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Trump’s Upset Should Inspire You…To Believe In The Underdog Knights

Wow. What a night. And I’m not talking about the seven goal offensive outburst by Los Angeles. No matter which candidate you voted for, we all witnessed one of the biggest upsets in election history. It’s the 1980 Miracle team of political upsets. Pennsylvania was Mike Eruzione with a late hour vote count. It completely stunned the election experts, the pollsters, and quite frankly the world. Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s victory won’t unite the country like the 1980 Olympic Men’s hockey team.

Trump’s election success proves one thing, the dark horse is still alive. It’s been a year of the little guy winning… or not really, Trump is a billionaire, and the Cubs were the preseason favorite. Okay, so the underdog is sort of alive. The Villanova Wildcats shocked the college basketball world, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from 3-1, and the Cleveland Indians scratched & clawed to the finish. I know, I know they blew a 3-1 lead. The underdog can’t win them all but maybe the election is a sign the unlikely winner can’t be counted out.

After the madness settled, and President-Elect Trump gave his victory speech I decided to flip through the channels. Lawrence O’Donnell’s & Rachel Maddow’s eye liner was running, and Campaign Carl Cameron was smiling with glee. There wasn’t much agreement among the networks, except for the same shocked reaction. Both sides, were all amazed by Trump’s upset victory. Not one political expert on both sides had the correct results. Even expert pollster Nate Silver apologized for getting it so wrong.

With that being said, last night I placed a $50 dollar wager on Las Vegas to win the 2018 Stanley Cup (Ken joined me too). You could’ve called me a nitwit yesterday. After today’s election result, I’m feeling confident. Sure the odds are absurd, but this could be the term of the underdog. If it is, I’m getting onboard now. Let me ride my #MAGA dollars all the way to the Stanley Cup. So join me, place a small wager on The Creator’s squad. If the Knights win, we all look like geniuses. If the Knights lose, who cares they weren’t expected to be competitive. Either way, 100-1 is a major long-shot. Although, after the 2016 election nothing seems impossible.

The Case Of The Missing Name

One of the coolest things about running this website has been the incredible interaction I’ve had with some insanely talented people. Graphic designers, Photoshop wizards, videographers, website owners who end up employed by the teamt-shirt designers, domain name geniuses, lawyers, popcorn poppers, you name it, you guys have reached out to me and it’s been really awesome.

Whether on Twitter, Facebook, email or in person, you wouldn’t believe the number of conversations I’ve had with fans of a team that didn’t exist and now does but still won’t have a player for another eight months. Honestly, I’ve had my doubts about how successful this team is going to be, there have been tough days trying to drum up interest to a fan base I feel is growing at a snail’s pace, but it’s those interactions that will always keep me optimistic.

So, why am I saying all of this? Well, I got an email about a month and a half ago with something I wanted to share with everyone who visits this site, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to do it. When we broke the news that November 22nd is the date of the team name unveil, the story I was sent got it’s necessary conclusion, and now it’s time to share it to the world.

The author’s name is Michael Shevlane and he sent in what he dubbed “a dectective noir” about the team name saga the Las Vegas franchise has gone through since the announcement of the team. Without further ado, I present you,

The Case of the Missing Name

So there’s this wise guy here on the west side of town, goes by the name of Freddie Four Fingers, on account of losing his thumb in a hitch-hiking accident. Anyways, Freddie comes to me and drops the scoop on this new hockey club, said to be muscling into town just off the Boulevard.

Their don, a big-money type called Foley, or how he’s know on the streets, The Creator, is said to be putting his feelers out all over town, finding drones for his clan, if you get me. His lair is a big old place they say is in between the boroughs of New York and the jewel of Monaco, whatever that means, and he has space for thousands of minions. A real takeover, as they say. He has some overlords up in the Big Apple who give him the thumbs up to get set up, and they’ve been seen around town, pressing flesh and handing dimes under the table, so as to get their guy off to a bright start.

