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It looked like a somewhat uninspired from the Golden Knights but they managed to stay in the game for a majority tying it at one and two. Both times they surrendered the lead. A number of Vegas shots hit the post included a James Neal 3rd period attempt that even fooled the T-Mobile Arena goal horn operator. In the end, the Golden Knights just could not find the equalizer and dropped their first out of five games against the Coyotes.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena.

  • The sappy “holy crap they made the playoffs” post is still coming. Although it’s going to be more like an “I’m not ready to reminisce” article.
  • UFA contract negotiation updates on Neal and Perron.

Three Stars
*** Alex Tuch
** Erik Haula
* Kevin Connauton


A relatively dominant performance by the Golden Knights, but it took a while for the score to finally turn in their favor. A quick goal just :18 into the 3rd got Vegas a 2-1 lead but a pair of Golden Knights penalties helped Arizona tie it. It stayed tied into OT where Reilly Smith wins it!

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena.

Three Stars
*** Scott Wedgewood
** Alex Tuch
* Reilly Smith


Three goals, one minute and 42 seconds. That was the method for the Golden Knights in Arizona as they played rather lethargically outside of those 102 seconds. A 3rd period flurry made it a little nervy for the Golden Knights but they were able to hold off the Coyotes for their fifth straight win, their second such win streak of the season.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena.

Three Stars
*** Malcolm Subban
** Brenan Perlini
* Jonathan Marchessault


Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena. The first home game in Vegas Golden Knights history!


Three stars

*** James Neal
** Deryk Engelland
* City of Las Vegas


Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena.

What a weekend.

3 Stars

*** Antii Raanta
** Nate Schmidt
* James Neal

Learning From A 27 Year Old

This week Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper wrote an interesting profile on the NHL’s youngest general manager. The Coyote’s GM John Chayka is not only the youngest in the league, but by 16 years. According to Cooper’s article, not many consider Chayka young.

He’s certainly mature beyond the number of his age for sure and I think he has been that way his whole life. I think he’s very methodical and well-spoken. Just a mature guy. -Dave Tippett, Coyotes Head Coach

At the age of 27, Arizona’s GM has made some head-scratching moves to the greater benefit of the franchise. Chayka used cap space to his advantage in order to add two highly-skilled prospects.

Like anything, I think most of it is out of necessity. We have a market situation that is what it is in terms of our revenue and my job is just to optimize and maximize what I can do with that revenue,” -John Chayka, Coyotes GM

Intelligence, adjustments, and creativity are great for cap management but will it translate on the ice? Chayka knows he has to make the playoffs to be considered successful. It’s been a tough first year, but some of his rookie moves could become the next trend. George McPhee doesn’t need any help, especially from a 27 year-old, but the league is rapidly changing every year. There maybe only one GM under 40, but his vision could be best for the modern player.

Let’s face it, the Golden Knights will have one of the leagues worst travel schedule. The Coyotes are blessed with the fourth most tiring itinerary. Arizona will travel 47,869 miles this season and will play 13 back-to-backs. Vegas will be in the air for roughly 45,000+ miles in 2017-2018. Expect up to 10+ back-to-backs. It’ll be brutal.

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Can’t Create Rivalries, They Must Create Themselves

I grew up the son of a Bruins fan and understood the Boston/Montreal rivalry, but as a kid I began to appreciate the Canadiens on a family summer trip to Nova Scotia. Their logo, history, players, I loved it all. I got gruff from friends when I returned home wearing a Montreal shirt.


The Canadiens-Bruins rivalry goes back a long ways. So of course kids are told to hate one or the other. Same goes for the Blackhawks and Blues, Penguins and Capital, or the Sharks and Kings. Teams hating one another on the ice are how organic rivalries begin in the stands. They are not crafted by execs on Madison Avenue.

At some point next season, Vegas will play divisional games on NBC Sport’s Wednesday Night Rivalries. It’ll get a big laugh on social media. The NHL will try and manufacture a rival for the Golden Knights, so they can fit in with everyone else. But the problem is that it’ll be fake. The Pacific heavyweights already have natural rivals, and they aren’t worried about the new kids on the block who they expect to be the whipping boy for at least a few years. Possibly over time, if the Golden Knights beat them enough, Anaheim, LA and San Jose will feel differently, but in the short term, a California/Nevada rivalry is pie in the sky. Geographically, Western Canada doesn’t make sense, and even if it did, the Canucks, Flames, and Oilers are too fed up with themselves to spend any time hating us.

