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Rookie Game 1 Takeaways – Golden Knights 7 Avalanche 6

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

There’s a lot to talk about after the first of three Golden Knights rookie games. When that happens, we tend to take the easy route and just chuck them all in one article using bullet points. So, here are 13 bullet points, one for every goal scored in the Golden Knights 7-6 win.

  • Erik Brannstrom is incredible. This isn’t new, but every time this guy steps on the ice he’s excellent. Tonight he tamed back a bit of his aggressiveness yet still found ways to make a bunch of offensive plays including a dandy of a goal.
  • The Golden Knights opted to put Brannstrom on the PK (something we wouldn’t project him to do much at the NHL level due to his size). Coach Rocky Thompson (Chicago Wolves) explained why they did it…
    • “Ultimately, it’s going to take time for him on the penalty kill, but we wanted to see some situations. We dialed it back a little bit later in the game, but we definitely wanted to see. It’s definitely a place where we see him in the future is being a top two defenseman. When you are a top two defenseman you have to be well-rounded, so you can beat those minutes.” -Thompson
  • Nic Hague had an interesting night proving something we haven’t gotten to see a ton of because we haven’t seen them play actual games against other teams, and that’s his PP prowess. Playing on the Golden Knights lesser talented PP unit, he scored twice from the exact same spot. (Also, I highly enjoyed the celly on the first one.)
  • The first period was a perfect example of a team playing “Golden Knights” style hockey. Incredibly fast in transition, pushing the puck out of the defensive zone quickly, and capitalizing on mistakes. It did in the rookie game what the Golden Knights did to many teams last year, overwhelm the opponent. Hence the five-goal lead after 20 minutes. Coach Thompson says they started to cheat out of the system a bit and that’s why the lead evaporated.

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Interview: Chris Creamer From

The founder of the world’s foremost authority on logos in sports, Chris Creamer of joined me on KXNT NewsTalk 840 AM to talk about the Golden Knights name, logos, colors, and more.

Three Names Trademarked, All Knights Related

Finally, a few names have hit the US Patent and Trademark database and one is likely the final name selected for the Las Vegas hockey team name.

The Creator‘s desired Black Knights was ruled out, so he had to choose another adjective. Desert Knights, Silver Knights, and Golden Knights were trademarked by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. You can see the trademarks by going here and searching “Las Vegas AND Knights”

Can’t guarantee (these are the final three names) but the filings are on behalf of Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. -The Creator

This is the major step we’ve been waiting for as there’s no way for an NHL organization to print and sell anything without a trademark. Otherwise, would be printing Silver Knights stuff left and right and raking in the cash.

Trademarks are a much larger indication of the possible team name than domain names, which can be purchased after the fact… or not purchased at all. Plus, trademarks cannot be hidden as they must be registered by the business name planning on using them, while domains can be purchased by anyone and transferred.

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