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Who Will The Golden Knights Play In The First Round?

Whose flag will he have to avoid in the first round? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Tomorrow marks the final day in the NHL schedule for the Western Conference. The Golden Knights will play a meaningless game in Calgary to wrap up their 82nd game before they look towards the rest of the results to see who will be coming to T-Mobile Arena on April 11th.

There are three games that impact the Golden Knights potential first round opponent.

San Jose vs. Minnesota
Anaheim at Arizona
Los Angeles vs. Dallas

The team in the box is who the Golden Knights would face pending each of the 18 possible outcomes.

Of the 18 outcomes, 11 have the Golden Knights facing the Kings, six have them taking on the Ducks, and one would see the Sharks head to Vegas.

VGK vs. Los Angeles: 2-1-1
VGK vs. Anaheim: 3-1-0
VGK vs. San Jose: 3-0-1


The Ducks only put four shots on goal in the 1st period, but one of them was deflected past Fleury giving the road team a one goal lead. It appeared as if the Ducks had gone ahead by two, but a successful offside challenge by Gallant brought it back. Vegas mustered up 20 shots in the final period after getting just 13 on net in the first two, but couldn’t get one past either John Gibson or Ryan Miller.

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  • Let’s talk about 3rd star of the game, Tomas Hyka.

Three Stars
*** Tomas Hyka
** Tomas Silfverberg
* Rickard Rakell

Golden Knights Do Not Play Multiple Poor Periods In The Same Game

Tonight, in the first period, the Golden Knights stunk. Their feet were slow, they looked unsure in their own end, and they simply could not break out of their own zone consistently enough to create anything on the other end. Flat out, they were bad. However, much like the rest of the season, it stopped there.

Tonight, even the bad period was rescued by who else, the guy playing against his old team. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Try this exercise. Think of a time when the Golden Knights played a poor period. The 1st against Carolina, the 2nd’s against Anaheim and Dallas at T-Mobile, or my personal favorite (that’s a weird thing to say) the 1st against Colorado on Nevada Day.

Vegas is not immune to a completely garbage period. Heck, they tend to throw up a stinker on most nights, but like a great doctor would do to a virus, the Golden Knights localize it and chop off the infected period to kill the problem at the source. Tonight was yet another example of just that.

After a break, day of travel, you come in and are trying to find your legs and they made us look silly over the first 10 minutes. Big goal by Shea to settle us down and let us hang in there, and then in the 2nd we started to find our game. It’s a communal effort, when things need to be said, guys will say it. –Cody Eakin

Sometimes they have the built-in excuse of the long break, early game, or the first game after a road trip. Other times they don’t, but it doesn’t seem to matter either way.

We do a really good job of coming back in and regrouping. We know what our strengths are and during that break we come in and talk a little bit and we focus up and it’s a great thing about our team. –Shea Theodore

We have good character in the locker room which allows us to realize when we are playing good and when we are playing bad and we need to switch things up. It’s different things every night. We have good communication and we have a lot of different leaders from different places. People speak up in different areas and it’s huge for our team. –Erik Haula

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Vegas seemed to have the holiday blues as they struggled early giving up a quick goal and then looking a step behind the entire period. But, a nice little play by Tomas Nosek opened up a lane of Shea Theodore who buried the tying goal. Vegas got its pep back in the 2nd dominating a majority of the period and getting a goal right as Cody Eakin jumped out of the penalty box. The Golden Knights tacked on another one right off the jump of the 3rd and then coasted to the finish line getting an empty netter from Perron late. That’s three straight against the defending Pacific Division champs.

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  • Overcoming bad periods, who gets the credit? (Can’t guarantee we actually get a legit answer to this, but we are certainly going to ask to see if we can find out)

Three Stars
*** Brayden McNabb
** Rickard Rakell
* William Karlsson

A Different Anaheim Ducks Team On The Schedule Tonight

The Golden Knights are coming out of Christmas break in first place in the Pacific Division and eight points ahead of tonight’s opponent, the Anaheim Ducks. Last time the two teams faced was on December 5th, when Vegas won in a shootout. After the loss, Anaheim players or coaches didn’t seem to be upset. In fact, that’s when Ducks Coach Randy Carlyle joked about the Golden Knights fortunate luck.

At the time, I sensed a satisfied head coach leaving the toughest arena in hockey with one point. Carlyle knew his team wasn’t complete and things could be different the next time they faced the Golden Knights. Since Captain Ryan Getzlaf returned on December 11th, the Ducks have earned nine points in seven games. Also, after trading for Adam Henrique, Anaheim has a point in nine of the twelve games he’s played in. Not to mention, Henrique executed this season’s most amazing goal.

Remember when this guy stoned six shootout attempts against the Ducks. Yeah, that was awesome. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When you add a center like Getzlaf back in the mix, the Ducks immediately become a playoff contender. The prototypical center is big, strong, plays all three zones, and has one of a kind ice vision. In limited action, Getzlaf leads the league with 1.08 assists per game. His career average over 13 seasons is 0.68 assists per game. To compare, David Perron leads Vegas with 0.71 assists per game.

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Second Time Through Telling Story Of Golden Knights Sustainability

One third of the season is gone and the first 27 games couldn’t have gone too much better for the Golden Knights. However, over the course of those games, Vegas has only seen five teams multiple times. In the next 27, they play former opponents for a second or third time 17 times.

So you don’t buy that there’s no book on your team?

