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T-Mobile Arena Open House Open Now

Right now, until 9:00 tonight and from 4:00-9:00 PM tomorrow, you can walk right in to T-Mobile Arena to view the world’s best hockey arena with the ice, boards, nets, Zamboni, and everything else that makes up the coolest sport on Earth. Well, except the players and the actual game.

Murray Craven, Todd Pollock, Dan Marrazza and other team representatives are at the arena answering questions. George Salami is driving the Zamboni keeping the ice surface in pristine shape. You can walk right up on to both benches and see the ice up close and personal. (When I went back last night the doors to the benches were closed, hopefully they are open again tonight)

Every seat in the lower and upper bowls are available to fans to sit and take a look at the views.

When they announced there would be an open house I was kind of thinking, oh yeah, ho hum, no big deal. Then I got there, and my mind was changed. Just to be in the arena with the hockey configuration and to be able to have access to just about everywhere you’ll be able to go during a game is truly a special experience that won’t come around often.

I highly recommend anyone who reads this site that has a chance to do so, make your way down there before they close up shop, cause the next time there will be ice laid will be in September, and you’re gonna need a ticket for that one.

Later on either tonight or tomorrow I’m going to get a picture of the best seat and worst seat in every P-section. Check back for that article later.

Here are a bunch of pictures and videos…

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T-Mobile Arena Lays Ice For The First Time – Pictures, Videos, and More

It’s been a long time coming but finally for the first time the ice is being laid at T-Mobile Arena. As part of a walk-through for Frozen Fury coming up in September the fine folks at MGM will take the floor of T-Mobile Arena from a boring concrete slab to the most beautiful sight in all of sports, a fresh sheet of ice.

We’ve got pictures, videos, and will even have a chance to speak to some of the people making this happen, and we’ll have them all here throughout the day.

Pre-prep for laying the first white layer.

Click through to see this mega post including the incredible time lapse video of the whole process!

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T-Mobile Open House Details; Ice, Boards, Team Reps All To Be On Site

For all of you who haven’t been to T-Mobile Arena yet, here’s your chance, and for free. MGM/AEG is opening the doors for an open house on Monday and Tuesday from 10AM-9PM on August 1st and 4PM-9PM on August 2nd.

The reason behind the open house is to give fans an opportunity to see T-Mobile Arena with a full hockey configuration. By that I mean boards, penalty boxes, benches, nets, and most importantly, a full sheet of fresh ice.

It’s a walk-through for Frozen Fury coming up in a just over a month and anyone and everyone who wants to come has a chance to take a look. An email (which is at the bottom of this post) was sent out to NHL season ticket holders, but the arena has made it clear the open house is not just open for those with deposits, it’s open to everybody all 16 hours. No registration required.

Also, Murray Craven, Todd Pollock, and other team representatives will be on hand to take questions and talk hockey with fans.

This is a pretty cool (literally) opportunity to see what the arena is going to look like come October 2017 when we finally drop the puck for real. Also, for season ticket holders, this is a great chance to take a look at potential seats so you can be prepared when seat selection begins.

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Behind The Scenes Tour Of T-Mobile Arena Home Locker Room

Recently was given the privilege of touring T-Mobile Arena in all of it’s glory, including the seedy underbelly of the cathedral to which Las Vegas’ first major professional sports team call home.

During our tour the crew were assembling the dasher boards and glass to finalize seating plans for Frozen Fury coming up in October. We also took a trip up to the Hyde Nightclub and found a surprising number of Knight related paraphernalia (hint hint?).

Finally, for the first time we were granted access to the still unfinished NHL locker room on the East side of the arena.

Here are a bunch of highlight photos from the tour and then the rest of the ones we shot are in the gallery at below.

View from luxury suite

View from luxury suite

View from triangle in the sky in Hyde Nightclub

View from triangle in the sky in Hyde Nightclub

On the bench

On the bench

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Special Frozen Fury Ticket Offer Coming Friday From VegasWantsHockey

Tickets to the first ever professional hockey game at T-Mobile Arena will go on sale officially on June 24th as part of a two game package. The Kings play the Stars (Frozen Fury) on October 7th and then the Avalanche on October 8th. On the 24th, tickets will be sold as a dual ticket to both games. Single game tickets will be available in late July.

The Las Vegas organization is expected to offer the two pack tickets this Friday, a week before the pre-sale begins from the Kings.

Any one who placed a season ticket deposit will be emailed the offer Friday and we’ll make sure we have all the updated info here as well for all of you who are slacking on buying season tickets.

Ticket prices begin at $36 and will be available through or the T-Mobile Arena box office. Remaining individual game tickets, beginning at $39, will go on sale July 22. –Steve Carp, LVRJ

It’s the first chance we’ll get to see the ice, the boards, the Zamboni, the sin bins,  and real NHL hockey all in action at T-Mobile Arena. Frozen Fury is always a blast, but this one is going to be extra special.

I’ll see ya there.


AP Confirms Expansion To Las Vegas, Media Explodes

Well well well, welcome to the club AP, ESPN, TSN, LVRJ, and whoever else is now ready to confirm expansion to Las Vegas.

The media world has been set ablaze with the AP confirming what we, and many others, have been reporting for a few months now. The NHL will indeed expand to Las Vegas, and the announcement is still planned for June 22nd. has nothing new to report at this time.

MGM Finalizes Pay-For-Park System, It’s Bad, But Not That Bad

Well, we knew it was coming, and now it’s here. MGM officially unveiled their new pay-for-parking system and while Las Vegas locals are safe for now, in a few months we’ll become chopped liver just like the everyone else.