Anyways, as soon as Freddie caught wind of all this he had come to me, as he owes me for a couple of jobs I did for his people back in the day, snooping round some deals gone bad, that kind of thing. When I hear about this new organization, my ears perk right up, and I rinse him for the low down till he’s Mojave dry. Seems they were already dug in, with their new hires in tow, and were building up to some kind of big job next year.

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How To Not Get Bored Waiting This NHL Season

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to watch tonight’s rivalry games. It’ll be interesting to see how the Sharks come out after a long postseason. Or how the Kings will respond to their early exit. That’s only the Pacific Division. PK in Nashville, Weber in Montreal, and the countless other storylines around the league. It all seems so exciting, but it’s not enough for the already patiently waiting fans of Las Vegas. So here’s a few suggestions on how to get through the 2016-2017 NHL season.

* Get a 2017 calendar, flip to June 22nd, and mark it with a puck, goal horn, or cross-sticks. Start a countdown: Today is 253 days away. Or you can start a countdown on your phone with this cool widget.

* Make a point to watch more hockey. Every Ducks and Kings broadcast is available in Las Vegas. Kings will be on FoxSports West & the Ducks play on Prime Ticket. Both of these teams will try and bully the (Something) Knights around in the Pacific Division. Get used to it,you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the years ahead.

* Also, NBCSN televises many weekly games, including Wednesday night rivalries. Expect to see a lot of Penguins, Blackhawks, Capitals, Rangers, and Flyer games. Get even deeper, and tune in to NBCSN on Friday nights for College Hockey Fridays.

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USA Hockey Store Opens At Fashion Show Mall

The second ever USA Hockey store has just opened its doors to the public on the second level of the Fashion Show Mall.

The store is jammed with all sorts of USA hockey gear as well as World Cup of Hockey stuff, NHL jerseys, hats, shirts, and my favorite, a wide variety of “Old Time Hockey” gear.img_3961

I’m talking Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques, and many more vintage old school shirts, hats, and such. It’s cool stuff, believe me.

The shop has also guaranteed they will be one of the largest Las Vegas (Something) Knights retailer in the city and have an outstanding order for a ton of merch the moment the team unveils their name and logo.

The store is located in the Fashion Show Mall, which is across from Wynn Casino and just north of Treasure Island. It’s on the far west corner of the mall on the second floor by Dillard’s. If you know where the Apple Store is or, where the actual Fashion Show takes place, it’s right above there. (Seriously, click that last link, they actually have a fashion show in that mall, it’s weird.)

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Focus May Finally Shift To Marketing

Priorities may finally be starting to change in the offices of the still yet to be named Las Vegas NHL franchise. A franchise that was officially awarded 96 days ago and since has added a GM, assistant GM, eight front office staffers with the word director in their title, a scouting staff that recently hit the double digits, multiple ticket executives, a few corporate sales people, and a host of others. It was a staff of 40 (by our count) and prior to today, had an incredibly light focus on marketing.

Via press release, the team announced Kim Frank as the new Vice President of Marketing. She’s a former Washington Capital and has also worked in the D.C. area with the Wizards and Georgetown University tallying an impressive 18 years in the sports marketing business.

But that’s not all., the chosen hiring agency for the new franchise, is also accepting applications for Street Team members who are described to be in charge of off-site events, communicating general hockey information, and INTERACTING WITH FANS.

I don’t use caps lock often, but when I do

Over the first 100 days the focus has been on hockey operations; getting the staff in place that will make sure the team on the ice is a winner. No one can ever argue with that focus, because without that piece, all else is moot. However, the same can be said in reverse. A fan without a team isn’t really a fan, but a team without fans isn’t really a team either.

The team’s Twitter has 33,000 followers. Facebook has 10,400 fans. Instagram has a following of over 5,800. Oh, and remember that story from last week, more than 16,000 season tickets have been sold! There’s a fan base here, there’s just nothing being done to cultivate it.

