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Guest Post: From Expansion Franchise To Credible Franchise

One of my favorite things about running is the incredible passion that turns into Guest Posts from you guys who read the site every day. It’s been far too long since our last one, which was a doozy by the way, so what better time than now to hear from another member of the ever growing army (We still need a good name for this).

This one is from Robert Price (aka Slack).

As a Red Wings fan growing up in Michigan, I can remember watching them play the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in their inaugural season on TV and their arena public address announcing “Offsides”. I can also remember laughing about it out loud with my friends before LOL even existed.

Fast forward 22 years or so and we are about to embark on our first NHL season here in Las Vegas where I have called home since 2000. I am older, wiser and became a bit more jaded with every lockout, strike, work stoppage or whatever you want to call it, but there is one thing for certain. I want the Vegas Golden Knights to succeed.

For those of you who already know, hockey is the greatest sport in the world, for those that don’t but want to, you are about to find out. Toughest athletes that give back to the community, best live action games, crazy playoffs and, of course, the ultimate trophy. I’m trading in my red and white to watch this franchise grow with my son who now has a team to call his own, and it’s going to be a great ride.

Getting back to my original point. Credibility. It is earned, not given. Traditionalists and a few neighbors in the country to the north are watching. And when I say “watching”, I mean that are looking for a laugh and/or clamoring for a reason to move the Knights to Moose Jaw so they can have eight teams instead of seven that won’t win a Cup. (I’m sorry, was that out loud? I jest) My point is this. A lot of things go into making this a successful franchise for the long haul, some of which we as fans control and some we can’t, but we do have a voice. I feel the sooner these things happen, the sooner the critics will be quiet. Without further ado, here are six factors in making the Vegas Golden Knights one for the ages.

Number One: On Ice Success

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Guest Post: One Fandom, Under Foley, Indivisible, With Hockey And Molson For All

On a day in which the team selected a superfan to send to the All Star Game, we thought it might be nice to hear one of the most passionate fans of Unfortunately for Jerry we don’t have All Star tickets in a luxury box, so I guess seeing his name as the author of a website that draws 1.5 million fans a day will have to suffice as a consolation prize.

It’s the pledge of allegiance, VGK style, from Jerry “Phi Sig 150” Tomeo.

There’s been a tide of excitement slowly building for almost two years. First there were murmurs, then rumblings, then rampant rumors which were followed by full scale speculation until the glorious day finally arrived when it was officially announced that yes, what we had been hearing was true, Las Vegas was indeed getting it’s first pro sports team. Die-hard hockey fans rejoiced. Locals swelled with pride over the giant step our burgeoning city was taking. The Internet and Las Vegas locals alike played the name the team game for months fueled with occasional teases from Foley. Deep down in our hearts we knew he wasn’t lying when he said that Knights would be incorporated in some fashion but what if it was an elaborate ruse to throw all of us off the scent? What if he’s actually planning on playing a wild card? What if he’s naming the team the Rat Pack? Or better yet what if he’s going with a name that was actually good? Then the name came out. I’m sure somewhere out there must be a small group of Renaissance faire performers that flipped their medieval lids over the name. Most locals were indifferent, content with the prospect of hockey and pro sports in Las Vegas. There was, however, a very vocal group that hated the name. I mean really, really hated the name with a level of loathing usually reserved for Isis or Bettman. I’m not going to rehash the arguments pro and con Vegas Golden Knights for the thousandth time but suffice to say a Golden opportunity was Las.

There exists a significant segment of our fan base that feels disenfranchised. They want to be like the rest of us snapping up shirts, hats, and especially those sweet, sweet lanyards. The disenfranchised long to get lost in the excitement but for some reason they just can’t. Some of these fans helped get the team here in the first place by committing to season tickets. Some still intend to buy tickets once the puck hits the ice. There are unfortunately a few that have completely written the team off over the naming process. The disenfranchised feel the name isn’t representative of the city they love and feel slighted that they weren’t included in the naming process. Despite some of our ultimately fruitless fantasies the name isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So the question becomes how do we get these fans back into the fold? The solution: the creation of an identifiable fan collective.

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Guest Post: New Year’s Resolution

The next Guest Post comes to us all the way from New Orleans. Like many around the country, our next writer was waiting for an opportunity to love the best sport on Earth, and the Golden Knights are here to give him that opportunity.

