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Vadim Shipachyov YouTube Highlight Reel

The excitement of the Golden Knights new player is still fresh in fans minds. Vadim Shipachyov is creating a massive buzz in Las Vegas. Of course, he has no idea what’s going on in his new city because he’s too busy playing hockey. The second Golden Knights player in franchise history is currently padding his stats at the IIHF World Championships in Germany and France. Since, the paint is still dry for Vegas fans, let’s take a look at some of Shippy’s play at World Championships. Number #87 was the second assist man on Artemi Panarin’s PP goal.

Second IIHF WC highlight is Evengi Dadonov on a one-timer. Shipachyov has the initial pass behind the net.

Like I said, the Russians padded their stats yesterday embarrassing Italy 10-1. Ok, now let’s watch some actual highlights. Maybe some ones where he does something rather than just move the puck around and get credit for it.

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Evgeni Dadonov Rumor Roundup

The moment the Golden Knights inked Vadim Shipachyov to a contract, the rumor mill began firing linking Shippy’s linemate for both SKA St. Petersburg and Team Russia, Evgeni Dadonov, to Vegas.

It all started way back in early February when SportsNet’s rockstar first mentioned the pair’s names together.

Hearing there is more than the usual amount of scouting going on with KHL players. That league is considering going with fewer teams next season, so NHL clubs are readying for the possibility of some extra players being available. Just like last year, the bigger names are St. Petersburg’s Evgeny Dadonov (56 points in 48 games) and Vadim Shipachev (68 points in 45 games), but it will cost millions to bring them over. –Elliotte Friedman on 2/1/17

Shipachyov and Dadonov’s names appeared next to each other across most publications over the last few months.

Then once Shippy signed on off Vegas, the Golden Knights instantly became the front runner to sign Dadonov as well.

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The New Golden Knight Is No Joke; Shippy’s Got Star Written All Over Him

Vegas, we’ve got player number two. Well really, #87. Vegas fans by now know Vadim Shipachyov’s KHL stats, skate size, and wife’s name. As Reid Duke is starting to realize, some Golden Knight fans have become proud stalkers.

At $9M for two years, the KHL champion, who we are now fondly calling Shippy, will be expected to score, facilitate, and protect the puck. All while getting accustomed to a new country and a new style of hockey.

At 30-years-old, the SKA St. Petersburg center will get a chance to breakout in Las Vegas like fellow Russians Artemi Panarin and Alexander Radulov did recently in Chicago and Montreal.

In February, we highlighted Rob Vollman’s analysis of Shipachyov’s KHL to NHL conversion statistics.

A Look At The Best Available KHL Free Agents

(Yeah, that’s right, Shippy’s name was on in February. Suck it Granger!) (Disclaimer: We really like Jesse Granger.)

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Golden Knights Have Another Player; Sign KHL’s Vadim Shipachyov

Reid Duke, you’ve got company, and it’s in the form of a SKA St. Petersburg’s Vadim Shipachyov. The 30 year old forward was signed to a two year deal worth $4.5M per year.

Vadim is a highly skilled playmaker who has had an impressive career in the Kontinental Hockey League. He has won two KHL championships, has been among the league leaders in scoring the last two seasons and has enjoyed success at the international level for Team Russia. We believe he can be an impact player in the NHL. -George McPhee in Press Release

Shipachyov (pronounced SHIP-ah-shoff) is 6’1″ 190 pounds and tallied 76 points in 50 games, including 26 goals.

(Photo courtesy of Vegas Golden Knights)

Shipachyov has been in the KHL since 2011 and his team has reached the playoffs in each of his seven seasons. His production did not drop in postseason play in Russia at all. In fact, in 107 playoff games, he scored 33 goals and had 97 points.

At the international level, he has played Team Russia on three previous occasions at the IIHF World Championships during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 tournaments. He won a gold medal in 2014, silver in 2015 and bronze in 2016 where he led the entire tournament in scoring and assists with 18 points on six goals and 12 assists. He also played for Russia during the recent 2016 World Cup of Hockey in Toronto. -Press Release

According to Eric Engles, the Montreal Canadiens were interested in Shipachyov last season, but a clause in his contract kept him in the KHL.