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Outsiders Overreacting To Vegas Name Because They Have Nothing Better To Do

The NFL opener is a week away, MLB’s playoff race is just ramping up, and the NHL opener is still 40 days.  This is known as the dark days of sports. If you’re not a seamhead, then these days are incredibly boring. I even caught Ken watching the MTV VMA’s. Luckily, college football continues Thursday giving us something to wet our beak.

My theory is during slow, summer days with barely any sports news of substance, the public overreacts to small news. Like the way outsiders are losing their minds on NameGate 2016. Trademarked names are creating a major stir on Twitter, TSN, and Reddit. If it were mid-September, October, or November most people wouldn’t give a damn. Rumored names would be a quick blurb in most people’s feed, but with a light sports menu of August 30th, the lack of a name is now #Trending.

In Las Vegas the climate is much different. Fans get excited every day when they click on and read about a new rumored name. It’s a fun, daily conversation Las Vegans are having online, at the gym, or at the Golden Steer. Whatever name The Creator selects will be widely popular in Las Vegas, eventually. But no matter which name is picked, once the logo is designed, colors are picked, and jerseys are stitched, they won’t be able to keep the apparel on the shelves.

So my friends in Las Vegas ignore the dickhead Deadspin columns. We have a team now. Its name and logo will be revealed sooner rather than later. Local fans will embrace The Creator’s final choice, but outside the 702 it’ll be mocked. Get used to it, they’ll have 400 days to get onboard. Whether it’s Knights, Nights, Hawks, Tigers, Whales, Turtles, or unknowns, we’re just happy we’ve got hockey.

NHL Watchdog Could Negatively Effect Las Vegas

Everyone likes to be prepared. Couples prepare for children, students prepare for tests, and the NHL prepares for the future. The league took its first step towards accepting legalized sports wagering ahead of the 2017-18 season. Possibly a move that could impact Las Vegas and the future of sports betting.

Gambling Watchdog Sportsradar AG was contracted by the NHL this week to monitor suspicious gambling activity. Sportsradar is already contracted by other sports, maintaining the integrity of leagues. The NHL isn’t nervous about Las Vegas corruption, but tracking activity is a good way to be transparent.

The real question of impact could be on Las Vegas’ economy. Sportsradar’s recent contracts with the NHL and other pro leagues is a clear indication sports betting is starting to be more accepted. If pro leagues can prove to their owners, fans, and authorities that sports wagering will not affect the outcomes of games, sports wagering could open up in states across the US. Which would hurt the bottom line of Nevada. However, hockey isn’t really the concern to sportsbooks. The NHL brings in only a collective $300+ million a year, football brings in a whopping $1.8 BILLION a season for Las Vegas casinos.

Hiring a gambling watchdog isn’t necessarily because of Las Vegas entering the league. Sure, Sportsradar will make sure everything is kosher, but the NHL is more concerned with the future. Gambling sites and casinos have a lot of money. Legalizing sports betting would bring in another revenue for sports leagues. Sadly, it would effect the city the league is expanding to.

The NHL giveth, and taketh away.

Enough’s Enough, Las Vegas Is A Hockey Market, So Stop Asking

I’m not exactly sure why it finally hit me today, but it definitely did. So much so that I had an angry enough look on my face that Miss Abby (my wife) said to me, “what the heck are you looking at?” Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone and start going through the motions to see what’s in the news about the Las Vegas NHL franchise. Usually all I find is regurgitated news from the past few days, but every once in a while something new pops up on screen.

This morning that was the case in an article from talking about this weekend’s charity hockey game out at SoBe Arena. The Las Vegas Firefighters Youth Hockey Foundation charity game has been a winner each of its first four years. This article however decided to take a different, yet far too common, look at the event.

The article’s main focus was not on the game, but on “if Vegas be a good hockey market.” The writer spoke with George Parros, former NHLer who played with the Kings, Avs, Ducks, Panthers and Habs over his nine year career and now lives in the valley permanently. Like everyone else in and around Vegas, Parros gave the standard response.