So here it is, the New Years Resolution from Chris Trew.

Hockey fans and Las Vegas residents don’t know me and should have no reason to care about my 2017 New Year’s resolution. But I resolve to be as big of a Golden Knights fan as geography and my time allows.

Quick, context-providing, background: I’m a season ticket holder for the New Orleans Pelicans where I sit behind the visitors bench and write about it for Uproxx. Our AAA minor league baseball team recently rebranded from the Zephyrs to the Baby Cakes and I wrote this piece documenting my approval and that led to me now with a position on the franchise’s advisory council. I love sports and I’m fascinated with expansions and rebrands. I’m obsessed with fan loyalty and without a real reason to get behind an NHL team, I never have. Until now.

I was in Las Vegas for my annual Thanksgiving weekend trip in November of 2015 with a couple of units left in my sportsbook budget on the final night of my stay. Since I had discovered the possibility of the NHL landing in Las Vegas I couldn’t consume newspaper articles, blog posts, and podcasts quickly enough. The ticket drive was in full force and my heart told me to avoid investing the rest of my budget and to put it into a ticket. So, I did. For my last night in your city, I ate a leftover granola bar for dinner and watched Netflix instead of having steak and gambling. But I was now a proud partial season ticket holder for an NHL franchise that didn’t exist.

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Guest Post: Think Before You Judge

It’s time for another Guest Post. We will always strive to be the voice of the Vegas Golden Knights and take great pride in providing a platform for not just our own opinions, but yours as well.

This next one is from Rob Patti, and he would like to have a word with all of you who still don’t like the team name.

Since the Vegas Golden Knights team name/logo was announced it has gotten mixed reviews, to say the least. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I get that. What I don’t understand is why some of the locals have been so quick to judge. If you hate everything about the Golden Knights and you are not on board, that’s fine. But know that if your hatred for the team is based solely on the name, you will come off looking entitled. All I ask you entitled folk is to let the people whom are excited and grateful at the fact that Vegas finally does have a pro sports team be happy and have their moment.

As a supporter of this team, I can tell you personally it’s been mentally exhausting trying to defend this whole situation and frankly I am dumbfounded that it has gotten to this point so quickly. Its pretty sad that many locals of a city that finally got its first major pro sports team are already willing to ditch them. We are making ourselves look petty, plain and simple.

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Guest Post: It’s About Identity

Here at we strive to be the voice of the Las Vegas valley when it comes to talking about the Vegas Golden Knights. At times we’re critical, at times we’re overly supportive, but at all times we want one thing, to see a successful hockey franchise here in Las Vegas. We believe that’s what you want to, and that’s why we created Guest Posts to give fans an opportunity to speak out about their feelings, positive or negative, on the team.

It’s a sentiment we disagree with, but have heard many say, write, and tweet. Here’s our next Guest Post, written by Matthew Snyder.

If I bought an expansion team, I’d want to name them the Super Rebels. I don’t care what sport, I’ve already decided. But I’d stop to consider the community in which I’d be setting up shop.

The reason the arrival of a professional sports team is a seminal moment for a community is because it brings with it an identity – a validation, even – particularly significant for a historically transient city such as Las Vegas, which has been largely devoid of a rallying purpose since the days of our beloved Jerry Tarkanian.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and couldn’t have been more excited to learn that our most unusual metropolis had been awarded its first professional franchise. If IKEA was like getting the MLS, this was the real deal.

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Drop The Gloves: Vegas Should Pass On The Winter Classic At West Point

Usually Drop The Gloves gives a chance for the writers on this site to disagree with each other, but sometimes an article we write strikes a nerve in you, the readers. That’s what happened with my recent article titled “Las Vegas In Winter Classic 2018 At West Point? Yes Please.” Former Guest Post contributor Stephen J Sochor sent in his rebuttal, which is now the first ever Drop The Gloves Guest Post. So, here goes.

Playoff games that start past many kids, and some adults, bed times, NHL Awards voters who watch little Western Conference hockey, and Winter Classic Games that are hosted in cities west of the Mississippi River, this is the NHL and its lack of interest for those fans who follow teams in the West. Why would the Las Vegas Something Knights agree to extend an east coast road trip by at least 3 days, AND lose a home date in the process? This is so short-sighted, and it does nothing for most of the fans in Las Vegas, whether they are season ticket holders or not.