So that leaves the Arizona Coyotes. Which is the obvious choice. Next season the Coyotes should be closest in talent with Vegas. The Knights will lack some of the young, developed talent, but veteran play should be close to equal between the two clubs. With that in mind, games against Arizona could be tight. In close divisional games, players tend to get angry. At times, season series can turn into a penalty-plagued, postseason environments. Cross-checks, elbows, fights, the whole nine. Once the players hate one another it changes everything for the fans. Rivalries need to be organic and all the pieces are there for it to happen with Arizona.

So hope for brawl lines, instigating minors and fighting majors when the Coyotes and Golden Knights match up. That’s what’s going to create the rivalry. Not some mildly-well produced Wednesday Night TV commercials. We as fans need to see the hatred, and feel the connection to our players. Only then, can will we truly hate another team.

Great, now Vegas will be forced to sign John Scott.

Arizona Providing Vegas A Guide On How To Use Cap As An Asset

The acquisitions of Dave Bolland and Pavel Datsyuk by the Coyotes are being viewed by many as “using the cap as an asset.” Because Arizona was so far below the  salary cap floor, they were forced to take on a few contracts to get them to the number. Sound familiar?

In the Expansion Draft in June, Las Vegas will select 30 players, 20 of which must be under contract in 17-18. Vegas must reach 60% of the prior season’s salary cap, and they cannot buy out a contract until the conclusion of their first season.

Just like the John Chayka with the Coyotes, George McPhee has a major asset in his need to take on salary. Many around hockey circles have projected that other teams around the NHL will expose their brutal contracts and Vegas will be forced to take them on to stay within the rules.

This may but true, but if you look at what Chayka was able to do in Arizona, Las Vegas has a great opportunity to utilize these requirements to acquire something in return. Arizona picked up two young players (Lawson Crouse and Jakob Chychrun) they expect to be integral parts of their future by taking on Bolland and Datsyuk. McPhee should have a chance to chance to do the same… and maybe even better.

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Style Must Match Owner, But Also Have Eyes On Pacific Division

We’re only a week and half away from the big announcement. I won’t get into to potential names, but the GM should fit the owner, the coach should fit the owner, and the team should fit the owner. The Creator would be best to hire a coach and GM with the style of hockey he likes best. I’m not saying Foley will be Jerry Jones, but he’ll certainly have an influence on the franchise’s firsts.

The GM will try and match the style of hockey The Creator wants, but also compete in the Western Conference. Specifically, the Pacific Division. It’ll be a tough balance. According to Francois Gagnon, the Knights (or whatever they call em) will be playing in the Pacific division. The LA Kings have led the charge in the Pacific for the past five years. Looking ahead, it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Sure the Sharks are in the Finals, and the Ducks seem to win the division every year but LA still rules West Coast. Jonathan Quick is locked up until 2023, Drew Doughty through 2019, Anze Kopitar just signed an eight year deal, and Jeff Carter‘s contract is up in 2022. LA’s core is intact. (Shoutout to Mass’s Cathedral High School alum Dean Lombardi for crafting a Cup winning team) The Kings groomed a Norris trophy defenseman, a Conn Smyth wining goalie, and a Selke finalist. They may be a little deflated after this year’s postseason but LA won’t be down for long.

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Guest Post: The Coyote Conspiracy, Relocation To Las Vegas Makes More Sense Than You Think

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from Eric Biro.

Las Vegas is getting a hockey team, just not how you think we are.

We all know Las Vegas is very likely getting an NHL team in the near future to play at the new T-Mobile Arena on the Strip. Bill Foley has got the money and desire to bring the NHL to Vegas and it looks like it’s happening soon.

But what if the team we’re all excited to watch is already playing? Down Highway 93 is the Arizona Coyotes, the constantly rumored relocation candidate. Every time a city or potential owner shows interest in purchasing an NHL team it’s going to be the Coyotes that gets relocated. It’s not a secret the Coyotes haven’t done well in the Valley of the Sun. Through poor ownership, bankruptcy, terrible on ice performances, etc. the Coyotes have always had a good base of support in the Phoenix Metro area. However, it’s never really been enough to financially support the team and keep the red ink off the Coyotes’ balance sheet.

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