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The Arsenal Team Store At City National Arena Opens

The Arsenal, team store inside of City National Arena, is open for business and it is jammed with tons of new apparel.

In addition to the Golden Knights gear, the store is stocked up with hockey equipment from sticks to skates to gloves to helmets to anything else you could possibly need to dominate your beer league.

Oh yeah, and just like at T-Mobile Arena’s Armory, I bought the first thing in store history.


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  1. Ron Murphy

    Ken…are the jerseys ( I know, sweaters) they sell the same type as will be given to us season ticket holders at the end of the week?..And if so, how much were they?

    • I’m looking into that today. I believe there are two kinds. Adidas and Fanatics. I intend on showing the difference between the two today.

  2. Tom

    Does this shop have a website too?

  3. Cheryl Paulette StJohn

    What are the store hours?

  4. Zach Schultz

    Do you know if they have players names on the back of the jerseys yet for sale?

  5. David Owens

    Do you know where we can get names and numbers added to the blank jerseys provided to season ticket holders?

  6. Thomas wardrop

    Where can i buy the Pink lady’s Jersey??

  7. Carl Gildner

    Does The Arsenal also put the patches on if you bring them in along with player names and numbers? And if so what the cost might be?

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