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Winnipeg Jets Complimentary Of Golden Knights And T-Mobile Arena

These people are why Vegas is so good at home. These exact people. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Winnipeg Jets came into Las Vegas having earned a point in each of their previous eight games. That stretch ended abruptly when they faced a team on a streak of their own. After last night’s 5-2 Golden Knights victory, Vegas has now won six straight games at T-Mobile Arena, something the Jets were aware of coming in.

They were everything that we expected. Our preparation before the game showed that hockey team. You know I said how once you get out there, we just couldn’t get out of our zone. –Blake Wheeler, Jets Captain

The Captain didn’t seem upset or frustrated, if anything, he was more impressed with the team he faced.

I think just the way they play, their forecheck is really tough to break. They are great at getting above the puck. There just wasn’t a whole lot of space to make plays. You have got to give them a lot of credit, we made a lot of mistakes that cost us, gave them a little bit too much space. They really capitalize on their looks and you have to give them credit. They played a good hockey game tonight. -Wheeler

Wheeler expected a strong effort from Vegas but wasn’t stunned by the loss. Looking forward, expect Winnipeg to be even more prepared for the Golden Knights.

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Opening Ceremony Was Exactly What We Thought It Would Be… Then Chance Appeared

Well, can’t say we weren’t prepared for that. Opposing team’s “mascot” skates out, tries to pull the sword from the stone, and can’t do it. Then the Golden Knight appears to pull the sword out, the arena lights up, and the crowd goes wild.

Oh, about that last part. Yeah, well, nevermind.

It was exactly what The Creator has been saying it would be for the better part of three years, and the Golden Knights gameday staff did as much as they possibly could with it to make it as not-awful as physically possible.

Then, the real shining light appeared…

Meet Chance, VGKs Gila Monster mascot. (There are two more coming.)

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Chance The Gila Monster!

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Golden Knights Goal Song – “Vegas Lights” by Panic! At The Disco

The options were endless. Go with a classic like Viva Las Vegas. Go with an artist from the city like Imagine Dragons or The Killers. Or go completely off script and pick an amazing party song like Danza Kaduro.

Though it was nearly impossible to hear over the euphoric cheers for the sold out crowd at T-Mobile Arena, the Golden Knights unveiled their goal song last night, and it’s a winner.

It’s Vegas Lights by Summerlin natives Panic! At The Disco.

The chorus is the part the team plays where it almost sounds like they are saying Vegas Knights.

The Vegas lights
Where villains spend the weekend
The deep end
We’re swimming with the sharks until we drown
The Vegas lights
The lies and affectations
We’re winning ’til the curtain’s coming down

They are going to need to crank the volume up from about a 4 to a 10 in the arena, but listening to the song, it’s definitely a great goal song.

Next step, get Brendon Urie and the rest of the band at a game to preform it live. Hopefully Friday.

Vegas Golden Knights/T-Mobile Arena Transportation And Parking FAQ

Tonight marks the first time the Golden Knights will play a game at T-Mobile Arena on the Vegas Strip. So, to help you from wanting to hurt someone before you get into the arena, we’re here with a transportation and parking FAQ to answer all your questions and take the guesswork out of getting to the game.

What are the official parking options with the Golden Knights?

Parking is available at the garages at New York New York, Aria, Excalibur, and MGM Grand. If you purchase a parking pass prior to the game, the price is $20 (NYNY/Aria) or $15 (Excalibur/MGM). If you wait until the day of the game, parking is unavailable at NYNY and Aria, and it’s $25 at Excalibur and $20 at MGM Grand. To purchase parking prior to a game go here.

Where are these garages?

The NYNY and MGM Grand garages are the standard ones always used for the casino. The Aria garage is located directly off Frank Sinatra Boulevard (it is NOT the same garage as the one with the entrance on Las Vegas Boulevard). The Excalibur garage is the new one just south of Tropicana Avenue. Click this for a map.

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Bathroom Bill Could Force NHL Draft Out Of Dallas, You Know Where It Should Go

The controversial “bathroom bill” in the Texas Legislature has a chance to cross over into the world of the NHL if passed later this month. The bill, which requires people to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificate in schools and public buildings, is viewed by many as homophobic and discriminatory.

