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Playoff Format Change Could Benefit Golden Knights

Rumors are the playoffs format could change in the near future. TSN/ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun mentioned this week the idea was floated about during the GM meetings earlier this month.

During the GMs’ smaller group sessions on the opening day of meetings, one of the assemblages did in fact discuss the playoff format during its open brainstorming session. The feeling in that smaller GM group, according to a source, was that it might be time for change. – Pierre LeBrun,

The current playoff format system will end after the 2018-2019 season and the league will need to make a decision. The suggested format would mimic the nasty 1980’s true divisional playoffs. So the question is, which playoff system would be best for Vegas to qualify for the postseason?

The “old school” format LeBrun and the GMs he spoke with are proposing is a 16 team, divisional playoff. Their argument is for either a divisional or conference system, not both the way it currently stands. The divisional postseason proposal would look like this: #1 Pacific seed vs. #4 Pacific seed, #2 Pacific seed vs. #3 Pacific. After that bloody round, the winners would play each other. Four teams would qualify from each division. No wild cards.

If the Golden Knights only had to worry about 8 teams it brings up an interesting argument. Divisional games are supposed to mean more now but the twin wild cards water it down. The proposed divisional regular season becomes incredibly important which means fans will see entertaining hockey. When teams are familiar with each other it can benefit the underdog which Vegas will be on most nights.

If the league went back to a traditional conference playoff, Vegas would have a tough fight reaching the top eight. Lebrun noted the league isn’t in favor of a conference playoff. The travel always concerns league officials and NHLPA. Which brings us back to the current format. Not only are teams battling with divisional rivals but fighting out the entire conference for two wild cards. It will be tough for Vegas to sneak in over the next two seasons before the present postseason expires. If they’re just fighting against the Pacific, I think the Golden Knights have an outside shot.

If the league decides to go back to a true divisional postseason we could only hope they bring back the old classic names. Instead of Patrick, Smyth, Norris and Adams we could modernize the four divisions. Maybe Orr, Messier, Lemieux and Gretzky. Or Melrose, McGwire, McPhee and McKrimmon.

Double Minor With Jason Pothier – 5/7/16

NHL overtime is much worse than your everyday 40 hour a week overtime. Staples Center the model for Toshiba Plaza? It’s Double Minor with Jason Pothier.

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Double Minor With Jason Pothier – 4/19/16

Players taking stupid penalties, CBS’s Darryl Sutter montage, and South Korean hockey. It’s Double Minor with Jason Pothier.

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Showtime And NHL Announce Playoff All-Access Series

Our friends at Puck Daddy wrote yesterday the NHL and Showtime are finalizing a deal to develop an all-access, NHL playoff series. This is great news for NHL fans, or anyone that enjoys close-up, 24/7 style shows. The NHL has had many successful reality shows over the past ten years. Really, who could forget Gabby Boudreau’s potty-mouth, Torts going nuts, or Ilya Bryzgolavs “so-humongous, big” solar system. TV production crews work their magic getting players and coaches to open up. Maybe even more than they’d like, but that’s why these shows are wildly popular.

While Las Vegas gears up for the big announcement, other cities will be cheering on playoff teams, something Southern Nevada hopes to be a part of someday.
However, that’s still a few seasons down the road and the Stanley Cup playoffs are starting now. Watching this new Showtime series will help Las Vegans prepare for local playoff dreams. By watching all-access NHL programs, you catch a glimpse of the pressure coaches and players face during the season. Las Vegas fans will get a chance to see inside locker rooms, where coaches and captains let teammates have it between periods. You may even start humming postgame ritual songs. Getting up close to NHL players is exciting already, adding the postseason will make it insane. This year’s NHL playoff teams are so deep and talented, any profiled squad would be entertaining to watch.

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Double Minor With Jason Pothier – 4/12/16

Canadian hockey fans poo-pooing an all American NHL Playoffs. Classic Don Cherry, and Stanley Cup predictions. It’s Double Minor with Jason Pothier.

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