When T-Mobile Arena was nearing its completion rumors began swirling that all MGM properties would indeed begin charging for parking in their garages. However, the terminology used was always “for overnight parking.” It turns out, that wasn’t really the case and our nightmare of having to pay even while going out for dinner has been realized.

Starting on December 29th, 2016 for locals and June 6th, 2016 for out-of-towners, MGM’s going to start taking our money before we ever even make it in to the casino. (Well, technically you pay on the way out, but you get my point)

MGM Paid Parking

$5 to visit the casino for up to four hours isn’t terrible, but I can tell you right now, I won’t be the only one parking at a Caesars, Wynn, or Sands property to circumvent the fee.

There are some stipulations for all you high rollers out there. If you reach Pearl status (25,000 tier credits) self parking is free, while if you reach Gold status or higher (75,000 tier credits) you can valet for free.

Event nights at T-Mobile Arena are going to stay the same as they have through the first month of the arena’s existence. You’ll have to pre-pay to park at New York New York or Monte Carlo, while the rest of the surrounding hotels will use their standard system (expect this to change at some point).

As far as this relates to hockey, it’s not the absolute worst scenario, as $10 pre-paid parking directly next to the arena, or $4-$8 across the street is not terrible, but it’s still hard to grasp the idea of paying for parking here in Las Vegas.  I’d expect a slight discount for season ticket holders who pre-pay the entire season as well.

We’ll be constantly on the lookout for ways to circumvent parking fees, especially on game nights. So far, here’s what we’ve got. (This will be updated when we have new methods)

  • Park at at a competing property. (Closest options are Tropicana, Planet Hollywood, and the Cosmopolitan)
  • Drive a 2 wheeled vehicle. Motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles are exempt from the new parking fees.

If you have other ideas for us, let us know in the comments or email them to

T-Mobile Arena’s “NHL Locker Room”

As if you needed a little more proof the powers that be believe the NHL is expanding to Las Vegas, check this out.

But, maybe it’s for Frozen Fury. Shut up!

It’s clear MGM and AEG believe the NHL is coming to Vegas, and soon. They’ve held off the paint in the locker rooms, they’ve purposely not booked the arena from September 2017-June 2018, and they’ve got a Zamboni Room, a skates and sticks room and now NHL locker rooms. (And also, you are now caught up on everything we know about hockey and T-Mobile Arena)

Oh yeah, and don’t forget, T-Mobile Arena also had a pretty significant visitor over the weekend for the big fight.

If the saying goes, “where there’s smoke there’s probably fire,” then there’s a mushroom cloud in between New York New York and Monte Carlo, and it’s just a matter of time Gary Bettman tells us it is indeed a fire. (I love that picture by the way)

MGM Purposely Not Booking T-Mobile Arena To Stay NHL Ready

The new T-Mobile Arena on the Strip is the current desired venue for every big act coming through Las Vegas and will be for a long time.

We’ve seen Guns N’ Roses, The Killers, and Billy Joel already and Garth Brooks, Coldplay, Drake, UFC 200 and many more are all booked in 2016. But the staff in charge of getting the biggest acts in Vegas into the new arena have been given some interesting information directly pertaining to the NHL.

“We don’t want to impact the potential of having a team,” says Daniel Rush, VP of global sports and event sales for MGM. A handful of corporations have booked the venue for meetings, but MGM is aiming to keep October through June—the NHL season duration—as free as possible. -Matt Swenson,

As a hockey fan this has to be music to your ears. MGM is so convinced the NHL will eventually award Las Vegas a team that they are unwilling to bring in major events and jeopardize the hockey schedule.

The NHL has to work around prior engagements in arenas across the country all the time, but they have to be very pleased with Las Vegas that even without a team (yet) the arena is being held to accommodate anything the schedule makers would like to do.

The I’s are dotted, the T’s are crossed, it’s just a matter of Gary Bettman and the league to finally give it the green light.

Visitor Locker Rooms So Nice Away Team Will Struggle

The psychology behind the set up of the away locker room is one that’s been debated in every sport for a long long time.

From the University of Iowa painting it pink to “have a calming effect” to Wrigley Field’s locker room that’s one fifth the size of a normal locker room to the visitor’s locker room at the new Levi’s Stadium in San Fran being described as “mundane,” everyone’s always trying to gain an edge by where they house their opponents.

Well, The Creator and his team are going at it a bit differently.

The size of T-Mobile Arena’s dressing room facilities for the road team will impress visiting players. In NHL arenas, home teams invariably have a spacious setup that includes everything from the actual dressing room to player lounges and workout rooms. In many venues, however, road locker rooms aren’t much fancier than what you see at a (nice) municipal skating rink. At T-Mobile Arena, the visiting accommodations will rival the setup many home teams currently enjoy. –Dan Marrazza,

Seems a bit curious at first thought, but the tactic has been used before, and successfully.

In the book, “How To Bake an NHL Franchise From Scratch,” Tom Lynn mentioned Doug Risebrough specifically changed the plans to make the away locker room larger.

Doug had planned out where every aspect of the team would exist, from the hot tubs to the toilets to the doors on the coaches’ offices. He changed the original plan to to make the main dressing room for the players smaller – more of a team atmosphere, he said — better if the players had to look each other in the eyes, rather than being far apart. He did the exact opposite for the visiting locker room, to minimize collegiality. – Tom Lynn

**The book is excellent. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the expansion process**

42 of the Wild’s 68 points came at home that season, so maybe it helped a little bit.

Either way, it appears the away locker room at T-Mobile Arena will follow the same principals, looking “to minimize collegiality.

Whether or not it works here, only time will tell. But I can tell you this, if it doesn’t, don’t be surprised if The Creator demands it be shrunk immediately.

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