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Doughty Will Have Suspension Hearing Today; Should Be Suspended Two Games

See you in Game 4 Drew. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

At 1:30 PM today Drew Doughty will have a hearing with the NHL’s Department of Player Saftey to determine the punishment he shall receive for his hit on William Carrier in Game 1.

With 10:01 remaining in the game, William Carrier carried the puck in the offensive zone and LA’s Drew Doughty went head hunting.

Doughty is an outstanding defenseman, but his emotions run high. After battling with Carrier for two periods, the Norris trophy recipient saw a chance to take revenge. The star defenseman led all skaters with 28 minutes on Wednesday, but a one second hit should keep him out of the Kings lineup for the next two games, despite not even being sent to the box in the game.

The NHL has set a precedent this season on hits like this over the course of the year. including suspending multiple players that were not penalized in the game.

Anaheim’s Andrew Cogliano was suspended two games for a similar hit on LA’s Adrian Kempe. Keep in mind, Cogliano’s suspension ended his ironman streak.

Nashville’s Filip Forsberg was suspended three games this season for a severe interference penalty on Jimy Vesey. The league ruled the hit was late, made significant head contact and was deemed punishable.

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Forechecking, Backchecking, And Actual Checking, That’s How The Golden Knights Won Game 1

The Kings must have felt like there were Golden Knights everywhere, and if they weren’t hitting the heck out of them, they were taking the puck and going the other way. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Like the atmosphere at T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights came out rocking. Just 3:23 into the game Shea Theodore scored the first goal, what went on to be the game-winner. That’s because, after that goal, the Golden Knights abandoned some of their normal principles and opted to play a possession-based defense style game, and a gem of one.

Less than a minute after the goal, Brayden McNabb was tagged with a hooking penalty that took away a lot of the Golden Knights momentum. They killed the penalty, but went on to look like a different, but equally good, team. Rather than their standard transition style of offense the Golden Knights relied much more on their forecheck, they were hellacious in their backcheck, and for the first time ever, they recorded over 50 hits and won a hockey game.

I think we were good both ways. It was good to see a lot of speed and physicality, it was a fun game to be in. We just didn’t give them much time and options the entire game. -Jonathan Marchessault

It wasn’t a normal game for Vegas. In total, there were just 35 scoring chances at even strength between the two teams. Golden Knights games averaged 45.2 per game in the regular season. The Golden Knights maintained possession and had a specific purpose with the puck; do not make mistakes that lead to easy breakouts and offense the other way. That’s the big reason for the low scoring chance totals and why even down a goal in a playoff game, the Kings were only able to muster up three scoring chances the entire 3rd period.

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Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings: Game 1 – Photo Gallery – April 11th, 2018

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The Golden Knights came out firing after an incredible opening ceremony to kick off the playoffs. A Shea Theodore goal about four minutes into the game kept the crowd going and gave the Golden Knights the start they wanted. A penalty ridden rest of the first ended 1-0 Vegas. The 2nd and 3rd, for the most part, were a game of Vegas trying to control play and stay fairly conservative in their own end. They dominated possession and barely allowed much by the way of shots let alone chances for about a 35 minute stretch. In the final four minutes, the Kings poured it on a bit more, but Vegas withstood it without any problem. Massive win for the Golden Knights to take the lead in the series.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings in Game 1 of Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Photo gallery of Game 1 from Brandon Andreasen
  • A deeper look into how the Kings are choosing to matchup with the Golden Knights
  • Should Drew Doughty be suspended for the headshot to Carrier?
  • Probably more

Three Stars
*** Jonathan Quick
** James Neal
* Marc-Andre Fleury

Golden Knights Playoff Hype Video


Video clips courtesy of NHL, NowThis, AT&T Sportsnet, TSN, and NBCSN.
Song: Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
Video producer: Lance Maxwell (@lmax97)

Favorites, Underdogs Or Somewhere In Between, What Are The Golden Knights?

“I think we can win the series.” (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Technically speaking, the Vegas Golden Knights are -140 favorites to win over the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. That’s the line at William Hill Sportsbooks which essentially indicates that they believe there’s about a 55-60% chance the Golden Knights will win the series.

When it comes to looking at the selections of many experts, the Golden Knights have definitely been selected less than the Kings, but that doesn’t mean no one is taking Vegas. Here on, we believe the Golden Knights are absolutely the favorites and think they’ll win in five games.

All of these opinions have turned the Vegas vs. Los Angeles series into one of the most intriguing of all eight matchups in the first round.

Do you feel like an underdog?

Yeah. I mean, do we have a Drew Doughty or an Anze Kopitar? -Jonathan Marchessault

But you won the Pacific Division though?

As a team yeah, but some of the best players in the world are on the other team and when you have that people expect you to win. -Marchessault

Are you guys favorites in this series?

I’ll tell you after 6, 7 games. -Nate Schmidt

Going in though, do you feel like you are favorites or are you dogs?

I think we can win the series. -Schmidt

Are you the favorites?

No. -Gerrard Gallant

So you are an underdog?

