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Vegas Golden Knights NHL Expansion Draft Live Blog

Click through to follow our live blog of the Expansion Draft and the eight events leading up to it.

Translating NHL’s Rules And Regulations On Vegas Transactions

252 days ago the NHL announced Vegas as the league’s 31st franchise. Today, the NHL announced Vegas as officially the league’s 31st franchise. There’s a difference there, and it involved $500 million dollars of The Creator’s money, but we don’t have to worry about it anymore, thank goodness.

What we do have to worry about is what has changed between yesterday and 12:04 this afternoon when the Golden Knights sent out the press release confirming the final payment has cleared and have become a “fully operational member of the National Hockey League.”

With the announcement the league put out a list of rules and regulations about exactly what George McPhee and the Golden Knights are able to do now that they are fully operational. Unfortunately their rules are written in some sort of jibberish laywery talk which is nearly impossible for English speaking humans to understand. (Yes, I did just say lawyers aren’t humans.) Luckily, is here to translate. Here we go!

**There’s an acronym glossary at the bottom**

Bona Fide Transactions: Effective today, Vegas may now enter into Trades and Waiver Transactions or sign Players to NHL SPCs in accordance with CBA Section 50.8(d) or a Player Transfer Agreement (a “bona fide transaction”). Any bona fide transactions involving current Players must specify the identity of each and every such Player(s) at the time the transaction is entered into.

Translation – Vegas can make trades and sign players. They just can’t cheat the CBA and have to tell the league when they make trades or sign players.

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Super Bowl Style NHL Stanley Cup Props

In honor of this year’s Super Bowl I’ve come of with some imaginary NHL props. And by the way, isn’t it ridiculous┬áthat they don’t let people┬áreference the name of the “Big Game?” You think Lord Stanley would ever allow that garbage? C’mon I’m eating here.

So here are a few goofy NHL Stanley Cup props: (Note – All odds were created by a bored Jason Pothier. They are not offered by anyone respectable.)

Who will win the honorary puck drop?
Home team -350

Will the LA Kings win when Pia Toscano songs the National Anthem?
Yes -210

Will Doc Emrick repeat the same word during a 60 minute game?(OT excluded)
Yes +450

Will there be a goal by a goaltender?
No -2000

Will a ref be cross checked?(Calgary games excluded)
Yes +250

Will a player lose a tooth?
Yes +150

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