How much are we going to enjoy losing a really good player or two in the expansion draft?’

Here’s the problem with the statement. If the rules are “too loose” for the liking of the owners, it absolutely should not be the reason Vegas is denied get a team. Of course The Creator, his organization, and us fans all want the team to get the best talent possible, but I’m sure we would all agree we’d rather have a bad team than no team.

This does mark the first time we’ve had a great source confirming the owners are hung up on expansion rules. We appear to have fully clearly the, “is Vegas good enough” stage, which means just one thing. It’s only a matter of time til our dreams become a reality.

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