No. (laughter). Both teams won two games in the regular season and they were close games. I think it’s going to be two great hockey teams battling it out. They’ve got a lot of experience, that’s what I look at. Their team’s been together a lot, but that hasn’t affected us. I’m very confident in our group. I love our group. They’ve played hard all long, so we’ll see what happens. -Gallant

Let’s put it this way, no one really knows, and that’s what makes this such a fun series. No matter what you put stock in, you can come up with a compelling argument for both sides.

Underdogs, favorites, somewhere in between, who know’s who is actually right. All we really do know is we’re about to find out.

Same Opponent Every Night Brings Different Challenges

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

During the regular season, NHL defenseman watch film, get prepared for their next assignment, and then move on. In the playoffs, these guys have to look at each other’s mugs for 7 straight games. Little things become more important, scouting goes further, and adjustments are constantly made as the series wears on.

The fun thing about the playoffs, it’s not just one game and you won’t see them for awhile. You can do certain things that might not have an effect in game one, but it may work game five, six, seven. -Luca Sbisa

It can go both ways though. For some a seven game series is beneficial, it can expose others.

You get to play the same guys four to seven times. You get know their tendencies. What sets them off, what makes them good. You just try to outplay them that way. -Sbisa

During the regular season a tough matchup comes and goes. If a player gets the best of a Golden Knight, they can move on and get the next guy. In the playoffs, there’s no moving on unless you figure out that same matchup over and over again.

Most likely we will be playing against Doughty. What is not to like that about the fact you’re going to be playing against one of the best defenseman in the league? Every hockey player wants a fun challenge and that’s a fun challenge. -Jonathan Marchessault

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Las Vegas Getting Dressed Up For Playoffs

Caesars Palace

Bellagio Las Vegas

Silver Sevens

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Who Are The Kings Forwards?

How often do I get to use a Shipachyov picture? Wasn’t passing on this opportunity. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Los Angeles Kings are not built like the Vegas Golden Knights when it comes to forwards. Vegas has a top six that generate much of the offense for the team and they rely on the bottom six to keep the pace of the game high, create chances, and wear down opponents. The Golden Knights are at their best when all 12 forwards are active in the game, allowing them to come in waves at the opposing team.

The Kings are much different. Instead, the Kings have three elite players that carry a majority of the load, they have a little group of offensive-minded players that chip in by essentially complimenting the stars, and they fill the rest of their roster with role players. Some are defensive-oriented, others are there to win face-offs, then there are the grit and toughness guys, but all are mainly specialists.

So, I sat down with friend of the site and host of the official podcast of the LA Kings,  All The Kings Men, Jesse Cohen, to figure out, who exactly are these guys and what do they do best?

Anze Kopitar – Hart-trophy winning defensive forward who just flat out does everything well.

Jeff Carter – playmaker that is dangerous every second he’s in the game. He scores, he creates chances for others, he’s an elite skater, he wins face-offs, he’s simply an offensive weapon.

Dustin Brown – Having a tremendous offensive year and tends to be a player that imposes his will all over the ice while having the skill set to finish chances when they arise.

Adrian Kempe – Has a dangerous wrist shot from 30 feet out but seems to rely on it heavily. When his game is activated and he’s in on the forecheck he’s a disruptive and dangerous offensive weapon. When it’s not he has a tendency to disappear and rely on his skating and shooting. High ceiling, middle output.

Tobias Reider – Speed to burn with offensive upside that has still yet to fully develop. Can move the puck and his feet quickly.

Trevor Lewis – Defensive specialist having a career year offensively. Penalty killer that can play center or wing but it mostly deployed at wing.

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Golden Knights Face “Pressure” Unlike Any Other Playoff Team

On numerous occasions this year, TSN’s legendary reporter Bob McKenzie has declared the Golden Knights to be the best story he’s ever covered in hockey. For an expansion team that goes on to tally 109 points, never experience a four-game losing streak, dominate the Western Conference, and eventually be crowned champions of the Pacific Division, it’s hard to disagree with him. But every great story needs an ending, and not every ending is as great as the story that led up to it.

When you go into the playoffs you are not going to be satisfied just to be in the playoffs. Right now my expectation is to have a great series and move on to the next round, but I understand that all over the town the expectation is a little more than that because we aren’t going to lie to each other, it’s a cool story, we are a cool story. So when we stop, everyone is going to be like “ahhh, it’s too soon,” for everybody, not just for the players, but for the town. -Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

It’s been a ride that’s captured the hearts of every resident of Las Vegas, most hockey fans, and the sports world in general, but what will the Golden Knights do next?

I think there is a hope. The expectation from the media is “I hope this team goes far” because it’s been a great story and nobody wants it to end. -Bellemare

That hope brings unique expectations on the Golden Knights. Unlike the Predators, Penguins, Capitals, Lightning, Bruins, or any of the other top teams, Vegas isn’t necessarily expected to win the Stanley Cup. But also unlike the Avalanche or Devils, the Golden Knights are not without outside pressure to perform.

I don’t like the word pressure. That word, I just don’t like it. I think it brings negativity in the air. I don’t know what word would be better, but I just don’t like the word pressure. I know the swings that you go through, good and bad. I’ve been down (in series), I’ve been up in series, and you’ve just got to ride those things and you’ve got to stick together as a group, and just have fun with it. This is supposed to be fun and hopefully it lasts a long time. -Erik Haula

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