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Frozen Fury Night One: Pictures and Observations

Last night marked the very first NHL game in T-Mobile Arena history, and hopefully the last time the Stars ever win in this building.

First, let’s start with some observations, then we will get to the pictures and videos.

  • Parking was easy, but they charge a $20 flat rate at NYNY and Monte Carlo. It’s free for locals at MGM Grand, Excalibur, Luxor, or Aria.
  • Ticket box/will call was very easy, short lines and very helpful.
  • Trip from entrance to seat took about 10 minutes.
  • Once I could see the ice, I seriously felt a chill. The air was crisp, it was noticeably cold.
  • You could see ice from parts of the concourse which was cool, so it never feels like you never miss gameplay.
  • The ice was incredibly clear and very bright, creating great visibility.
  • The ice seemed very fast. Like a clean sheet during the entire period rather than just the beginning. Players were gliding.
  • The boards were “live.” Big rebounds off the backboards behind the goalies. Two goals created from backboard deflections. Huge offensive impact if no adjustment is made.
  • Boards also seemed very stiff, didn’t move when players landed body checks.
  • Granted it was preseason, but there were so many penalties.
  • Penalty boxes look very big, almost like the league is expecting multiple players in one box at a time. Plenty of fans will be able to harass penalized players. And more importantly plenty of space for that ad we’ve been dreaming of.
  • Stanchions were slanted under new NHL regulations for player safety.

  • The video board was alive. Did a great job of distracting fans from game pauses.
  • PA voice was loud and clear.
  • Old arena organ music was a great fit
  • Video board also had big, clear numbers so you could find the score and time at all times.
  • I can’t really say how the fan traffic during intermissions and the end of the game. It seemed to move quickly and smoothly. (Post in comments if you were there)
  • Locker room access was confusing. #PressPassProblems
  • Toshiba Plaza was packed afterwards with happy hockey fans.
  • Leaving for me was easy because I left an hour after the game.
  • Great experience, fans can’t wait for real hockey.

Now time for some pics!

Videos are onĀ our Twitter or my Twitter.


Also, remember that tonight is the big night for Vegas Hockey Fan Fest. The Q&A with The Creator and GM George McPhee begins at 5 PM on Toshiba Plaza. We will be live tweeting all your stupid questions, so don’t sound dumb, we will make fun of you.


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  1. Holycowitsjenn

    Getting out was a bit of a pain. They did change the direction of the escalators until after the game ended which apparently take a few minutes so there was a pretty bad bottleneck at the top. Once that was fixed is was pretty smooth exiting.

    Lines for food at intermission were EXTREMELY long and slow moving.

    I hard a couple of the ushers were giving people a hard time before warm ups, not letting them down to the glass because they didn’t have tickets for the bowl…. just moved over a section and got in fine.

    All of this is train and error I think. Consessions seems to still be trying to find a groove, and with a hockey game the ushers and other staff are just gonna have to learn as they go. They’ve only dealt with concerts and probably do realize the warmup are kinda open-is searing and that unless the score is tied, it ends when it ends.

  2. A Fan

    Is it going to be a $20 parking charge per game at NY/NY & Monte Carlo for our games next year?

  3. RJ

    Kings logo on our center ice? GROSS!

  4. JAY T

    Kings lost both games…. GOOD! They better get used to losing when they play in Vegas!

  5. JAY T

    Some photos at the club/restaurant, whatever it is, would be nice. The purple light under it looks ridiculous. Overall, the arena looks pretty average. Maybe it’s just these photos that don’t do it justice…

    • I was just looking through the site and realized I really haven’t taken many pictures of Hyde. I’ll try and get them next time I’m in there.

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