Read More Podcast #63: Gary Lawless

The new Vegas Golden Knights insider, Gary Lawless, joins us in studio for an hour. Then we recap the last two interviews with Lawless and Nehme Abouzeid. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • How Gary got the gig.
  • How being paid by the team affects his storytelling of the Golden Knights.
  • Matthews vs. Laine and who the Jets should protect in the Expansion Draft.
  • Recapping what we learned about marketing from Podcast 62
  • The hit on Crosby.

And much more…

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itunes                 stitcher-icon-100x100 Podcast #62: Nehme Abouzeid

We are pleased to be joined by Chief Marketing Officer, Nehme Abouzeid. This is about as in depth as you can possibly go on the Vegas Golden Knights marketing plan. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • How will things change marketing wise when the team has players to market?
  • How important is the team’s success going to be on the long term success of the marketing plan?
  • There actually is a marketing budget despite what the world thinks of The Creator’s pocketbook.
  • What’s coming up for the Golden Knights?
  • Experiencial marketing, what is it how are the Golden Knights expecting to use it?

And much more…

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**Huge thank you to Nehme for graciously coming on the podcast, staying for over two hours, and not backing away from any questions we asked**

NHL Releases List Of Veterans Exempt From The Expansion Draft

Historically one of the ways expansion teams have “punted” on draft picks has been by selecting veteran players who will never actually play for the new team. It allows the expansion team to essentially pass on a pick and not have to take on the salary of a player from all 30 NHL teams.

The league has taken the draft and discard strategy in mind this year and is attempting to curb it by making some of the possible options exempt from the draft. Today, the league released the list of veteran players exempt from the draft. Here is the full list according to Craig Custance.

Dave Bolland (Arizona)
Craig Cunningham (Arizona)
Chris Pronger (Arizona)
Cody McCormick (Buffalo)
David Clarkson (Columbus)
Johan Franzen (Detroit)
Joe Vitale (Detroit)
Ryane Clowe (New Jersey)
Mikhail Grabovski (Islanders)
Pascal Dupuis (Penguins)
Nathan Horton (Toronto)
Stephane Robidas (Toronto)

(Clarkson and Horton have NMC’s. They will not be required to waive the NMC’s as they are now automatically exempt from the protection process)

All 12 players on the list are out with extended injuries and likely won’t play in 2017-18. Therfore, McPhee cannot select them just to soak up their salary to reach the 60% limit.

That’s not the only way to skirt the rule stating the Golden Knights must pick a player from every single current NHL team.

What we have to be careful of is drafting an unrestricted free agent without having a contract in place. We are not gong to do that unless we are prepared to lose the player. It’s a throw away pick. Let’s assume it’s a team that doesn’t have much, and we don’t want to take on a big contract, you can just take on an unrestricted free agent and not sign him, do no harm to the organization with a bad contract. –George McPhee, GM

Vegas could select an unrestricted or restricted free agent and never offer them a deal. That keeps them out of a bad contract, but it won’t count towards the 60%.

This list today proves the league is getting smarter with Expansion Draft shenanigans. In the end it probably won’t hinder McPhee too much, but it does take away one possible avenue.

**Former Assistant GM for the Minnesota Wild and author of the book How To Bake An NHL Franchise From Scratch, Tom Lynn, joined the Podcast and explained exactly how/why drafting an injured player makes sense in the Expansion Draft. ** (2 minute clip below, full podcast here)

McPhee Calls Entry Draft Weak, Then Says He Doesn’t Call Drafts Weak

GM George McPhee made his first Vegas radio appearance since the lottery debacle on ESPN 1100 this afternoon (interview here, begins at 28:00). McPhee joked with Ed Graney and Mike Pritchard that after he found out the results, he was happy he got stuck in Washington. Stanley the Rooster still believes his presence could have helped the situation. But I digress.

