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Dan Marrazza, The Man Behind @GoldenKnights Is No Longer With The Organization

The Golden Knights Twitter account has become one of the most well-known handles in professional sports. From the obscure movie references to the haikus to the dad jokes to the puppy pictures for better or worse @GoldenKnights is one-of-a-kind. However, the man behind the keyboard is no longer employed by the Golden Knights.

Dan Marrazza’s official title with the Golden Knights was a Senior Writer and has been the subject of feature stories in The Athletic, Yahoo, Las Vegas Sun, on KTNV and Fox 5, and has made appearances on numerous radio stations. In short, Marrazza was the Vegas Golden Knights Twitter account.

Dan is no longer with the Vegas Golden Knights content team. We are appreciative of his efforts and service and wish him the best in his future endeavors. -Vegas Golden Knights organization

While lauded with mostly praise, the Golden Knights account has run into trouble on multiple occasions. Once for a controversial tweet about the Boston Bruins lineup and another for accusing Nashville Predator media of cheering in the press box. The organization issued public apologies for both incidents.

The team confirmed they plan to maintain the same whimsical, comical voice they’ve become synonymous with.

Marrazza posted this message on his personal social media account after this story was published.


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  1. Anon

    Terrible news for the Golden Knights. When all of the other teams hate you, then it usually means you’re doing it right. I loved all the stuff we’d get from the knights twitter. I almost don’t want to see them attempt to match what he brought to the table, cause I can almost guarantee it’s going to be a very sad attempt at being PC and funny. SJW media is killing us all inside.

    • Eric Newman

      When it comes to social media, I don’t think others hating you has anything to do with doing it right. Instead it probably means you’re doing it wrong.

      • Austin Miller

        When it comes to competition other teams fans are going to hate the content and the account no matter what it is because it’s Vegas and they beat their team. His content caused more social impressions than any other nhl social media brand. Having others interacting with and talking about your brand is the goal, which in the end means good social media and he was doing it right.

  2. vgk

    ACES!!! 8D About time. That guy was REAL overrated. His “humor” was sarcastic and obnoxious, dismissive of other teams in a way that… if Vegas won meant the success was a foregone conclusion, so nothing worth celebrating or being proud of, and if they lost… Then Vegas was just a garbage team for having lost to such a terrible opponent. It wasn’t funny. It was offensive and unimaginative and just plain mean.

    Also, if they ever made a “public” apology for EITHER of the incidents mentioned in the article, they were pretty discrete about it. I’d like to see some sources proving that; because to my recollection, the best they ever gave was deleting the offending tweets and laying low for about a week.

    • Jeff

      In an age of social media our social media account trended and therefore brought attention and inevitabily business to the team. There seems to be a minority of people who are overly sensitive to tongue in cheek sarcasm but tend to cry the loudest. I remember the apologies because I questioned the apologies both times. I personally appreciated the sometimes boarderlie adult tongue I cheek humor of the twitter account. You always have a right not to subscribe and read it…..

    • Gocdogs

      Public apologies were absolutely issued both times. I am a Bruins fan and father of a female hockey player. The “offensive tweet” involving The Bruins was hilarious. It was not sexist. People just didn’t get it. It was unfortunate that some of the overly sensitive raised a ruckus.

      • Thank you it’s a shame that 5% of the people cause 95% of the problem.. but unfortunately that’s the way most of society is reacting these days.. glad to see someone with “old school” upbringing like me

    • Erik Vegas

      awwwwwwwwwwwwww, vgk, please show me where the Twitter account hurt you? his humor was most awesomely sarcastic!
      go see a Doctor. your funny bone is broken.

  3. BringBackDan

    Fuck this decision. Bunch of fucking pussy willows getting offended cause we beat their teams.

  4. Jonathan

    Yeah this really ticks me off. He was fantastic, and I do like other fan bases hating our Twitter account, good! That’s sports. I love other fans hating us in general, that does mean we’re doing something right. Pathetic teams, nobody hates them, everyone just pities them and feels bad for their fans. That’s not what I want out of my sports. Peaceable mediocrity is not desirable. Also, it’s offensive to say that a team plays like girls? Why can’t people live in reality anymore? MEN playing like women IS bad, because women are inferior at literally every sport compared to men, that’s a fact. I’m sorry it’s not politically correct or ideologically convenient, but it’s basic biological scientific fact. If women could play in the NHL, they would, but they wouldn’t be able to cut it, just as with every other sport. So what’s offensive about making fun of your opponent for playing like a bunch of girls? Oh no, the sensitive snowflakes may be offended! Fine, let them be offended, who cares?! Since when is it someone else’s responsibility to control YOUR emotions?! Like the British comedian said, who cares if you’re offended?! Nothing HAPPENS when you’re offended. You don’t contract a disease. Your life isn’t in danger. Get control of your emotions. Being offended is your problem, not someone else’s, lighten up and step out of the safe space into the real world, where you can be offended by all kinds of things if you choose.

  5. Gord Mackintosh

    Good Afternoon

    I am looking for help in contacting Dave Prior. I owned a hockey school in British Columbia Canada for 37 years. Dave was our goaltending instructor in the 80`s. He was an outstanding instructor and great guy. I am going to be in Las Vegas November 11th-18th and would like to contact him. I would really appreciate it if you can be of any assistance in helping me contact him. I tried the team but they couldn`t help me.

    Yes i am a Habs fan!!!

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