This is a great sports town. This is going to be a great hockey market. I like to stay close to hockey. I’m trying to figure out my life in the hockey world here. It’s very exciting to have a team come to town. -George Parros

But that’s not the part that bothered me. It’s the fact that him saying it made a headline on It’s the fact that every time any reporter from outside of Vegas gets a chance to interview someone about hockey, they ask if this is going to be a good market.

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Another Benefit Of The NHL Coming To Vegas, Real Estate On The Rise

Since this site was born we’ve discussed many aspects on the importance of the NHL’s expansion to Las Vegas. From the impact on youth hockey to community pride to the effect on hockey betting to the simple fact that Las Vegas has grown up, we’ve really touched it all. Until today, when I found an article discussing NHL expansion from a completely different perspective.

How the Las Vegas home market will benefit from the NHL expansion team. –Scott Beaudry,

That’s right, not only are we getting our first major professional sports franchise, but our home prices are going to soar as well!

The article gives reasons such as an influx of jobs created by the team, rich hockey players moving in, and the organization’s likelihood to reinvest in the community. But it was this stunning fact that really jumped off the page for me.

The last time the National Hockey League expanded for the 2000-2001 season, Columbus, Ohio, experienced continuous population growth of 10% over the decade following the introduction of the National Hockey League team. If Las Vegas had similar results, we could see as many as 60,000 people joining our community. And with all of these big-name hockey pros moving to Las Vegas, undoubtedly we’ll also see high-end growth in the housing market. -Beaudry

And that’s talking about Columbus, Ohio, not the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. A while ago I chronicled the almost incredible growth of the city of Las Vegas, but I never expected to see this type of impact from just adding an NHL team. 

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NHL Players Are Relatable, Which Will Go A Long Way In Vegas

NHL players have a reputation of connecting with their fans more than other leagues. Las Vegas fans will witness this beginning in June of 2017 when we finally get our first players. Player’s salaries may be the reason why the relationship with fans is better than in the NFL, MLB, and especially the NBA. NHL players are rich, but not Scrooge McDuck rich. For example, Milan Lucic got $42 million over seven years to protect Conner McDavid. Same deal for Kyle Okposo who moved upstate for 7 years. Crazy numbers, and crazy amount of years. However, both deals are bargains when comparing it to the NBA’s version of Oprah’s car giveaway.

Apparently, ten points a game will get you almost $100 million. Shooting guard Evan Turner signed for $70 million with Portland. Turner is a nice player, I’d compare him to the NHL’s Mikkel Boedker. Boedker tallied 17 goals this season, and just signed a four year deal worth $16 million with San Jose. Turner’s $70 mil is also over four years, but he’s making $55 million more than Boedker. Overall on day one, the NBA spent $1.7 billion on player salaries. The discrepancy is ridiculous, NHL players should feel rooked. Maybe they are, but that’s for another day.

Las Vegas has many, many millionaires. In fact, there will be people making a lot more than all of the NHL players on the Strip. NHL and NFL players are the blue collared athletes, and they’re paid like it. Unlike those in the NBA, where a guy who has never made the All Star Game (Mike Conley) just cashed in a deal worth more than $30 million per year. Arguably that’s what makes NHLers so relatable to fans.

Las Vegas, being a close-knit community, will get to know these players well. Through charity work, golfing events, trips to Wet and Wild, dining at Capo’s, whatever, you’ll see players out. Also, many have families, and want their kids to settle in quickly.

Plus there’s the owner. We only know The Creator from a distance really, but doesn’t it feel like we know him really well? He’s incredibly humble, and comes across as someone players will want to win for. That’s important, because the owner sets the standards. His franchise will operate the way he does, through hard work and humility.

In a town filled with money, the players won’t be the big fish. They will be in other departments. No one in Las Vegas is asking for Blue Man Group’s autograph over Matt Beleskey or Kevin Hayes. The players will be adored, and embraced every where they go. Las Vegas locals are excited and at the same time the players will be too. It’ll be a great relationship.

Even though The Creator will sign players for tens of millions, no matter what, they’ll always be better deals than signing a bum like Matthew Dellavedova for $38 million over four years.

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