When talking about the draft, McPhee mentioned once again how much of an advantage the Golden Knights have had in knowing they would be selecting the top six from the beginning of the season. In the same answer he then went on to divulge some information we’ve discussed many times, but never thought we’d actually hear from McPhee’s mouth.

With this particular draft there are a couple of players at one and two that I think are a lot better than the next layer of players. You can get the same player at 3 at 6 at 9 so I’m not worried about getting a good player because there are enough them there that we’ll be fine. -George McPhee

Essentially he said, Nolan Patrick and Nico Hischier are good, and the rest of the players a cut below. However, while most scouts around the continent believe Nico and Nolan are good, no one is ready to compare them to the McDavids, Matthews, and Eichels of the world. So, in agreeing, McPhee basically said the draft is not as strong at the top as in recent year’s past.

A few minutes later, McPhee went on to say he doesn’t calls drafts weak or strong.

I’ve tried to approach every draft in the same way, some people say certain drafts are strong drafts, certain drafts are weak drafts, and I’ve never ever looked at it that way because if you go into what is supposed to be a weak draft and come up with two or three good players then it wasn’t a weak draft. I believe this is where good drafting teams really make their hay. If you go into what’s supposed to be a strong draft, seems like everybody gets good players. When you go into a weak drafts, the good scouting departments come up with the players and create separation between teams. -McPhee

And then there’s me listening to all of what McPhee said thinking, well yeah that’s all accurate. So, let’s try and recap.

The lottery sucked so much it was worth not being at. It’s disappointing the lottery sucked because those top two guys are good. Not that good, but pretty good. After them though, it’s not as good. There’s a big mess of players that are all very similar. We have to now pick from that mess. But this draft isn’t weak because if you pick the good players then you got some good players and the draft can’t be weak if you got multiple good players.

Yup, that all makes sense to me.

Vegas Junior Golden Knights Jersey Concept

While most are focused on what the jerseys for the Vegas Golden Knights are going to look like when they are unveiled on June 21st at the NHL Expansion Draft/Awards Show, one SinBin reader has a slightly different aim.

Jeff Kruger (not related to potential Golden Knight, Marcus Kruger) has his eyes set on the sweaters of the Vegas Junior Golden Knights. Jeff took the time out to create some mock ups for the former Nevada Storm, now the VJGK.

I’ve exploited the red color, and it’s shape (from the front) resembles the pauldron/breastplate from a suit of armor. The athletic mesh (in steel grey) for under the sleeves and side panels of the sweater vaguely hints at chainmail armor. VGK’s alternative logo has pointy edges, similar to the Storm’s triangle, so it’s front and center. -Jeff Kruger

Honestly, I kind of like them for the big Golden Knights. The numbers scream junior hockey and the use of the Vegas sign for the captain patches is a nice touch.

Jeff was also conscious of the current gear many players may already have, keeping the black helmet, pants, and gloves to match the new jersey.


**Thanks again to Jeff Kruger for sending in this design. You can find more of Jeff’s work at**

Watch The Actual NHL Lottery

The first NHL Draft Lottery including the Vegas Golden Knights went as poorly as possible for the NHL’s newest team.

The video below is the actual footage of the Lottery from the war room in Toronto where it went down. The league did once again use the 14 ball system yielding 1000 possible outcomes. Remember, the Golden Knights were assigned 103 of those 1000 possible combinations and none of them were selected in the three lotteries.

Bettman gives an extended explanation of how Vegas is integrated into the lottery. Still kind of surreal to hear him referencing Vegas as a part of the league and not dancing around it like he’s done for the past three years or so.

We have yet to locate the “random number look up chart” as referenced in the video. In 2015 and 2016 they released it so it should come out eventually. When we find it, we’ll post it. Apparently the Golden Knights were one number off of winning the 3rd pick. Hopefully we get to see the chart to see how close they were to first and second as well.

So, enjoy 14 minutes of lottery madness. Hopefully the next time Vegas is involved it doesn’t go this poorly.

(Video courtesy of

**If you watch this video and still think the lottery is rigged, you need to go get your head checked.**

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