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Cross Off Claude, Julien All But Out For Vegas

Last March, the Toronto Maple Leafs handsomely paid Mike Babcock $6.25 million per year to be their head coach; an offer Babcock couldn’t refuse. In the process of getting a monster raise, Babcock rewarded his fellow NHL coaches by inflating the market. Now coaches are waiting their turn to cash in. Say a guy like Claude Julien.

When you make these decisions, you better have a guy in line that’s better than that guy. There’s not many, I can tell you that. He’s a hell of a coach. –Mike Babcock on Boston firing Claude Julien

Many believe Julien will demand a salary as high as $4-5 million per year. Which made me wonder, would Vegas be willing to pay the going rate for Claude?

The answer is no.

Ken and I had a chance to catch up with The Creator during the Mandarin Oriental Rooster trade event, and after our conversation, I can officially cross Julien’s name off the list. It’s no longer speculation, Claude Julien will not be the Golden Knights first coach. It was clear immediately when I asked directly about the financial aspect of the hiring. I first asked if he would pay top dollar, to which he instantly said yes. I added, four to five million? And the answer speaks for itself.

That’s probably a lot for us.

I’ll tell you what we really want. George McPhee’s going to make the call. My call is going to be, is this a guy I can work with feel comfortable with. All the people we have in this organization keep their egos in check they are about winning hockey games or making a successful business. -The Creator

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Preseason Opponents And Schedule Pretty Much Set

UPDATE 2 (4:41 PM 1/24/17) : After further review, the team is now confirming the dates reported are indeed accurate. They reiterated there is chance the could change, but they are the correct working dates at this moment.

UPDATE (3:28 PM 1/24/17) : Eric Tosi, Golden Knights VP of communications and content, would only confirm the fact that the current plan is to play seven games, three of which at T-Mobile Arena. The dates and opponents mentioned in this article were described as “TBD” and “still a work in progress.”

We knew there would be seven preseason games for the Vegas Golden Knights in preparation of their inaugural season Three at home, three for sure on the road, and one either neutral or away. The picture is starting to clear up thanks to some top notch reporting by Steve Carp.

Depending on the game in China, the first Vegas Golden Knights hockey game will be on September 17th at T-Mobile Arena or the 19th in Colorado.

Either way, the first team to hit the ice against the Golden Knights in Vegas will be the Kings.

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Team Contest To Send Fan Rep To All Star Game; Someone Reading This Better Win

I’m not going to the All Star Game in Los Angeles in two weeks. Odds are you weren’t planning on going either, but that could change thanks to a contest being put on by the Golden Knights website.

One fan is going to win a trip for two to LAX, a hotel stay at the OMNI, two private suite tickets to the All Star game and the skills competition, and probably be treated like a king like a Knight by the organization.

To enter, fans can go to and submit a photo and brief description demonstrating why they would be the best choice to represent the Vegas Golden Knights fan base in Los Angeles at All-Star Weekend. is willing to offer any assistance you require in creating your picture. We literally have no lives, and if you come up with a good enough idea that involves Jason or I, we are in.

Here’s the deal though. Whether we help you in your photo or not, but especially if we do, when you win, you owe a Guest Post. We want pictures, we want videos, and most importantly we want some real behind the scenes footage (too soon?) of what it’s like to be treated to something awesome by the Golden Knights.

They are selecting “the best representative of our fan base” to win the contest and take the trip. If the best representative of our fan base is not a loyal reader, I’m going to be livid.

So come on people, let’s win this sh.. jazz. Oh, and if you are a complete loser, happen to win, and can’t find anyone to go with you, I know a guy.

Disclaimer: This is not a serious request. If someone from the team sees this and thinks that I, Ken Boehlke, am trying to assist people in winning the contest so I can go, I am not. It’s supposed to be a joke. I know, I get it, I’m not funny, but seriously, please don’t disqualify readers because I wanted to use two gifs of Simba from the Lion King in an article in a feeble attempt at humor. I’m not even available to go. I’ll be busy running a website that weekend. YES! Three Simba gifs! Seriously though, don’t DQ people cause I’m an idiot. Thank you.

No 2018 Winter Classic At West Point, But That Won’t Stop Vegas From Visiting

During the entire Winter Classic today I couldn’t get my mind off the thought of someday watching the Vegas Golden Knights play in the NHL’s regular season gem. A while back we explored the idea of the Golden Knights being the away team at a game at West Point against the New York Rangers.

Well, it’s time to let that dream die… at least for 2018. The Creator confirmed the organization did indeed explore the possibility of playing a game at the home of the United States Army, but its not suitable for an NHL game at the moment.