The Las Vegas franchise is another chapter in growing the game to areas that are not traditional hockey bases. Stealing a home date from the fans that support the team in order to give their opponent a game in their backyard is preposterous. Even if you don’t believe the team will be able to compete for a playoff game next year, why would The Creator be happy to give up millions in tickets, merchandise, and local tax revenue? If you do believe the team can compete for the playoffs in year one, then what is to gain by extending a road trip by half a week for a singular “road” game?

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Guest Post: The Vegas Squad, From The Eyes Of An Edmontonian

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from the Avry Lewis-McDougall.

June 22nd, 2016.

It’s a day that people won’t forget. The day the NHL formally became the first league in the Big Four to jump head first into putting a team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time over the years, man how cool would it be if we had a major sports team in this city? Growing up I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to Vegas with my parents for pleasure or helping out my father who works in fashion and something always felt like it was missing in the city.

Don’t get me wrong, Las Vegas is a place that I could live in and the 51s and UNLV are great but a full time major team was needed.

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Guest Post: TV Ratings Indicate Long Term Success For NHL In Las Vegas

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from the Vegas Hockey Podcast’s Mark Warner.

The question of whether or not the NHL is coming to Las Vegas has been answered. With the unforeseen total of season ticket commitments now past 14,500 when the pundits mockingly cited 5,000 or less as a max, the people of Las Vegas have spoken. With the recent opening of the first class, $400 million NHL ready T-Mobile Arena, the community has spoken. With a privately written $500 million check for entry into the club, The Creator has spoken loud and clear. (Looking at you Mark Davis…) As first reported by your very own the vote happens in early May and the team will be announced a couple of weeks after that. Let us now look to the future and answer some lingering questions for the doubters.

One of the most common themes among detractors is that in a few years Las Vegas will be host to a stadium full of empty seats, like Phoenix or Florida. These are often the same folks who said Mr. Foley wouldn’t sell any tickets. The reality is that the long term outlook for continued success after the honeymoon is quite good. There is, in fact, an avid hockey fan base of 110,000 to 130,000 people who live in Las Vegas. Small compared to major cities like New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, but not bad. In reality, if people didn’t have such a skewed opinion of the city from their own experiences or how we are portrayed in the movies we would have had a team a long time ago. We are the largest metropolitan area in North America without a major sports team. The 2.3 million residents in the valley make Las Vegas the 30th largest media market in the country.

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Guest Post: The Coyote Conspiracy, Relocation To Las Vegas Makes More Sense Than You Think

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from Eric Biro.

Las Vegas is getting a hockey team, just not how you think we are.

We all know Las Vegas is very likely getting an NHL team in the near future to play at the new T-Mobile Arena on the Strip. Bill Foley has got the money and desire to bring the NHL to Vegas and it looks like it’s happening soon.

But what if the team we’re all excited to watch is already playing? Down Highway 93 is the Arizona Coyotes, the constantly rumored relocation candidate. Every time a city or potential owner shows interest in purchasing an NHL team it’s going to be the Coyotes that gets relocated. It’s not a secret the Coyotes haven’t done well in the Valley of the Sun. Through poor ownership, bankruptcy, terrible on ice performances, etc. the Coyotes have always had a good base of support in the Phoenix Metro area. However, it’s never really been enough to financially support the team and keep the red ink off the Coyotes’ balance sheet.

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Guest Post: Previous Expansion Teams a Guideline for Las Vegas Management Setup

One of our goals here at is to be the voice of the valley when it comes to the NHL. In trying to do so we often have the opportunity to interact with some incredible people (and excellent writers) who are equally as passionate about hockey in Las Vegas as we are. Therefore, we wanted to give you, our readers, the opportunity to let your voice be heard via guest posts to the site.

Our next guest post comes from Vsem Yenovkian.

Las Vegas hockey fans have been eagerly waiting for that moment when the NHL finally (hopefully) makes the announcement that Las Vegas will be the 31st team to join the NHL. While that would seem like the end of a long journey that began over a year ago, in reality it will be the beginning of what will be a whirlwind first few weeks for the new franchise. Within a few weeks of the announcement the new Las Vegas team will have to name a team President and General Manager, followed by setting up the management structure including a scouting group and the coaches.

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