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Golden Knights Picks From Rounds 2-7

The Golden Knights had a total of 10 picks coming into the day. They traded one away for a prospect. Here’s a quick rundown of each player selected. See the three first round picks here.

Round 2 (#34) – Nic Hague – An incredibly tall defenseman from the OHL in Canada. He’s got one of the best shots of all prospects in the draft. His skating needs some work due to the fact that he grew a lot quickly. 6’6″ will put him among the tallest defensemen in the NHL. He says he models his game after Vitor Hedman and Colton Paryako.

Round 2 (#45) – TRADE – VGK trades #45 for Keegan Kolesar – The 69th pick in the 2015 draft from the Columbus Blue Jackets. He’s a tough winger who spends a lot of his team beating people up. This being said, the guy can score as well, having put up 56 goals in 118 games over the past two seasons in the WHL.

Round 2 (#62) – Jake Leschyshyn – The son of former NHLer with the Nordiques, Huuricanes, Senators, among others, Leschyshyn is a solid center. He tore his ACL in February, but he said in March that he expects to be back on the ice for training camp. Another WHL product continuing the trend of players Kelly McCrimmon knows very well.

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Cody Glass, Nick Suzuki, And Erik Brannstrom In First Round

Despite all the rumors of the Golden Knights moving up in the Entry Draft, they decided to stand pat and make picks at #6, #13, and #15.

Their first pick was Cody Glass. Glass is a center from the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL.

Glass is one of the premiere playmakers in this draft thanks to his puck-protection skills, elite vision and soft hands. What makes him even more valuable is his great all-around game at such a tender age – he anticipates and reads the play well at both ends and does a tremendous job cutting o the middle of the ice.

No surprise the first pick in team history is from the WHL, the league assistant GM Kelly McCrimmon has been a coach, owner, and GM in for the last decade or so. Most mock drafts had Glass going in the top five, before Vegas, so this certainly appeared to be a steal for McPhee and Co.

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The Golden Knights have three picks in the top 15 in their first ever NHL Entry Draft. Ken is in Chicago at the Draft, Jason is at T-Mobile Arena at the Draft Party, and we’d like to officially announce our SinBin.chicago reporter, Brian Idziak, who is with Ken at the Draft. We’ll be covering the event all night tonight for Round 1, and will fire it back up tomorrow for Rounds 2 through 7.

Expansion Flip Trades Are Coming, Believe Me

We’re coming up to 24 hours since the beginning of the Expansion Draft, and at this point, there are still 28 picks still on the roster. They also added seven players at the Expansion Draft via trade. Today, the Golden Knights flipped Trevor van Riemsdyk and David Schlemko for 2nd and a 5th round pick. But that’s it… for now.

So let’s break down the numbers. The key number is the total number of NHL contracts currently under Vegas control. That number 29, including Vadim Shapachov. 14 forwards, 12 defensemen, and three goalies.

Realistically, those numbers need to come down to about 11-12 forwards, seven to eight defensemen, and either two or three goalies. That’s a total of between six and nine players that have to go.

This is even before you consider the possibility of opening up roster spots for Erik Tuch, and maybe Brendan Leipsic, Tomas Nosek, and/or Jake Bischoff.

So let’s just go player by player, and break it down.

Virtual Locks to Stay (in order of probability of sticking with Vegas)

Marc-Andre Fleury (G) – It feels like he’s already the face of the franchise. Weird how quick that happened, but if they wanted to trade him, he would have been gone already. This was a long time coming, he’s not going anywhere.

Deryk Engelland (D) – The defensemen signed a one year deal to play for his adopted hometown team. He’ll likely be towards the bottom in time on ice, but he’ll probably be in a Golden Knights jersey for the rest of his career, definitely come October.

Vadim Shipachyov (F) – Wouldn’t have signed him to move him. He’s probably taking the face off in Dallas on October 6th.

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Injured Player Salary Dumps Turn Out Very Valuable To Vegas

Being the first expansion team in the history of the salary cap era paid off big time for George McPhee and the Vegas Golden Knights, and we haven’t even seen the second wave of transactions yet.

David Clarkson and Mikhail Grabovski are both injured and will likely not play a single game in 2017-18. Yet the Golden Knights acquired both and got a king’s ransom to do it.

Vegas gets:
Mikhail Grabovski
Jake Bischoff
2017 1st RD pick  (#15)
2019 2nd RD pick
New York Islanders:
Expansion Draft Consideration (VGK picked J.F. Berube)

Vegas gets:
F David Clarkson
2017 1st RD pick  (#24)
2019 2nd RD pick
Columbus get:
Expansion Draft Considerations (VGK picked William Karlsson)

Two 2017 first round picks and two 2019 second round picks, to take some salary cap off the hands of the Isles and BJs (yeah, we’re going to keep doing that).

So what does it mean for Vegas? 

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The Detroit Pick; Why, Who, What’s Next?

It’s the one that jumped off the page the most of the 30 Expansion Draft selections. The Detroit Red Wings surprised the hockey world when they opted to protect Jimmy Howard over Petr Mrazek. They also had players like Luke Glendening, Darren Helm, and prospect Xavier Ouellet that appeared to make sense.

But all along, at least since Sunday morning when we saw the lists, the pick that made sense, whether Vegas was to keep the player or not was Mrazek. The 25-year old goalie who is an RFA at the end of this season appeared to be the perfect Expansion Draft pick, or flip. But then, the pick came, and McPhee says…

From the Detroit Red Wings, the Vegas Golden Knights select Tomas Nosek, Forward.

