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Best, Worst Seat From Each P-Section At T-Mobile Arena

During the open house just about every group in the building is having one of two conversations. First, this place is amazing. That is just a fact, so that conversation usually ends pretty quickly. The other one is much more in depth, which seats should we pick when we get the chance?

Well, I’m here to help (and you are going to help too). I walked around the arena and took three pictures in each P-Section of the arena.

Here’s the map with exact sections and their coordinating P-Section.


P6 – Upper Ends

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**In Section 214, seats 7-10 are centered behind the goal**

P5 – Upper Center

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**In Sections 223 (pictured above) and 205 seats 9-12 are centered on the logo.**

P4 – Loge

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**There really is not a dead center on this side due to aisles and railings.**

P3 – Lower Ends

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


P2 – Lower Corners

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**Note that the worst seats in P3 and P2 are directly across the aisle from each other.**

P1 – Center Ice Club

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**There are 4 rows named AA-DD in these two sections. Then they are named in order starting with A. So Row A is row 5. From row CC to about Row H the penalty boxes obstruct the view of one goal.**

Now it’s time for you guys to help each other out. Using the comments section, post your tips and tricks about the arena and seating arrangements.



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  1. Joe

    Going to see frozen fury there in October, anyone have an idea what the view from section 4 row D looks like? Any idea which bench will be which?

    • That’s going to be a great seat. You’ll be on the away team side. Should have an excellent view of the entire ice and both nets.

  2. More than likely he s interested in the long haul. I mean realistically they are a D move or two away from being in good shape

  3. Chip

    What numbers do the isle breaks happen at in the P5 area

  4. Lisa golbek

    Going to see George strait and am in section 101, will I get blocked views due to the stage?

    • I wouldn’t think so. They usually block off all the sections that the stage blocks. I’ve only been to one concert there though.

  5. Ms Mo

    What section is the stage facing in the George Strait stage set?

    • Stages for music shows are almost always placed on south end of the arena covering the 100 level sections and killing off sections 1, 2, 3, 18, 19, and 20.

  6. Alfred

    Going for a fight. Section 105 row P. Is this the worse picture for P4

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