Not a chance. No. When people talk about our team they know that we are a team that’s quick and we compete. -Gallant

Why can’t they all be like the Coyotes? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Arizona Coyotes
Win 2-1 (OT)
Win 5-2
Win 4-2
Win 3-2 (OT)

Anaheim Ducks
Win 4-2
Win 4-3 (SO)

Boston Bruins
Win 3-1
Loss 2-1

Dallas Stars
Win 2-1
Loss 3-0

Winnipeg Jets
Win 5-2
Loss 7-4

Last night’s game was a big one in showing how opposing teams would respond to their second crack at the Golden Knights. It was hard to take much out of the Arizona games because, well, Arizona tends to lose most games no matter how they are played.

However, with Dallas and Winnipeg, the second games were played similarly to the first. With Dallas, Vegas had a tough time getting out in transition, they didn’t get a lot of shot attempts, and the Stars controlled the game. In the first game, the Golden Knights were able to overcome it. In the second game, they were not. Against Winnipeg, Vegas played their style of north-and-south hockey which gave them a jump on the Jets and they were able to ride the hot start to the finish line. The second time against Winnipeg, the 1st period went that way, and there were moments throughout the 2nd and 3rd, but when all was said and done, the Jets came out on top.

Then there’s Boston. The two games were nearly identical with the home team winning each one. They are by no means the style of game Vegas wants to play, but the two games are further proof that the second time through, the games tend to go the same as the first.

The first game in Anaheim was one of the Golden Knights’ best. They were flying around in all three zones, created tons of scoring chances, and were even able to overcome an incredibly hot goalie and a deficit to fight back and get the win they deserved. Last night, it appeared to be going the same way in the 1st, but it came to a screeching halt out of intermission.

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The night got off to an odd start after the Golden Knight slipped during the opening ceremony and then the goal horn sounded after John Gibson’s miraculous save that was not a goal. But that didn’t stop the Golden Knights as they jumped on the Ducks with two goals late in the 1st. However, Anaheim got right back in it and ended up taking a one goal lead to the locker room. Golden Knights were able to tie it late to send it to OT. Vegas killed a big penalty to send it to shootout, the first in T-Mobile Arena history. Alex Tuch wins it with an incredible penalty shot and Subban saves all three.

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Three Stars
*** Alex Tuch
** James Neal
* Erik Haula


The Golden Knights put on an advanced stats clinic through two periods, however, the scoreboard didn’t agree. Vegas gave up the first two before they finally got one on the board against John Gibson. Then, an early 3rd period goal by Colin Miller tied it up and Vegas used goals from James Neal and William Karlsson to seal the deal. The Golden Knights are in first place in the Pacific Division!

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.

  • The Golden Knights are in the playoffs as of Thanksgiving, what does it really mean, and how likely are they actually to make the playoffs?
  • Theodore’s impact on the power play
  • 1st Quarter Expansion Draft Report Card
  • The Golden Knights are in first place, could anyone have ever imagined it, we asked players and coach.

Three Stars
*** Jonathan Marchessault
** John Gibson
* Erik Haula

The 2-0 lead wasn’t really a true tale of the game. We just got lucky. The score should’ve been a lot more if we didn’t have Gibby in there. We shouldn’t kid ourselves. We weren’t even close. -Andrew Cogliano, Ducks Forward

Preseason Opponents And Schedule Pretty Much Set

UPDATE 2 (4:41 PM 1/24/17) : After further review, the team is now confirming the dates reported are indeed accurate. They reiterated there is chance the could change, but they are the correct working dates at this moment.

UPDATE (3:28 PM 1/24/17) : Eric Tosi, Golden Knights VP of communications and content, would only confirm the fact that the current plan is to play seven games, three of which at T-Mobile Arena. The dates and opponents mentioned in this article were described as “TBD” and “still a work in progress.”

We knew there would be seven preseason games for the Vegas Golden Knights in preparation of their inaugural season Three at home, three for sure on the road, and one either neutral or away. The picture is starting to clear up thanks to some top notch reporting by Steve Carp.

Depending on the game in China, the first Vegas Golden Knights hockey game will be on September 17th at T-Mobile Arena or the 19th in Colorado.

Either way, the first team to hit the ice against the Golden Knights in Vegas will be the Kings.

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Growing The Game Takes Rinks, And Lots Of Em

According to USA Hockey there are over 500,000 youth hockey players across the country. It’s a figure that’s never been bigger. In Nevada, there are just about 1,200 skaters, a figure that needs to be higher. The Northeast, Midwest, and Great Lakes lead the US with a total 300,000+ U18 players in those regions. The cost to play hockey is one of the largest issues, one USA Hockey has worked hard with youth leagues across the nation to bring the price down.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas doesn’t have the luxury of backyard rinks, or pond hockey. We’re left with only a few real rinks, or street hockey. Nevada will ultimately have to adapt and aid the hockey explosion that will happen.

In 1993 the Anaheim Ducks played their first NHL game. Wait, sorry the “Mighty” Ducks. Just like here, at the beginning, the doubters came out of the woodwork. In the early years the Ducks practice facility was built just for them. Over time it became a place for youth/adult games, and where NHL players connected with Orange County hockey fans. That one facility turned into seven beautiful ice surfaces known as The Rinks. The seven complexes are sponsored and designed by the Ducks organization. Anaheim also partnered with 11 other local rinks. Altogether, there are 28 rinks from LA to San Diego.

In 2008 the Ducks created the Anaheim Ducks High School League with one high school. Now, 48 schools compete in the ADHSHL. The wildly successful league even urged northern rival LA Kings to create a high school league of their own in 2015. The best part about both leagues, is the financial support they get from the Ducks and Kings. Making hockey affordable for Southern Californian families. Something that must to happen here if the game is to grow at the speed we would like it to.

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