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Vegas Golden Knights Regular Season Final Stats And Facts

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Team Totals

  • Record: 51-24-7 (109 Points)
    • 29-10-2 at home
    • 22-14-5 away
      • 1st in Pacific Division
      • 3rd in Western Conference
      • 5th in NHL
  • 272 Goals For
    • T-4th in NHL
  • 228 Goals Against
    • 8th in NHL
  • 207 Even Strength Goals
    • 3rd in NHL
  • Longest Winning Streak: 8 games
    • December 14th to January 2nd
  • Longest Losing Streak: 3 games
    • Happened three separate times
  • Longest Point Streak: 13 games
    • December 3rd to January 2nd
  • Records by month
    • October – 16 points (8-3-0) 11GP
    • November – 15 points (7-5-1) 13 GP
    • December – 23 points (11-1-1) 13 GP
    • January – 16 points (7-3-2) 12 GP
    • February – 17 points (8-5-1) 14 GP
    • March – 20 points (9-5-2) 16 GP
    • April – 2 points (1-2-0) 3 GP
  • Record Breakdown
    • vs Western Conference: 33-13-4
      • vs Pacific: 20-6-3
      • vs Central: 13-7-1
    • vs Eastern Conference: 18-11-3
      • vs Atlantic: 10-4-2
      • vs Metropolitan: 8-7-1
  • Most goals scored in single game: 7
    • 7-0 vs. Colorado on 10/27
    • 7-3 vs Calgary on 2/21
  • Most goals allowed in a single game: 8
    • 8-2 at Edmonton on 11/14
    • 8-3 vs New Jersey on 3/14

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How Many Goals Does It Take To Win 16 Playoff Games?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For two straight years the Pittsburgh Penguins scored 70+ (73, 77) total playoff goals en route to back-to-back Stanley Cup victories. The Penguins roughly averaged 18 goals scored per round over their past two postseasons. Based off recent playoff history, the team that scores 70-80 goals over four rounds will usually end up hoisting the cup.

Here are the past four NHL postseason’s broken down by Goals For (GF) and Goals Against (GA). I examined the Cup champion and the runner-up over the past four seasons.


  • Stanley Cup Champions: Pittsburgh Penguins
    • 77 Goals For/ 57 Goals Against
      • Round One: 21 GF/13 GA (won series 4-1)
      • Round Two: 20 GF/18 GA (won series 4-3)
      • Conference Finals: 17 GF/13 GA (won series 4-3)
      • Stanley Cup Finals: 19 GF/13 GA (won series 4-2)
  • Western Conference Champs: Nashville Predators
    • 60 Goals For/47 Goals Against
      • Round One: 13 GF/3 GA (won series 4-0)
      • Round Two: 15 GF/11 GA (won series 4-2)
      • Conference Finals: 19 GF/14 GA (won series 4-2)
      • Stanley Cup Finals: 13 GF/19 GA (lost series 4-2)


  • Stanley Cup Champs: Pittsburgh Penguins
    • 73 Goals For/54 Goals Against
      • Round One: 21 GF/10 GA (won series 4-1)
      • Round Two: 16 GF/14 GA (won series 4-2)
      • Conference Finals: 21 GF/18 GA (won series 4-3)
      • Stanley Cup Finals: 15 GF/12 GA (won series 4-2)
  • Western Conference Champs: San Jose Sharks
    • 75 Goals For/56 Goals Against
      • Round One: 16 GF/11 GA (won series 4-1)
      • Round Two: 25 GF/17 GA (won series 4-3)
      • Conference Finals: 22 GF/13 GA (won series 4-2)
      • Stanley Cup Finals: 12 GF/15 GA (lost series 4-2)

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Third Period’s Haula’s

This is’s definition of the word clutch.

Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

In the last few seconds of a close game, only a player with ‘clutch’ can lead the team to victory. -Urban Dictionary

He doesn’t even really have to try anymore. The other teams are just giving him 3rd period goals now. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Or in other words, Erik Haula.

As we all watched on Tuesday night as Vegas ripped a game away from Calgary, Haula continued to be one of the Golden Knights top third-period performers. In the last frame, the 26-year-old center has three game-winning goals, three game-tying goals, and two empty-net goals. Those are cluth numbers for an entire season, let alone with 34 games to go.

Haula’s Third Period Scoring Summary: 17 Points (13 Goals, 6 Assists)
11/04/17 @ Ottawa: Scores game-winning PP goal (6:47)
11/16/17 @ Vancouver: Scored game-winning goal (6:27)
12/05/17 vs Anaheim: Scored game-tying goal (15:38)
12/08/17 @ Nashville: Scored game-tying goal (19:20)
12/09/17 @ Dallas: Scored empty-net goal (19:17)
12/17/17 vs Florida: Scored game-winning goal (11:40)
12/19/17 vs Tampa Bay: *Assist on Shea Theodore’s game-winning goal (19:57)
1/23/18 vs Columbus: Scored empty-net goal (18:58)
1/30/18 @ Calgary: Scored game-tying goal (18:14)

As much as I’d like to shout “Third Period is Haula’s,” (please, do not ever chant this) he’ll have to share that cheer with teammate Jonathan Marchessault. #81 has one game-winning goal, and three empty-net goals as part of his 22 3rd period points.

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Golden Knights Lead Conference At Break; Something Five NHL Franchises Have Never Done

It should come as no surprise at this point in the year that the Vegas Golden Knights have re-written, or are on the path to re-writing, just about every record in the expansion/inaugural season record book. As they head into the All Star break the Golden Knights sit atop the Western Conference with 68 points on 32 wins.

Hey James, we’re already better than the Coyotes, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Panthers, and Jets! (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Since the NHL broke into two conferences in 1968 there have been 42 All Star games, which means 84 teams have led the conference in the standings at the break. Arizona, Carolina, Columbus, Florida, and Winnipeg have never done it.

Those teams were founded in 1996, 1997, 2000, 1993, and 1999 respectively. It goes all the way back to 1979 if you consider that neither the Hartford Whalers nor the first rendition of the Jets ever led the conference at the break either. The Minnesota North Stars never did it in their time in the league from 1967 to 1993. Nor did the Quebec Nordiques while in the league from 1979 to 1995.

By doing it in year one, the Golden Knights join the Ducks, Kings, Wild, Predators, Penguins, Sharks, Maple Leafs, and Canucks who have all only led the conference at the break a single time.

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