In the event it’s passed into law, the NHL could decide to pull the 2018 Entry Draft from American Airlines Arena in Dallas.

We strongly oppose the bill in its original form. We hope and expect that bill in that form will not be passed into law. We would obviously have to reassess the situation in the event that happens. –Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner

If the bill is passed, and the NHL Draft is forced out of Dallas, Vegas would likely be a leading candidate as its replacement.

Every year for the past nine years the NHL has held the annual Awards show in Vegas, including this past year which coincided with the Expansion Draft. That event usually occurs two days prior to the first round of the Entry Draft.

This is complete speculation, but Vegas makes perfect sense not just as a replacement for the NHL Draft in the event it needs to be pulled from Dallas this year, but for every year in the future. Having the two events back to back in the same location will increase coverage nationally and internationally of both events and likely bring in more revenue. Plus, there’s simply no easier place to hold an event like the draft than Vegas when it comes to lodging, transportation, and logistics.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen this year, in fact, I’m rooting against it, cause that bathroom bill is a joke, but eventually, the NHL Draft is going to come to Vegas, and when it does, it’s never going to leave.

24 Hour Open House At T-Mobile Arena: Pictures and Observations

The Golden Knights have opened up their home as part of a 24-hour open house at T-Mobile Arena from 8AM this morning to 8AM tomorrow. I wrote this post last week explaining the whole thing, and I don’t really feel like explaining it again, so instead here’s a bunch of pictures and my thoughts on the event.


  • Early returns on attendance have been pretty strong. For the first few hours there’s been somewhere between 500-1000 people in the building at any point and there’s been a steady line the entire time at the “ticket information” table.
  • The ice is NOT laid despite what my friend from Channel 8 thinks who told me he expected the ice to be much more white. #NailedIt
  • They have a blow-up castle type thing to shoot pucks in, cornhole/beanbag games decked out with Golden Knights logos, both goals are in place, they have VGK Jenga (seriously, there’s a picture below), and the head equipment manager has sticks, helmets, and pads to try on.
  • There are white pieces of paper on seats throughout the arena which have information on season tickets for that seat. By rough count, there are probably about 100 of those.
  • Split season ticket information is available for the first time on 11-game and 22-game packages. The price list is in a picture below.
  • They weren’t kidding, they are literally giving away two seats to the home opener once an hour. You do not have to be present to win.
  • A very loud gong is hit every time someone purchases tickets.
  • Behind The Vegas Ice episodes are being played on the jumbotron. You better believe I filmed “the scene” on the big screen.
  • Attendance picked up significantly through the early night. I’m guessing about 1500 or so as a max in the building at one time.
  • They turned on the Blackhawks/Wild game on the big screen, with sound. I also heard that Duluth Trading Company underwear commercial about eight times on the T-Mobile sound system. Lucky them.
  • I was in the arena all the way from about 10PM until 4AM. There were people on the floor playing the games throughout the entire time. Most were recently off the late shift at the casinos or restaurants. However there were a bundle of people who were here earlier in the day and came back cause they thought it would be fun.
  • Multiple tickets were sold between the hours of midnight and 5AM.
  • I’m not going to make it the whole 24 hours. I arrived at 7AM on Tuesday and I will be leaving the arena at 6:30 AM on Wednesday. 23 and half ain’t too bad.
  • All in all, this should be viewed as a highly successful event, and I’ll have much more on it tomorrow about what we learned. At least 8,000 people were through the building during the 24 hours and the final number is likely to be pushing 9,000. Pretty darn good to come in and see a building that’s been open for 10 months.


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24 Hour T-Mobile Arena Open House On February 21

In an effort to launch the 11-game and 22-game season ticket packages the Vegas Golden Knights are opening up T-Mobile Arena for a 24 hour extravaganza.

The event is free, open to the public, and begins at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, February 21st.

During the open house, current season ticket members and prospective season ticket members are welcome to view the arena from their respective seats, tour the facility and participate in a variety of interactive programming. -Press Release

The biggest news here though is that the team is giving away a pair of tickets every hour to the home opener.

