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Las Vegas Silver Knights Jersey Concept

From day one The Creator has made it clear that he has an affection for the name Black Knights. An Army man through and through, he’s seemed to use this name every step of the way through the expansion process.

However, here at, we like the name, but prefer one minor tweak. Paying homage to the Silver State we like the name Silver Knights. It keeps the Army feel while adding in something distinct to the area and makes it unique in the sports world.

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Las Vegas Neon Jersey Concept

Here at we are always looking to grow. Recently, we put out a worldwide search for a graphic designer. Someone who could take our stupid ideas and turn them into a reality… digitally. After sifting through thousands hundreds tens a couple applications, we found our guy! His name is Isaac Palestino or as we know him, @JetProArt.

His first project was to turn my terrible drawings using drug store colored pencils of a jersey for the name Las Vegas Neon into something presentable. And boy did he ever. So, without further ado, here’s they are.

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