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Updated: 2/15/20 11:48 PM

Alex Tuch
Injury: Left leg
Injured on: 2/13/20

2/15 – DeBoer confirmed Tuch’s status as week-to-week with a lower body injury saying he’ll be “out for a little bit.” But, he also said it’s not as bad as it could have been.

2/13 – Tuch left the game late in the 3rd period with an apparent leg injury. DeBoer did not offer any update following the game.


Previous Injuries (2019-20)

Cody Glass
Injury: Right leg
Injured on: 1/4/20

2/13 – Returned to action in the AHL

2/11 – Glass is expected to play for the Wolves this weekend.

2/8 – Glass was re-assigned to the AHL.

2/5 – DeBoer says Glass will not be joining the team on the trip, says he’s progressing well but Karlsson is further along.

2/3 – Glass did not practice with the team on their off-day practice in Tampa. It is unclear if he has joined the team on the trip.

1/30 – Glass is not on the trip with the Golden Knights but could join at some point during it. DeBoer described he and Karlsson as “more game-to-game than week-to-week” and progressing.”

1/20 – DeBoer says Glass is on the trip with the Golden Knights but will not play until after the break at the earliest.

1/6 – Gallant says Glass is out week-to-week with a lower body. He expressed no concern that the injury could be season ending.

1/5 –

1/4 – Glass was injured in the 3rd period of the game against St. Louis. He went down very awkwardly and appeared to injure his knee. Glass laid on the ice for an extended period of time and was assisted off by multiple Golden Knights. He did not return and no update was offered after the game.

William Karlsson
Injury: Broken finger
Injured on: 2/14/20

2/11 – Returned to action.

2/9 – DeBoer confirmed that Karlsson broke his finger. Karlsson said it happened on the final shift of the Buffalo game and that it was a new injury, not a lingering one. He practiced again with the team and is expected to play on Tuesday in Minnesota.

2/8 – “He’s getting close. I think he’s taking some contact today. He has another x-ray tomorrow and then we’ll see. If that goes well then hes probably real close. Depends what the x-ray says.” -DeBoer

2/5 – DeBoer says Karlsson will not be joining the team on the trip but should be very close when the team gets back.

2/3 – Karlsson did not practice with the team on their off-day practice in Tampa. It is unclear if he has joined the team on the trip.

1/30 – Karlsson is not on the trip with the Golden Knights but could join at some point during it. DeBoer described he and Glass as “more game-to-game than week-to-week” and progressing.”

1/17 – DeBoer said Karlsson will miss the remainder of the road trip but that he should be close to returning following the break.

1/16 – Prior to the game against the Senators Karlsson was ruled out with an upper body injury. He was declared as week-to-week. No futher detail was given.

Jonathan Marchessault
Injury: Groin
Injured on: 12/31/19

1/11 – Marchessault attended morning skate and remained on the ice with Subban and Hague (who were not scheduled to play) after everyone else left. Gallant mentioned that he hopes Marchessault can play the next game in the postgame press conference.

1/9 – Gallant says Marchessault remains day-to-day

1/7 – Marchessault missed his third straight game with a groin injury. A source has told that it is a minor issue but the team is being very patient because these types of injuries often linger if they are not fully corrected.

1/6 – “Had a good full practice so that’s a good sign. It’s day-to-day still.” -Gallant

1/4 – Missed the game.

1/3 – Marchessault participated in a portion of the practice but left before it was over.

1/2 – Marchessault was one of the first players on the ice for morning skate but left well before line rushes. He was ruled out at around noon and the Golden Knights had to use Jon Merrill to fill in as a forward. Marchessault was described as having lower body injury and is day-to-day. He is not expected to miss much more time if any.

1/1 – Marchessault did not participate in practice.

12/31 – Marchessault missed a shift at the beginning of the 2nd period but returned to finish the game.


Cody Eakin
Injury: Upper body
Injured on: 11/29/19

1/6 – “A lot closer. It was a good for him and he’s real close.” -Gallant

Eakin participated in practice with the 4th line.

1/2 – Eakin skated in a baby blue no-contact jersey during morning skate. He remained on the ice well after everyone else left to work with a skills coach.