The West Point rink doesn’t have NHL standard glass. The glass isn’t flexible. No (other) plans on the Winter Classic. -The Creator

However, his plans to bring his new team to the school he holds so near and dear to his heart are not going down because of some rigid glass.

We are going to have a day trip to West Point during an East Coast swing so the players can experience the institution.

So, no Winter Classic at West Point, no preseason game there, and no other discussions about Vegas playing in the 2018 Winter Classic anywhere else at this point. But that trip to West Point is going to be amazing for everyone involved.

Fingers crossed there’s an extra spot on the Foley VGK jet for a certain media member/blogger/me to experience it and share it with you as well.

AHL Affiliate In Chicago? LVRJ Reports Discussions

According to Steve Carp at the RJ, the Vegas Golden Knights are in discussions to lock in the Chicago Wolves as their AHL affiliate.

The Wolves are currently affiliated with the St. Louis Blues, but their deal with the NHL club expiries at the end of this season. The Creator offered a quick “no comment” to the RJ and the Chicago Wolves released this statement.

We have no comment on that rumor. We are affiliated with St. Louis and happy. -Lindsey Willhite, Chicago Wolves spokesman

Not that happy though, as St. Louis has been consistently linked to a project in Kansas City headed up by Lamar Hunt Jr., son of the NFL’s Chiefs founder, Lamar Hunt. There have also been disagreements between the Wolves organization and the Blues over coaching decisions and the handing of a few Blues owned players. Since the Wolves are privately owned, they have the final say, not the NHL parent club.

Sources tell’s Lou Korac that the move to KC is “a done deal,” however that report was denied the day after it was reported.

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Creator Lists House In Whitefish, Montana

Have an extra $26.7 million hanging out in the old savings account? Great! Then I’ve got just the purchase for you.

Bill Foley, the longtime deal maker and an investor in the NHL’s newest franchise, has listed his 21-acre Montana ranch for $26.7 million, said listing agent Ross Pickert with Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty. –Stefanos Chen, Wall Street Journal

One of these days the Wall Street Journal will get the picture and start calling him The Creator, but we’ll give them a pass on this one.

The forested property includes an 11,500-square-foot lodge-style home, three roughly 1,200-square-foot guest cabins and a day cabin with more than 1,260 feet of lake frontage. -Chen

The main has house has five fireplaces (why?), an in-ground hot tub, a screened in porch, and a “great room” with a 20 foot ceiling. It also has hiking trails, a creek, and wildlife all throughout the property.

The listing of this house likely means The Creator will be spending more time in Las Vegas tending to his new baby, the Vegas Golden Knights. Whether that’s good news or bad news for the team on the ice, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I’ve started a GoFundMe page towards the purchase of the new ranch. It’s a 21-acre property in Whitefish, Montana with an 11,500-square-foot lodge-style home, three roughly 1,200-square-foot guest cabins and a day cabin with more than 1,260 feet of lake frontage. It also has an in-ground hot tub, a screened in porch, a room with a 20 foot ceiling, and five totally necessary fireplaces. I should also mention the hiking trails, creek, and wildlife throughout the property.

So chip in now! We’re only $26,699,985 away from having enough to make the dream a reality! We can do this!

AHL/ECHL Affiliate News Roundup

The location of the Vegas Golden Knight AHL and ECHL affiliates is probably the next big piece of news on the horizon.

Back in August Murray Craven, joining the Podcast, identified Christmas as the target date to unveil the details on the Golden Knights’ minor league affiliations. Craven recently confirmed via email it will more likely come in January, and George McPhee agreed.

But as much as McPhee accomplished this summer, he still has additional off-ice tasks that have yet to be accomplished. He hopes to knock two of these off his list in the weeks just after the New Year, in January. “We’re going to be working on a couple of bigger items for our organization,” McPhee said. “We’ll be trying to get our physician group finalized, and working on an AHL affiliate opportunity.” -Dan Marrazza,

As for the AHL, The Creator mentioned on multiple occasions that the team will be an existing franchise. He also does not plan on owning the AHL franchise, at least for now.

McPhee’s plan isn’t to have many players at the AHL level anyway.

Most of our prospects will still be at the junior and college level, so there’s really no need to fill out an entire team. We’ll have six or eight guys that we can call up if we get banged up. But we’ll share for a couple years and then we’ll hone in on a place and see if we can have our own club. –George McPhee to

Binghamton, NY, the former affiliate for the Ottawa Senators recently lost the team to Belleville, Ontario. The owner in Binghamton was quoted after losing the team saying “there will be an AHL team in Binghamton in 17-18.” Craven denied any involvement when we wrote about this in October, but it absolutely remains a possibility either via Vegas using Binghamton or an affiliation swap with another existing team.

