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Golden Knights Reschedule Fan Fest For January 14th At The D Casino

Sometimes you forget how red that hair is. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Due to the events of 1 October the Golden Knights decided to cancel Fan Fest and instead have the players make appearances at the LVMPD headquarters, at the convention center to visit with families of victims, and at a local blood bank.

At the time Fan Fest appeared to be cancelled rather than postponed, but now, Fan Fest is back on. It’ll take place at The D Casino in Downtown Las Vegas on Sunday, January 14th from 3-5PM.

The event on October 3rd was scheduled to include the entire Golden Knights roster, The Creator, CEO of The D Derek Stevens, Kerry Bubolz, Gerard Gallant, and TV announcers Dave Goucher and Shane Hnidy.

The Golden Knights have yet to confirm the official list of attendees for the rescheduled event.

Hockey FAQ’s; Answers To The Questions You Wanted To Know About

Here at we take pride in educating fans that are new to hockey on some of the nuances of the game. We spent much of the Summer teaching you about advanced stats, we recently explained the importance of forechecking and why Vegas is so good at it, and we broke down an odd-rule that caused the Golden Knights to have to send an extra player to the box to serve someone else’s penalty.

Well, our good friend Jerry suggested we run an article helping people learn about certain parts of the game they are confused about but would otherwise be too embarrassed to ask the diehard hockey fan. We got a ton of questions submitted. Some of which we answered right there on Twitter, and the rest are answered here. If you have any more you would like for us to add, send them to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or email

We put them in order from most basic to most in-depth.

How does the points system work in regards to the standings? Also, what is the ROW column in the standing?

The NHL scoring system allows for each team to get 0, 1, or 2 points in each game. If you win, you get 2. If you lose, you get 0. If the game goes to overtime or shootout, the winning team still gets 2, but the losing team earns 1 point. Overtime games are commonly referred to as “3-point games” because the winners get 2 and the losers get 1 for a total of 3. You’ll also hear the term “point streak” which refers to consecitive games earning at least one point, thus either winning or losing in overtime.

ROW is an acronym for “Regulation or Overtime Wins.” It’s the first tiebreaker (even before head-to-head) to determine seeding in the playoffs. Basically all it does is take away shootout wins from a teams total win count. If a team wins 50 games, but 25 of them were in shootout, they are not considered as good as the team who won 50 games all in regulation or overtime.

What’s the difference between a referee and a linesman, how do I know the difference, and why should I care when watching a game?

There are two of each that officiate each game. The referees have orange armbands on their jerseys, linesmen do not. Referees are in change of calling penalties and goals. Linesmen are in charge of offside, icing, other stoppages of play (hand-pass, high stick, etc), and conducting faceoffs (except the one to open the game). The reason you should care is that they each raise their arm for a different reason. When a referee raises his arm, a penalty has been called. When a linesman does, there is a potential stoppage of play coming if it is not waived off.

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Fleury, Neal On NHL All-Star Ballot

This is what an All Star looks like. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The NHL All-Star Fan Vote is now open. Fans have the ability to vote for the captain of each division for the 3-on-3 tournament being held this year in Tampa on January 28th.

To simplify the voting process, the NHL has selected a few players from each team as the potential options fans can vote on. For the Golden Knights, they’ve selected Marc-Andre Fleury and James Neal.

Here’s the link to vote.

Most teams have three or four representatives, the Sharks and Penguins have five. Vegas got two, and one of them has only played in four games!

There’s only one other team with just two players to vote for, that’s the Carolina Hurricanes. C’mon NHL, you’re better than this.

Of course, you can use the “write-in” option to vote for William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, William Karlsson, Nate Schmidt, William Karlsson, Alex Tuch, or William Karlsson.

Nonetheless, it’s still neat to see Golden Knights players and the logo on the ballot, even if all the correct options aren’t available without putting in a little extra work.


My Heart Will Go On

The Jets have plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. Winnipeg is in second place in the Western Conference with 34 points and are on fire at home. Like most clubs, the Jets enjoy a special locker room celebration song. Even after the hot start, it wasn’t until they landed on the Las Vegas Strip that the Jets found the right victory song.

We were in Vegas and we saw the concert with Celine Dion… A lot of guys were singing, big fans I guess. Now, it started to become one of the song after we win. It’s pretty funny to see some of the rough, tough guys singing Celine Dion. –Josh Morrissey, Winnipeg Defenseman to TSN1290

What ripoff artists. The Winnipeg boys came to town, enjoyed Strip entertainment and then took it home with them. I know Celine is Canadian, but she’s ours now. Plus, the Golden Knights organization already plays “My Heart Will Go On” on the KnightTron.

I know pro sports are copy-cat leagues but stealing celebration songs from an opposing team’s Jumbotron is stepping over line. If this were college football, a golden Celine trophy would be on the line tonight, and this game would be “more than just a hockey game.”

Some of the Las Vegas Strip’s finest entertainment 🤩😎 #VegasBorn

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Next thing you know these posers are going to have a Gila monster as a pet in their locker room.

Golden Knights Documentary “Home Team” Premiers On Facebook

NowThis, one of Facebook’s most popular news outlets, began filming a documentary series about Las Vegas’ first major professional sports team and its role within the community, especially following the tragic events that occurred on October 1st.

The first episode of the series premiered today, and it’s spectacular.