1/1 – Eakin skates after practice again on his own. Gallant was asked about having “too many good forwards”…

We’re 2 weeks away from that. (Knocks on the podium) I shouldn’t say 2 weeks away from Cody playing but I’m saying we’re a little ways away so I don’t want to say it’s a problem because who knows what’s going to happen in the next 4 or 5 games here with our players, but we can’t wait to get him back and hopefully we’ll be real healthy then. -Gallant

12/30 – Eakin skated on his own after practice today for the first time since the injury. Gallant did not offer an update on his timeline.

12/19 – The Creator says Eakin “has a pretty nasty injury” and he’ll “be out for a while. (Source: Vegas Hockey Hotline)

12/19 – Eakin traveled with the team on Dad’s Trip, but will not play. Gallant said he’s getting closer though.

12/17 –

12/15 – Gallant said Eakin remains week-to-week and that he won’t play in the next couple of games for sure.

12/12 – Eakin did come with the team for the 2 day road trip to St. Louis and Dallas.

12/9 – Gallant said Eakin is still week-to-week and not ready to get back on the ice yet.

12/3 – “It’s certainly more significant than something that is minor or day-to-day. That’s the timeframe we’re working off of. When you get further into it you can start to predict what the length will be.” -Kelly McCrimmon

12/1 – Eakin was declared to be “week-to-week” by Gerard Gallant.

11/30 – Nic Roy was recalled on “emergency basis” likely indicating that Eakin will miss some time.

11/29 – Eakin was hit hard, illegally, into the boards in the 3rd period of the game against Arizona. He did not return to the game and no further information was given after.

Cody Glass
Injury: Upper body (Likely concussion)
Injured on: 12/8/19

12/22 – Glass participated in morning skate. Likely to be available for the game on 12/27.

12/21 – Glass skated with the team in off-day practice but has been ruled out for each of the next two games.

12/19 – The Creator says Glass is “doing well and should be back soon.” He went on to describe his injury as “more day-to-day than week-to-week.” (Source: Vegas Hockey Hotline)

12/15 – Gallant did not offer much of an update just said he continues to be day-to-day.

12/12 – Glass did come with the team for the 2 day road trip to St. Louis and Dallas.

12/9 – Gallant said Glass had yet to come in so he didn’t have any further update on him.

12/8 – Glass was hit with a spinning elbow in the 2nd period of the game against the Rangers. He was down on the ice for an extended period of time before being helped off and brought immediately to the locker room. He did not return and Gallant did not have much of an update postgame.

Nic Hague
Injury: Sick (Flu)
Injured on: 12/12/19

12/17 – Hague appears to be fully healthy but will remain out of the lineup on coach’s decision.

12/15 – Hague participated in morning skate but Gallant said he was not quite 100%  yet. He did not play in the game at night.

12/13 – Gallant declared Hague will miss his second game in a row with an illness.

12/12 – Hague missed the game and was described as “under the weather” and “out with the flu” by announcers on ATTSN.

Cody Eakin
Injury: Cramps
Injured on: 11/13/19

11/14 – Gallant said he doesn’t think Eakin should miss any time.

11/13 – Eakin left the game early in the 3rd period and did not return.

Alex Tuch
Injury: Upper body
Injured on: 11/2/19

11/13 – Gerard Gallant confirmed Alex Tuch will be in the Golden Knights lineup tonight.

11/12 – Tuch returned to practice for the first time since the injury. He participated in full on the 3rd line.

On the assumption that a player is held out for a concussion, all symptoms must be completely resolved before returning. This requires repeating preseason testing and exams by the team physicians. Only then is it safe to return. The reasons for this are that a repeat concussion within two years is almost 20% more likely even with appropriate recovery. And worse yet, if a player returns too early before symptoms resolve or hides a concussion from the team, the risk of permanent damage or death if he suffers a repeat concussion is inexcusably high! Bottom line, don’t mess with concussions! -Dr. Caleb Pinegar, Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (’ injury expert)

11/10 – Tuch did not join the team on the full four game road trip.


11/4 – Tuch did not travel with the Golden Knights to start the road trip in Columbus. Gallant says it is possible he joins the team later in the trip.

11/2 – Alex Tuch took a nasty hit into the boards in the 2nd period against Winnipeg. He immediately left the ice, headed straight to the locker room, and did not return. No postgame true update was offered.

Marc-Andre Fleury
Injury: Flu
Injured on: 11/1/19

11/2 – Fleury missed the game with the flu but is not expected to be out very long.