Another organization that may make sense based on being under current ownership and not being affiliated is the Fort Wayne Komets (Indiana). They are the only team in either the ECHL or AHL who is currently unaffiliated.

As for the ECHL, Vegas is almost certainly going to jump on board with another team. Reno has been positioning itself recently to be the future home of an ECHL affiliate for Las Vegas, but they will not have anything in place by the time next season rolls around.

That’s all we’ve got. See ya in 2017 AHL/ECHL!

Merch Sales Update

Despite the trademark snag it appears folks around town, and around the world, still can’t get enough Vegas Golden Knights gear.

In a recent story on 8 News Now (they still call it that?) The Creator mentioned a few merchandise sales numbers that perked my ears. That portion of the story has since disappeared into the deep web. So we reached out ourselves, and here’s what we heard back.

Our operated store sales are $173,000 as of Wednesday. No slow down on the NHL store. I don’t have current numbers. -The Creator

From my recollection of that story, the number from the online store was pushing $500,000, but I must admit there’s a chance my memory has failed me on that cause I couldn’t stop laughing about this. Oh my!

Either way, those are pretty astounding numbers considering the amount of hatred for the name. Not to mention that $173k number is referencing just the store at T-Mobile Arena, and their selection has really not changed at all since the unveil.

The Creator added that sales are consistent and have not been affected by the trademark issue. It was just an email, but he didn’t seem terribly concerned about the situation calling it, “simply a process.”


For a list of everywhere in the valley Vegas Golden Knights apparel is available, check out’ Unofficial Where To Buy Guide.

Vegas Golden Knights Trademark Denied

A report from SB Nation showed a 164 page document appearing to deny the Vegas Golden Knights trademark that was filed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 23rd.

The Creator quickly responded to Channel 3’s Amber Dixon refuting the claim, and then the team put out this statement first acquired by Alex Prewitt.

When the news broke, many representatives from the organization were making appearances at Born and Raised for the premier of the Behind The Vegas Ice documentary. Everyone declined to do interviews, and the only information we were given was, “our lawyers are looking into it.”

The Las Vegas Review Journal was able to reach VP Murray Craven for this comment.

We believe, at the end of the day, all parties will embrace the fact that we are the Vegas Golden Knights and this absolutely will work out. I hope people don’t overreact to this at all. We believe everyone will be satisfied. We are only going to enhance the name Golden Knights for everyone. That’s our goal. I won’t put words in Bill Foley’s mouth, but we all believe this will be fine. -Murray Craven, Senior VP

The trademark was denied due to it’s similarity to the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights.

Accordingly, the examining attorney finds that the marks are identical in part, sharing their most dominant and source-identifying portions, and are confusingly similar when compared in their entireties. -USPTO Denial Letter

The denial basically rules that the College of Saint Rose and Vegas that proceed the words Golden Knights “does not change the overall commercial impression,” of the two names.

They go on to cite that collegiate sports and professional sports are “similar nature, both often televised, played at the same large arenas for the entertainment of the same class of consumers.” And despite the fact that the College of Saint Rose does not have, and has never had, a hockey team, their trademark is “presumed” to include all sports played at the collegiate level.

The Vegas Golden Knights have six months from the date of the denial (which is not listed) to make an argument for their trademark.

The NHL released this statement on Thursday morning…

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UNLV Hockey Earns Division I Status

Huge news from the UNLV Skatin’ Rebels today as the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) announced UNLV has been elevated to Division I status effective at the start of the 2017-18 season.

It’s a giant step forward for hockey in Las Vegas, not only for our program, but with the addition of a National Hockey League team, who have become a great partner and advocate of our growth. -Zee Khan, UNLV Hockey GM

On the ice this year the Skatin’ Rebels are flat out dominating. Sporting a 15-3-0 record they are ranked #1 in the ACHA D2 Men’s Hockey -West rankings.

Becoming the furthest west ACHA DI program, we look forward to providing an opportunity to play at the most competitive level in the ACHA, to a number of players looking to continue their playing careers. -Khan

Huge congrats to GM Zee Khan, head coach Anthony Greener, and the entire UNLV Skatin’ Rebel family.

Brand new NHL team, Division one college team, and massive practice facility to assist youth hockey. If it wasn’t clear before it should be now…

We are The Valley Of Hockey!

Note: The ACHA is an alternative to the NCAA. The Rebels have been competing in the ACHA D2.

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