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The Golden Knights Have A Top 5 Defense

Stop picking on the VGK defense, they are actually REALLY good. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

One of the biggest complaints surrounding the Golden Knights this season has been about their supposedly porous defense. Check out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or chat with fans in the stands, most people believe the Golden Knights aren’t good enough defensively to win the Stanley Cup.

However, as the title of this article says, Vegas actually has one of the league’s best defenses. Pick a metric, goals against, shots against, shot attempts against, penalty minutes taken, penalty kill, scoring chances against, high danger chances against, all of them, literally every single one, the Golden Knights are in the top five in the NHL (see all below).

It gets even better when you add offense into the mix. They are top three in Corsi For %, Scoring Chance %, and High Danger Chance %. That means they create far more shot attempts, scoring chances, and high danger chances, than they allow.

Individually, the Golden Knights have seven defensemen with more than 1.7 point shares. All seven of them combine to have created 17.9 point shares, or in other words, the Vegas defense (and that’s defensemen’s defense only) have accounted for 28.8% of the Golden Knights’ points this season. The defense as a whole, including the forwards, have accounted for 32.3 points or 52.1% of the season total. To compare, Calgary’s defense has accounted for 31.9 points or 44.9% of the season total and San Jose’s defense has 25.7 point shares or 39.5% of their total.

Last year the Golden Knights allowed 2.74 goals against per game, this year they’ve allowed 2.67. Last year Vegas finished 8th in the league in goals against, at the break, they sit in 5th. Last year they allowed 30.7 shots against per game (7th in NHL), this year they allow 28.4 (2nd in NHL).

Oh, and many people will point to the guy between the pipes. Yes, Fleury has been tremendous, but he was actually better a year ago. His save percentage, goals against, and GSAA were all better in 2017-18 than 18-19. Team (not just Fleury) save percentage is .003 lower this year than last year. And, a majority of the stats indicating defensive success are goalie-independent.

No matter which way you slice it, the Golden Knights are better defensively than they were a year ago and they are among the best defenses in the NHL, easily top five.

Scoring is up across the NHL as each game averages 6.1 goals a game. The Golden Knights are going to allow goals, like around 80 of them, in the next 30 games, but every time it happens you don’t have to scream “This defense stinks!” because quite frankly, it doesn’t.

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If The Golden Knights Play Their Game, They’ll Win, Even Against The NHL’s Best Of The Best

There’s Lightning on the horizon, which this year means offensive thunder on the way. (I hate myself for writing this.) Lucky for the Golden Knights, they have been playing their best defensive hockey of the season over the course of the past three games.

Hockey 101: You can’t score if your face is in the glass. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The game against Carolina, despite being a terribly played offensive game for the Golden Knights, was a clinic in causing turnovers. They allowed 29 shots and just two goals. Then Pittsburgh came to town and Vegas put it all together making life incredibly difficult on a quick, experienced offense with superstar talent. The Penguins attempted just 21 shots and scored one goal that was heavily ref aided.

Finally came the Florida game. After a slow start, the Golden Knights put together their best 30 minute stretch of defense, and one of the best stretches any team has played all season. They allowed just two shots on goal in the 3rd period, only ten shot attempts (VGK had 28 over the same span), and not only didn’t allow a goal but didn’t give up anything resembling a high danger goal scoring chance.

Quite simply, the Golden Knights dominated the game defensively and it led to a go-ahead goal and eventually a pair of empty netters to seal the deal.

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