11/1 – Fleury missed practice and Garret Sparks was recalled on emergency recall.

Malcolm Subban
Injury: Lower Body
Injured on: 10/10/19

10/28 – Returned to practice for the first time on Monday. Appears ready to resume duty as backup.

10/24 – “He hasn’t skated yet. He’s doing ok, he’s doing much better but until he gets on the ice, you know.” -Gallant

10/21 – A source indicated that Subban traveled to Los Angeles during the team’s road trip to see a specialist. We are still unaware of the severity of the injury at this time and Subban has NOT been placed on IR.

10/16 – Still considered day-to-day by Gallant.

10/11 – Gallant says Subban is day-to day with a lower body injury, but said he doesn’t expect him out too long. Vegas will recall a backup goalie to take his place.

10/10 – Subban left the game after the 1st period and did not return. No update was given following the contest.

Nate Schmidt
Injury: Knee
Injured on: 10/2/19

10/28 – Returned to practice for the first time and participated in full. Appears likely he will be in the lineup for the Thursday game vs Montreal. Schmidt has been removed from IR.

10/24 – Gallant says he’s hoping Schmidt returns to practice soon. Says he doesn’t think it will be that long and that Schmidt is starting to skate on his own.

“I’d love to have him in my lineup, trust me, and he’s going to be there soon.” -Gallant

10/16 – Gallant says Schmidt should be back on the ice for practice soon but is still about a week or two away from returning to game action.

10/4 – Schmidt was officially placed on IR.

10/3 – Gallant called Schmidt “week to week with a lower body injury.” He did go on to allude to the fact that he shouldn’t be out more than 20 games. “I hope he’s not out 20 games.”

10/2 – Schmidt left the game and did not return after sustaining a knee-to-knee collision with Logan Couture. No immediate update was given on his status.

Alex Tuch
Injury: Hand/Wrist

10/28 – Practiced with the team for the first time wearing a blue third line jersey. He skated with Pirri, Eakin, and Glass. Gallant said he “hopes” Tuch will be able to go on Thursday. That appears likely.

10/24 – Gallant says Tuch is starting to skate on his own. His jersey was hanging in his locker following practice today for the first time since the injury. This usually indicates that the player will be skating on that day.

10/16 – Gallant says Tuch is doing well and is expected back in a couple weeks.

10/6 – Sources have indicated to that the injury Tuch sustained was to his hand and/or wrist.

10/2 – Tuch was placed on LTIR which rules him out for at least 24 days and 10 games. Thus, he is first eligible to return on October 22nd.

10/1 – Tuch was placed on IR as part of the release of the opening day roster.

9/28 – Gallant said Tuch is week-to-week and will miss the opening of the season.

9/27 – Tuch went crashing hard into the boards after drawing a penalty in the 2nd period of the preseason game against the Kings. He immediately left the game and did not return. No real update was given on him following the game.

Deryk Engelland
Injury: Lower Body
Injured on: 10/27/19

10/28 – Did not practice with the team on day-after-game practice.

10/27 – Left the game in the 3rd period. Was described as a “tweak” and “minor.” Engelland is not expected to miss any time.

Zach Whitecloud
Injury: Hand/Wrist

10/27 – Back to full health.

10/22 – Whitecloud was assigned to the AHL.

10/16 – Gallant gave a minimal update on Whitecloud saying he’s probably a few weeks away from returning.

10/1 – Whitecloud was placed on season-opening IR. He is expected to be sent to Chicago when healthy.

9/26 – Whitecloud was described as week-to-week.

9/25 – Whitecloud left the game in the 2nd period and did not return.

Cody Eakin
Injury: Unknown

10/11 – Expected to play tomorrow vs CGY.

10/9 – Eakin returned to the ice for the first time in a “no-contact” jersey. He is not expected to play Thursday but could Saturday.

10/6 – Gallant says Eakin will miss Tuesday’s game but it is possible he returns to the team on Thursday or Saturday.

10/2 – Eakin was placed on IR which ruled him out for the opening night game and likely at least Friday’s game as well.

10/1 – Eakin did not skate in the final practice before the regular season. He is expected to miss the opener. He was not placed on IR.

9/28 – Gallant says Eakin is day-to-day but a decision has not been made on him regarding opening night.

9/27 – Eakin left the game midway through the 3rd period after a shift in which he delivered two hits. He did not return to the game and no update was given following.