Here’s how to find every player on the Vegas Golden Knights on Twitter and Instagram.

Bellemare, Pierre-Edouard – @bellsy78 (T) / @Bellmare78 (IG)
Bischoff, Jake – @jakebischoff22 (T) / @jakebischoff22 (IG)
Brannstrom, Erik – @brannstromerik (T) / @brannstromerik (IG)
Campoli, Nick – @Nick_Campoli (T) / @nick_campoli (IG)
Carrier, William – @williamcarrier1 (T)
Casto, Chris – @FidelCrusto (T) / @chris_casto6 (IG)
Clarkson, David
Dugan, Jonathan – @JackDugan8 (T)
Duke, Reid – @rduke96 (T) / @rduke96 (IG)
Eakin, Cody – @CodyEakin50 (T) / @cody_eakin50 (IG)
Elvenes, Lucas – @elvenes25 (T) / @lucaselvenes (IG)
Engelland, Deryk – @DerykEngelland (T) @derykengelland (IG)
Ferguson, Dylan – @dferg_98 (T) / @dylan_ferguson1 (IG)
Fleury, Marc-Andre – @officialfleury (IG)
Garrison, Jason – @J_G_5
Glass, Cody – @Cody12Glass (T) / @codyglass8 (IG)
Grabovski, Mikhail
Gusev, Nikita
Hague, Nic – @nichague14 (T) / @nichague (IG)
Haula, Erik – @EHaula (T) / ehaula (IG)
Hunt, Brad
Hyka, Tomas – @hykaofficial (IG)
Jones, Ben – @BenJonesy99 (T) / @benjonesy99 (IG)
Karlsson, William – @WKarlsson71 (T) / @williamkarlssoncbj (IG)
Kolesar, Keegan – @kkolesar28 (T) / @kkolesar28 (IG)
Lagace, Maxime – @maxlagace31 (T) / @maxlagace (IG)
Leipsic, Brendan – @19LEIP (T)
Leschyshyn, Jake – @JakeLeschyshyn7 (T) / @leschyshyn19 (IG)
Lindberg, Oscar – @oggelindberg (T) / @oggelindberg (IG)
Marchessault, Jonathan – @JMarchessault18 (T) / @jonmarchessault (IG)
Matteau, Stefan – @StefanMatteau (T) / @stmatteau (IG)
McNabb, Brayden – @nabber03 (T) / @braydenmcnabb (IG)
Merrill, Jon
Miller, Colin – @Colin6Miller (T)
Neal, James – @jneal_18 (T) / @j18neal (IG)
Nosek, Tomas – @Nosy92 (T) / @noseto19 (IG)
Patera, Jiri – @jiripatera33 (IG)
Perron, David – @DP_57 (T) / @dp_57 (IG)
Pickard, Calvin – @cpickard1 (T) / @calvinpickard (IG)
Pulkkinen, Teemu – @teemu.pulkkinen (IG)
Reinhart, Griffin – @GriffinReinhart (T) / @griffin_reinhart (IG)
Rondbjerg, Jonas – @jonasrondbjerg (IG)
Sbisa, Luca
Schmidt, Nate – @nateschmidt29 (T) / @nateschmidt88 (IG)
Shipachyov, Vadim
Smith, Reilly – @reillysmith18 (T) / @18reillysmith (IG)
Stoner, Clayton
Suzuki, Nick – @nsuzuki_37 (T) / @nsuzuki37 (IG)
Theodore, Shea – @stheodore17 (T) / @shetheodore (IG)
Thompson, Paul – @P_Thomps (T)
Tuch, Alex – @alextuch17 (T) / @alextuch17 (IG)
Tynan, T.J. – @tynes18 (IG)
Zhukov, Maxim – @zhuchok220799 (T) / @zhukov_33 (IG)

A list on Twitter of all players can be found here.

If you find one that is incorrect, or a Twitter/Instagram account of a player on the roster we missed, please email