In this picture, Lehkonen is the metaphor for the shootout. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In 2010, Luca Sbisa competed in the Winter Olympic Games for Team Switzerland. Sbisa and his Swiss mates finished in 8th place at the Vancouver games. Switzerland played three games that went to overtime, winning two and losing one. Two of the three were decided by shootouts.

After Wednesday night’s Golden Knights victory over the Flames, some of the guys in the winning locker room turned on the epic Women’s hockey gold medal game.

I was getting changed, and OT just ended so I knew they were going to a shootout. I left. I didn’t want too see it. -Luca Sbisa

I had to ask Sbisa if he was kidding. He wasn’t.

It’s not fair, you battle so hard. Obviously, when you’re on the winning side it’s great but the other team is upset because they fought so hard. -Sbisa

By his body language, you could tell the outcome didn’t sit well with Sbisa. It had nothing to do with the American women winning the six-round shootout, but more of a complaint about the tournaments rules.

The finale should continue until there is a goal. It’s the highest level you can play, I feel like you have to play it out. Stanley Cup final is not going to be decided by shootouts. That would be insane. -Sbisa

We both got a laugh at the idea of the Stanley Cup being won on a shootout dangle. NHL players would riot if any playoff game were settled that way.

Admittedly, coach Gerard Gallant didn’t watch the game. Let’s give him a break, he was sorta busy coaching during most of the women’s final. Also the coach had to split right away, he only had 20 minutes to make it to his favorite Burger King before it closed.

I thought it was all over with… and they were going to play until there was a winner. I thought last year when we lost the World Championship to Sweden that was the last shootout that would end up in a gold medal game. I guess I was wrong. -Gerard Gallant

Let’s be honest, NHL regular season shootouts are for the fans. Many coaches around the league have suggested the league should bring back tie games, but the Olympics are not designed for never-ending games.

I get it. In a tournament there are tight schedules, and a lot of games in a short amount of time. It’s a bit unrealistic to have OT going all the way but once you get into the medal round games, or knockout games you have to win it the right way. -Sbisa

And winning the right way according to the former Swiss Olympian is winning in regulation or overtime.