Undrafted, on an entry level contract that falls off at the end of the season, and has only played 17 games in his NHL career. So the question is, throw away pick, or superstar in the making?

Nosek, 24, has only 17 games of NHL experience but impressed the Red Wings during an 11-game stint this season. He had just one point (a goal), but he used his big body (6-3, 210) to drive to the net and go the hard areas of the ice. He also is strong defensively and a good penalty killer. -Ansar Khan,

But before you even start to consider what Nosek may or may not become, we have to figure out what was wrong with Mrazek. He was clearly outplayed all season by Howard, and there was a growing thought that he has an “attitude problem.” Obviously, McPhee did not want him, and the dwindling goalie market (which ended up being completely non-existent) made it so that he couldn’t be used as a trade chip.

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Post Expansion Draft Quick Thoughts


Jason is currently working on rounding up all of then audio and video he was able to gather from the basement of T-Mobile Arena, and I am about to get on a plane to Chicago to cover the NHL Entry Draft. But before I do, here are my quick observations for now. We will have a bundle of stuff tomorrow.

  • Before you go making any judgments on how many picks they got or who they picked or didn’t pick or whatever, wait until the all the trades go through.
  • There should be at least one more first round pick in the works, possibly two or three.
  • They were able to pick up the following picks. 2017 – 1st (#13), 1st (#15) 2nd, 5th, and 6th. 2018 – 4th 2019 – 2nd, 2nd, 3rd 2020 – 3rd. That’s in addition to the seven they already have in each draft. Only pick moved was 4th round in 2017, that will likely be recouped in spades when it’s all said and done.
  • To clarify the Winnipeg situation. Columbus gave the Golden Knights a 1st and 2nd to take David Clarkson and lay off a whole host of guys. Vegas then traded that first rounder (#24) to Winnipeg to move up to #13 and they got an extra 3rd.
  • David Clarkson is injured. He was expansion exempt, but the was included in an expansion deal. It’s a straight salary cap dump on Vegas. Excellent move to take him on.
  • Detroit is confusing. Tomas Nosek was the player selected, no side deals were made. We need to learn a lot more about him.
  • The Islanders got smoked in this draft. Lost three players and a first and second.
  • Anaheim only wound up losing Theodore and Stoner. Theodore is a great player and is certainly in the “core” player for the Golden Knights.
  • Chicago only gave up TVR to this point. More to come obviously.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury got a massive ovation, and it was awesome.
  • The Lightning may end up being one of the best returns from the draft. Jason Garrison is possibly on his way out and they were able to get a 2nd, a 4th, and Nikita Gusev.
  • There’s got to be more to come with Florida. McPhee is almost certainly not in the business of moving a pick for a player, at least right now. He moved a 4th, and got Reilly Smith. Expect Smith and/or Marschessault to be gone tomorrow.

That’s it for tonight. But tomorrow bright and early we will have a bunch more.

“The Pledge”

Prior to the Expansion Draft the term of the day was “player redistribution.” George McPhee and the Golden Knights front office used the term over and over expressing concerns that there might be a ton of player movement prior to the Expansion Draft. Well, it appears McPhee took matters into his own hands and put the kibosh on that.

The Pledge!

Essentially, McPhee told every GM he made a deal with, they’re not allowed to make another deal prior to the the rosters freezing on Saturday night. Reports have indicated that the Golden Knights may have close to 15 trades completed at the Expansion Draft, and it’s likely about half of them were done before the freeze.

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Vegas Golden Knights Jerseys Unveiled

It’s a moment Golden Knights fans have been waiting for since the moment they were told the team name. Finally, at an Adidas event at Intrigue at the Wynn, the Golden Knights revealed their jerseys for the 2017-18 season.

Here are our observations followed by a bunch of photos and a few videos.


  • The jersey looks a lot better in person than it does on the pictures.
  • The design inside of the crest and the “rivets” are unique and certainly add to the logo on the jersey. Hopefully they keep them off the logo though.
  • The alternate logo on the shoulders looks spectacular.
  • The red color pops off the jersey much more when you see it with the pants and socks. On just the sweater portion, the red really gets lost.
  • The inside of the collar with the Vegas word mark is nice.
  • The collar is also two colors. It is black along the back and grey as it comes to the NHL logo in the front.
  • The NHL logo is very shiny, maybe too shiny.
  • The team gloves on the mannequin were white with gold accents. The Creator told me he doesn’t love the white gloves, that he wanted them to be  all gold. An Adidas representative who works very closely with the jerseys said the gold patten cannot be replicated on gloves because it will fall apart. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when October rolls around.
  • As for the helmet, it is black. There was a ton of chatter about it being gold, but it was seemingly vetoed by Adidas and/or the league. The Creator seemed a little disappointed when I asked him about it, but did say he likes the look of the black. Another issue is that it’s hard to replicate gold across multiple helmet manufacturers. There are up to around four different helmets players use and matching the gold to the jersey would have been “nearly impossible” as the rep told me.
  • Remember the idea of the jerseys being a “suit of armor” and having a”chainmail” pattern. That was there in one of the original concepts, but it went away rather quickly. According to Adidas, there hasn’t been chainmail in the design for quite some time.


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We are joined by hockey podcaster and FoxSports scribe, Pete Blackburn. Talking plenty more Expansion Draft. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Boston’s situation.
  • Most interesting Expansion option.
  • Getting core players vs. assets.
  • How many picks might the Golden Knights actually end up with.

And much more…

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