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Updated 4/17/19 6:20 PM

Erik Haula
Injury: Lower Body (Knee)
Injured on: 11/6/18

4/16 – “It’s been a process, there’s a lot that goes into it you know—there’s doctors, there’s gaining strength back, I’m doing better on the ice. I’m hopeful. I wouldn’t be skating if there were 0 chance, so I guess that’s positive.” -Haula on ATTSN pre-game broadcast

4/15 – Haula has continued to skate on his own, but still has not returned to practice.

3/22 – Gallant says when you see him practicing with the team that he’s “probably a week or two away.” He skated on his own after the team today.

3/14 –

3/3 – confirms Haula has returned to the ice as part of rehab.  Still no timetable, but certainly a good sign.

2/25 – McPhee said they received good news recently and that he is expected to return to the ice “soon.” However, he said he cannot tell if he’ll return this year or not.

2/22 – “All I’ve heard is everything’s real positive. When he’s going to play again, I haven’t heard anything on that. Everything is going real good, so that was exciting news to hear last week.” -Gallant

2/15 – Gallant was asked if there’s optimism that Haula can return this season to which he responded “there sure is.” Then said he hasn’t gotten an update in a while but that “he’s doing real well. I can’t say he’s going to play but I’m not saying he’s not.”

1/31 – “We are hopeful we can have him back. He is progressing but time will tell on that one.” -George McPhee to FOX 5’s Vince Sapienza. McPhee has mentioned multiple times that this is a “unique injury to hockey” so the timeline remains fuzzy.

12/14 – LVRJ reports that Haula had surgery in Mid-November. McPhee said it was not an ACL surgery and that the timetable for return is fuzzy because the injury is not common in the NHL.

12/3 – “He got back yesterday. I saw him this morning walking in on crutches. He’s going to be a while. I don’t know how long, I have no idea.” Gallant was then asked if he expects Haula back at some point this season and he said, “This year? Oh I wouldn’t rule that out. I know it’s not going to be for the next two months for sure but after that I don’t know. But I know he started rehab last week and everything’s going well.”

11/14 – Gallant declared Haula as “month-to-month.”

11/13 – Haula was placed on IR. TSN’s Bob McKenzie tweeted out some further details surrounding the injury.

11/12 – Assistant Coach Mike Kelly said there is no update on Haula and that more information is expected Wednesday.

11/8 – Haula was shown with crutches on the postgame show following the Golden Knights win in Ottawa.

11/7 – Gallant said Haula will stay with the team for the rest of the road trip, but has been ruled out for each of the three games.

11/6 – Haula was hit along the boards and his skate stuck awkwardly into the ice or the boards causing his knee to buckle underneath him as he fell to the ice. A stretcher was needed to remove him from the ice and he did not return to the game. Following the game, Gallant expressed concern mentioning that it did not look good, but did not have any true injury update.