Plus there will be team staff on hand throughout the entire 24-hour period talking hockey with fans.

Hockey Operations personnel including Senior Vice President Murray Craven, Hockey Operations Assistant Keith Veronesi and other members of the Golden Knights staff will lead educational hockey discussions/demonstrations throughout the 24 hours, and fun interactives for fans of all ages will be set up on the arena floor including a shooting cage, street hockey and more. -Press Release

CBS Radio Las Vegas is broadcasting a total of eight shows over five different networks live from T-Mobile Arena on the 21st. (Radio partnership hint?)

Our city is open 24 hours a day so it is only appropriate we hold a 24-hour event of our own, especially for our fans who may work in the three-shift hospitality industry. This open house will give all Las Vegans the opportunity to tour our incredible arena and will give our current season ticket members a chance to see their actual seats for the first time since our name unveil. It is sure to be an exciting, unique 24-hours at T-Mobile Arena. -Kerry Bubolz, President

They’ve also promised hockey discussions every half hour with members of the staff.

The event was described to as “24 hours of zaniness.” Which we can only imagine means, lots and lots of free stuff. Or at least we can hope, my dumbass only took one pin on Thursday. See ya Tuesday people, and please wear SinBin gear, make us look good.

Click “read more” for the full press release from the team.

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Vegas Hockey Fan Fest Coming To Toshiba Plaza

Frozen Fury is more than just a pair of games inside T-Mobile Arena this year. Toshiba Plaza is set to be decked out with Las Vegas hockey flare. The team is calling it Vegas Hockey Fan Fest and it’s set to take place on Saturday, October 8th.

The crown jewel to the event will be a Q&A with General Manager George McPhee and The Creator himself. That’ll start at 5PM on the 8th. It’s your chance to make me look like an idiot for not asking better questions at the press conference back in July. Really shouldn’t be that difficult.

They’ll also have DJ’s pumping out some sick beats (is that a cool way to say it?), Hockey Sauce, and more. The VegasIsHockey website mentioned faceprinting, but one has to wonder what exactly they’ll be painting on peoples’ faces seeing as they don’t have a name, logo, or colors. Logo reveal on your 3-year-old!?!

Finally, special guests Randy Burridge, Darcy Loewen, Rod Buskas, and Darren Banks will be on hand to answer some questions as well.

It will be interesting to see what the team has in store as this truly is their first opportunity to put on a show for Las Vegas fans. The T-Mobile Open House was very low key and shouldn’t really be considered indicative of the preferred style of a Vegas hockey event. This one however, will be. We should learn a lot about what type of game atmosphere they’ll be going for, and be sure, we’re ready to judge.

See ya October 8th. I’ll be there whipping up on all Hockey Sauce comers.

Season Ticket Deposit Update; “We’re Basically Sold Out”

We’re still 16 months away from the first major professional hockey game in Las Vegas, but that hasn’t stopped residents from plopping down money to guarantee their seats.

After the T-Mobile Arena open house, in which more than 5,000 fans came through the building on Monday and Tuesday, The Creator updated the total number of ticket deposits the team has sold.

We’re over 15.5k deposits including suites. We’re basically sold out. -The Creator still has a “very limited” number of seats available in P2 and P3, the lower ends and lower corners.

The building holds 17,500 before standing room. With 15,500 deposits sold, another 1,500 or so held back for group sales and individual tickets, and the amount the NHL requests for players, teams, and the like, there’s likely less than 200 total deposits still available for a guaranteed seat.

And they said we aren’t a hockey market.

Best, Worst Seat From Each P-Section At T-Mobile Arena

During the open house just about every group in the building is having one of two conversations. First, this place is amazing. That is just a fact, so that conversation usually ends pretty quickly. The other one is much more in depth, which seats should we pick when we get the chance?

Well, I’m here to help (and you are going to help too). I walked around the arena and took three pictures in each P-Section of the arena.

Here’s the map with exact sections and their coordinating P-Section.


P6 – Upper Ends

Best Seat


Worst Seat


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