Like most of NowThis’ work, they intermingle footage, interviews, and personal stories to paint a bigger picture.

This is a terrific opportunity to continue to super-serve our fans with compelling content that helps them understand who our players are behind the visors and masks, and to connect them with our newest franchise on a more emotional level. -Steve Mayer,  NHL Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President

The series is called “Home Team” and each episode will be streamed on a Facebook page devoted to the show.

Home Team: The Vegas Golden Knights will bring fans into the locker rooms and living rooms of the players that helped bring comfort to Las Vegas. -Mayer

One episode in, they completely nailed it that mission. Here’s the first episode.

The series is scheduled for five weeks with one episode per week.

Alex Tuch Is An Upper Deck Young Gun

Took a minute, but finally, the Golden Knights are starting to appear on trading cards.

Our friends at Upper Deck sent us a preview of VGK forward Alex Tuch’s newest trading cards. Tuch is featured on one of Upper Deck’s Young Guns insert cards. Nico Hischier, Brock Boeser, Josh Ho-Sang, Charlie McAvoy, Alexander Nylander, and Adrian Kempe are some of the other young players with UD Series 1 cards, which release on November 9th. Check out Tuch’s cards.

Upper Deck may print more VGK cards this season, but we’ll find out later this season when UD Series 2 is released. Earlier UD revealed a Marc-Andre Fleury card that’s now available.

If you notice, Brendan Leipsic made a cameo in one of Tuch’s cards, which technically means three Golden Knights are on new Upper Deck cards. This is what you’ve made us do Upper Deck. We want more, we want more!

These two are pretty sweet though.

Expansion Team, Not Expansion Crowd

Early in the third period with the score is tied, the Golden Knights quickly reset the play after the puck was dumped out of the zone. They caught the Kings on a line change and the puck sat right in front of the Los Angeles bench. Players were jumping on and off the ice and a King going off touched the puck as he attempted to get off the ice. It was a rather clear “too many men” penalty, but it went uncalled.

It’s a preseason game, and the play was completely unaffected, but the T-Mobile Arena crowd was not ready to let it go unnoticed, and while they were screaming at the refs, they were also sending a message to the hockey world, this may be a new team to hockey, but these are not new fans.

Multiple Oscar-worthy performances from this guy last night. Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Throughout the entire game, there were noticeable cheers or groans at points of a hockey game where only diehard hockey fans would know to cheer. I’m talking moments like a questionable hybrid icing call, an excellent keep in the zone right on top of the blue line, a pass through the slot that was just too late, or a 2017 preseason slash that had T-Mobile Arena screaming curse words before the ref made the announcement.

There were 17,101 fans announced at the first preseason home game in Golden Knights history, and while the expectation was for a slightly baffled crowd waiting for moments like goals, fights, and big hits, the Vegas crowd delivered just the opposite.

The city’s buzzing for the team right now, and it’s a lot of fun to be here, but you never expect to have a sold-out crowd for the preseason and it was pretty close to that tonight. We fed off the energy and that’s what we’re gonna need all year. -Calvin Pickard

Look! Real hockey fans. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It was a hockey crowd and an educated one at that. Hockey is an easy game to understand on the surface, but with the speed of play and the nuances in the rules, it takes some time to really understand how to cheer for a game. In many past expansion arena, they would explain rules, make ridiculous announcements, and really go above and beyond to “teach the game.” None of that nonsense was necessary at T-Mobile Arena last night.

It’s only one game, and a preseason game at that, but if last night was any indication, Vegas already knows the game.

The Arsenal Team Store At City National Arena Opens

The Arsenal, team store inside of City National Arena, is open for business and it is jammed with tons of new apparel.

In addition to the Golden Knights gear, the store is stocked up with hockey equipment from sticks to skates to gloves to helmets to anything else you could possibly need to dominate your beer league.

Oh yeah, and just like at T-Mobile Arena’s Armory, I bought the first thing in store history.

Golden Knights Player Ratings In NHL 18

Tomorrow marks one of the best days on the calendar every year as the newest edition of the best video game, EA’s NHL 18, officially drops.

This year, obviously, is extra special as it’s the first time ever fans can play with a team actually from Vegas rather than having to create or move a team. So, let’s take a look at the Golden Knights roster on NHL 18.

89/89/90 is actually quite solid for an expansion team. Normally, the worst team in the league is much lower than this, so at the very least, for all of us who will refuse to play the game with any other team, we won’t start too much in the hole.

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NHL 18 Releases VGK-Centric Promo Video, Introduces Expansion Draft Feature

As surreal as moments such as the name reveal, jersey unveil, and the Expansion Draft have been for Vegas hockey fans, the ability to finally play a video game with a team actually from Vegas rather than the stock create-a-team might be the most unbelievable of all.

NHL 18 drops on September 15th and EA just released a video surrounding the Expansion Draft and the game’s updated franchise mode.

The game integrates the actual NHL protection lists and allows gamers to either play with the Golden Knights or create a team and bring them to any other city. The game also has a feature that lets fans of other teams go back and submit different protection lists to see how the draft would have changed.

Back in June EA put out this sweet promo video of T-Mobile Arena as well.

September 15th cannot get here soon enough. Hopefully, by then they’ll realize the Golden Knights wear white gloves, not these bogus black ones in the video.

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